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									Authoring: Dreamweaver CS3 for Interactive Media (F1VT 34)

Frequently asked questions – FAQs

Can I do my project at home?
No. The project is an ASSESSMENT which lasts several weeks. All
assessments MUST be done in class under supervision (ref: SQA).

Can I get help with my project?
Lecturers/tutors are NOT allowed to help with summative assessments
(Ref: SQA), however, you may refer to the course notes, your own notes
and any on line help. Guidelines are also provided.

What applications packages do I use?
Your choice – Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 is preferred but Expression
Web2 is an alternative

Can I use the internet?
You can use the internet for research purposes connected with your
project. You can also refer to any brochures, leaflets etc. You must
acknowledge your sources of information.

Note: students found using the internet for purposes other than those
connected with the project will be asked to leave the class and will be
withdrawn from the unit.

What if I don’t finish/hand in my project on time?
You will not pass the outcome and therefore will not achieve the HN unit.
Note: F1VT 34 is a mandatory unit.

Scottish Qualifications Authority Assessment Exemplars for Higher National Units   Page 21

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