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					                               Federal Work Study Community Service:
                          Collaborative Projects Small-Scale Grant Program

California Campus Compact, with support from Learn and Serve America has funds available to support activities

                Strengthen relationships and collaborations within campus departments;

                Strengthen relationships and collaborations between campus and community organizations; and

                Improve training and development of Federal Work Study Community Service student participation.

We will award up to $500 to 13 campuses that propose innovative activities to nurture federal work study community
service initiatives in line with the goals above. The funding period for these awards is October 8, 2004-June 30,
2005.To apply for funds, please complete the following application and submit it to the California Campus Compact
Office no later than October 1, 2004. A complete application includes: cover sheet with applicant contact
information (this page), responses to questions (page 2), and completed budget form (page 3). If you hav e any
questions about your application, we strongly encourage you to contact Christine Solari in our office at (415) 338 -
3985 or via email (

Lead Applicant
Name: ______________________________________________ Title: _______________________________
         First                Last
Department/Office: _________________________ Institution: __________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
                     Street                                             City                 State       Zip
Phone: ______________________________ Fax: _______________________ Email: __________________

Attach additional sheets if necessary to include names and contact information of all collaborators.

Name: ______________________________________________ Title: _______________________________
         First                Last
Department/Office: _________________________ Institution: __________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
                     Street                                             City                 State       Zip
Phone: ______________________________ Fax: _______________________ Email: __________________

Name: ______________________________________________ Title: _______________________________
         First                Last
Department/Office: _________________________ Institution: __________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
                     Street                                             City                 State       Zip
Phone: ______________________________ Fax: _______________________ Email: __________________

Name: ______________________________________________ Title: _______________________________
         First                Last
Department/Office: _________________________ Institution: __________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
                     Street                                             City                 State       Zip
Phone: ______________________________ Fax: _______________________ Email: __________________

Please respond to the following questions. You may attach additional pages if necessary.

1. Describe your goals for the proposed project.

2. How will you attempt to meet these goals? Be specific about your strategy and include
   a timeline.

3. How will the funding assist you?

4. How will you evaluate the success of the project?

Although your responses to questions 5-8 will not be taken into consideration by the proposal review
committee, you must respond to these questions in order to be considered for this award.

5. At the moment, how confident do you feel about being able to fulfill the FWS CS
   requirement for your campus?
   __ Not at all confident __ Somewhat confident __ Confident __ Very confident

6. How would you currently rate the level (frequency) of collaboration on your campus to
   place students in community service projects?
   __ Non-existent (no collaboration) __Quarterly __ Monthly __ Weekly __ Daily

7. How would you currently rate the quality of collaboration on your campus to place
   students in community service projects?
   __ Not applicable (no collaboration) __Poor __ OK __ Good __ Very good

8. In your estimate, how many students are currently placed each year off-campus in
   community service projects? ____

Fax, mail, or email your completed application to:     Overnight or FedEx your application to:
California Campus Compact                              California Campus Compact
1600 Holloway Avenue, Pacific Plaza Suite 750          2001 Junipero Serra Blvd, Suite 750
San Francisco CA 94132                                 Daly City CA 94014
Fax: (415) 338-3987
    Contact Christine Solari at California Campus Compact if you have any questions: 415-338-3985

                                      Partners in Progress
                             Federal Work-Study Community Service

                                              BUDGET PAGE

        Expenses              Funds Requested                                            TOTAL
         Salary &
       Stipends &


   Supplies & Services


      Indirect Costs
                               NOT ALLOWED

*Remember that the grant must be matched 200% cash and in-kind. Please indicate the type of
match in your narrative.

Restrictions: You MAY NOT match this grant with other federal monies. Monies may not be used for
CACC membership dues. Additionally, monies cannot be used to purchase equipment or promotional
materials (e.g. cups, t-shirts, etc.).

Salary and Benefits: Money in this category may be used for staff working on the grant project. It may
also be used to provide overload or release time for a project coordinator, or for a part-time project
coordinator to be hired.

Stipends and Honorarium: No more than 50% of grant funds may be used for participant stipends.
Money in this category may be used to pay honorarium or consultant fees for trainers and/or

Travel: This category includes travel and lodging to assemble initiative participants, or travel, lodging
and conference registration costs related to participation in professional development activities for the

Supplies and Services: This category covers expenses such as materials needed for gatherings,
including such items as office supplies, rental of A/V equipment, facility rentals, etc.

Hospitality: This category covers food and beverages.

Indirect Costs: This grant does not provide funding for indirect costs; however, you may use your
federally negotiated rate as match. (Please submit a copy of your institution’s federally negotiated
rate that may be obtained from your grants or development office.)

Important: By accepting this sub-grant, the grantee agrees to match the award allocated to the
institution (up to $500) through cash and in-kind contributions whether or not the institution expends the
total allocated for this sub-grant.

                       Expectations of Grant Program Participants

To foster success in developing sustainable, quality federal work study community service
initiatives, CACC has developed a supportive infrastructure and has high expectations of
each participating institution. These expectations include the following:

     •   Institutional Support: Each participating institution must contribute a 200% match in
         cash and in-kind contributions (whether or not the full amount of the award is
         expended during the grant cycle).

     •   Reporting Requirements: The grant period for this funding is October 8, 2004 through
         June 30, 2005. Participants will be asked to submit a brief 1-2 page narrative report
         within 30 days after June 30, 2005, the end of the grant period (meaning narrative
         reports are due by July 31, 2005). Requirements for the contents of this report—
         which must include data on how many people participated in events/activities, as
         well as explanation of how the federal work study community service initiative met
         its proposed outcomes—will be provided more thoroughly at a later date when
         awards have been granted. Grantees receive funds on a reimbursement basis by
         submitting invoices to California Campus Compact for expenses incurred as a result
         of grant activity. All invoices must be submitted within 60 days after June 30, 2005,
         the end of the grant period, meaning all invoices must be submitted by August 31,

     •   Participation in assessment and evaluation: Annual and periodic evaluations and
         surveys are conducted by CACC and the Corporation for National and
         Community Service for evaluation and information purposes. Each sub-grantee is
         expected to comply with requests for information in a thorough and timely manner.

     •   Acknowledgement of CACC and CNCS: All promotional materials used in grant-
         supported activities—flyers, press releases, web pages, announcements, etc.—must
         incorporate the logos for both California Campus Compact and the Corporation
         for National and Community Service: Learn and Serve Higher Education (logos are
         available for download at CACC’s website,

Participation in the above-described activities is a required condition of grant program

CACC will provide:

•    Timely delivery of grant payments upon receipt of required reports, documentation,
     and invoices;

•    Information about funding and other resources available to sub-grantees;

•    Technical assistance and training resources in service learning, civic engagement and
     other related topics;

•    Referrals to experienced service learning and civic engagement facilitators and


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