(Prison Bars) Juvenile and Adult prison reform by aqo41539


									(Prison Bars) Juvenile and Adult prison reform.

Car Angel’s literacy program has sent hundreds of thousand of books to prison libraries
and chaplain in every state of the Union favorably impacting the lives of thousands.

Countless letters from youth offenders hard core repeat offenders first time convicts as
well as chaplains and wardens continually bear witness to the fruit of Car Angel’ juvenile
and prison reform literacy program.

Our materials are targeted to reach the offender while he or she is the most vulnerable.
With twenty-four hours a day to be occupied we believe it is a good thing to direct the
prisoners minds and hearts in ways that will ultimately be beneficial to themselves and to
society in general. With out government and taxpayers outlaying hundreds of billions of
dollars for incarceration we believe aiding in the rehabilitation of those behind bars
serves everyone.

Thank you for helping us help those behind bars and set them on the right track.

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