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Business Correspondence Complaint and Adjustment Letters mascara

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					Complaint Letters

In order to get your problem resolved, put your complaint in writing! A respectful, yet firm, complaint
letter may help you accomplish what you want. Complaint letters can be a very effective way of making
your voice heard.

How to write a complaint letter:

        Keep in mind that most errors are unintentional, and realize that most businesses and organizations
want to address and clear up complaints quickly in order to have satisfied customers or members.
        Be brief. Keep your letter to one page, and write short paragraphs, rather than long ones.
        Be honest and straightforward, and include sufficient detail to back up your claim and to show that
you have thoroughly researched the subject. However, omit irrelevant details. Keep your letter concise and
        Maintain a firm but respectful tone, and avoid aggressive, accusing language.
        Send only photocopies of receipts and other documents, and retain all originals. Keep a copy of the
letter for your records.
        In many cases, you can increase the effectiveness of your letter by getting several others to sign it
with you. This is particularly the case when trying to influence or change legislation, denouncing material
from the media, and so forth.
        If a company has repeatedly given you bad service and refuses to correct the situation and you feel that
your only recourse is to pursue legal action, voice your feelings in a tactful but firm way. However, don't
threaten legal action unless you are willing to follow through with it.
        If your letter focuses on a single individual, avoid making generalizations about the company or
        If you need to make a complaint to or about people that you will still have contact with on a regular
basis, your letter needs to accomplish its purpose without destroying the relationship. Use tact, and be direct,
but respectful.
        Include your contact information (name, address, phone number, and e-mail address), if desired,
so that the person(s) can reach you to discuss any questions or concerns.
        If a first letter does not bring action, assume a stronger but still respectful tone in the next one. If two or
three letters do not resolve the problem, send one to the president or CEO of the company or entity. In each
case, be firm but polite.
       Effective complaints letters should be: concise, authoritative, factual, constructive, and friendly.
Concise letters can be understood quickly. Authoritative letters - letters that are well written and
professionally presented - have more credibility and are taken seriously. Factual letters enable the reader to see
immediately the relevant details, dates, requirements, etc., and to justify action to resolve the complaint.
Constructive letters - with positive statements, suggesting positive actions - encourage action and quicker
decisions. Friendly letters - with a considerate, cooperative and complimentary tone - are prioritised because
the reader warms to the writer and wants to help.

With a well-written complaint letter you can:

       Clearly make your complaint to the person(s) involved.
       State plainly and directly your reason(s) for making the complaint.
       Indicate what the reader can or should do to address your complaint, and specify how long you are
willing to wait to have your complaint resolved. (Be reasonable.)
       Communicate clearly, but respectfully, that you are dissatisfied with the service you have received.
       Explain why your suggestion or request for retribution should be granted (if you made one).
     Make your concerns known to politicians and bureaucrats. (Note: Your letter is more likely to be
answered if you discuss specific concerns rather than political issues.)
Complaint Letters
A complaint letter requests some sort of compensation for defective or damaged merchandise
or for inadequate or delayed services. While many complaints can be made in person, some
circumstances require formal business letters. The complaint may be so complex that a phone
call may not effectively resolve the problem; or the writer may prefer the permanence,
formality, and seriousness of a business letter. The essential rule in writing a complaint letter is
to maintain your poise and diplomacy, no matter how justified your gripe is. Avoid making the
recipient an adversary.
   1. In the letter, identify early the reason you are writing - to register a complaint and to ask
      for some kind of compensation. Avoid leaping into the details of the problem in the first
   2. State exactly what compensation you desire, either before or after the discussion of the
      problem or the reasons for granting the compensation. (It may be more tactful and less
      antagonizing to delay this statement in some cases).
   3. Provide a fully detailed narrative or description of the problem. This is the "evidence."
   4. Explain why your request should be granted. Presenting the evidence is not enough:
      state the reasons why this evidence indicates your request should be granted.
5. Suggest why it is in the recipient's best interest to grant your request: appeal to the
   recipient's sense of fairness, desire for continued business, but don't threaten. Find some
   way to view the problem as an honest mistake. Don't imply that the recipient deliberately
   committed the error or that the company has no concern for the customer. Toward the end
   of the letter, express confidence that the recipient will grant your request.
                                                                                       206C Park Lane
                                                                                  Austin, Texas 78705
                                                                                    11 February 19XX

Director of Consumer Relations
American Airways
Mail Drop 4F13
P.O. Box 56989
DFW Airport
Dallas, Texas 75441-4545

Dear Director,

I am writing you concerning a round-trip flight from Austin, Texas, to Detroit, Michigan, I made on
December 10, 19XX. Travel demands have made me a consistent patron of American for the past six
years. In that time, service on your airlines has always been good to excellent. But an interruption in
service on the flight mentioned above has prompted my request for a 50 percent reduction in airfare on
my next flight.

Here is what happened on December 10. While changing planes during the return trip at DFW Airport,
I was informed that our flight would be delayed. After two hours' delay, we boarded the plane we had
just left in order to meet our Chicago connection in Dallas. After take-off from DFW, our pilot casually
informed us that we should be impressed by the fact that the Dallas Cowboys football team had just left
our seats. This was the only explanation of our inconvenience.

I believe that this re-routing was done purely for promotional gain and was in no way mechanically or
technically necessary. As a loyal patron of American Airlines, at least until this point, I have every
confidence that the compensation I request above will be provided, considering the high standard of
service and consideration your company has demonstrated toward its customers in the past.


Scott Woodrow

encl.: copy of ticket
Green Tree Freight Co., Inc.
Columbus, Ohio 45453
(315) 565-6789
March 29, 19XX
                                                                                0000 McDougal Rd, #123
                                                                                    Del Valle, TX 78000
                                                                                      February 12, 1994
Magnon Computer Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 3919
El Camino, AZ 80006
Dear Gentlemen,
This letter is in reference to my purchase of a Magnon JX-200 inkjet printer from Best Price #104 in
Austin, Texas on November 11, 1993. Specifically, I am writing about your company's rejection of my
request for a rebate as advertised for JX-200 printer.
I originally paid $269.97 (excluding tax) for the Magnon JX-200 inkjet printer and have since been
waiting for the promised $30 Magnon rebate which was advertised by your company. I just received
your letter and was surprised to find you had rejected my rebate claim. I believed I had made it clear as
to the reason why I could not provide you with all of the material requested on the rebate coupon,
particularly the serial number label from the shipping box, in the original letter (January 15) I sent you
with the claim.
Once again, let me emphasize that there were no coupons available at the time when I purchased the
BJ-200. Even after repeated visits to Best Price, I did not receive coupons until three weeks later.
Unfortunately I had already disposed of the shipping box and consequently the serial number label
attached to it and was unable to provide it as requested by the rebate instructions.
This was the reason that I sent a photocopy of the purchase receipt in the original letter even though it
was not required. I am now including the original letter with the photocopy of the purchase receipt and
a photocopy of the serial number located at the rear of the printer.
Although I am quite happy with the printer, I am very concerned about the problems I am having with
this rebate. Especially disturbing is the fact that you stamped MUST BE RESUBMITTED AND
POSTMARKED BY JANUARY 31, 1994 on the letter you sent me while the envelope (photocopy
included) clearly shows that it was not mailed until February 4, 1994.
In the interest of fair play and in keeping a future customer satisfied, I hope there will be no further
delays in resolving this problem. I expect to receive the rebate within the month and thank you for your
prompt attention to this matter.

Maria S. Alguien

Encl.: Copies of original letter, sales receipt, serial number
                                                                                         Nancy Aletho
                                                                                        P.O. Box 2572
                                                                                      Austin, TX 78720
                                                                                    November 19, 19XX

Ms. Suzanna Maywine
Marcella Brindisi Manager, Frailey's
1001 Airport Blvd.
Buda, TX 78700

Dear Ms. Maywine,

I am writing you concerning a problem that has arisen from the purchase of one of you cosmetic
products on August 16, 1994 at the Frailey's Mainland Mall Store. The item is your Brindisi Ultra
Sable Mascara priced at $64.95. The sales girl sold me this mascara, two shades of blush and a jar of
Fango masque on this date.

The problem developed shortly after applying this mascara for the first time. Within one hour, my
eyelids became puffy and red and began to itch. After two hours, my entire eye area was swollen and
remained so for two days. No other cosmetic product had been applied to my eye area, and I feel sure
that this mascara caused an allergic reaction for my skin. I have used various brands of mascara
including Estee Lauder, Channel and Maybeline and have never experienced this sort of reaction
before. My dermatologist advised not to use your Brindisi product again. I had purchased this new tube
of mascara in preparation for a head shot which was scheduled for the day on which I first used your
product. I was unable to keep this appointment for which I had paid a nonrefundable deposit of
$150.00. I also incurred a dermatologist fee of $95.00. Copies of receipts for these services and the
mascara purchase are included in this letter.

I would appreciate being compensated in the amount of $319.95 immediately for the discomfort and
trouble the use of your product has caused me. This sum is to reimburse me for the doctor's visit, for
the $150.00 photographer's fee, and for the purchase price of the mascara.

I have used many of your products in the past without any problems and hope to continue a positive
relationship with your company and its products in the future.


Nancy Natho

Encl: Receipts: Foley's, $64.95
Dr. Gary Zelazney, $95.00,
Rick Patrick, photography, $150.00
(Photograph of swollen eyes)
                                                                                      774 Keokuk Court
                                                                                    Manor, Texas 78602
                                                                                     04 September 1993

Mr. Mack Simons
Manager of Merchandise
High-Mart Stores, Inc.
2400 Highway 81 East
P.O. Box 95
Elgin, Texas 73602

Dear Mr. Simmons,

I am writing you concerning three polymer lawn and garden sprayers that I have purchased within the
last two months from the High-Mart Store in Elgin. The polymer sprayers are XXL Spray-Master two-
gallon hand held sprayers, model number 1992, and cost $18.96 each. I purchased the first sprayer on
June 28, 1993.

All three of these sprayers had a faulty flow control. The handle control that regulates the amount of
spray by the amount of pressure applied in the handle is made of plastic. After about two hours of use,
the plastic lever controls wear out. I have followed the instructions that came with the merchandise. All
three sprayers have had the same problem. I have exchange the first two sprayers a week after each
sale. The third one I have on hand. I have a copy of the receipt and the instructions/parts manual

Since this is the only type of sprayer High-Mart Stocks and since High-Mart is the only store in Bastrop
that carries sprayers, your customers are forced to either buy this faulty sprayer, or go out of town to
meet their needs. I am requesting that you and High-Mart Stores confront the manufacturer to correct
this problem and that you stock a different name brand sprayer. I am also requesting a refund of $18.96
(for the third sprayer) and a follow up with a letter (either from High-Mart personnel of from the
product's manufacturer) indicating progress on this problem.

I choose to do my business in Elgin and to back High-Mart's belief in buying products from American
manufacturers to help the local and national economy. Stocking below-standard American products
forces customers to seek other sources of merchandise, which foreign markets and out of town
businesses are only eager to provide.


J. Raymond Rink

Triple TNJ Ranch

Encl.: copy of receipt, operation and service instructions
                                                                                            [Your address]

                                          [Other contact details you may wish to give, phone, e-mail etc]

[Name of contact person, if available]
[Title, if available]
[Company Name]
[Consumer Complaint Department, if you don’t have a contact name]
[Company address]

Re: [Account number, product, service etc]

Dear [Contact Person or Sir/Madam],

On [date], I [bought, rented, had serviced etc] a [name of product with model number, service
performed etc] at [location and other details of the transaction].

I am disappointed because your [product, service, billing etc.] has [not performed as it should, was
wrong etc] because [state the problem as you understand it giving as much detail as possible].

To resolve the problem I would appreciate your [state the action you require e.g. refund, service
performed again etc]. Enclosed is a copy/are copies of the [receipt, contract etc].

I look forward to hearing from you and to a resolution of this problem. I will wait for [set a time limit]
before seeking help from [government agency, consumer group, lawyer etc]. Please contact me at the
above address or by phone [give numbers].

Yours sincerely,


[Print Your Name]

Enclosures: [state documents you have enclosed, if any]
Cc: [Include Name, Company of anyone you have copied the letter to, if any]
                                                                                            [Your address]

                                          [Other contact details you may wish to give, phone, e-mail etc]


[Name of contact person, if available]
[Title, if available]
[Customer Services Manager, if you don't have a contact name]
[Company Name]
[Company address]

Re: [Account number, goods purchased etc.]

Dear [Contact Person or Customer Service Manager],

On [date], I bought a [name of goods purchased, model number etc.] at [location and other details of
the transaction].

I am disappointed because your [name of goods purchased etc.] has [not performed as it should, was
faulty etc] because [state the problem as you understand it giving as much detail as possible]. Therefore
this product is not [of satisfactory quality, fit for the purpose described] as laid down by the law.

To resolve the problem I require you to [state the action you require e.g. refund, repair etc.] whilst
reserving my right to claim against you. Enclosed is a copy/are copies of the [receipt, contract etc].

I look forward to hearing from you and to a resolution of this problem. I will wait for [set a time limit]
before seeking help from [Trading Standards, consumer group, solicitor etc (details of relevant
authorities can be found]. Please contact me at the above address or by phone [give numbers].

Yours sincerely,


[Print Your Name]

Enclosures: [state documents you have enclosed, if any]
Cc: [Include Name, Company if you want to send a copy of this letter to someone]

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