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									Compact Real-Time VOC Monitoring Station
  500 PPTV - 10 PPMV
The IONICON® Compact PTR-MS instrument is a very                > real-time VOC quantification
sensitive monitoring system for volatile organic compounds
(VOCs) that allows for continuous online VOC                    > small dimensions and low weight
                                                                > short start-up time
Developed for VOC monitoring in production processes or
in the field this PTR-Quad-MS product offers a straight
                                                                > fast and easy direct sample injection
forward user interface and is ready to measure 15 minutes
after power-on.
                                                                Find out more:
The Compact PTR-MS can be carried by hand, is space-
saving and nevertheless offers a low online detection limit
even for complex gas mixtures.

Direct injection of sample gases without preparation
combined with selective qualitative and quantitative
analysis of trace compounds makes the Compact PTR-MS
the perfect tool for online VOC monitoring.

Our unique soft ionization (PTR) technology together with
our extensive experience in gas-phase ion chemistry and
engineering of online monitoring instruments accounts for the
reliability, low detection limit, very low mass
fragmentation, fast response time and robustness of our
PTR-MS systems.

> Mass range 1-300 amu
> Resolution < 1 amu
> Response time: 100 ms                                                       SERVICE & SUPPORT
> Measuring time: 2 ms/amu to 60 s/amu
                                                                            We offer service contracts on our high-end PTR-MS systems
> Detection limit**: 500 pptv
                                                                            and strongly recommend you to top up your solution with one
> Linearity range**: 500 pptv - 10 ppmv                                     of our maintenance vouchers to ensure optimum performance.
> Adjustable flow: 50 - 500 sccm
  >> Inlet system (inlet system options available on request):              We offer one, two, three or more years service contracts
           > 1.2 m long inlet hose - with internal inert (PEEK) capillary   covering the regular maintenance intervals, thus giving you the
           > Inlet system heating: up to 150°C (302°F)                      chance to concentrate on the important things. Please ask
> Reaction chamber heating range: 40 - 120°C (104 - 248°F)                  us for your individual solution!
> Power supply and max. consumption: 100-230 V, 650 W                       Our instruments are designed to continuously satisfy the
> Dimensions (w x h x d): 63x47x63 cm (24.8 x 18.5 x 24.8 in.)              needs of our customers, requiring little maintenance and being
> Weight: 55 kg (122 lbs)                                                   easy to use.
  >> Interfaces:
           1x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit RJ45 (TCP/IP)                            IONICON Analytik welcomes special wishes from customers
           1x RS 232                                                        and has long-standing experience in developing customized
           5x Digital outputs                                               systems. Our in-house software department knows what your
                                                                            needs are in the lab or in the field and continuously improves
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
                                                                            our software's performance and the straight-forward
**Actual detection limit and linearity range are dependent                  experience you have with our instruments.
on the substances measured, integration time and system set-up.
                                                                              PROCESS MONITORING
The innovative technology all IONICON Analytik products are                 The Compact PTR-MS was developed to be a robust online
based on is called PTR-MS (Proton Transfer Reaction - Mass                  VOC monitoring instrument for industrial applications.
                                                                            It can be deployed as a stand-alone process mass-
This unique soft ionization method is based on proton transfer              spectrometer and easily used in multiple locations or as a
from H3O+ ions to all compounds with a higher proton affinity               scalable and cost-efficient monitoring station with multiple
than water. Common constituents of air such as N2, O2, Ar,                  sampling points and a customized software package to
CO2 etc. have lower proton affinities than H2O and are                      monitor low concentrated VOCs in real-time.
therefore not detected. This is one of the main reasons for our
market-leading low online detection limit for trace compounds                 APPLICATION EXAMPLES
in the range of a few pptv.
  ROBUST & EASY TO USE                                                                         Emissions monitoring
The Compact PTR-MS is completely software controlled and                                       Food quality control
connected via a LAN-cable to a laptop computer. 15 minutes                                     Indoor air VOC detection (SBS monitoring)
after power-on the system is ready to measure. No gas supply                                   Cleanroom environment monitoring
is necessary and the instrument can be operated in nearly                                      Passenger cabin air VOC detection
every environment. The Compact PTR-MS can be carried by                                        Waste incineration process control
hand, is light weight, space-saving and thus often used for                                    Engine exhaust monitoring
field campaigns or variable location measurements.                                             Online VOC monitoring in chemical plants

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