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                  Existing                       Company/                                                Product/ Tech                                Installation
Function                         Product/                               Product Description                                     Product Cost                              Additional Information
                   Device                       Manufacturer                                              Information                                     Cost
Lighting        Skylight       Solatube        Solatube          160DS $558 install $120 +GST           http://www.solat    160DS $558               install $120    Installation will vary dependent
                                                                 290DS $810 install $140 + GST                               +GST            on roofing materials and the
                                                                                                        eowner/brighten     290DS $810               install $140    depth of ceiling space.
                                                                                                        up.php                                       + GST

Lighting        Incandescent Compact           Many              See description below.
                Light Globes Fluorescent

Replace all existing incandescent light globes. There are a range of products available with all incandescent lights able to be replaced by more efficient CFL alternatives. The cost and quality of the
products vary; therefore in certain circumstances the decision to retrofit will be subjective. The best alternative to the standard incandescent light bulb in most situations is the compact
fluorescent lamp, or CFL. CFL’s have become commonly available in the last few years and provide very good quality light with up to 80% less energy use than an equivalent incandescent light
bulb. Spiral tube Compact Fluoro Lamps use which provide a better distribution of light and are more compact and better looking than the more common linear tube lamps.
The main issue with compact fluorescents is the large amount of energy and materials that goes into manufacturing a lamp compared to an incandescent. This is known as embodied energy. The
much longer typical lifetime of a CFL means that the greater embodied energy is more than made up for by the energy saved during use. The problem appears when the lamp doesn’t last as long as
it should. The answer to this is to buy a good quality CFL and make sure it is used appropriately. CFLs don’t like electron ic switches such as sensor lights and most are not compatible with
dimmers. There are high quality Dimmable CFLs available.

                  Existing                       Company/                                                Product/ Tech                                Installation
Function                         Product/                               Product Description                                     Product Cost                              Additional Information
                   Device                       Manufacturer                                              Information                                     Cost
Lighting        Halogen        35 Watt IRC     Osram             35 Watt IRC Osram – 33% energy                             $11.95                         
                Down light                                       savings, 5 times the life of regular                                                                t.asp?pID=1087&cID=47
                50watt                                           Halogen lamps                                                                             
                                                                                                                            $22.95- requires                         ries.asp?cID=47
                               11 watt         11 watt           11 watt Megaman – 80% energy                               electrician to                           There are LED alternatives
                               Megaman         Megaman           saving, lasts 15,000 hours                                 disconnect
Lighting        Halogen        LED                               MR16 LED Down Light                    5-7 watt            $99.50                                   Life span 50,000+ hours, in excess
                Down light     Downlight                         Hotbeam CeeLux HB13                    13 watts            $175.00 in GST per                       of fifty times the life span of
                50watt                                                                                                      unit                                     standard halogen.
                                                                 Some questions over the ability                                                                     Replacement/maintenance costs
                                                                 of LED to maintain constant                                                                         should be factored into the
                                                                 lumen output over life span.                                                                        decision making.
Lighting        Fluorescent    Fluorescent     GE or Philips     Energy Saving up to 35%                www.ecobright.c     $35.00Adaptor Kit              
                Tubes – T8     Tubes – T5                                                                    $8.90per T5 tube               
                36 watt        28watt                                                                   http://www.savei                                             19
                  Existing                        Company/                                                                        Product/ Tech
Function                           Product/                                          Product Description                                                                   Product Cost
                   Device                        Manufacturer                                                                      Information
Lighting        Fluorescent      Install        Pilux and          See description Below
                Tubes – T8       Reflectors /   Danpex
                36 watt          Delamp

Depending on lux levels (refer to Checklist for suitable levels) if the location is over lit for the functions performed in that space a good refit solution is to delamp tubes where two exist in the same
fitting and replace with a single tube with a reflector attached. There are many options for the type of reflector and tube. We recommend considering RSK reflectors from Pilux and Danpex in
Greece. These reflectors are sleeves that fit over the lights so avoid the need for any attachments to the fixture (commonly glues or screws are required) and can reduce ongoing maintenance
requirements. Please note that this measure provides 90% of current light output.
If, however, the light levels in the area are equal to, or slightly below Australian Standards levels, then it is recommended that in addition to installing a reflector and delamping one tube, that the
remaining tube be replaced by a quadphosphor T8 tube. A quadphosphor tube puts out more light than a standard halophosphor or triphosphor and costs around $4.
There are several other commonly available reflectors including from silver based reflectors and stainless steel.
Local supplier for RSK reflectors Kent Hutchings ph 0439 370 832

                  Existing                        Company/                                                 Product/ Tech                                 Installation
Function                           Product/                               Product Description                                      Product Cost                               Additional Information
                   Device                        Manufacturer                                               Information                                      Cost
Lighting        Exit Signs - 3   Slide          Legrand            3watt LED exit sign to replace        http://www.legra     Trade price per unit      Purchase through Electrical Wholesalers, such as
                wt LED           Connect G2                        existing exit signs which are           $222.84                   (Middendorp) Middy's located in Brunswick
                                 Part No. 686                      typically 2x 10wt T8 Fluorescent                                                     supply the sign at $222.80 but do not install.
                                 200                               tubes. Can provide a PDF with
                                                                   further information.
Security        Install                                     1.1    Reduce hours of operation of security lights by                                      HPM have such a sensor that your electrician can
Lighting        Photo-                                             installing "smart" PE cells that switch the lights off                               source relatively easily. It looks the same as the
                electric cells                                     part way through the night                                                           PE cell sensors typically used for security lights,
                                                                    A study in Frankston showed that public spaces were                                 and can be easily retrofitted simply by replacing
                                                                   more secure when unlit at night.                                                     the existing sensor.
                                                                   Install a "smart" photo-electric control that can be                                 Calculations assumed that the lights are being
                                                                   programmed to turn the lights off at a certain time of                               left off from 11pm onwards and are switching on
                                                                   night (approx $150).                                                                 when it gets dark.

Hand Dryer      Hand Dryer       Airblade       Dyson            Dyson Airblade       $1650.00 1 unit           plus            Dyson can provide installation If
                                                                   au/store/installing.asp 80%           hand dryers          $1495.00 per unit for     installation    required. A product PDF is
                                                                   reduction in energy use,                                   2 units                   costs           available from the website.
                                                                   compared to standard hand                                  $1390.00 per unit                         Unfortunately the product is very
                                                                   dryers.                                                    for 3 units or more                       expensive, therefore limiting its
                                                                   Best Application: Suitable to high                                                                   suitability.
                                                                   use toilets (in excess of 150 uses
                                                                   per day)
               Existing                     Company/                                               Product/ Tech                           Installation
Function                      Product/                             Product Description                                  Product Cost                            Additional Information
                Device                     Manufacturer                                             Information                                Cost
Hand Dryer   Hand Dryer     Xlerator       Aladdin          http://www.spec-                      12 second drying   900.00 Chrome         Plus install    Standard hand dryer 2.4kW @
                                                            1.5 kW, claim                                            $600 - $700
                                                                                                  70% less energy

Windows      Blinds         Nordic Light   Perfect Blinds   Energy efficient: Honeycomb           http://www.3day    2m x 2.5m = $1000     $12.00 per      Perfect Blinds provide a free
                            Honeycomb      (3DayBlinds)     blinds help you save energy by                         blind           inspection and no obligation
                            Blinds                          keeping your home warmer in           ndowblinds/hone                                          quote (03) 9583 6622
                                                            winter and cooler in summer.          ycombblinds.asp
                                                            Acoustics: Honeycomb blinds
                                                            provide     considerable     sound
             External                      Highway          Best     Application:     Windows                        W0.5m/H1m             Plus install    Quote is for two awnings on
             Awnings                       Blinds           exposed to direct sunlight, also on                      W2m/1m $ 720-750                      separate windows measuring
                                           (Coburg)         southern windows where heat                                                                    W0.5m/H1m
                                                            loss occurs in winter. Alternative:                                                            W2m/1m
                                                            window furnishings ie, Renshade,
                                                            Shade Cloth/ Sail or use
                                                            deciduous      vegetation      that
                                                            provides summer shade and
                                                            allows winter sun
Hot Water    Gas            Rinnai         Rinnai 26i       A few options for the savings is it                      $1200 Rinnai 26i      Install $685    Selecting an appropriate HWS will
             Instantaneo                   Envirosmart      worth the extra expense 5.2* to                          $2253 Envi/smart 26   + $190 for      depend on the needs of the
             us             Bosch                           6.9*                                                                           elect install   facility, it is generally advised to
                                           Bosch 26 Eco+    Best Application: Instantaneous                          $999 Bosch 26i        Plus piping     move away from electric HWS to
                                                            typically used in low usage and                          $2215 Bosch 26 Eco+                   solar or gas units. Instantaneous
                                                            intermittent    use     situations.                                                            or storage will depend of usage
                                                            Identify level water usage and                                                                 requirements.
                                                            apply the most suitable unit.
Hot Water    Solar                                          Best Application: Domestic and                           $3000 - $5000         Plus install    Further consideration will need
             Storage w                                      high water use facilities. Identify                                                            to be given to theft and damage
             Gas Boost                                      level water usage and apply the                                                                to public facilities and the
                                                            most suitable unit.                                                                            associated costs to prevent either
                                                                                                                                                           from occurring.
Hot Water    Electric Hot   Solar Heat                      Best Application: Where gas is                                                                 A heat pump can reduce the
             Water          Pump -                          unavailable and consumption of                                                                 amount of greenhouse gas
                            Condenser                       hot water is relatively high.                                                                  emissions and reduce your cost
                                                            While electric hot water services                                                              to produce hot water by up to
                                                            are the least desirable in terms of                                                            75% when compared to other
                                                            their energy consumption, a solar                                                              electric hot water systems.
                                                            heat pump is the preferred
                                                            option of electric systems
                  Existing                       Company/                                                 Product/ Tech                                Installation
Function                          Product/                               Product Description                                      Product Cost                              Additional Information
                   Device                       Manufacturer                                               Information                                     Cost
Hot Water       Storage Hot     HWS                               See description below
                Water           Blankets /
                Service         Insulation

Turn your hot water unit off if you're going away for an extended period. Some units have a 'vacation' setting to make this easier. As much as 60% of your hot water bill is due to heat losses from
the tank and pipe work. Add extra insulation to your storage tank to reduce heat losses, particularly if it’s in a cold or exposed position such as the south side of your home. Foil-backed insulation
blankets wrapped around the tank are most suitable. Insulate pipes leading out from your hot water system, especially for the first two metres and any exposed piping that will be subjected to
cold conditions outside. Install your system as close as possible to the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. These are the main hot water draw-off points around the home.
Keep the hot water system sheltered. This will help reduce heat losses from storage tanks, and will protect any pilot lights from draughts.

Additional insulation on the pipes coming out of the gas hot water units and blanket insulation with a impermeable cover (eg foil) will reduce heat loss and heating requirements. On a gas heater,
the control valve sticks out from the tank, and you'll have to cut the insulation away to expose it. Be sure to cut "notches" in the blanket, too, for the drain valve and the temperature and pressure
(T&P) valve as well. Be very careful not to block the flue or air intake on a gas water heater. Never insulate the top of a gas water heater. In addition, add insulation on the first few metres of pipes
coming out of the unit. Detailed instructions can be found at: Pipe insulation tech sheet with a range of different products and performance.

Armaflex Solar and DuoSolar provide insulation for the pipes of solar hot water systems. The continuous nature of the products make the insulation more efficient and reduces time during
installation; it also ensures higher quality assurance outcomes. Products have low thermal-conductivity to minimise heat loss.
DuoSolar is paired tubes of insulation that are pre-fitted to copper pipes. Feed and return pipes in DuoSolar system connects solar collectors with hot-water storage tank. DuoSolar includes sensor
wire to monitor temperature of water inside pipes to maintain a constant temperature of hot water at the source.
Solar is single coils of insulation that are fitted to copper during installation. Solar insulates flow and return lines of solar hot-water systems and is designed for systems that use hard-drawn
copper. Solar has good abrasion-resistance.

                  Existing                     Company/                                                   Product/ Tech                                Installation
Function                          Product/                               Product Description                                      Product Cost                              Additional Information
                   Device                    Manufacturer                                                  Information                                     Cost
Hot Water       Tea and 1.3     Timer on Tea Clipsal              See description below                                      $124.00 - $180.00                        Quote for Clipsal range of timers
                Coffee Hot      and Coffee   HPM                                                                             +GST                                     as quoted by Middy’s in
                Water Boiler    Hot Water                                                                                                                             Brunswick (03) 9387 8333

For instant hot water boilers commonly located in kitchen areas it is recommend that heavy duty timer that have battery backups be installed inside an enclosure so it can't be tampered with, or
else put the timer somewhere out of the way. Additionally in most circumstances an override push button timer should be installed in case use is required after hours (have the unit run for 1-2
hours then automatically turn off).
Instant hot water units keep on “topping up” the temperature overnight, needlessly. Yet most units can normally get up to temperature from cold within half an hour to one hour. For use during
office hours install a 7 day timer (10 amps for most units), which will switch the unit off over weekends and overnight. Program to start around 1 hour before the first time it is used in the morning,
and to go off around about the last time it’s used.
Limitations: For older units installing timers can accelerate their last days of use or where seals are already poor the installation of timers may result in the need to replace them to stop leaking.
For newer units this is not a problem.
                  Existing                      Company/                                                Product/ Tech                               Installation
Function                         Product/                              Product Description                                     Product Cost                             Additional Information
                   Device                      Manufacturer                                              Information                                    Cost
Insulation     Wall/           Glass Wool      Bradford         Reduces heat transfers in your                                                                     Seek wall and ceiling insulation
               Ceiling         Gold Batts                       home; Improved comfort all year                                                                    with the greatest R value (higher
                                                                round; Saves on energy costs                                                                       number, better performance).
                                                                Reduces greenhouse gas                                                                             Bradford Gold High Performance
                                                                emissions; Low allergen                                                                            (ceiling) has highest available
                                                                Meets the highest Australian                                                                       insulation performance of R5.0
                                                                insulation standards; Guaranteed                                                                   and R6.0
                                                                for the life of your home; Made
                                                                from up to 80% recycled content
Insulation     Double          Magnetite       Magnetite        Best Application: Windows              http://www.mag     2m x 2.5m= $500                          See description below
               Glazing                                          exposed to direct sunlight, also
                                                                on southern windows where heat
                                                                loss occurs in winter.
                                                                Alternative: window furnishings
                                                                ie Honeycomb blinds, or external

Magnetite is a retrofit double glazing solution for both noise reduction and thermal insulation of existing windows. Magnetite provides all the benefits of double glazing without the mess and cost
of replacement windows. Magnetite is ideal for heritage properties and both commercial and residential applications. As a member of the Australian Window Association, Magnetite has accredited
third party testing as both an acoustic window and energy efficient window.

                  Existing                      Company/                                                Product/ Tech                               Installation
Function                         Product/                              Product Description                                     Product Cost                             Additional Information
                   Device                      Manufacturer                                              Information                                    Cost
Insulation     Window          Renshade                         Renshade is sold in rolls; it can be   Roll Sizes                                                  Best Use: North, East and West
               Insulation                                       made into Holland blinds, applied      1.25m x 1m = $20                                            window that are exposed to
                                                                directly on the window or              1.25m x 5m =$82                                             direct sunlight
                                                                attached by Velcro tabs.               1.25m x 10m=                                                Alternative: External awnings or,
                                                                                                       $162                                                        vegetation to provide shade.

The installation depends on how the product is used, it can adhere to the window by velcro tabs, therefore the installation would greatly be reduced, and it provides the ability to remove or add as
required, Renshade also provides some winter thermal improvement. If windows already have awnings it may not be the most appropriate application.
Suppliers: The Environment Shop
            Going Solar
                  Existing                      Company/                                                 Product/ Tech                               Installation
Function                         Product/                               Product Description                                      Product Cost                            Additional Information
                   Device                      Manufacturer                                               Information                                    Cost

Insulation      External       Thermalite                        See Description Below                                      Additive for 4 ltrs
                Paint/                                                                                                      paint $49.95
                Unpainted                                                                                                   Additive for 81 ltrs
                surfaces                                                                                                    paint $485.95

Thermilate is a revolutionary, durable paint additive that makes paint insulate, which was            -Reduces your c02 emissions helping you do your bit for the environment
originally developed by NASA – and cuts energy consumption by up to 40%.                              -Extremely simple to use. Just mix into your paint
Best Use: External surfaces facing North, East and West window that are exposed to direct             -Can be added to almost any house paints / coatings
sunlight. Suitable for both external walls and roofs.                                                 -Is completely safe to use, inert non-toxic and environmentally friendly
-Saves up to 40% on your energy use.                                                                  -Is suitable for residential and commercial uses.
-Helps reduce energy bills via external and internal insulation                                       -Thermilate can easily be used as a House Paint / Exterior Paint

                  Existing                      Company/                                                 Product/ Tech                               Installation
Function                         Product/                               Product Description                                      Product Cost                            Additional Information
                   Device                      Manufacturer                                               Information                                    Cost

Passive         Shade                                            No specific recommendation is
Cooling         Cloth/                                           provided as size and location will
                Shade Sail                                       have a bearing on price.
                Natural                                          See below for further description.
                and shading

Best Use: North, East and West window that are exposed to direct sunlight above outdoor seating or playing areas
Alternative: External awnings or, vegetation to provide shade.
As an additional benefit it is the use of Shade cloth or sails can provide a good area for outdoor seating, thus improving the amenity of building users. Therefore the use of awnings or overhead
shade cloth can alternate depending on what the space is used for.
Make sure windows are used for cross ventilation, and external blinds are used for shade
Many building users do not utilise the windows for ventilation. It is recommended that some signs be put up to encourage and educate the benefits of doing so. Particularly in rooms without
             Existing                     Company/                                               Product/ Tech                          Installation
Function                    Product/                            Product Description                                      Product Cost                        Additional Information
              Device                     Manufacturer                                             Information                               Cost
Sealing/   Draft          Draft          Advantec        The DraftStoppa® TopHat™ is an                             $270 ($135 per      plus install  Made from recyclable, fire
Draughts   Stopper        Stoppers       http://www.dr   innovative, energy efficient,                              exhaust unit)       costs         retardant materials, the TopHat™
                          etc.    ducted ceiling exhaust fan                                                                   is simple to install, and can be
                                         .au/            incorporating the Award Winning                            $78.00              N/A - just    installed into new homes and well
                                                         DraftStoppa® concept.                                      ($39.00 for Draft   sits atop fan as being retro-fitted into
                                                                                                                    Stopper only)       unit in       established homes.
Water      Flow                          Water Wizz      Reduces the flow of water            Inline restrictors are $5.00 per unit                   Recommended Flow Rates Guide:
           Control                                       through the faucet. Depending on     more expensive and                                      Hand basin 6 L/min,
           Valves/                       Con-serv        the function of the tap (where it    will require                                            Kitchen Sink 9 L/min
           Aerators                                      is located) there are                installation by a                                       Laundry Sink 9 L/min,
                                                         recommended water flow rates.        registered plumber                                      Shower           9 L/min
                                                                                                                                                      Toilet(full/half flush) 6/3 or 4 ½ /3
Water      Toilet         Toilet         Aqua Wizz       Best Application                      http://www.drink     $14.95              N/A           Inexpensive and fits all cisterns
           Cisterns       Weight         Toilet Water    Older toilets with high literage                                       with open overflows
                                         Saver           per flush (new toilets flush          /section/aquawiz                                       Reduces water consumption by up
                                                         3/4.5ltr)                             z/                   $12.50 Neco                       to 70%; Australian made and
                                                         Requires education for users as       Neco –eco                                              owned; Save immediately on
                                                         the cistern is altered to flow for    superstore                                             Water Bills;
                                                         as along as the button is
Water      Kitchen Sink   Flow Rinse                     When applied to the Kitchen tap                            $11.95              N/A            The nozzle swivels to point
                          Valve                          it will reduce flow to 9/L per                                                                anywhere in your sink and
                                                         minute.                                                                                       switches between a fine spray for
                                                         Good device for rising of food or                                                             rinsing veggies and plates, to a
                                                         plates prior to dishwashing.                                                                  straight jet for filling pots and
                                                                                                                                                       It gives you complete flexibility
                                                                                                                                                       while reducing water flow to just 9
                                                                                                                                                       litres per minute. Easy to install.
                                                                                                                                                       Fits to any threaded tap.
Function                                                                                                    Product Description
Heating and    Air             Replace old air conditioners with more efficient split system air conditioners or               Alternative:
Cooling        conditioners    investigate the use of Solar heating and cooling systems.                                       Solar Heating and Cooling (see below)
                               The older window wall air conditioners are vastly inefficient compared to the latest Split
                               System air conditioners. Refer to Energy Star for the best option available, also keep in
                               mind that many units are reverse cycle, therefore they may be used for heating. If gas is
                               present it is recommended, from an environmental performance point of view, that a
                               gas heater be used for this purpose. Therefore it is recommended to purchase an air
                               conditioning unit with cooling only to prevent is occurrence.

It is suggested that push bottom timers be installed on the air-conditioners. Sometimes on a day of mild weather, the air conditioner can be switched on, and then left to run all day, even though it
is only lightly loaded and does not really need to run. Or they may even be accidentally left on overnight. All air-conditioners should be put on push button timers. The timers should be set to run
for one to two hours. If further use is required the button will need to be pressed again. On wall mounted units the timer can typically be installed where the air conditioner plugs in, or nearby
(somewhere easy to reach). On split systems air conditioners are usually controlled with a remote control. In addition to the remote control there should be a push button timer wired in series
with the power supply to the air conditioner, such that the air conditioner is normally disconnected, and can only be controlled by the remote when the button is pressed. On split systems with a
cooling capacity of around 6kW or greater the outdoor unit will often have a sump heater, which cannot be disconnected. In this case make sure that the control only disconnects the indoor unit.
Set the timer to run for one hour where the air conditioner is infrequently used, or can quickly bring the room to the desired temperature. Where the air conditioner takes some time to bring the
room to temperature, or is always in use, set it to run for two hours.
Push button timers on the air conditioners may annoy some users when first installed. They will complain that they have to keep pressing the button, particularly on days of extreme weather.
Treat this as an opportunity to talk about our need to respect energy and not to waste it. On milder days, as outlined above, this will stop the air-conditioner running un-necessarily. And with a
modern, quiet air conditioner even the most energy conscious person can forget to switch off at the end of a busy day In areas where you expect there might be the most complaints, tend to opt
for a two hour time rather than a one hour time.

Function                                                                                                    Product Description

Heating and    Solar           There are systems that use solar energy, natural air movements, and heating and                 One brand of such a system is the Heat Ventilation Recovery System
Cooling        Heating and     cooling dynamics to provide heating and cooling to buildings. In heating mode the               (HRV), another brand that has a very good reputation according to Knox
               Cooling         systems use the build up of heat in the roof space to heat the building which reduces           Council, is Smart Breeze (
               Systems         the need for additional heating to keep the building at a comfortable temperature. At           The use of these solar units will require further analysis to determine
                               night time or during heavy cloud, the system uses the building as a thermal heat bank.          suitability for the facility, ie facilities that are used mostly during daylight
                               In cooling mode, the system works both day and night to extract the hot air out of the          hours. The units may also need to be supplemented with other heating
                               building.                                                                                       and cooling devices; the HRV unit is designed to integrate with some air
                               Best Application: In facilities operating during daylight hours.                                conditioning systems that can provide additional heating or cooling when
                               Suitability: The unit can be used on facilities with different roofing materials such as tile   required to maintain a constant temperature.
                               or metal although this alters how the unit operates. In addition the presence of flashing
                               under the roofing material or whether the heat is captured from the roof space effects
                        Existing                      Company/                                                Product/ Tech                                 Installation
      Function                        Product/                                Product Description                                      Product Cost                              Additional Information
                         Device                      Manufacturer                                              Information                                      Cost

      Heating and    Gas Wall        Rinnai                            It is recommended that the                                 $1850.00 per unit                        Primarily a commercial model
      Cooling        Heater          Energysaver                       existing wall heaters be replaced                          +installation                            used in schools, kindergartens
                                     556FDT                            with more efficient gas heaters                                                                     and childcare, the 556FDT is a
                                                                       that are up to 36% more efficient                                                                   manual version of its cousin the
                                                                       than the older models. The Rinnai                                                                   556FTR. As an additional feature,
                                                                       Energy Saver has a star rating of                                                                   a central relay timer can be
                                                                       4.2 - 4.3, has a pre heat mode,                                                                     programmed to operate multiple
                                                                       remote control operation and                                                                        heaters.
                                                                       digital timer allow for on and off
                                                                       programming for both mornings
                                                                       and evenings.
      Gas Wall Heaters - Behavioural
1.4   Action: Turn off pilot lights on all wall mounted heaters over summer period. Generally wall heaters are only in use when cold (about 3 months per year). It is common for the pilot light remains
      burning during the periods when heating is not required in the warmer months.
      A pilot light will use at least 10MJ of energy a day, and over the five months of summer it can cost $14 and $30 for a natural gas fired and LPG fired heater respectively.
      There is some contention by plumbers that pilot lights should not be turned off, as they can be hard to restart again. Spiders may block up the gas supply. This, however, appears to be a rare
      occurrence, and we strongly recommend that pilot lights be turned off over summer. Schedule your annual maintenance to coincide with the time the pilot lights are re-lit, so that the person doing
      the maintenance can light the pilot lights for you.

      Function                          Product/                                                                        Product Description
      Appliances     Upgrade      Older fridges can use twice as much energy as efficient new fridges with a high star energy rating. There is also less chance of food spoilage, leading
                     Refrigerator    to additional savings.
                                     u               Go to to see a comparative table of different fridges showing their energy use per year to choose which fridge to replace
                                                     the current fridge with. Note that the smaller the fridge the less energy is used so be sure to size the fridge correctly.
                                                     Be mindful to purchase a refrigerator that is suitable to the needs of the site. It can be equally wasteful to purchase a fridge where its capacity is
                                                     only utilised a few days of the year, likewise if it is too small it will only encourage the purchase of a secondary fridge.
      Appliances     Replace               1.7
                                  Fridge-seal        Fix fridge seal, raise temperature to 3 degrees Celsius, and ensure fridge is well ventilated.
                     Refrigerator                    If the fridge seal has deteriorated it will allow some of the cool to escape, losing energy in the process.
                     seals/ Raise                    It’s suggested that the seal be fixed or replaced.
                     Temperature                     David of Fridge-seal quoted $50 for a new seal, and $70 to install it. You can order seals online or over the phone, or get them to install it for you.
                     / Increase                      Fridge-seal: 7 Linton St, Moorabbin, Victoria 3189, Phone: (61) 03 95550977
                     ventilation                     The current temperature of the fridge was measured to be 0 degrees Celsius. It is advised that it be raised to the Sustainability Victoria guideline of 3
                                                     degrees Celsius.
                                                     Other tips for fridge: If there is enough space, move fridges back from wall to increase ventilation, and elevate them above the ground by 5cm. This
                                                     increases ventilation and reduces the amount of energy needed to cool the fridge motor.
      Function              Existing Device                                                                         Alternative Product/ Action

      Appliances      Air Conditioners;     
                      Clothes Washers;                The above website rates appliances according to their efficiency and lists operating costs over a ten year period.
                      Clothes Dryers;                 Products include: Air Conditioners; Dishwashers; Clothes Washers; Clothes Dryers; Refrigerators & Freezers.
                      Refrigerators & Freezers.
1.9   Switch off appliances overnight. Switch off at wall / fuse board
      Applicable to non essential appliances ie not suitable for security and refrigerators
      Appliances such as multifunction centres (MFC) and microwaves use power even when in “power saver mode”. When a printer says it’s in “Power saver mode” it means is using less energy than it
      would otherwise, but it doesn’t mean that it’s using no energy. An analogy would be a car parked in a driveway with the engine on. The car is using less petrol than it would if you were driving it,
      but it’s still using petrol. Laser printers and photocopiers in particular can use considerable amounts of power in power saver mode, so it’s worthwhile turning them off.
      In some printers where non-original or refill toner has been used the toner may leak if the printer is off for long periods. Consult your printer manufacturer to be sure.
      It is advised that users be encouraged to switch off the appliances when the facility is not being used. A sign next to the appliances would be helpful to remind people switch this off. ('Save energy -
      switch off appliances' labels can be sourced from Ironbark Sustainability for about $10 per sheet of 30 - 9853 2603
      Most modern appliances consume electricity even when not switched on. Air conditioners and microwaves often all use power when actually doing nothing. Eliminate these loads by always
      switching off at the wall when not in use. Air conditioners should be switched off at the fuse board over when not in use. If plugs are not accessible, move the plug, or use a power board with a
      switch, to make the switch easily accessible. Of course this measure should be implemented sensibly, as electricity is dangerous. This action may not be possible if fridges are not on separate

      Function              Existing Device                                                                 Alternative Product/ Action

      Purchasing      ecospecifier                    ecospecifier Australasia, is a knowledge base of over 3500 eco-products, eco-materials, technologies and resources, leading global
      Guides                                          sources of sustainable development & life-cycle assessed green product information.
                                                      Linking independent information with a powerful search interface, ecospecifier does the materials research for you, delivering
                                                      innovative sustainable product solutions with unique difference.
                                                      Categorising products according to rating scheme compliance such as Green Star, ecospecifier helps you reduce the time and costs of
                                                      implementing Best Practice Green Buildings & Developments.
      Purchasing      The Green Directory             The Green Directory is Australia's best online resource for locating green business, products and services. All businesses in the
      Guides                                          categories below have been selected for their "green" attributes and sustainable business practices. Select from the categories below
                                                      or you can perform a search in the field above.
      Purchasing      ECO-Buy                         ECO Buy is an award winning not for profit company that supports organisations in purchasing environmentally preferable
      Guides                                          products and operates as a Centre of Excellence in environmental purchasing
                                                      We understand that change happens through people and to facilitate change people need good information and tools plus great
                                                      support and encouragement. ECO-Buy exists to help you 'green' you’re purchasing and integrate sustainable purchasing practices and
                                                      attitudes within your organisation. Remember, your green purchasing journey starts with just one step! ECO-Buy encourages you to
                                                      move at a pace that is achievable and sustainable for your organisation.
Function            Existing Device                                                              Alternative Product/ Action
Purchasing    Good Environmental Choice
Guides        Australia                    The Good Environmental Choice Label is the only environmental labelling program in Australia which indicates the environmental
                                           performance of a product from a whole of product life perspective for consumer goods. The label is awarded to products that meet
                                           voluntary environmental performance standards which have been created and assessed in conformance to international
                                           environmental labelling standards. The program is internationally recognised and growing in demand and awareness throughout
                                           different industries. On their website you will find information about certified products, environmental labelling in Australia, and the
                                           objectives of the program.
                                           Manufactures will also find information as to the requirements of the declaration and how they may apply for recognition with the
                                           Good Environmental Choice Label for Australia.
Additional    The Environment Shop         The Environment Shop offers a range of materials, products and tools to live and work in a more environmentally sustainable way.
Resources                                  Visit or call 9489 4855. Located at 594 High Street, Thornbury.
Additional    Going Solar                  Going Solar supply and install solar hot water and solar electric systems. They also stock a wide range of sustainable living products,
Resources                                  including CFL downlights, composting toilets, insulation books and more. Visit or call 9348 1000. Located in
                                           the 60L Green Building at 60 Leicester St, Carlton.
Additional    Clear Comfort                Clear Comfort can be ordered on line or you can phone (02) 6161 3570.
Additional    Draftstoppa                  Draftstoppa can be purchased online at or at the Environment Shop and Going Solar.
Additional    Phoenix Fridge Project       The Phoenix Fridge Project is operated by the Moreland Energy Foundation in partnership with the Brotherhood of St Laurence. The
Resources                                  project collects and repairs old fridges, making them as energy efficient as possible and selling them through the Brotherhood’s
                                           warehouses and shops. To donate a fridge call 1300 366 283 for free collection within the metropolitan area.
Additional Resources
    The most efficient electrical appliances
    Visit the website to download the EnergyStar feature for your computer or laptop
    Star rating for all gas appliances
    EcoSmart Electricians
    Green Power

This tool was designed by Moreland and Yarra City Council’s with support of Ironbark Sustainability and Moreland Energy Found ation Ltd (MEFL),
funded by the State Government of Victoria. The tool has been designed without limitations of Intellectual Property. However, all involved are
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