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					      C o l o u r C a rd

Beauty System

Colour System       by
Beauty is like a magnet                                                                       – it attracts. Single aspects of

b e a u t y a re e a s y t o d e f i n e , b u t w h a t c o u n t s a s t r u e b e a u t y i s a n d e v e r w i l l b e a s e c re t .

The accepted conception of beauty is subject to change and so our ideal must be to make

t h e m o s t o f w h a t w e h a v e . I n t h e 2 0 t h c e n t u r y, v a m p s w o u l d p a i n t b e a u t y s p o t s o n t h e i r

f a c e s i n t h e 1 9 2 0 s , t h e s t a r l e t s o f t h e 1 9 5 0 s w e n t i n f o r g l o s s y l i p s a n d g l a m o ro u s l a s h e s ,

and in the 1970s, disco queens out-sparkled the glitter balls at parties. Since the 90s, the

w o r l d o f e y e s h a d o w a n d l i p s t i c k h a s b e e n re v o l u t i o n i s e d b y p ro g re s s m a d e i n t h e f i e l d s o f

s c i e n c e a n d t e c h n o l o g y. F i r s t a n d f o re m o s t , h o w e v e r, m a k e - u p s h o u l d b e f u n .

Ta k e s o m e t i m e t o e n j o y t h e s h i n e , s h i m m e r a n d s o f t c o n s i s t e n c y o f ê t re b e l l e d e c o r a t i v e

p ro d u c t s a n d c re a t e y o u r o w n n e w i n d i v i d u a l l o o k e v e r y d a y.

                                                                              Colour System                                by
Lips               T h e t re n d t o w a rd s k i s s a b l e l i p s c o n t i n u e s a s t h e re i s n o t h i n g s o a l l u r i n g a s

a s e n s u o u s l y m a d e u p m o u t h . A s w i t h m a n y o t h e r p ro d u c t s , l i p s t i c k s a n d g l o s s e s c o m e

i n a v a r i e t y o f t e x t u re s t o s u i t a l l n e e d s . T h e m o u t h i s t h e m o s t e x c i t i n g f a c i a l f e a t u re .

T h a t i s w h y i t i s s o i m p o r t a n t t o g i v e i t a s m u c h c a re a s p o s s i b l e , a n d s o m a k e y o u r s e l f

as attractive as possible.
Ref. 102 Pure Mat Lipstick SPF 12

                                                   This lipstick is characterised by its very strong
                                                   colours. Hydrating active ingredients and SPF 12
                                                   protect the lips and prevent dryness. The lips are
 1     2     3        4   5    6    7    8    9    left feeling very smooth and soft.

Ref. 103 Electric Lipstick SPF 12

                                                   This lipstick contains the maximum in lip care.
                                                   The colours are very subtle with just a hint of
                                                   pearly shimmer. SPF 12 protects the lips against
 1     2     3        4   5    6    11   12   13   the sun‘s rays and the harmful effects of the

14     15    16

Ref. 104 Lip Sensation SPF 8

                                                   The combination of active ingredients containing
                                                   volumising MaxilipTM and smoothing waxes in
                                                   the hydrating core of this innovative lipstick,
 1     2     3        4   5    6    7    8    9    guarantee the ultimate in grooming and a full and
                                                   youthful-looking lip area.

Ref. 117 Lip Finish

                                                   A duo-phase lip gloss with one phase to colour
                                                   the lips and a second transparent one to seal
                                                   them. Use: First, apply the colour phase and
 1     2     3        7   8    9    10   11        leave it to dry for at least one minute. Then, apply
                                                   the second, transparent phase to seal the first.
                                                   Lip Finish has extremely long lasting power and
                                                   even eating and drinking will not have much
                                                   effect on this product.

Ref. 118 Gleam Gloss Duo

                                                   A seductive shine, sumptuous colour and
                                                   coverage in an unusually creamy texture. The
                                                   brush applicator allows precise and professional
 1     2     3                                     application of this special combination of colour,
                                                   shine and convenience.
Ref. 119 Gloss Sensation

                                                             Glossiness, hydration and volume in two beautiful
                                                             colour variations: this elegant eye shadow trio,
                                                             with an incorporated mirror, is versatile and ideal
     01             02                                       for travelling.

Ref. 130 Lip Contour Pencil

                                                            A soft pencil for precise outlining and correction
                                                            of the lip contours. It prolongs the lasting power
                                                            of lipstick and prevents feathering.
 4        5    8         15   25*   26*   27*   28*   29*
                                                            * With a sharpener in the cap

Ref. 135 Permanent Lipliner

                                                            This soft nylon pencil releases just the right
                                                            amount of colour for drawing fine or wider lip
                                                            lines. Applied to grease-free skin, it guarantees
 3        4    5         6    7     8     9     11    13    optimum lasting power.

14        15

Ref. 136 Remover Pen

                                                            The pen easily removes small flaws in contours
                                                            drawn with Permanent Lipliner Ref. 135 and
                                                            Permanent Eyeliner Ref. 345. The cap must be
 1                                                          kept tightly closed to prevent it drying out.

Ref. 615 Effect Lip Gloss

                                                            The wonderfully silky consistency and the
                                                            striking shine on the lips make this a must for
                                                            every woman. The gloss hydrates the lips and
 0        1    2         3    4     5     6     7     8     provides optimum suppleness. It gives the lips
                                                            perfect volume and a seductive shine.

 9        10   11        12
Eyes                  Be it simple black mascara or dramatic eye shadow – eye make-up should

e m p h a s i s e t h e e y e s . T h e re a re n o re a l l i m i t s w h e re t h e e y e a re a i s c o n c e r n e d . A n y f o r m ,

w h e t h e r c o n j u re d w i t h e y e s h a d o w, e y e b ro w p e n c i l o r e y e l i n e r, c a n w h i s k y o u a w a y t o

v e r y d i ff e re n t w o r l d s . C e l e b r a t e y o u r e y e m a k e - u p w i t h d i z z y i n g l y l o n g l a s h e s o r a t t r a c t i v e

smoky eyes.
Ref. 320 Pearl Eye Shadow Powder

                                                           The strong shine effect gives the eye area
                                                           radiance. Ideal for expressive eye make-up or
                                                           as a highlighter. Applied the centre of the lips,
 1        2      3     4     5      6                      it enhances lip volume and is suitable as evening
                                                           make-up on the décolleté.
                                                           Suitable for use with contact lenses and sensitive

Ref. 321 Eye Shadow Mousse Reflect

                                                           Its special, slightly cooling consistency is very
                                                           delicate and lies alluringly on the lids. Eye
                                                           Shadow Mousse Reflect gives the eyes a shim-
 1        2      3     4     5      6                      mering sheen. Simply apply with the applicator or
                                                           fingers. For a delicate, natural look.

Ref. 322 Eye Sensation

                                                           A microfine, especially long-lasting eye shadow.
                                                           The shimmering colours are easy to apply. The
                                                           colour intensity varies from subtle to strong when
 1        2      3     4     5      6                      applied dry. When applied wet, it envelopes the
                                                           eyes in a blaze of colour.

Ref. 328 Glamour Eyeliner

                                                           Glamour Eyeliner contains glitter particles that
                                                           give the eyes an alluring radiance. The applicator
                                                           makes it easy to apply.
 01      02

Ref. 340 Eye Contour Pencil

                                                           The pleasantly soft pencil is used to outline the
                                                           eyes, giving them increased expression. Suitable
                                                           for use with contact lenses and sensitive eyes.
black   bronze   16*   18*   19*   20*   21*   22*   23*   Very good skin compatibility.
01*       15                                               * With a sharpener in the cap
Ref. 345 Permanent Eyeliner

                                                                This soft nylon pencil releases just the right
                                                                amount of colour when drawing thin or wider eye
                                                                strokes. Applied to grease-free skin, it guarantees
black   brown       blue       petrol      grey         olive   optimum lasting power all day.
  1       2          3           4          5             6

Ref. 630 Eye Shadow Duo Select

                                                                The colours are combined to complement each
                                                                other perfectly. Its high quality microtexture makes
                                                                it simple to apply and very long-lasting. Suitable
 1         2          3          4          5             6     for use with contact lenses and sensitive eyes.

Ref. 370 Eyeliner Matic                                         Ref. 381 Mascara Longlash

                     This liquid eyeliner emulsion with                    Lengthens lashes to the max. The
                     a brush applicator is ideal for                       premium hydrating active ingredients
                     drawing fine or thicker strokes.                      give the lashes a silky sheen. Not
black   brown        The deep colours lend the eyes             black      suitable for use with contact lenses.
                     greater expression.                          1

Ref. 382 Mascara Waterproof                                     Ref. 386 3 Dimension Mascara

        This waterproof mascara has been designed                          This mascara gives optimum length
        especially for women who do sport. It sculpts                      and extraordinary volume. The lashes
        the lashes naturally and gives deep colour.                        appear full and have a wonderful curl.
black   Suitable for use with contact lenses and                black      Premium hydrating active ingredients
        sensitive eyes.                                           1        give the lashes a silky appearance.

                                                                Mascara Lash Sensation
                                                                Ref. 388 x-treme waterproof
Ref. 387 Mascara Impression                                     Ref. 389 x-treme volume

        The hydrating mascara base strengthens                            Ref. 388 Perfect separate, full lashes for
        lashes and gives maximum lash volume. The                         every occasion. Smudge and waterproof
        special mascara gives additional incredible                       mascara for full and curled lashes.
black   volume without clumping and lengthens lashes             01
        endlessly.                                                        Ref. 389 Gives immediate lash defini-
  1                                                                       tion. The perfect curl and the ultimate
                                                                          length will fascinate all day.
Complexion                                         Beauty begins with flawless skin. If foundation is applied

c o r re c t l y, t h e s k i n a p p e a r s f i n e l y p o re d a n d s u p p l e . R e g a rd y o u r s k i n a s a n a r t i s t w o u l d a

canvas. Good priming makes for a perfect painting. The ideal foundation base makes the

c o m p l e x i o n r a d i a n t l y p e r f e c t . ê t re b e l l e f o u n d a t i o n s h y d r a t e a n d i m p ro v e t h e s k i n ‘ s t e x t u re

with anti-ageing ingredients and protect the skin against the harmful effects of the environm e n t .

                                                                                     Colour System                                  by
Ref. 400 Blush On

                                           Blush On rouge enhances the face naturally with
                                           a hint of colour.
                                           Thanks to the silky, microfine texture it has
 1     2     3      4    6    7            lasting power and emphasises the beauty of your
                                           individual facial features.

Ref. 410 Dust Powder

                                           The high quality microtexture gently sets this
                                           foundation and boosts the radiance of the com-
                                           plexion. The skin has a velvety, silky appearance.
 0     1     2      3                      The selected shades adjust to the skin‘s own
                                           colour and give an impeccable and radiant finish.

Ref. 420 Compact Powder

                                           Extreme finesse for a natural, silky finish and
                                           ideal comfort. Enriched with mattifying ingre-
                                           dients, this powder gives the skin a fresh and
 1    2*     3      4*   5    6    7   8   delicate appearance all day.
                                           * Round compact case

Ref. 425 Silk Finish SPF 8

                                           For a perfect, silky finish – round the clock.
                                           A hydrating foundation for perfect coverage,
                                           lasting power and silky comfort. "Soft-focus
 6     7     8      9    10   11           pigments" smooth out slight unevenness and
                                           fine wrinkles and give the skin a distinctive even
                                           appearance without staining.
Ref. 426 Velvet Mat Make-up SPF 12

                                         A velvety, mattifying and hydrating foundation
                                         with high coverage. Microparticles absorb excess
                                         sebum and keep shiny skin under control. Soft-
 1    2     3    4                       focus pigments model the skin‘s surface and mini-
                                         mise imperfections.
                                         The complexion appears velvety matte and groo-

Ref. 427 Make-up Mousse Soft Touch

                                         A light-as-air and super-gentle mousse texture for
                                         a fresh finish. This soft formulation leaves the skin
                                         beautifully even and soft. It conceals fine lines and
 2    3     4    5                       wrinkles perfectly and is easy to use.

Ref. 435 Professional Make-up Stick

                                         This versatile make-up stick with optimum
                                         coverage is amazingly easy to apply and combines
                                         with the skin naturally for a flawless finish. The
11    12                                 visibility of pores and thread veins is minimised.

Ref. 450 Double Face wet & dry Make-up

                                         A two-in-one product especially suited to oily, gre-
                                         asy and impure skin. Applied with a damp sponge,
                                         it is a foundation: applied dry; it is a compact pow-
 1    2     3                            der. It has a silky texture and is water resistant.

                              Colour System            by
Ref. 456 Teint Mat Naturell SPF 14

                                     This innovative, long-lasting cream powder
                                     foundation gives the complexion a natural,
                                     matte, fresh and even appearance. Fine line
 1        2       3                  and wrinkles and pores are minimised.

Ref. 460 Cover Stick

                                     The perfect concealer for dark circles under the
                                     eyes, redness and an uneven complexion. The
                                     stick ensures even application and gives the skin
Co/1 Duo white Duo green Co/06       an immediate radiance with long-lasting and
        3         04                 effective coverage.
                                     Co/1 + Co/06 – conceals unevenness
                                     of the skin
                                     Duo white 3 – conceals dark circles
                                     around the eyes
                                     Duo green 04 – conceals red thread veins

Ref. 461 Light & Lift Concealer

                                     A light-reflecting, light concealer that immediately
                                     evens out dark circles around the eyes, fine lines
                                     and shadows. The phytocomplex of Banana Leaf
 1                                   Extract and Asiatic Pennywort provide maximum
                                     hydration and remove all signs of tiredness
                                     straight away.

Ref. 476 Arabesque

                                     This multi-coloured pressed powder can be used
                                     as sun powder, rouge and eye shadow. Ideal
                                     for women who have more than one wish to be
 2       3       4                   fulfilled at the same time. The microfine texture
                                     makes for even and easy application.
Ref. 477 Shiny Bronzing Powder

                                           A gentle powder with an iridescent sheen that
                                           gives natural skin colour and tanned skin a sum-
                                           mery radiance. This highlighter for the face and
 1                                         décolleté further enhances an attractive tan.

Ref. 640 Brilliant Powder

                                           The silky, light microtexture is ideal as a make-up
                                           finish. The light-reflecting particles lend the com-
                                           plexion a very even and healthy radiance.
 1     2

Ref. 642 Time Control Anti Aging Make-up
           & Concealer SPF 15

                                            A firming and smoothing anti-ageing foundation
                                            and a moisturising and smoothing concealer.
                                            It combines cosmetic anti-ageing technology
 1     2       3    4                       with the even and radiant finish of a foundation.
                                            Immediately after application, the visibility of
                                            fine lines and wrinkles is minimised. The active
                                            ingredient Vegeseryl refines skin texture and
                                            improves elasticity. The complexion has an even
                                            appearance – and looks younger.

                                Colour System            by
Make-up Accessories
Ref. 114 Make-up sponge

                                       Two round latex sponges for even application of

Ref. 375-1 Small Sharpener

                                       Ideal for sharpening our
                                       - Lip Contour Pencils Ref. 130
                                       - Waterproof Lipliner Ref. 140
                                       - Kajal-Eye Contour Pencil Ref. 340
                                       - Eye Contour Pencils and
                                         Eyebrow Pencils Ref. 340

Ref. 376 Jumbo Sharpener

                                       (for Magic eye shadow Pencil)
                                       The jumbo sharpener is available in black.
                                       Ideal for sharpening thicker pencils.

Ref. 481-01 Powder Brush Silver Case

                                       This powder brush comes in an exclusive silver
                                       case. This ensures the high quality goat hairs
                                       perfect protection from pressure and dirt.
                                       A twisting movement propels the brush from
                                       the case.

Ref. 481 Powder Brush Gold Case
Ref. 485 Rouge Brush Gold Case

                                       The powder/rouge brush comes in an exclusive
                                       golden case. This ensures the high quality goat
                                       hairs perfect protection from pressure and dirt.
                                       A twisting movement propels the brush from the
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