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									 volume 11, issue 3
                   Compact Current                                                                                               june 1997

  Leading Education Groups, Campus                                                                    Welcome New Campus
                                                                                                       Compact Members
 Compact Announce Partnering Initiative                                                          Antioch New England (N.E.) Graduate

          coalition of America’s leading         representing the largest coalition of                School, NH
          education associations and             national education associations and
                                                                                                 Provost James. H. Craiglow
          organizations—including                organizations ever assembled—will weave
Campus Compact—announced the                     this web between 16,000 school districts,       Bethel College, MN
“Partnering Initiative on Education and          close to 3,600 colleges and universities and
                                                                                                 President George Brushaber
Civil Society” at a press conference April       their communities.
14 in Washington, DC. The Partnering                  To accomplish its goals of integrating     Black Hawk College, IL
Initiative will develop a ten-year plan to       civic values into education, the Initiative     President Judith A. Redwine
integrate civic values into every aspect of      adopted a seven point Declaration on
the educational experience, involving the        Education and Civil Society: 1) expand          Castle College, NH
nation’s 64 million students in “learn-and-      opportunities for students to become more       President Olivia Kidney, R.S.M.
serve” programs in more than one million         involved in meaningful service with
non-profit organizations. Through                community organizations by making service       Colby-Sawyer College, NH
volunteering in programs such as tutoring,       learning an integral part of the academic       President Anne Ponder
environmental protection, caring for senior      experience; 2) encourage students to explore
                                                                                                 Daniel Webster College, NH
citizens and working with the homeless           the twin issues of character development
and disabled, students will create links         and responsible participation in the civil      President Hannah McCarthy
between their schools and communities            society by integrating service learning,        Fond du Lac Comm. College, MN
and help strengthen their own sense of           character education and citizen education
civic responsibility.                            opportunities into the classroom; 3) weave      President Jack Briggs
     “The civil society is the wellspring of     the historical legacy and values of the civil   Franklin Pierce College, NH
our spirit as a people,” writes the Partnering   society into a broad range of curricula and
Initiative in its Preamble. “Preparing the       community programs; 4) extend the values        President George J. Hagerty
next generation for a life-long commitment       of democracy and community to the               Franklin Pierce Law Center, NH
to civil society is, perhaps, the single most    classroom by encouraging students to
important challenge facing educators. Our        participate in the designing of their own       President Robert M. Viles
schools, colleges and universities can play      learning experiences; 5) elicit more direct     Hesser College, NH
a key role in fostering America’s civic          involvement of community organizations,
                                                                                                 President Linwood W. Galeucia
values by helping to create a seamless web       civic associations and businesses with
                                                                                                                 continued on page four
between schools and communities.” Over           schools, colleges and universities; 6) ensure
the next decade, the Partnering Initiative—
                                                                        continued on page 3          New Hampshire
                                                                                                     Launches State

                                                                                                          ew Hampshire is the most recent
                                                                                                          state to join Campus Compact’s
                                                                                                          growing network of State
                                                                                                 Compacts, bringing the total of network
                                                                                                 offices to twenty-one. On April 3, twenty
                                                                                                 college and university presidents gathered
                                                                                                 to sign the charter to establish Campus
                                                                                                 Compact for New Hampshire (CCNH) at a
                                                                                                 Founder’s Dinner. Reverend Edward A.
                                                                                                 Malloy, Chairman of Campus Compact’s
                                                                                                 Board of Directors and President of the
                                                                                                 University of Notre Dame welcomed the
                                                                                                 new state Compact at the ceremonial event.
Anne Ponder (l), President of Colby-Sawyer College and President Edward A. Malloy,               The twenty member colleges and universities
   C.S.C., University of Notre Dame and Chairman of National Campus Contact                      of CCNH represent the full range of higher
                                                                                                                       continued on page 4
 National Service News                                                                                         Compact Current
                                                                                                                           June 1997
                       Is America Up For the Challenge?                                                                Volume 11, Issue 3
                                                                                                                         Campus Compact
                                                                                                                    Box 1975, Brown University

       y 2002, if all goes according to President         The Reading Corps grant is at the heart
       Clinton’s latest plans, all of America’s     of the legislation and would fund 25,000                        Providence, RI 02912-1975
       third graders will be reading at their       reading specialists and tutor coordinators—                 (401) 863-1119 • FAX: (401) 863-3779
appropriate level. The America Reads                including 11,000 AmeriCorps members—                     
Challenge Act of 1997, included in the recent       over five years. DOE plans to contribute $1.4
balanced budget agreement, is the nation’s          billion for the Reading Corps over the next                    Campus Compact Staff
first comprehensive, nationwide effort to           five years. Under the act, sixty million dollars
create after-school, summer and weekend             is allocated for the Parents as First Teachers           Elizabeth L. Hollander, Executive Director
tutoring in reading. The act hopes to               program. Money is also earmarked for Even                     Brooke Beaird, Associate Director
eventually incorporate 1,000,000 volunteers,        Start, bilingual education and Adult                     Pamela Boylan, External Relations Associate
including 100,000 Federal Work Study (FWS)          Education State Grants.                                  Debra Dyason, Project Associate, Integrating
students to tutor children who are reading                The act is likely to evolve as it moves                    Service with Academic Study
below their levels.                                 through the legislative process. According to                   Betty Johnson, Office Manager
     Though the America Reads bill itself           feedback from members of Congress, it is                   Kathryn Ritter-Smith, Project Director,
states that “students today are generally           possible that more emphasis may be placed                           National Service Grants
reading as well as ever,” 40 percent of             on the Parents as First Teachers Program and                     Jan Torres, Network Director
America’s fourth graders are scoring below          on teaching training.                                     Lisa Vaillancourt, Administrative Assistant
the basic level on the National Assessment of             Higher Education
Educational Progress. Research shows that                 How does this all fit into higher                              Student Interns
children who cannot read well and                   education? Stating that America Reads will                Marti Gastineau, Integrating Service with
independently by the end of third grade are         need 100,000 Federal Work Study (FWS)                                   Academic Study
hampered at the start of their education—           students as volunteers, President Clinton has           Kate Jackson, Integrating Service with Academic
and for the rest of their lives—and have a          offered a federal work study initiative. He                                  Study
greater likelihood of dropping out and of           has allowed institutions to waive the                            Mike Kobrin, Service Counts
increased delinquent behaviors.                     employer matching requirement for FWS                          Rachel Nadelman, Service Counts
     The program will rely on local America         students tutoring pre-school and elementary                 Celeste Perri, Compact Current Editor
Reads programs to implement volunteer               school children. Clinton encourages (but does                 Jacob Roth, Compact Current Editor
recruitment, training and tutoring. When            not require) institutions to use at least half of           Anne Stowell, Integrating Service with
appropriately trained, concerned individuals        their FWS increase for community service.                               Academic Study
from all walks of life can serve as reading         This includes tutoring students who are above
                                                                                                             Campus Compact has received financial
tutors for young children to support their          the third grade. Institutions who do so earn
                                                                                                             support from: ACTION; Ætna Foundation,
reading sources.                                    a place on the America Reads Honor Roll.
                                                                                                             Inc.; Amelior Foundation; AT&T
     Funding                                        More than 212 colleges and universities have
                                                                                                             Foundation; Carnegie Corporation of New
     President Clinton promised a second            already joined this initiative.
                                                                                                             York; Corporation for National Service; Ford
term devoted to education and the funds                   According to Campus Compact Board
                                                                                                             Foundation; Hearst Foundation, Inc.;
with which to make that a reality. The act          Member Robert Corrigan, Chair of the
                                                                                                             Honeywell Foundation; Henry M. Jackson
links funding from the Department of                America Reads Steering Committee and
                                                                                                             Foundation; Johnson Foundation; W. K.
Education (DOE) and the Corporation for             President of San Francisco State University,
                                                                                                             Kellogg Foundation; John D. and Catherine
National Service. Moneys will be given by           the chancellor and all 23 campus presidents
                                                                                                             T. MacArthur Foundation; MCJ Foundation;
the federal government to the Secretary of          of the California State University have
                                                                                                             Mellon Foundation; Rockefeller Brothers
Education Richard W. Riley who will then            committed at least 50 percent of their new
                                                                                                             Fund; Stuart Foundations; and an
allocate the funds to States, Native American       college work study funds to America Reads,
                                                                                                             anonymous donor. In-kind donations from
Tribes and the outlying areas of the US             which will add up to 200,000 hours of tutoring
                                                                                                             Apple Computers, Inc. and Brown
territories.                                        per year. With 100% federal funding of FWS
     According to Riley’s testimony before          reading tutors, all postsecondary institutions
the Education subcommittee, the “President’s        have the opportunity to participate in the               Compact Current is a publication of Campus
budget includes $260 million in mandatory           America Reads Challenge.t                                Compact: The Project for Public and Com-
funding for two components of the                                                                            munity Service, a project of the Education
Challenge: America’s Reading Corps and                                                                       Commission of the States. Compact Current is
                                                                     NEED HELP?                              distributed bimonthly to all Campus Com-
Parents as First Teachers. We plan a total of
                                                    Check out the latest resource for helping chidren        pact member institutions and subscribers.
$1.75 billion for this initiative over the next
                                                    read: Read*Write*Now, a manual distributed by
five years, with the Corporation for National                                                                Subscriptions to Compact Current are
                                                    the Dept. of Ed. , now available at public libraries.
Service contributing an additional $1 billion.”                                                              available for twenty dollars per year. To
                                                    Also, check the America Reads website: http:/
Riley emphazised that America Reads will                                                                     subscribe, send check, name and address to
                                           To subscribe
not replace existing programs, such as Head                                                                  Betty Johnson at Campus Compact.
                                                    to the America Reads listserv, e-mail
Start and Even Start—rather it aims to work
with them.
 page 2
              President’s Summit: The Compact Comments
                                                                                                            Service News
     On April 27-29, over 2000 delegates       opportunity for higher education and
and invitees from US communities               Campus Compact. The challenge will be to
participated in the Presidents’ Summit for     develop sustainable long term strategies that         K-12 Compact: “When students get
America’s Future in Philadelphia.              help students realize that, to paraphrase             involved in community service, they tend
America’s Promise was launched to follow       Mayor Rendel, “the groups at each end of the          to stay involved,” said Frank Newman,
up on the commitments made by                  mall are right, both volunteerism and                 Education Commission of the States (ECS)
organizations and businesses at the summit     government have legitimate roles in                   president. In order to get more students
to ensure that America’s youth have acces      sustaining a civil society.”                          involved with service earlier, ECS plans to
to five fundamental resources: caring                                                                create a national public/community service
adults, a healthy start, safe and structured   Nicole Rolbin:                                        organization for elementary and high school
places, education for marketable skills, and        “This [was] a way of asking the nation to        students. It will be modeled on Campus
opportunities to serve. Elizabeth              take a good, hard look at itself, to examine          Compact and is tentatively known as the K-
Hollander, Executive Director of Campus        closely and honestly the true potentials and          12 Compact.         To launch the new
Compact and Nicole Rolbin, Program             limitations of various sectors of our                 organization, ECS is organizing an Executive
Director of the California Campus Compact addressing the urgent needs of           Committee comprised of state and local
comment on the summit:                         young people today.                                   school superintendents. The timeline calls
                                                    “But asking the nation to agree on a             for the K-12 Compact Executive Committee
Elizabeth Hollander:                           formula for success that clearly defines the          to be organized by the end of June and to
     “The Summit was a study in contrasts      roles and responsibilities of all sectors is a tall   have the organization in place by the start of
for me. Inspiring volunteers shared the        order and individuals and organizations               the 1998 school year. For more information,
stage with celebrities like Tony Bennett.      throughout the nation have expressed their            please contact Christie McElhinney at ECS;
At one end of the Independence Mall was        concern that Clinton’s declaration that ‘The          303-299-3695.
an extraordinary gathering of Presidents       era of big government is over....’ forebodes a
supporting volunteerism, and at the other      greater struggle ahead than an “era of big
end protesters concerned about the             citizenship” may be able to handle.” t                   Job Opportunity
diminishing role of government in
supporting the poor.                           For more information, see the America’s Promise
                                                                                                     The Colorado Campus Compact, a coalition
     “The interest in volunteerism is a real   homepage at
                                                                                                     of public and private colleges in the state of
                                                                                                     Colorado—formed out of a shared
                                                                                                     commitment to the public service mission of
                                                                                                     higher education—is seeking applications
                                                                                                     for the position of Executive Director. The
                                                                                                     ED: provides technical assistance and
(l to r) Timothy Dyer, Executive                                                                     support to member campuses as they
Director of the National                                                                             strengthen and expand community service
Association of Secondary School                                                                      and service learning programs; provides
Principals, Harris Wofford of the                                                                    leadership to improve collaboration and
Corporation for National Service,                                                                    build partnerships at the state level among
and Jeremy Rifkin, President of the                                                                  the students, faculty and presidents of higher
Foundation of Economic Trends                                                                        education institutions and other statewide
                                                                                                     service organizations; provides linkages to
                                                                                                     national organizations and the national office
                                                                                                     of Campus Compact; oversees member
 ...Partnering Initiative                                                                            services such as presidential forums,
                                                                                                     conferences and grants; reports to Board of
continued from page one                                                                              member presidents. Qualifications:
that faculty, students and communities         schools, colleges and universities in all 50          Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree
have a genuine voice in school, college        states. “Civil education — service learning,          preferred; 5 years experience in non-profit
and university-level policymaking; and 7)      character education and citizen education             management; background in community
make every effort to ensure that the           programs,” he noted, “has profound                    service and/or community organizations
human, financial, and community                implications for the future of American               and higher education; excellent
resources needed to accomplish these goals     education.”                                           administrative and interpersonal skills and
are available.                                      The National Youth Leadership Council            the ability to work independently. Salary
     Jeremy Rifkin, President of the           has proposed to sponsor the Partnering                range commesurate with experience. Please
Foundation of Economic Trends, co-             Initiative’s first forum in September 1997. An        forward letters of interest and resumes to:
convener of the Partnering Initiative along    organizing event, the National Forum will             Peggy Sharp
                                               establish shared principles which will be used        Assistant to the President
with the Corporation for National Service,
                                               for future planning. Regional forums will             Fort Lewis College
said that the Partnering Initiative has its
                                               follow. For more information, contact Laura           2500 Berndt Hall
roots in a “grassroots education
                                               Martino at the Foundation for Economic                Durango, Colarado 81301
movement” that has already taken hold in       Trends, (202)-466-2823. t
                                                                                                                                          page 3
continued from page one
New Hampshire Becomes Newest State Compact                                                                             continued from page one
education institutions in the state—two- and       Chair of NHCUC, stated, “Service learning          Hibbing Comm. College, MN
four-year public, private and graduate             and community collaboration are increasingly
institutions. CCNH will promote and                becoming priorities on all of our campuses,        President Anthony Kuznik
encourage service learning as a critical           and Campus Compact will be the cornerstone         Illinois Wesleyan University, IL
component to the curricula of all of its member    and will serve to bring coherence and purpose
                                                                                                      President Minor Meyers
institutions, as well as support the integration   to our many activities.”
of community service into the academic,                 “CCNH Presidents believe that through         Lauerentian Comm. College, MN
student life and civic goals of these              sustained and creative student, faculty and        President John Harris
institutions.                                      institutional involvement in community
      CCNH will begin operating in                 service, higher education realizes its most        Madonna University, MI
September and will be housed at the New            noble goals of educating citizens, preparing       President Sister Mary Franceline
Hampshire College and University Council           tomorrow’s leaders and contributing to the         McIntosh College, NH
(NHCUC). NHCUC is a consortium of New              life of America’s communities,” said Sr.
Hampshire’s senior four-year public and            Jeanne Perreault, President of Rivier College,     President Robert J. DeColfmacker
private higher education institutions whose        who hosted the event.                              New England College, NH
mission is to develop programs that serve               Presidents James Freedman of
civic and educational needs.                       Dartmouth College, Stanley Yarosewick of           President William G. Ellis
      At a recent Board meeting of NHCUC,          Keene State College and Jonathan DeFelice,         New Hampshire Community Technical
the Presidents jointly agreed that the creation    OSB of Saint Anselm College, all existing
of the CCNH was one of the three most              Compact members, joined the new schools
critical actions taken by the Council in the       in signing the charter.t                               (NHCTC), Berlin/Laconia, NH
past year, and its successful implementation                                                          President Alex Easton
was identified as one of two strategic themes      For a complete list of New Hamphire Schools, see
for the future. Dr. Richard A. Gustafson,          box on this page. For information, contact         NHCTC Claremont/Nashua, NH
President of New Hampshire College and             Director Amy McGlashan at (603) 669-3432.          President Keith Bird
                                                                                                      NHCTC Manchester/Stratham, NH
                               Service Awards                                                         President Jane P. Kilcoyne
Michael Schwerner Activist Awards                  Service-Learning Awards                            NHCT Institute Concord, NH
     The Gleitsman Foundation recently                  On April 13, the Campus Compact               President William Simonton
announced the winners of the 1997 Michael          National Center for Community Colleges             New Hampshire College, NH
Schwerner Activist Awards. The award is            presented awards to the winners of its initial
named in honor of the civil rights activist        Service-Learning Collaboration Awards.             President Richard A. Gustafson
who was kidnapped and murdered in                       Two schools won awards for                    N.H. Institute of Art, NH
Mississippi in 1964. These five winners            Collaborations with Social Agencies. San
continue his spirit of citizen activism:           Juan College in New Mexico involved                President Andrew Jay Svedlow
     Marice Fisher, of Louisiana State             members of the university community and            Notre Dame College, NH
University, created the LSU Women’s Center         surrounding community in a three-month
                                                   commitment to the Family Crisis Center. In         President Carol J. Descoteaux, CSC
which offers support and deals with on-
campus problems such as sexual assault,            Montana, Flathead Valley Community                 Northeastern Junior College, CO
harassment and eating disorders.                   College faculty developed hands-on
                                                                                                      President Bruce Perryman
     James Hart, of Kennesaw State                 environmental education opportunities for
University established the Disabled Student        students and the community through                 Rivier College, NH
Organization to help raise awareness for the       collaborative efforts with the county and          President Jeanne Perreault, PM
disabled at KSU.                                   various schools and agencies.
     Dominic Floyd Martinez, co-founder of         Lansing Community College in Michigan              Saint Anselm College, NH
“People Ready to Make A Difference” at the         won for Collaborations with K-12 Educational       President Jonathan DeFelice, OSB
University of Wyoming, organized and led a         Institutions. There, a faculty-designed
boycott of the school newspaper due to             program created opportunities for college          Temple University, PA
unfavorable coverage of minority issues.           students to become mentors at area middle          President Peter J. Liacouras
     Na’Taki Osborne of the Georgia Insititue      schools.
                                                        At Brevard Community College in               University of Georgia, GA
of Technology has focussed on environmental
problems. Osborne worked to revitalize and         Florida, the Center for Service-Learning           President Charles B. Knapp
clean up a polluted area of Georgia.               teamed up with B.R.A.V.E. (Brevardians
                                                                                                      University of New Hampshire, NH
     Lisana Red Bear, of Evergreen State           Responding as Volunteer Employees)
College, has worked with           indigenous      program to meet critical community needs.          President Joan R. Leitzel
peoples. On a reservation, Red Bear founded        Brevard is the winner of the Collaboration         Washtenaw Comm. College, MI
the San Poil Valley Youth society which            with Business and Industry Award.t
                                                                                                      President Gundar Myran
teaches classes and advocates for youth. t

 page 4
 Presidents’ Corner
                       Giving Credit:
                  FSU’s ServScript Program

          t Florida State University (FSU), we           Word got around—and we got a little
          have long understood that service to     smarter about marketing ServScript,
          the community has a unique and           publicizing the program in campus
important role to play in education. Service       publications and at key moments in student
confirms what many students sense but do           life, such as orientation and registration. As
not yet know: that academic pursuits and           a result, more than 1,400 students enrolled in
community activity are really no more than         the ServScript program in the spring term of         PRESIDENT TALBOT D’ALEMBERTE
two aspects of life in our complex world. As       1997. Of those, 563 returned completed                 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY
educators, we also know that community             ServScript Verification Reports, indicating
service has a significant role to play in          that they had put in 26,662 hours of
cultivating these young adults’ leadership         community service during the 1997 spring           student organizations with the service
and communications skills. In short, service       term.                                              opportunities that best match their schedules,
prepares our students for the workplace and              The mechanics of ServScript are simple:      interests, and career objectives.
equips them to lead a fulfilling life as           Before the middle of the term, the student              The Center also works to integrate civic
productive citizens.                               fills out a ServScript enrollment form and         service into FSU’s academic life. Thus, Center
      We also understand, of course, that          returns it to the FSU Center for Civic             staff collaborates with FSU faculty to
students are here for academic purposes as         Education and Service, which manages the           encourage the design of courses that help link
well. Progress in these endeavors is, perhaps,     ServScript program. The student also picks         students’ classroom experience with service
more easily measured—the student’s                 up a ServScript Verification Report. For the       to the community. As a result, more than 200
academic transcript is a record of                 community service to be recorded on the            classes at FSU incorporate service-learning
accomplishment and is routinely made               student’s permanent academic record for a          experiences as part of the curriculum.
available to potential employers and graduate      given term, the student must record a                   FSU’s commitment to service is apparent
and professional schools.                          minimum of 20 hours on the report for that         in other ways. Just three examples from
      In the summer of 1994, I told my senior      term and obtain the agency supervisor’s            among a wide range of activities: The FSU
staff that I thought we ought to find some         signature for each service activity. The report    Athletic Department has formed the Seminole
way to record community service as diligently      must be returned to the Center for Civic           Spirit Corps to stimulate the involvement of
as we do academic courses and grades. We           Education and Service by the last week of          student athletes in community service and to
spent some time during the 1994-95 academic        classes. The student can enroll for the next       recognize outstanding individual and team
year thinking about how to combine these           term by simply checking a box on the form.         performance in this area. The Florida
two concepts — service and transcript.                   ServScript did not, of course, appear in a   Department of Juvenile Justice has awarded a
      We came up with ServScript.                  vacuum but occurs in the context of a broad        grant to the Center for Civic Education and
      ServScript was launched at FSU in the        and growing FSU commitment to civic                Service to support educational and
fall of 1995. More than 850 students heard         involvement.                                       recreational services to public housing
about ServScript that first term, signed up,             At the hub of much of this activity is the   residents through student service. FSU has
and provided more than 10,000 hours of             Center for Civic Education and Service, which      established the Florida State Scholars
community service. During its first full year,     coordinates the community service interests        Program, under which scholarships are
students put in almost 23,000 hours of service.    and efforts of FSU students and faculty and        awarded to students who have demonstrated
                                                                                 the needs of the     excellence in service to the community and
                                                                                 community.           who have an interest in continuing their
                    The ServScript program at FSU:
                                                                                 Founded in 1994,     learning through service.
     Term                Students            Reports             Hours           the Center gives          In our commitment to the President’s
                         Enrolled          Completed          of Service         a clearinghouse      Summit on Service, we pledged to double the
                                                                                 for information      number of service hours provided by the FSU
     Fall 1995              864                236               10,701          about service        community. ServScript has proved to be a
     Spring 1996            345                177               11,996          opportunities        valuable tool in achieving that goal. This
     Summer 1996            84                  36               2,527           at the local,        unique program serves a practical purpose,
     Fall 1996             1,300               415               18,446          university,          giving potential employers and graduate
     Spring 1997           1,400               563               26,662          national,and         schools an insight into the character of their
                                                                                 international        candidates; but it also gives students an
                Source: FSU Center for Civic Education and Service               levels and links     incentive to serve — and who among us does
                                                                                 volunteers and       not wish to have good works recognized?t

                                                                                                                                        page 5
                                                                                                                                       page 5
Upcoming Events & Deadlines
                                      July                                                        August

        Education Commission of the States National Forum and              National Urban League:     1997 Conference.
9-12    Annual Meeting: “Investing in Student
        Achievement,” Providence, RI. ¤ (303) 299-3697             3-6     Washington, D.C., ¤ 212-310-9040

        Secretary of Education Richard A. Riley will present the           23rd Annual Meeting of the National Conference of State
 11     Howard R. Swearer Student Humanitarian
        Awards in Providence, RI. Contact Pam Boylan ¤ (401)
                                                                    6-9    Legislatures in Philadelphia, PA ¤ (303) 837-8225

                                                                           SpringBoard Summer Program
        Embedding Service Learning Into Teacher Education                  SpringBoard Summer is Youth on Board’s annual youth in
13-17   (ESTE) Summer Planning Institute, Nashville, Indiana.
        Indiana Campus Compact ¤ (317)-274-6500.                   13-16   governance and community leadership retreat. They are
                                                                           taking applications through July 18. Contact Michelle E.
                                                                           Curry, SpringBoard Summer Coordinator, ¤ 617-623-
                                                                           9900 ext. 1243.
        National Council of La Raza
20-23   1997 Annual Conference, “Latinos: No Challenges
        Unmet, No Issues Unanswered.” Chicago, IL, ¤ 800-                  Maine Campus Compact Conference:
                                                                   21-22   The New England Institutes on Integrating Service with the
                                                                           Study of Psychology and Integrating Service with the Study
30-2    Jobs for the Future:

                               National Leadership Forum on
        School-to-Career Transition. New Orleans, LA, ¤ 617-
                                                                           of Sociology. Contact Liz McCabe ¤ 207-786-8217

Education Commission of the States                                                                                    Nonprofit Org.
                                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
         C ampus           C ompact                                                                                       PAID
         The Project for Public and                                                                                   Providence, RI
         Community Service                                                                                            Permit No. 2885
 188 Benefit Street
 Providence, RI 02903

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