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					Why do I                               What are endocrine
                                                                               The most common
                                                                               endocrine disruptor
feel out of                            An endocrine disruptor is a synthetic
                                       compound that mimics a natural

balance?                               hormone when it is absorbed by the
                                       body. They make our plastic
                                                                                     Phthalates: Synthetic
                                                                                      substances added to soaps,
                                                                                      shampoos, perfumes, hair
                                       products softer and easier to handle,
                                       our cosmetic creams and lotions                spray and nail polish..
                                       smoother and longer-lasting.
                                                                                     Parabens: Compounds used
                                       Much research has shown that                   as preservatives in thousands
                                       phytoestrogens, such as those found            of cosmetics (skin care,
                                       in soy, are not disruptive to the              makeup etc.)
                                                                                      pharmaceutical products.
                                       natural workings of the endocrine
                                       system. In fact applying a soy based
                                       balancing cream can counteract                Dioxin: Dioxin is a general
   Do you ever feel anxious,                                                          name applied to a group of
                                       many signs of hormone imbalance.
  agitated, irritated or stressed                                                     hundreds of chemicals that
  out? Or do you experience                                                           are highly persistent in the
                                       In humans, the natural level of
 recurring bouts of depression?        circulating hormones needed to
    All of these are signs of          orchestrate bodily functions is
   HORMONE IMBALANCE.                  relatively low. Synthetic endocrine     The European Union is perhaps the
                                       disruptors are now being found in       most progressive in taking action on
                                       living tissue at dramatically higher    identifying and reducing the most
Of all the manmade toxins in our
                                       concentrations than natural             offensive agents. In June 2005, over
environment, we now realize that
                                       hormones. A CDC report from July        100 research scientists actively
the most ubiquitous (the ones used
                                       2005 found that the bodies of           involved in research on endocrine
to create plastics, pesticides,
                                       Americans of all ages contain an        disrupters from 15 countries issued a
cleansers, dyes, flame, cosmetics
                                       average of 148 synthetic chemicals.     joint, signed statement raising
and skin care), may be the most
                                                                               concerns about endocrine
worrisome. We identify these as
endocrine disruptor chemicals          Experts estimate that 40 million
(EDC’s), as they have been shown       pounds of hormonally active
to mimic the action of hormones        chemicals are produced in this            In view of the magnitude of the
when absorbed by humans and            country per annum, with 2000 new        potential risks associated with
wildlife.                              varieties introduced to market each     endocrine disrupters, we strongly
                                       year. Many are in skin care.            believe that scientific uncertainty
                                                                               should not delay precautionary
Why are endocrine disruptors so
                                                                               action on reducing the exposures to
important for us to understand?
                                                                               and the risks from endocrine
Your endocrine system is one of
the most sensitive communication
networks — it influences all aspects
of your health and well-being,

The endocrine system is made up                                                THNIK ABOUT IT!
of a dozen or so glands, including
the thyroid, pituitary, adrenal,                                               The average person uses 10 personal
thymus, pancreas, ovaries and                                                  care products a day (shampoo,
testes, as well as pockets of tissue                                           conditioner, deodorant, hair spray,
throughout the body, all of which                                              shaving cream, moisturizers, etc.)
secrete hormones into the blood
stream. Estrogen, progesterone,
testosterone, DHEA,melatonin,
insulin, cortisol, and thyroid
hormones are just a few.
What can you do?                           4. Support your body’s detox organs
                                           (liver and kidneys) by drinking herbal
                                                                                     SYMPTOMS of HORMONE
                                           teas that contain Milk Thistle,                IMBALANCE
1. Choose your food intelligently —        Couch Grass, Sarsaparilla,
eat as organically as possible, and        Peppermint,                                      PMS
watch animal fat and fish                  Dandelion , Lemon Grass,,                        Sleep disturbances
consumption. Because endocrine             Burdock , Fennel.                                Hot flashes
disruptors and heavy metals                                                                 Lack of concentration
magnify in the food chain, the             5. Use a gentle sea botanical detox              Vaginal Dryness
higher your protein source the             program once a month.                            Dry, thin, wrinkly skin
greater the potential toxic load.                                                           Fibrocystic breasts
Large deep water “fatty” fish like                                                          Bone mineral loss
tuna may contain high levels of                                                             Depression
synthetic chemicals and heavy                                                               Water retention
metals, so eat them in moderation                                                           Inability to handle stress
                                                                                            Headaches
                                           6. Get regular sleep (you detoxify at            Loss of sex drive
2. If you can’t buy all–organic
                                           night) and drink plenty of filtered              Unexplained weight gain?
food, try to pick and choose.
                                           water. If you are on a lot of                    Mood swings
Certain crops are more heavily
                                           medication, it could influence your              Irritability
sprayed than others. Data on the
                                           body’s ability to detox.                         Uterine fibroids
worst offenders vary, but the
following 12 fruits and veggies are                                                         Fatigue
among those with the highest               7. Drink beverages                               Anxiety
pesticide residues: peaches,               like green tea that                              Heart Palpitations
apples, bell peppers, celery,              contain ECGC and                                 Foggy thinking
nectarines, strawberries, cherries,        flavonoids, which                                Enlarged prostate
lettuce, grapes, pears, spinach,           help the body rid
and potatoes. Wash all fruits and          itself of toxins.                             The above are symptoms of
vegetables thoroughly before                                                           estrogen dominance. Natural
consuming, or peel them if they            Avoid these                                progesterone cream counteracts
are not organically grown                                                                     these symptoms.
                                           skin care ingredients
3. Take super food antioxidants,                                                                Progesterone
digestive enzymes and omega 3              Parabens            Phthalates,             is a calming, relaxing hormone.
               essential fatty acids
               to ensure rich              Propylene Glycol Mineral Oil,             A 1996 John’s Hopkins study concluded
                                                                                    that women low in natural progesterone
               nutrition and
                                                                                      have an 80% higher risk of developing
               support your body’s         PABA                Petrolatum,
                                                                                        breast cancer and that the risk of
               ability to function                                                    developing other malignant cancers
optimally                                  Paraffin            Diethanolamine,                  increases ten-fold.

 In today’s world this is no longer        Animal Derived Ingredients
an option but a mandate. You
must equip your body with the
essential tools it needs to do its job,
particularly when it is
embattled by so many                                                                Look for 480 mg of progesterone per ounce in
toxins. Unfortunately,                                                              a dose-metered pump.
much of our food supply                                                             To may want to read:
is contaminated and                                                                 -Balance Your Hormones and Your Life From
                                                                                    Thirty to Fifty by Dr. John R. Lee, M.D. et al
lacks the necessary                                                                 -What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About
nutrients, even if you think you eat        According to the EPA 60% of what        Menopause: The Breakthrough Book on Natural
well.                                        you put on your skin enters you        Progesterone by Dr. John R. Lee, M.D., Virginia
                                            blood stream and every organ in         Hopkins
                                                                                    -The Estrogen Alternative: Natural Therapy with
 It is estimated that over 80% of the US        your body in 26 seconds.            Botanical Progesterone by Raquel Martin
   populations is deficient in omega 3                                              -Hormone Heresy: What Women MUST Know
                                                                                    About Their Hormones by Sherrill Sellman
            essential fatty acids


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