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									                                               CHRISTMAS WISH LIST
Please consider purchasing items from our wish list to ensure that every child who depends on MHY has what they need and dese rve.
                                                  Kids are 11-18, male and female

   Personal Hygiene Products                                                  Robes and Slippers for Boys and Girls
            Shampoo and Conditioner                                           Bedding (twin size bed)
            Body Wash and Lotion                                                       Sheets, pillows and comforters
            Face Wash and Lotion                                              Portable CD players and earphones (these are used for coping)
            Shaving Cream and Disposable Razors                               Music CDS (nothing with a parental warning)
            Deodorant                                                         Alarm Clocks
            Tooth Brushes and Tooth Paste                                     Sporting Equipment
            Dental Floss                                                               Basketballs, flag football kits, volleyballs, kick balls
   Make-up (hypo-allergenic)                                                  Fishing poles and tackle boxes (MHY has a fishing pond on campus)
            Eye Shadow, eye liner and mascara                                 Pool Sticks (MHY has several pool tables)
            Blush, Lip Gloss and Lip Moisturizer                              Arts and Crafts Supplies
   Styling Products                                                                    Colored pencils and markers
            Hair Gel and Spray                                                         Drawing paper and construction paper
            African American Hair Care Products                               Journals
   Blow Dryers/Straightening Irons                                            Batteries (AAA and AA are our most popular)
   Boys Clothes (Teen Appropriate) (size 28-42 pants, size S-XXL tops)
            Jeans and khakis
            Gym pants and shorts
            Hooded sweatshirts and fleece
            Polos, button-down shirts and t-shirts
            Winter Coats                                                      Gift Cards to area retailers to help provide shoes and items not in
            Boxers, socks and under shirts                                    stock for clients such as shoes, personal products, enrichment ac-
   Girls Clothes (Teen Appropriate) (size 0 - 22 pants, size S-XXL tops)      tivities, school supplies, etc. Retailers near MHY include:
            Jeans and dress pants                                             Wal-Mart
            Gym pants and shorts                                              Kohl’s
            Hooded sweatshirts and fleece                                     Famous Footwear
            Sweaters and long-sleeve shirts                                   Target
            Winter Coats
            Bras , socks and underwear

    For more information or questions, please contact Shellyn Shoenthal at sshoenthal@mhy or call 724-625-3141, ext. 228
                                            w w w . m a r s h o m e f o r y o u t h . o r g

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