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POLE POSITION base cream by benbenzhou


POLE POSITION base cream

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									                           “POLE POSITION”
                         Pole Dance Competition
The POLE POSITION Pole Dance competition, held on the stage of
Super Import Nights aims to offer pole dancers and pole dance fitness
practitioners a chance to demonstrate this beautiful dance form on
center stage of Asia’s Leading Automotive Show.

With Pole dancing becoming main stream here in Singapore and Asia,
there are a lot of amazing dancers and performers out there worthy of
entering a pole dance competition. This gives the pole practitioners,
amateurs, dancers a chance to show off there skills and win some
prizes. Also to show how much they have achieved from the wonderful
sport / dance. This annual event, this time 3 r d year running and seen
an annual turn out of above 70k

Super Import Nights & Three Angles Production (thereafter “Main Organizers”)
and Acro Polates Pole Fitness School/Acro Productions (thereafter Co-organizer)
are co-organizing this POLE POSITION POLE DANCE COMPETITION to be held in
conjunction with the Super Import Nights.

CONTEST DATES                  Heats : 18 Sept (Fri, 2000 Hrs)
                                        19 Sept (Sat 1500 Hrs)
                                        20 Sept (Sun) 1500 Hrs)
                               Finals : 21 Sept (Monday-Public Holiday 1500Hrs)
                                        6 will be chosen for the finals

VENUE                          SINGAPORE EXPO HALL 4

1 prize
$500 Cash
Nikon Coolpix Camera

2 Prize
$300 Cash
Nikon Coolpix Camera
Vertical Dance Instructional DVD
3 Prize
$200 Cash
Nikon Coolpix Camera
Vertical Dance Instructional DVD


  1. By submitting the application form and registering for the Competition, the contestant consents and agrees
        to be bound by the Terms & Conditions and acknowledges that the interest of the Competition shall
        override those of any contestant.

  2.    All contestants should make themselves available on any of the heats date assigned and should contestant
        successfully qualify for the finals, the contestants must ensure that she is available on final date, else may
        result in disqualification. Contestants have to report at least 1hr prior to the competition time or otherwise

  3.    Assignment of heats date and order of appearance will be decided by the organizers. But order of
        appearance of the 6 finalists will be based on drawing lots.

  4.    In the event of overwhelming response, organizers may request contestants for an audition or pre-submit a
        video for pre-selection. Or the organizers may reduce or increase the number of contestants for heats and
        finals based on overall number of contestants.

  5.     All registration forms must reach the organizer by 11th Sept 2009.

  6.    A non-refundable registration fee $25 per participant should be submitted in person or by mail (cheque
        crossed and payable to Acro Productions Blk 261 Waterloo Street #02-29 Waterloo Centre Singapore
        180261) 1 week before the pole competition, by 11th Sept 2009.

  7.    The Contestant understands and accepts that personal particulars, information and pictures stated in the
        application form and any information supplied by the contestant may be used by the Organizers for
        purposes in connection with the promotion, marketing and publicity. The contestant consents to the
        disclosure by the organizers of such personal information and particulars to third parties, including but not
        limited to the organizers, journalist, panel judges, and sponsors. Media interviews maybe arranged and
        contestants are obliged to cooperate. However, if contestants are approached directly by the media, the
        organizers should be notified.

  8.    Contestants participate at their own will and risk and will not hold the organizers, venue, judges, and all
        associates liable for any injuries sustained.

  9.    This competition is opened to ladies above 18 years of age and pole students of any of the pole dance
        schools or anyone who practices or pole dances for leisure. Pole dance instructors are not eligible to take
        part and those without experience with pole handling or suffer back, joint or sports injuries of any kind
        participate at their own risk.

  10. Contestants wishing to withdraw from the competition will have to inform the co-organizer in writing at least
      3 days in advance prior to the competition date. No refund will be made.

  11. This is a solo competition as such only one person should take to the stage at one time. Each contestant
      has to prepare a routine of approximately 3 to 4min, choreographed or free-styled. When a contestant
      qualifies for the finals, she can repeat the same routine or prepare another new routine.

  12. The contestant is responsible to bring along a copy of the music chosen, original preferred but should the
      participant bring a self-edited version, then contestant has to ensure it is copied in a format that can be
      played by normal CD player and not lap top. In the event the CD prepared cannot be played-back,
      contestant has to perform to any other music available.

  13. 2 X-Stages will be set on stage, one static and one spinny. Contestant can use both or either one but those
      who use the spinny pole MUST know how to handle a spinny. There will be no discrimination on NOT
      knowing how to use either.

  14.    Judging will completely be based on the overall presentation including choice of music, costumes, pole
        handling (i.e. all dance must involve a pole element) and not particularly favored towards pole tricks or
        using more of a particular pole.

  15.   Outfits must be dignified and appropriate for athletic competition - It must not give the effect of excessive
        nudity inappropriate for an athletic dance sport. No branding is allowed on the outfits.

  16. Poles will be wiped down before every contestant with alcohol wipes. The only grip aid allowed for this
      competition is those in power form. Gloves and cream based grip aid are strictly prohibited and will
      constitute heavy penalty, as such aid may impede the next contestant’s performance. Cream-based grip
      aid forms a layer on the pole hard to be removed in one session.

  17.   One X-Stage may be set up at event venue and contestants can come and practice on pole at a cost of
        $10 per half hour. Booking is preferred or else it will be based on 1st some 1st served.

  18. Judges and organizers decisions are final and no arbitration on results

  19. The organizers of this event reserve the rights to alter the contest rules and regulations without prior
                    CONTESTANTS ENTRY FORM

       attach a
       recent copy
       of your

Applicant’s/Contestant’s Full Name :   NRIC/Passport No:

Nationality :                          Date of Birth :              Age :

Occupation :                           Residential Address:

Contact Nos :                          Name 2 persons and their contact details
                                       in the event on an emergency
HP :                  O:
                                       Contact 1: (Name & Phone)
Home :

                                       Contact 2 : (Name & Phone)

Email :

Registration Fee $25 received :        Cash/Cheque

Heats date assigned                    Application approved/disapproved*

                                       Reason :

    I declare that I know of no reason why I may not participate in this contest and have
        informed the organizers on any condition that may be affected by this performance.

    I also declare that I am aware that there are risks of participating in this contest, or from
         the use of this equipment and x-stage, and my participation is voluntary and I agree
         to take full responsibility for my actions & shall not hold the organizers, its company,
         management, staff, instructors, judges or associates responsible in the event of any
         injuries, not limited to bruises & pole burns, damages or losses that I may suffer.

    I hereby confirm that I will not consume any mind or performance altering substances
        before the contest.

    I also confirm that I have not currently pregnant.

I confirm that I am over the age of 18. I hereby state that I have read, understood all the rules and
regulations of the Pole Position Pole Dance competition and answered honestly the pre competition
health questionnaire to my full satisfaction and wish to participate in the above competition and the
related activities on my own free will and will not hold the organizers, co organizers and associates,
partners responsible for my actions and its consequences.

Applicants/ Contestant’s Signature :________________________

Date : ________________________________

NRIC :________________________________

The organizers reserve the right to reject participants and no reasons will be offered.


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