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                                                                                         April 2009
 Southwest Tennessee Development                               SWTDD Sponsors Campbellsville
District Receives Tennessee Center for                          University Lady Tigers in NAIA
Performance Excellence 2008 Interest                                     Tournament

	        Southwest	 Tennessee	 Development	 Dis-
trict	 has	 earned	 2008	 Interest	 Recognition	 in	 the	
annual	Excellence	in	Tennessee	program	admin-
istered by the nonprofit Tennessee Center for Per-
formance Excellence (TNCPE). The award was
presented	 at	 the	 16th	 annual	 Excellence	 in	 Ten-
nessee	Awards	Banquet	on	February	18,	2009,	in	
Franklin, Tennessee.
	        Through	an	annual	evaluation	and	assess-
ment process, TNCPE recognizes organizations                  The Campbellsville Lady Tigers with Coach Ginger Colvin,
that have achieved the highest standards of excel-           Assistant Coach Miranda “Hootie” Denney, and SWTDD Staff

lence in their operations and results. The program          	
uses the Criteria for Performance Excellence es-            	       The	29th	Annual NAIA Division I Women’s
tablished by the Baldrige National Quality Program          Basketball National Championship began Wednes-
as the evaluation tool.                                     day, March 17, with The Banquet of Champions.
         “Organizations that focus their resources on       Players, coaches, sponsors and NAIA officials
improving systems and results are often success-            attended the banquet to recognize the 32 teams
ful ones,” said Tennessee Governor Phil Brede-              from across the country. The	tournament	was	held	
sen. “The companies that receive these awards               in Jackson, TN for the 20th consecutive year.
acknowledge	this,	and	have	proven	their	commit-                     SWTDD was paired with the Campbellsville
ment	by	making	their	business	–	and	in	turn,	our	           Lady Tigers from central Kentucky. The Lady Ti-
state – economically stronger.”                             gers	 entered	 the	 tour-
Organizations that earn Interest Recognition must           nament for the 17th
complete a 5-page Organizational Profile and host           time	with	a	26-6	record	
a half-day education and evaluation site visit from         and	 a	 season	 that	 in-
a team of TNCPE examiners. This level is the first          cluded	a	12	game	win-
step for organizations interested in adopting and           ning streak.
applying Baldrige principles of performance im-                     Despite Whitney
provement.                                                  Ballinger’s game high
	        “I	 congratulate	 Southwest	 Tennessee	 De-        of 27 points, the Lady
velopment	District	on	this	award,	which	represents	         Tigers	 lost	 60	 to	 64	 to	
countless hours of hard work by this organization,”         Columbia College from
said Bredesen.                                              Columbia, MO in the
                                                            first round.                  Whitney Ballinger
 Executive Director’s Message                                      SWTDD Employee
	       As	      Spring	                                  	
dawns	 in	 Southwest	
                                                               Sylvia Mathis Palmer,
Tennessee,	 we	 have	
many	        challenges	                                      Community Development
and	 also	 many	 op-                                                   Administrator
portunities. SWTDD
is	 actively	 involved	                                   	
in	 many	 projects	 as	                                           For the past five years,
this newsletter goes to print. We have just com-          Sylvia Mathis Palmer has
pleted and submitted applications for CDBG and            worked	 at	 Southwest	 Ten-
DRA grants and continue to submit information to          nessee	Development	District	
various	agencies	involved	with	the	American	Re-           as the Community Develop-
covery and Reinvestment Act. We are excited that          ment Administrator. While working as a grants
the Governor included 27 million dollars, in the re-      writer	and	administrator,	she	developed	skills	nec-
cently announced state budget, for the megasite           essary	to	assist	county	and	municipal	mayors	and	
in Haywood County. This will allow local officials        community	 leaders	 in	 the	 Southwest	 Tennessee	
to purchase the land and begin the process of in-         Development	 District	 with	 local	 needs	 including	
stalling infrastructure. This is the only designated      project planning and research.
megasite	property	in	the	state	that	is	still	available	           Palmer holds a M.A.L.S. in Strategic Lead-
for large manufacturing prospects. The develop-           ership from The University of Memphis, a B.S. in
ment of this site will have a profound effect on the      English for Information Systems from Dakota State
economic future of West Tennessee. We continue            University, and an A.S. in English from Dyersburg
to work on our Regional Education Project and the         State Community College. She is a 2004 gradu-
Regional	 Economic	 Development	 Institute	 which	        ate of the FEMA “Disaster Resistant Jobs” train-
are essential in our Regional Economic Strategy.          ing program. In 2007-8, she served as a grants
Our	Area	Agency	on	Aging	and	Disability	has	com-          evaluator for the FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation
pleted and the Executive Committee approved               program in Washington, D.C. She currently writes
their plan for FY 09-10. The need for services            and administers Delta Regional Authority, HGMP,
continues	 to	 increase	 and	 with	 additional	 ARRA	     CDBG, FEMA, LPRF, and TEA-21 applications.
monies	we	should	be	able	to	add	consumers,	that	          She also writes Rural Development Loan applica-
have been on a waiting list, to some of our pro-          tions. Palmer serves as the Chair of the Tennes-
grams. SWTDD continues to lead all agencies in            see Economic Council on Women Advisory Task
percentage	increase	in	clients	added	to	the	state-        Force for Southwest Tennessee. She is a life-time
wide waiver program.                                      member of the Friends of the Library Association
        We continue to strive to provide prompt and       in Dyer County.
professional customer service to our communities                  Reared in Halls, Tennessee, Palmer and
and our client/customers in Southwest Tennessee.          her husband, Isaac J. Palmer, reside in Dyer
We appreciate your feedback and your business.            County, Tennessee, where she enjoys her family,
Please contact us if we can assist your community         her dogs, reading/writing, and cooking.
in any way. Together we can accomplish much!

Joe W. Barker

                                                         dent and CEO.
      TDDA Conference to be Held in                      	       Brantley,	 an	 accomplished	 real	 estate	 de-
       Nashville April 29th and 30th                     veloper and businessman, said that his vision for
                                                         SBBI is to merge manufacturing and construction
                                                         “to	be	able	to	produce	quality	construction	projects	
	      The	Tennessee	Development	District	Asso-
                                                         in half the time” by manufacturing site-ready build-
ciation Conference will be held at the downtown
                                                         ing components.
Nashville Sheraton Hotel on April 29-30. This two
                                                                 By producing quality interior, exterior flooring
day conference will feature training sessions for
                                                         and roofing panels, complete with exterior sheath-
development	district	employees,	a	dinner	on	April	
                                                         ing,	windows,	doors,	drywall,	trusses	and	plywood	
29 to recognize the legislators of the year, and a
                                                         already	 installed,	 Brantley	 said	 his	 company	 can	
general session on April 30.
                                                         “revolutionize the construction industry.”“The fu-
	      The	 general	 session	 keynote	 speaker	 will	
                                                         ture depends on speed and efficiency,” Brantley
be	Dr. Ron Church of the University of Louisville.
                                                         said, “We can bring that to the field.”
Other highlights of the general session include a
                                                         	       SBBI	also	provided	company	literature	cit-
panel discussion on the current status and future
                                                         ing	 multiple	 area	 projects	 that	 have	 either	 been	
of automobile manufacturing in Tennessee and a
                                                         completed,	 are	 in	 progress	 or	 are	 proposed,	 in-
presentation	by	Southern	Strategies	on	a	regional	
                                                         cluding projects for Lane College, Mt. Zion Church
education, economic development and workforce
                                                         of Jackson and “The Ponds” a large-scale housing
development project.
                                                         and apartment development.
                                                                 “Pre-manufactured panels and building
                                                         systems	are	a	proven	method	to	shorten	the	time	
    New Industry Relocates to Lexington                  it	takes	to	construct	a	home,	hotel,	dorm	or	com-
	                                                        mercial building,” the literature states, “further-
        Lexington’s newest industry is based on the      more,	building	the	components	in	a	controlled	en-
idea of merging the manufacturing process and            vironment	results	in	a	better	quality	product	than	
the	construction	industry	to	build	a	better,	brighter	   one built on-site.”
future.                                                          Brantley also briefly touched on his busi-
        Lexington Mayor Bobby Dyer	announced	            ness	philosophy	and	why	his	company	chose	now	
that Summit-Brantley Building Innovations, LLC           to set up shop in Lexington. “I believe that in order
was Lexington’s newest industry and introduced           to navigate in these economically troubled times...
President and CEO P. Bardo Brantley.                     we must be bold,” Brantley said.
“It’s always good to be able to make these kinds         	       The	company	is	expected	to	begin	 opera-
of announcements,” Dyer said, “But it’s especially       tions immediately, though no official word was giv-
good today because of the situation with the na-         en	on	how	many	initial	job	openings	the	company	
tional economy and how it has begun to affect our        will have.
manufacturing jobs here locally.”
        Dyer cited several recent area layoffs but
was also quick to cast off any note of despair.
“We can’t just stand around wringing our hands...        Local Senior Has Been in the Kitchen
The	only	thing	we	can	do	is	try	to	continue	to	work	               for over 50 Years
hard	to	bring	new	and	better	jobs	to	our	commu-
nity,” Dyer said, “If we continue to foster the kind            At 89 years old, Ruby McIntyre runs circles
of environment that is attractive to industry we can     around others in the kitchen. Ruby is a volunteer
continue	to	bring	in	new	jobs,	and	by	adding	jobs	       and member of the Henderson County Senior
and industries now, when things aren’t so bright         Center in Lexington, Tennessee.
nationally,	then	once	this	recession	is	over,	and	it	           In 1949 Ruby’s family moved from Hen-
will	be	over,	then	we	will	be	able	come	back	better	     derson County to Kansas City where she opened
and stronger than this community has ever been.”         “Ruby’s Cafe,” as it was first known, in 1951. Later
With that, Dyer introduced Brantley, SBBI’s Presi-       she attended William Jewell Culinary Arts and Hu-
man Relations College where she was bestowed                  Chester County Senior Center
with a PhD with Honors. In 1988, the college held
a week-long “Ruby’s Soul Food Lectureship” of                   The Chester County Senior Center has
campus-wide meetings. The college also estab-           been in operation since September, 1978. Land
lished a fund in her name.                              was donated by the Chester County American
       She was active in many organizations in          Legion, funds were obtained through fundraising
the Kansas City area. She became friends with           activities,	 and	 the	 present	 day	 building	 was	 con-
the officials of the Office of Public Liaison when      structed.
they visited her diner. This friendship created an              The center offers Caregiver Support ser-
opportunity for Ruby to cook at the White House         vices to those who are caring for elderly family
during the Clinton Adminstration. When President        members. The center has a new fitness room with
Clinton convened a White House Conference on            the latest equipment designed for seniors to help
Hate Crimes in America Ruby prepared food for           members receive the exercise they need. The
500 people.                                             Chester County site was the first senior center in
       After more than 50 years, Ruby’s Soul            the district to start using the Nintendo Wii for exer-
Food closed and Ruby moved back to Henderson            cise and recreation. Now, members of the Chester
County. She attends every day and volunteers by         County Center challenge other centers and retire-
cooking the center’s monthly bean dinner. Some          ment homes to bowling tournaments on the Wii.
of her favorite dishes include pan fried chicken,       Other	activities	at	the	center	include	monthly	birth-
chicken	and	dumplings,	peach	cobbler,	and	home-         day parties, volunteer of the month celebrations,
made ice cream. Ruby says, “Some seniors give           and mystery trips. Center director, Joanne Bulli-
up when they get older, I’ll keep going till the Lord   ner, organizes fish frys, auctions and concerts to
gets ready for me.”                                     raise money for the senior center.

            Community Corner                                 Haywood County Awarded DRA
                                                                   and EDA Grants
             Chester County
                                                                Haywood County was awarded a grant from
       Chester County was created from parts of         Delta Regional Authority (DRA) in conjunction with
neighboring Hardeman, Henderson, McNairy, and           an Economic Development Adminstration (EDA)
Madison Counties and has the distinction of being       grant. The grant money will go toward funding the
the last county formed in Tennessee in 1882. The        Regional Strategic Economic Development Plan
county is named for Col. Robert I. Chester who          for Haywood County. The plan is being developed
fought in the war of 1812 and was an early post-        in part with the TVA certified megasite, called the I-
master in Jackson, TN. He was also a federal mar-       40	Advantage	Autopark,	which	is	located	within	the	
shal in West Tennessee. Henderson is the county         county. The secondary beneficiary for the grant is
seat, founded in the mid 1850’s. Early names for        the town of Stanton.
the town were Dayton and Henderson Station. The                 DRA granted Haywood County $60,000
name of Henderson was finally settled on after the      and EDA awarded the county $100,000. The proj-
Civil War in honor of Col. James Henderson also         ect completion date is scheduled for January 28,
a veteran of the war of 1812 and was incorporated       2009.
in 1901. The Freed-Hardeman College calls Hen-
derson its home - founded in 1907.                   SWAAAD Will Hold Annual Caregiver
       The county has a total area of 289 square
                                                      Conference and Health Fair in May
miles and the 2005 Census Estimate placed the
population at 15,941.
                                                         The Annual Southwest Caregivers Con-
       Country music legend, Eddy Arnold, was
                                                   ference/Health Fair will take place on Thursday,
born in Chester County
                                                   May 7, from 9:00 to 2:00 p.m. at the Selmer Com-
munity Center. This conference targets the many                 public	 and	 private	 patient	 assistance	 programs,	
caregivers in our eight county area – whether it’s              including nearly 200 programs offered by phar-
spouse caring for spouse, child caring for parents              maceutical companies. To access the Partnership
or grandparents, parents caring for an adult child,             for Prescription Assistance by phone, you can call
or any other type caregiver relationship. There will            toll-free, 1-888-4PPA-NOW (1-888-477-2669).
be speakers on topics such as “Taking Care of the               The “Help is Here Express” is a traveling enroll-
Caregiver”, “Medication Management for Seniors”,                ment	center	that	travels	across	the	country	to	in-
and a legal issues topic. A pharmacist will be on               crease awareness of and boost enrollment in pa-
sight	to	counsel	seniors	and	caregivers	about	their	            tient assistance programs.
various medication questions. Vendors will be                   	       The	 bus	 is	 equipped	 with	 computer	 termi-
present with great information and health screen-               nals and mobile telephones so patients can find
ings. Lunch will also be served. Anyone can pre-                out on the bus if they are eligible for help paying
register by calling their local Senior Center.                  for their medicines. In the coming months, the
                                                                bus	will	visit	states	across	the	country,	increasing	
                                                                awareness	and	enrolling	people	in	programs	that	
The PPARx “Help is Here Express” Bus                            help them receive the medicines they need.
   Provides Assistance in Jackson

                                                                    Ms Senior Tennessee 2008 Wins Ms
                                                                    Senior America Pageant and New Ms
                                                                            Tennessee Crowned

                                                                                                  Ms Senior America
                                                                                                  2008 Alice “Olivia” Hal-
                                                                                                  ey	and	
                                                                                                  Ms Senior Tennessee
                                                                                                  2009 Pat Alford	

                                                                	                                 	 Alice “Olivia”
                                                                                                  Haley	 has	 been	
Preet Bajwa with Pharmaceutical Research amd Manufacturers of
     America,	and	Judy	Dorris	with	The	Epilepsy	Foundation                                        a resident of No-
                                                                                                  lensville	 Tennes-
        The Partnership for Prescription Assistance                                               see for the past
“Help is Here Express” Bus Tour visited the Jack-                                                 33 years. She
son, TN, YMCA on April 3rd.                                                                       married	her	child-
        The Partnership for Prescription Assis-                                                   hood	sweetheart,	
tance brings together America’s pharmaceutical                                                    James,	 and	 they	
companies,	 doctors,	 other	 health	 care	 providers,	          have 2 children and 5 grandchildren.
patient advocacy organizations and community                            Olivia has worked full and part time as sec-
groups to help qualifying patients who lack pre-                retary for Road Builders, Inc., Odom Construction
scription	 coverage	 get	 the	 medicines	 they	 need	           and	 with	 her	 husband	 at	 Tennessee	 Excavating	
through the public or private program that’s right              Company. Olivia has worked with talent agencies
for them. Many will get them free or nearly free.               in Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville for twenty five
Its mission is to increase awareness of patient as-             years	in	commercials,	print	ads	and	videos	and	at	
sistance programs and boost enrollment of those                 one time played an extra in a movie titled “Colored
who are eligible. Through the organization’s web-               Eggs” with Faye Dunaway and Tom Scarritt. Olivia
site, the Partnership for Prescription Assistance               is most proud to be on the cover of a brochure
offers a single point of access to more than 475                at Graceland Mansion, home of Elvis Presley. Ol-
                                                                ivia	attended	real	estate	school	and	received	her	
license as an affiliated broker in 2007 and she is        from this tournament will benefit assistance pro-
currently employed with AKB Realty, Inc. of Brent-        grams provided by SWTDD. Registration and lunch
wood, Tennessee.                                                                      start at 11:30 AM
	       In	1985	Olivia	was	honored	by	being	cho-                                      and	 a	 shotgun	 start	
sen in the top ten in the Mrs. Tennessee Pageant.                                     at 1:00 PM. Regis-
Her special interest are fishing, cooking, walking,                                   tration	 deadline	 is	
dancing and she loves acting,. After reaching the                                     June 12, 2009. Con-
age of sixty she decided to get serious about ex-                                     tact	Teresa	Sanders	
ercise and started preparing for the Country Music                                    at 731-668-6439 for
½ Marathon (13.1 miles). She has finished for the                                     more information.
past two years and was never more thrilled.
                                                                                       Hardeman County Mayor
	       Olivia	has	spent	many	volunteer	hours	work-                                    Willie Spencer	during	last	
ing for cerebral palsy, room-in-the-inn, reading,                                      years	tournament		
singing, and performing at assisted living facilities
and retirement homes. She also reads to children
at Nolensville Elementary school and makes use
of her secretarial experience by working in the of-
fice. She works with the United Methodist church
youth and has co-chaired the “Sweet Shoppe”
with her best friend, Joyce Patton, for twenty five
years. Since being crowned 2008 Ms Tennessee                    Emergency Housing Program
Senior America, Olivia hasn’t slowed down. She
has	made	many	personal	appearances	as	well	as	              The Tennessee Housing Development
being honored all over the state. She says “I just  Agency (THDA) will combine $1 million appropri-
can’t believe this is happening to me.”             ated by the State Legislature to THDA for housing
	       Pat Alford of Jackson, TN is the building di-
                                                    with $1 million in Agency funds to create a $2 mil-
rector for the Ned R. McWherter West Tennessee      lion state-wide Emergency Repair Program for the
Cultural Arts Center and coordinator of the Jack-   Elderly. The program will provide grants to low
son Children and Teen Theater. She was named        income,	 elderly	 homeowners	 who	 are	 60	 years	
Ms. Senior Tennessee 2009 at Cumberland Uni-        or	older	to	correct,	repair,	or	replace	an	essential	
versity in Lebanon, TN on March 7.                  system and/or a critical structural problem. The
        Alford was first runner-up in 2008 and      purpose of the program is to stabilize the elderly
hadn’t planned to enter again. Both times, she was  homeowner’s residence by making rapid, essetial
prompted by longtime friend Celia Leech, who has    repairs to make the home livable. This is not a
served for years with the state’s Senior America    comprehensive	 homeowner	 rehabilitation	 pro-
organization.                                       gram.
        Senior America, Inc. is a Non-Profit corpo-         The Tennessee Housing Development
ration designed not only to enrich the lives of se- Agency (THDA) will combine the $1 million appro-
niors	but	also	to	tap	their	energy	to	enrich	the	lives	
                                                    priated by the State Legislature to THDA for hous-
of others.                                          ing with $1 million in Agency funds to create a $2
                                                    million state-wide Emergency Repair Program for
                                                    the Elderly. The program will provide grants to low
      2nd Annual SWTDD Charity Golf                 income,	 elderly	 homeowners	 who	 are	 60	 years	
       Tournament to be Held in June                or	older	to	correct,	repair,	or	replace	an	essential	
                                                    system and/or a critical structural problem. The
	       Southwest	 Tennessee	 Development	 Dis- purpose of the program is to stabilize the elderly
trict will hold its 2nd Annual Charity Golf Tourna- homeowner’s residence by making rapid, essen-
ment Thursday, June 18, 2009, at the Shiloh Golf tial repairs to make the home livable. This is not
Course in Adamsville, Tennessee. The Proceeds a	 comprehensive	 homeowner	 rehabilitation	 pro-
       The Emergency Repair Program is intend-              	
ed	to	make	immediate	repairs	to	an	essential	sys-                  Angela Roberts and Catherine Brown, own-
tem	 so	 that	 the	 elderly	 homeowner	 can	 continue	      ers of Main Street Pharmacy in Savannah, TN re-
to reside in his/her home. The program does not             ceived a loan for furniture, fixtures, inventory and
require	 that	 the	 entire	 structure	 be	 brought	 into	   equipment.
compliance with codes. The following list is an ex-
ample of the types of repairs the program is meant
to address:

•      Roofs
•	     Electrical	systems	
•      Plumbing systems
•	     Septic	systems	
•      Heating and air systems
•      Structural repairs to floors or walls

	       It	is	anticipated	that	the	elderly	homeowner	
will help define the nature of the emergency repair.
In	 many	 instances,	 there	 will	 be	 additional	 work	
                                                                     Beignet Cafe in Memphis, TN
that	 needs	 to	 be	 done	 to	 the	 house	 that	 cannot	
be	 addressed	 with	 this	 program,	 and	 there	 may	          Charles Duke received, owner of Beignet
not be a visible difference in the house once the Cafe in Memphis, received a SMOB loan for equip-
emergency repairs have been completed.                   ment and working capital.
        The Emergency Repair funds are currently
being used in Hardeman and Haywood County. To
date, fourteen individuals have been helped with
this program.

     SWTDD Closes Three New Loans

       SWTDD has recently helped close two
small	and	minority-owned	business	loans	through	
the Small & Minority-Owned Business Assistance
Loan Program (SMOB) and one IRP Loan.

                                                                      Midsouth Casting, LLC in Jackson, TN

                                                            	     Geoffrey Grice and Angela Grice, owners
                                                            of Midsouth Casting, LLC in Jackson, received a
                                                            IRP Loan for Equipment.

                                                                 SWTDD Media Available Online

                                                                    Readers can now visit to view or
                                                            download past Informer or E-News editions. To do
                                                            so, use the following link:
           Main Street Pharmacy in Savannah, TN   
                                                         Jackson, TN 38305
                                                         27 Conrad Drive, Suite 150
                                                            Development District
                                                            Southwest Tennessee

                            SWTDD Upcoming Events

April 27-28, 2009                DRA Conference

April 29-30, 2009                TDDA Conference

May 3-5, 2009                    EDA Conference

May 7, 2009                      Caregiver Health Fair

May 21, 2009                     SWTDD Executive Meeting

June 18, 2009                    SWTDD Golf Tournament

June 19, 2009                    SWTDD Annual Dinner

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