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									    Cosmetics Liners
        Research Report
Principles of Marketing Research
         Ms. Fernandes
            May 2006

     By: Raquel Quijano &
         Jamie Brawer
Table of Contents

Managerial Summary                 p.1

Background                         p.2

Objectives                         p.3

Research Design & Methodology      p.4

Data Collection                    p.5

Results                            p.6-8

Findings Keyed To Each Objective   p.9

Conclusions                        p.10

Recommendations                    p.11

Limitations                        p.12

Appendix                           p.13-14
Managerial Summary

	        Our		main	objective	is	of 	to	find	out	which	of 	our	four	MAC	liners	is	most	popular	with	
women	ages	between	18-25.	Their	four	liners	include	the	Kohl	Pencil,	Powerpoint,	Fluidline,	
and	Liquid	Liner.	We	want	to	find	out	what	types	of 	customers	wear	each	of 	the	diffrent	kinds	
of 	liners,	and	where	they	wear	each	of 	them:	inside	the	eye,	top	lid,	bottom	lid,	or	both.	We	will	
research	when	customers	wear	them:	all	day,	night	only,	night	and	day,	different	products	for	night	
and	day.	Over	all,	with	the	research	conducted	and	collected,	one	will	be	able	to	analyze	which	
liners	need	to	be	further	worked	on,	enhanced,	advertised	diffrently,	or	removed	from	the	market.	

	      We	surveyed	30	female	college	students	ranging	between	the	ages	of 	18-25.	The	only	re-
quirement	of 	these	females	was	that	they	wear	some	sort	of 	eyeliner.	We	randomly	surveyed	them	
at	The	Art	Institute	of 	Ft.	Lauderdale.

	       Our	results	showed	that	43%	of 	the	participants	preferred	the	Kohl	Liner,	33%	preferred	
the	Fluidline,	11%	Powerpoint	Pencil,	and	11%	the	Liquid	Liner.	80%	of 	the	women	surveyed	
owned	MAC	products.	According	to	these	women	the	most	important	reasons	for	buying	MAC	
products	were	quality	and	color	
	       They	recognized	MAC	ads	mostly	in	magazines.	These	women	preferred	to	apply	liner	
above	their	lid	as	opposed	to	inside	or	under	the	eye.	Most	women	said	they	only	wear	liner	at	
night	and	on	weekends.	

The	two	important	aspects	for	purchasing	eyeliner	these	women	considered	were	price	and	wear	
(lasting	capabilities).	Sixty-five	percent	of 	these	women	worked,	77%	of 	those	surveyed	earned	
between	5-15K	annually.


In	Frank	Toskan	and	Frank	Angelo	in	Toronto,	Canada	created	MAC,	which	stands	for	Make-up	Art	
Cosmetics	in	1984-1985.	Unsatisfied	with	cosmetics	available	in	the	industry	two	began	to	create	a	line	
based	on	things	they	thought	were	missing	from	other	make-up	lines.	Their	idea	was	to	create	a	great	
product	and	offer	it	at	a	reasonable	price.	In	1996,	Estee	Lauder	Corporation	offered	to	bring	MAC	
Cosmetics	into	their	family	of 	brands.
MAC	sees	recycling	as	an	important	part	of 	helping	the	environment.	They	offered	the	BACK	2-MAC	
program,	which	is	where	a	customer	can	bring	in	six	empty	plastic	of 	glass	containers	to	receive	a	free	
lipstick.	Although	they	think	recycling	is	very	important,	they	use	all	virgin	materials	when	creating	
their	products.	The	things	MAC	recycles	are	sent	to	places	to	make	construction	and	building	materials,	
toys,	snow	scrapers,	etc.	All	of 	MAC’s	products	are	cruelty	free,	which	means	they	do	not	test	on	ani-
mals.	Instead,	they	test	on	things	like	vitro	tissue	models.
MAC	also	believes	in	the	importance	AIDS	awareness.	This	is	why	MAC	has	a	program	called	the	
MAC	Aids	Fund,	which	was	created	in	1994.	There	are	five	lipsticks	and	one	gloss	in	the	Viva	Glam	
line,	and	100%	of 	the	profit	from	the	these	products	sold	goes	to	the	MAC	Aids	Fund.	This	money	
helps	the	direct	care	and	daily	essentials	to	those	living	with	AIDS.	One	Viva	Glam	lipstick	or	gloss	can	
provide	things	such	as	a	week	of 	meals	or	a	vaccine	in	certain	countries.	


1.Main	consumers	are	single	women	ages	18-25
2.Other	customer	groups	include	teenagers	and	middle-aged	women.	
3.Competitors	include	Bobbi	Brown,	Lancôme,	Revlon,	Stila	and	Cover	girl.
4.Distinguish	by	low	prices	compared	to	competitors
5.	Mac	makeup	is	found	in	department	stores	including	Macy’s,	JC	Penny,	Bloomingdales,	Dillard’s	etc.	
6.	Mac	does	not	have	much	advertising,	media	include	mail	outs,	magazines	and	fundraiser	for	Aids								
				awareness,	and	profit	is	contributed	to	the	fund.
7.Sales	promotion	includes	coupons	and	promotions.	(Back	2	Mac	program)	6	empty	plastic	or											
			glass	containers	of 	Mac	and	receive	free	lipsticks.
8.Customer	service	is	high	quality	due	to	heavily	trained	employees.

Research Objectives

We	will	determine.....

1.		The	interest	and	utility	of 	the	four	types	of 	eyeliners.	(Kohl pencil, Powerpoint-water proof pencil,	
Fluidline-waterproof gel liner, and eye liquid liner)	

2.		Between	all	liners	which	is	the	most	popular	which	ones	need	further	development/improv-
ement	or	and	which	ones	should	be	eliminated.

3.		During	what	time	during	the	day	do	consumers	use	liner.	

4.		Where	do	consumers	apply	liners	(inside	the	eye,	top	lid,	both,	etc.)

5.		To	determine	consumer	awareness	of 	advertising	and	recall	of 	copy.

                  Kohl Pencil                    Powerpoint

                     Fluidline                    Liquid Liner

Research Design and Methodology

Data gathering method
1.Secondary	data	is	used	to	research	trends,	product	ratings,	etc.
	      •Online	sources,	magazines	articles

2. Sample Plan
1.	College	females	students	ages	18-25	years	old
	      •30	surveys	done	in	person-	interview	style,	liner	demonstration	then	administered.	

Data Gathering Instrument:
Questionnaire	interview	style	

Data Collection

For	the	purpose	of 	our	survey,	we	decided	that	our	research	would	be	conducted	at	the	school	
(AIFL).	A	total	of 	30	surveys	were	conducted.	We	mostly	waited	outside	by	the	picnic	tables	in	
the	main	entrance.	We	randomly	picked	every	3rd	girl	or	would	pick	a	group	of 	2-3	girls	at	a	time.	
We	asked	each	person	if 	she	uses	eyeliner,	and	if 	so,	we	then	asked	if 	she	would	participate	in	a	
short	survey.	We	started	the	survey	with	the	demonstration	of 	each	liner	on	Raquel’s	hand	while	
the	other	member	Jamie	informed.	The	dates	we	conducted	these	surveys	are	March	17th,	2006		
(4:00-5:00	p.m),	March	18th,	2006	(1:00-2:00	p.m),		and	March	23,	2006	(3:30-4:00	p.m).
	      We	explained	to	them	that	we	were	conducting	a	survey	for	our	research	class	and	not	for	
MAC	Cosmetics.	We	started	by	explaining	the	products,	their	function,	the	amount	(Oz),	and	sug-
gested	tools	that	are	use	for	a	specific	liner.	We	also	told	them	the	retail	price	of 	each	liner.	

	     Some	girls	let	us	demonstrate	on	a	model	and	some	just	wanted	to	see	the	products.	We	
showed	how	the	different	eyeliners	could	be	worn	(i.e	if 	you	can	smudge	them,	thicken	them,	or	
change	the	color).

	      After	the	demonstration,	we	separated	the	girls	to	individually	survey	them.	If 	it	was	more	
than	two	girls	at	a	time,	we	had	them	wait	until	we	were	done	with	the	other	person.	After	the	
survey	we	thanked	them	for	their	time.



     Characteristics            Subgroup        Value

                              Nightlife/Clubs   30%
                                  Shopping      28%
    Lifestyle Activities     Swimming/Beach     28%
  (More than one activity)
                              Outdoor	Sports    8%
                               Indoor	Sports    5%
   Average Age (Mean)               19-25        19
                               Some	College     99%
        Education            College	Graduate   1%
                                 Employed       77%
       Employment             Not	Employed      23%
         Status                  Part	Time      75%
                                 Full	Time      25%
                                5,000-15,000    65%
          Annual               15,000-25,000    22%
          Income               25,000-50,000    9%
                                   0-5,000      3%
                              50,000	and	over   0%


      Characteristics                Subgroup               Value

                                     Quality                33%
                                      Color                 32%
 What makes you buy MAC               Price                 19%
                                    Advertising             12%
                                     Package                4%

       Familiar with MAC products                     99%
          Own MAC products                            80%

                                       Lip                  33%
          MAC                          Eye                  31%
       products own                    Face                 21%
       when surveyed
                                    Foundation              12%
                                     Skincare               3%

                                   Magazines                38%
       Advertising              Walk	by	the	counter         31%
 Where	have	you	seen	MAC        Dept.	Store	Events          27%
                                      Never                 2%

       Application                  Above	the	lid           40%
        of eyeliner                  Inside	Eye             37%
Where	do	you	apply	eyeliner?         Under	Eye              23%

                                       Night                33%
          Time                        Weekend               31%
 When	do	you	wear	eyeliner?           Weekday               19%
                                       Day                  17%


                                               No                                26%
  Do	you	wear	specific	liner
depending	on	the	time	of 	day?                 Yes                               4%
      (Please	explain)

                                         Kohl	pencil                             43%
    Most Popular Liner                    Fluidline                              33%
 Of 	all	the	products	tested,	           Powerpoint                              11%
which	one	appealed	to	you	the	
                                           Liquid                                11%
     most?	(check	one)
                                           None                                  2%

Satisfaction of Product

    Liner           Very          Somewhat           Satisfied         Not               Very
                  Satisfied        Satisfied                         Satisfied         Unsatisfied
  Fluidline         26%              50%               20%              3%                0%
    Kohl            36%              33%               16%             13%                0%
 Powerpoint         16%              30%               40%              2%                1%
   Liquid           13%              16%               46%             23%                0%

                        Very             Somewhat                Doesn’t             Not
                      Important          Important               Matter            Important
     Price              16%                66%                    16%                 0%
     Wear               86%                10%                    0%                  1%
 Not	having	to           2%                43%                    26%                 0%
 purchase	tools
 Smudge	Proof            36%                   46%                16%                   0%
  Waterproof             30%                   36%                20%                   13%

Findings Keyed to each Objective

Objective 1 & 2:	Interest	and	utility	of 	the	four	types	of 	liners:
	Between	all	liners,	which	is	the	most	popular	and	which	ones	need	further	development.
	     -43%	prefer	Eye	Kohl
	     -11%	rank	the	least	preferable,	PowerPoint	and	Liquid	liners	
	     -Interest:	Wear–	86%	Price–66%

Objective 3:	At	what	time	during	the	day	do	consumers	use	eyeliner.
	     -Night:	33%
	     -Weekend	31%

Objective 4:	Where	do	consumers	apply	liners,	inside	the	eye,	above	the	lid	or	under	the	eye.	(Can	
pick	more	than	one.)
	     -40%	Above	lid
	     -37%	Inside	the	eye
	     -23%	Under	the	eye

Objective 5:	To	determine	consumer	awareness	of 	advertising	and	recall	copy.
	     -38%	Magazines
	     -30%	Walk	by	counter
	     -27%	Department	Store	


1.	   Across	the	entire	sample	the	most	important	factor	when	buying	eyeliner	was	wear	(lasting		
	     capability)	and	price.

2.	   More	than	one	third	of 	those	interviewed	were	very	satisfied	with	the	Kohl	eyeliner,	and		
	     half 	of 	the	sample	group	was	somewhat	satisfied,	or	less.

3.	   MAC	received	satisfactory	ratings	with	the	Powerpoint	Pencil	and	the	Liquid	Liner.

4.	   Of 	all	the	activities	listed	the	most	popular	were	nightlife	and	clubs,	shopping,	and	swim	
	     ming	or	beach	activities.

5.	   All	of 	the	students	sampled	were	either	in	college	or	have	already	graduated	and	going	for		
	     a	second	degree.

6.	   Out	of 	the	people	sampled	saw	MAC	advertising,	the	most	influential	form	of 	advertising		
	     that	they	saw		was	the	magazines.

7.	   For	those	sampled	who	owned	MAC	products,	the	two	most	popular	were	eye	and	lip		

8.	   Most	of 	the	women	sampled	wore	their	eyeliner	above	the	lid	or	on	the	inside	of 	the	eye.	

9.	   Those	sample	preferred	to	wear	eyeliner	an	night	and	weekends	as	opposed	to	during	the		
	     day	or	on	weekdays.


             The following recommendations support the conclusions listed prior

1.	    Since	women	sampled	bought	eyeliner	mostly	bought	based	on	wear	and	price,	MAC	may		

	      want	to	consider	marketing	the	eyeliners	with	stronger	lasting	capabilities.	MAC’s	

	      affordable	price	(compared	to	other	department	store	brands)	is	beneficial	to	them.	

2.	    Since	the	Powerpoint	pencil	and	Liquid	eyeliner	received	satisfactory	ratings,	MAC	may		

	      want	to	consider	repromoting	these	two	products	in	an	upcoming		launch.

3.	    Since	most	people	saw	MAC	advertising	in	magazines	it	may	be	beneficiary	for	MAC	to		

	      look	at	other	forms	of 	advertising,	such	as	TV	or	radio	commercials.

4.		   Based	on	the	women	surveyed	who	own	eye	and	lip	products,	MAC	may	want	to	consider		

	      promoting	their	face	foundation	and	skin	care	products.


1.	   The	statistical	precision	of 	the	results	due	to	small	sample	size

2.	   The	limitation	of 	a	small	time	frame

3.	   Limited	supplies	


1. Are you familiar with MAC Cosmetics? Yes        No

2. Do you own any MAC products? Yes         No

3. If yes, which products do you own? (Check all that apply)

Cleanser              Wipes           Eye Creams            Moisturizer          Other

Eye Products:
Liners       Paints           Shawdows             Cream Colour Base             Mascara
Lashes       Other

Lipstick      Lipglass        Lusterglass          Prolongwear            Lip gelee
Liners        Other

Blush         Blush Creme            Bronzer       Glimmer Shimmer               Other

Select SPF             Hyper Real           Moistureblend        Studio Fix              Studio Tech
Studio Fix Fluid             Other

4 What amkers you buy MAC products? (Check all that apply)
Price:             Color:            Quality:              Packaging:                    Advertising:

5. Where have you seen MAC advertsing? (Check all that apply)
Magazines                                    Walk by the store or counter
Department store events                      I never seen MAC advertising

6. Where do you apply eyeliner? (Check all that apply)
Inside the eye      Above the lid         Under the eye

7. When do you wear eyeliner? (Check all that apply)
Night        Day           Weekends              Weekdays


8. Do you wear specific liner depending on the time of day or activity? (Please explain)
(Example: waterproof liner for going out to a club)

9. Of all the products tested, which appealed to you the most? (check one)
Fluidline             Eye Kohl             PowerPoint            Liquid                        None

10. How satusfied were you with the products tested (circle choice)
                      Very Satisfied   Somewhat Satisfied         Satisfied         Not Satisfied       Very Unsatisfied
Fluidline                   1                   2                    3                   4                      5
Kohl                        1                   2                    3                   4                      5
PowerPoint                  1                   2                    3                   4                      5
Liquid                      1                   2                    3                   4                      5

11. What is important to you when purchasing eyeliner? (Circle choice)
                                              Very Important   Somewhat Important   Doesn’t Matter    Not Important
Price                                                1                   2                 3                4
Wear                                                 1                   2                 3                4
Not having to purchase tools (brushes)               1                   2                 3                4
Amount of product for price                          1                   2                 3                4
Smudgeproof                                          1                   2                 3                4
Waterproof                                           1                   2                 3                4

12 Which of the following activities do you participate in?
Outdoor Sports              Swimming/Beach
Indoor Sports               Shopping

13. Age

14 Current Education (Check one) High School                   Some College              College Graduate

15. Are you currently employed? Yes                 No
If yes fulltime      or part-time
If yes, what do you make anually? 0-5K              5K-15K           15K-25K             over 25K

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