Product Identification in Food and Beverages by ntn18128


									                                                                                                       Application Note

Product Identification in Food and Beverages

Many	products,	especially	in	the	food	and	beverage	industry,	evaporate	a	significant	number	of	Volatile	
Organic	 Compounds	 (VOCs)	 which	 are	 characteristic	 for	 them.	 Due	 to	 the	 extraordinary	 sensitivity	 of	
Ion	Mobility	Spectrometry	(IMS)	many	VOCs,	like	ketones,	aldehyds	and	alcoholic	compounds,	can	be	
detected.	A	specific	pattern	within	the	spectrum	can	be	used	to	clearly	identify	a	product.	Any	difference	
within	 the	 pattern	 indicates	 a	 change	 of	 the	 product	 itself,	 the	 way	 it	 is	 produced	 or	 changes	 of	 its	

 Technical parameters
                                                             The	 MCC-IMS	 made	 by	 G.A.S.	 is	 optimized	 to	
 Instrument:	MCC-IMS	(positive	mode)
                                                             identify	several	foods	and	beverages	through	direct	
 Sampling:	Dynamic	Headspace
                                                             headspace	 sampling	 with	 no	 additional	 sample	
 Column:	MCC	OV-5,	20	cm
 Column Temperature:	40	°C

 Carrier gas flow rate:	25	mL	/	min

Detection	of	different	VOCs	in	Green	Tea	and	Herbal	Tea	(chamomile,	peppermint)
•	Technical	Requirement:	Detection	of	volatile	ingredients	
•	Customers:	Producers	and	importers	of	teas
•	Result:	Determination	by	characteristic	pattern	of	VOCs

Discrimination of carbonated drinks (e.g. Cola)
•	Technical	Requirement:	Product	control	
•	Customers:	Producers	of	carbonated	drinks
•	Result:	Determination	by	characteristic	pattern

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