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					                                          The RBI/ERA Company

                                     TERMS OF AGREEMENT

I                                     agree to the following conditions within this document. The
RBI/ERA Company’s Terms of Agreement is binding and must be agreed to by The RBI/ERA Company and
the client.

The RBI/ERA Company requires the client to purchase a minimum of four individual skills training sessions
that must be used within a five week period from the date of the first training session.

                          Date of Purchase
                          Activation Date
                          Date of Completion

I, the client, understand all lessons being completed at 5 Tool Training Academy will require a $10.00 fee
each training session payable to 5 Tool Training Academy. The lesson price paid to The RBI/ERA
Company will be reduced to $25.00 per training session- making the total cost of the session $35.00. All
payments to The RBI/ERA Company must be made in cash or check form. No credit/debit cards accepted.

In the unintentional occurrence of a returned check, a fee of $35.00 will be charged and payment in full must
be paid before any other services will be provided. No sessions will be made up do to suspended services.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances The RBI/ERA Company is unable to fulfill a prescheduled session,
The RBI/ERA Company will notify the client 24 hours in advance and agree to refund the cost of the missed

I, the client, am also aware that a 24-hour notice via phone call is needed by the client if the client is unable
to make a scheduled session. If no attempt is made within the 24 hours to reschedule, I understands that I
will have to forfeit the session without a refund.

In the instance I, the client, arrive later than the scheduled time I understand that the time missed cannot be
made up.

Client                                                            Date

Jason Iuli, Owner - The RBI/ERA Company                           Date

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