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									          HP Quality Center Service
          Flexible - Complete

          Overview                                    executive reporting based on key       StrOng ArguMentS AbOut
          HP Quality Center Service is an im-         performance indicators (KPI)           Seven principleS
          portant part of SEVEN PRINCIPLES‘           3rd party applications integration
          solution ‚Test Factory‘.                    QC instance consolidation              SEVEN PRINCIPLES is a manage-
                                                      QC data migration / release upgrade    ment consultancy company with
          HP Quality Center (QC) being a core                                                IT focus, provider of innovative
          element of HP‘s Business Technology                                                solutions and leading in the tele-
          Optimization (BTO) tools suite provides   All ServiceS in Depth                    communications industry.
          to our clients the power to effectively   hp Quality center managed Service
          and efficiently control their own test      operation of the QC application        We own a long-standing expe-
          management process in a flexible way        system according to a defined SLA      rience in the development and
          including:                                                                         maintenance of various application
             defects, requirements, tests and       test Management process                  services.
             releases management                      conceptual optimization and
             test planning, execution, analysis       extension of the test management       We advice our clients regarding
             and results archiving                    process                                every aspect of service manage-
             collection of corresponding              Implementation of this process         ment in an efficient way.
             history data                             within HP Quality Center through
             managerial reporting covering the        project workflow customization
             complete QA life-cycle                                                          FOr Any Further DetAilS
                                                    comprehensive QA life-cycle              pleASe cOntAct
          In this context, SEVEN PRINCIPLES‘        executive reporting
          HP Quality Center Service offers            based on QC data                       7p Mobile & it Services gmbh
          a complete bundle to our clients:           via Microsoft Excel, QC Dashboard      Dr. Jörg Kreutzberg
             operation of the HP Quality Center       or Business Objects WebIntelligence    Balcke-Dürr-Allee 9
             application                              Design & Implementation of             40882 Ratingen, Germany
             1st level end user support               Business Objects-universes / reports   Phone: +49 (0)2102 557-0
             assistance in the implementation         through optional use                   Email: info.mobile@7p-group.com
             and realization of the test manage-      of a data warehouse
             ment process with QC                     client-specific                        Internet: www.7p-group.com

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          hp Quality center release upgrades                            end user Support                                              performance testing managed
            planning / scheduling of the                                  incident management                                         by hp Quality center
            whole upgrade project                                         account creation, deletion,                                    load & stress test automation with
            upgrade of existing QC instances,                             password reset                                                 HP Loadrunner (LR).
            e. g. from version 9.0 to 10                                  QC domains and projects                                        management of multiple LR instances
            upgrade of existing database                                  management                                                     through HP Performance Center
            servers, e. g. Oracle 9i to 10g                               QC Project / User / Permissions                                execution of load / stress test scena-
            consolidation of existing QC                                  assignment                                                     rios monitored by HP Sitescope
            instances at different locations                              LDAP integration                                               load & stress scenarios in-depth
            into a single QC instance including                           training                                                       analysis with HP Diagnostics for
            data migrations                                               client-specific                                                J2EE, .NET, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft,
          Development / Maintenance /                                   hp Quality center System
          extension of test Management tools                            utilization reporting
            Programming Languages Microsoft                                user / group / project configurations                      bOOSt up QuAlity center
            VisualBasic / Microsoft C#, Perl,                              time of last login                                         through SEVEN PRINCIPLES‘ Hosting
            Java, Oracle SQL / PL-SQL                                      resource consumptions / load                               and Application Management Services.
            miscellaneous data synchronization                             QC domains and projects
            tools (QC<->backend; QC<->QC; etc.)                            QC Licenses „in-Use“
            client-specific                                                service availability                                       beSt FOr yOur buDget
                                                                           client-specific                                            SEVEN PRINCIPLES offers the most
          Secure test Management process                                                                                              complete Quality Center services
          Access rights management for all inter-                       Automated testing                                             bundle, with solutions perfect fit
          nal employees and external partners /                           Functional testing automation with                          tailored to our clients’ requirements.
          suppliers:                                                      HP WinRunner (WR), Quicktest
          Creation of appropriate                                         Professional (QTP) and Business
             groups                                                       Process Testing (BPT)
             data filters                                                 WR to QTP scripts migrations
             workflow customizations for all                              test automation for SAP with
             modules (Defects; Test Plan;                                 QTP and BPT, including Change
             Test Lab; Requirements)                                      Impact Testing
                                                                          SOA test management and
                                                                          automation with QTP, BPT and
                                                                          Loadrunner (LR)
                                                                          Test automation for Oracle
                                                                          applications with QTP and BPT
                                                                          integration of 3rd party test
                                                                          backends / robots into QC

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