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Math 125 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II Section A by aqo41539


									           Math 125: Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
                        Section A: Summer 2008

Instructor: Mark Hubenthal
Class Website:∼hubenjm/m125
125 Materials Website:∼m125
Office: Padelford C-20
Office Hours: Tues/Wed 11 AM - 12 PM in Math Study Center (Communications B014), or by appoint-
Teaching Assistant: Sam Buelk,

   Lecture: MWF 1:10 - 2:10 in Denny 306
   Quiz section: TuTh 1:10-2:10 in EEB 003

The Course: This course is an introduction to integral calculus. Much of the content will be an overview
of various techniques in solving integrals and various applications.

                                            Homework       15%
                                            Worksheets      5%
                                            Quizzes        15%
                                            Midterm        25%
                                            Final          40%

    There is weekly homework, due at the beginning of Thursday’s quiz section. Since the answers to many
of the exercises are available to you, it is important that you write out complete solutions to all assigned
problems. No credit will be given for simply writing the correct answer. You are encouraged to talk to your
classmates and discuss both the homework and the material you are learning. However, please make sure
you write up solutions on your own. It is essential to fully understand how to solve the homework problems
and to acquire enough practice to be able to do problems relatively quickly. Due to time constraints, only
2-3 problems will be graded each week.
    The homework assignments are listed on the main course webpage:∼m125/
    We will use the assignments exactly as listed unless explicitly mentioned in class.
    The homework makes up 15% of your course grade.

  There will be a few quizzes during the quarter, announced in advance. They will be given on Tuesday.
  The quizzes make up 15% of your course grade.


    There are worksheets to be completed each Thursday in the quiz section. You will work individually or
in groups, although group work is encouraged. The point of the worksheets is to get you thinking about
math for an hour, to reinforce the ideas from lecture, and it is also a good chance for you to address any
questions/confusions you might have about the material.
    The worksheets are on the main course website∼m125 or in the Course Pack
(available at UW bookstore). You should bring a copy of the worksheet to the quiz section.
    The worksheets make up 5% of your course grade.

    There will be one midterm exam and one final exam. The midterm exam will be held in the Thursday
quiz section on July 24 (week 5). The final exam will be given during the last day of class on Friday August
    You should bring your student ID and a photo ID to each exam. You may bring one 8.5x11 handwritten
sheet of notes (writing allowed on both sides). You may use a scientific (but *not* graphing) calculator.
    The exams count for 65% of your course grade – 25% for the midterm and 40% for the final.

    Late homework assignments and worksheets will not be accepted for any reason. However, you will be
allowed to miss one worksheet AND one homework assignment without penalty. There will be no make-up
quizzes or exams.
    In the case of observance of religious holidays or participation in university sponsored activities, such as
debate or athletics, arrangements must be made at least one week in advance for worksheets/quizzes/exams.
You will be required to provide documentation for your absence.

   Graphing calculators are *not* allowed on the exams and quizzes. You may use a scientific calculator
with trigonometric functions, logarithms and exponential functions.

  1. The main course website (includes a full syllabus, homework assignments, worksheets, and past exams
     and quizzes):∼m125
     The Math 125 course pack is a hard copy of most of the materials on the website, available at the UW
  2. The math study center:
  3. CLUE:
  4. My office hours (see above).

    The course text is Calculus, Early transcendentals, 5th ed. by James Stewart.
    It is important to read the text book as well as attending the lectures – there is not enough time in class
to cover all the material. The sections we will cover are listed in the syllabus on the main course website∼m125
    If you are sure you will not take MATH126 you can use Single variable calculus, Early transcendentals,
5th ed., by Stewart – it is slightly cheaper but does not cover multivariable calculus.


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