Ethnomathmatics The influence of Islam on Math, Art, and by ntn18128


									           Presentation sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Instruction,
                Center for Teaching and Learning, and Kaleidoscope

          Mathematics in Islamic Art and Architecture
                            By Madeleine Chowdhury

                               November 18, 2003
                              AS196, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.

Ethnomathematics, in this context, the study of Islamic culture and the relation
between Islam, math, art, and architecture, provides the background for this
presentation. The work involves the study of art and architecture produced by Craig
Kaplan and Jay Bonner, whose designs are steeped in the geometric aesthetic. The
presentation pivots on how modern mathematics, algorithms and technology have
been applied to study and produce traditional Islamic star patterns. Examples of the
work of Craig Kaplan and Jay Bonner will be provided, manipulated and analyzed as
mathematical forms. Like the creations of George Hart, the mathematician and
sculptor, the work of Craig Kaplan and Jay Bonner “invites the viewer to partake of
the geometric aesthetics.”

A Kaleidoscope Grant at MCC initially funded this thesis. It has been presented at
the 7th Sedona Conference on Art Forms, Digital Forms and Spiritual Forms: Paths to
the Creative Process and the ArizMATYC Conference 2003.

I am thankful to have been supported during my initial engagement in this project. I
consider this endeavor to be a melding of three important aspects of mind, soul, and
spirit: my career as a math teacher, my faith, Islam, and my fascination with the
timeless beauty of art and architecture.

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