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Seminole High School Choral Department
               Destiny, Fantasy, Karizma, Pizazz, Gospel Choir & First Take
                 Principal: Karen Coleman    (407) 320-5200
                 Director: Robert O. Maguire (407) 320-5160
                 Assistant Directors: Loretta DeMattos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... Choral Assistant (320-5162)
                                       Shannon Maguire. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Choreographer
                                       Maureen Maguire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Destiny Assistant Director

        I.       Purpose (Potentially 284 students)

                 The Seminole High School Choral Department consists of the following performing groups:

                 1.   Gospel Choir                                  (80)      1st Period
                 2.   Pizazz                                        (48)      2nd Period
                 3.   Planning/Production                                     3rd Period
                 4.   Destiny                                       (48)      4th Period
                 5.   Fantasy                                       (48)      5th period
                 6.   Karizma                                       (48)      6th Period
                 7.   Show Band                                     (12)      7th Period

                   …which are essential components of the Seminole High School Fine Arts curriculum and auditioned each spring.
Members are selected by the director(s) and must maintain a 2.0 G.P.A. All Choral Department and Seminole County School Board
requirements must be adhered to until graduation day of the current contract year. Members of these groups meet during the school
day and one day after school as a part of their nine weeks grade. Members are also required to attend all scheduled performances as a
further part of their nine weeks grade (Part VII). Calendars are compiled, printed and distributed to students in the classroom each
quarter by the choral department with all of the applicable performance and rehearsal dates. This calendar is updated as performance
and rehearsal dates are added. The purpose of these ensembles is to foster:

                 A.   Self discipline – self respect – self worth
                 B.   Responsibility and organizational skills
                 C.   Dependability
                 D.   Performance skills
                 E.   Standards of excellence (Professionalism)
                 F.   Teamwork
                 G.   The role of ambassador for Seminole High School
                 H.   Each member as a positive role model for each other and other SHS students.
                 I.   Punctuality and respect for others
II. Class and Rehearsal Criteria: [Actions XII: A, B, C, D]

        A.   Be punctual for all rehearsals… 5 minutes before call time. (Section II H)
        B.   Wear appropriate attire for after school rehearsals. (shorts and tennis shoes… no flip flops)
        C.   Exhibit appropriate behavior and attitude… on task, motivated and professional.
        D.   Listen and follow directions given by directors, parent reps and/or officers.
        E.   Respect the rights and feelings of peers at all times. (choreographers, group members and officers)
        F.   No talking during rehearsals or class. (ex. Double teaching)
        G.   Do not bring guests to class or rehearsal.
        H.   Attend all after school rehearsals for the entire allotted time – do not schedule personal or medical
             appointments, do not leave early.

             1.   Destiny – Monday, 2:30pm to 4.30pm - Every other Wednesday
             2.   Reserved – Wednesday, 1:30pm to 4:00pm
             3.   Excuses:
                  a. Written notification two (2) weeks prior to rehearsal.
                  b. It will be solely the director‟s discretion to excuse or not excuse the absences.
                  c. Auto failure is not excused.
                  d. Absence from the regular school day is not excused unless a note from a doctor is submitted. Come to
                  e. Work is never excused.

        I. No food or drinks (other than bottled water) in rehearsal or class.
        J. Members are to follow the instructions of the officers, without question or comment.
        K. Suggestions, questions or comments should be saved for the appropriate time and
           addressed to officers at the appropriate time (post-rehearsal).

III.    Unexcused Absence [Actions XII: A, B, C, D, E, F]

        A. Any daily absence not approved by the front office and/or the director/assistant (ie. an authorized field trip) is
           unexcused and will be recorded. You will lose your spot!!
        B. If you miss more than two (2) regular class rehearsals within two (2) weeks prior to any show you will be
           moved to an alternate position in back. You will lose your spot!!
        C. Any missed after school rehearsal during contest season (1 week prior to any show) will immediately move you
           to an alternate position in back. You will lose your spot!!
        D. Any missed blocking rehearsal (class time or after school) will move you to an alternate position in back. You
           will lose your spot!!

IV.     Dismissal from class or rehearsal [Actions XII: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H]

        A.   Inappropriate behavior as defined by the choreographers, officers or director(s).
        B.   Fighting (physical or verbal) this should never happen!
        C.   Failure to follow instructions.
        D.   Actions or manners which undermine the progress of the rehearsal.
        E.   Repeated offenses after being warned by the choreographer, officer or director.
        F.   Inviting girl/boyfriends to rehearsal or class.
        G.   Failure to live up to this contract.

V.       Performance Criteria [Actions XII: C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L]

        A.   Promptness to the “Call Time” (5 minutes prior to report time).
        B.   Dressed in full uniform which includes shoes, hair, hoes, socks, bow ties, makeup etc.
        C.   All attire in good condition and properly worn.
        D.   Proper dress code will be adhered to at all times… especially post performance.
        E.   Make-up properly applied. (Mrs. Maguire)
        F.   Attend all performances. (There are no options here – your group is booked)
        G.   Follow all instructions by the choreographer, officer or director.

        H.   No talking in line-up (pre-performance and/or socializing).
        I.   Do not acknowledge any audience members by head movement, wave, etc.
        J.   Stay in formation and assigned areas at all times.
        K.   Maintain a professional attitude for the entire time in uniform. (esp. post performance)3
        L.   Permission is required from director/assistant before leaving early.
        M.   Do not change out of performance attire until director approves. (esp. post performance)
        N.   No cell phones, beepers or pagers on any choir trips.

VI.     Eligibility requirements [Actions XII: C, D, H]

        A. Members will audition for the director and officers prior to each performance.
        B. Members must attend school the day of a performance or field trip.
        C. Miss a performance - Benched for the following performance.

VII.    Grades: [Actions XII: C, D, F, H, L]

        A. Students will turn in (to Mrs. DeMattos) a copy of their nine weeks report card within two days of receipt.
        B. A parent/teacher conference may be required for students who fall below the FHSAA mandated 2.0
           G.P.A. Appropriate action will follow.
        C. Students will receive the following grades for:

             1. Performances (50%):

                  A. Call time (arrival time called by director) - “A” (95 points)
                  B. Late (any time past call time… minutes) - “C” (75 points)
                  C. No Show (did not perform!)                  - “F” (0 points)

             2.    After School Rehearsal (25%):

                  A. On Time (As determined by group)                   - “A” (95 points)
                  B. Late (any time past call time.. minutes)          - “C” (75 points)
                  C. No Show                                            - “F” (0 points)

             3.   Class Participation (25%)

VIII.   Dress Code: [Actions XII: C, D, E, F, H, I, J]


        A. Tux pants, tux shirts (always pressed), bow ties and suspenders, as per instructions, to be purchased
           individually through approved suppliers. (ensemble members supply black socks and black dress shoes).
        B. No jewelry.
        C. No wallets, keys, etc., in pockets.
        D. Hair should be neat and groomed (length at discretion of the director).
        E. Hair should never be styled so as to obstruct the face.
        F. Shirts are never to be worn out and suspenders are never to be worn down.
        G. Robes to be worn with stalls (pressed).
                1. Black shoes (never sneakers)
                2. Black socks
                3. White shirts
                4. Black pants

      A. Dresses, as supplied by the Choral Department, are the property of the chorus department. Lost dresses will be
         charged at replacement value.
      B. Shoes, as per instruction. (To be purchased individually and are the property of the member.)
      C. Trunks, tights and earrings will be purchased at choral member‟s expense. (approx. $50.00)
      D. No jewelry (this includes studs)
      E. Stage make-up/eye liner and red lipstick (see Officers or Mrs. Maguire)
      F. No nails or polish or fake nails of unnatural color. (see Officers or Mrs. Maguire)
      G. Barrettes same as hair color unless otherwise provided by the chorus department. No pony tails or French
         braids in show choirs, discretion in gospel and madrigals choirs. Full hair with curls is required for all
      H. Robes to be worn with stalls (pressed).
              1. Black hose
              2. Black flats

IX.   Expenses/Funding

      A. Fundraisers will be defined as per the parent committee. All students are required to participate.
      B. Music and costumes for each performing group are ordered during the preceding summer of each school year
         based on the spring audition results. Competition reservations at district, state and national level festivals are
         arranged in advance – deposits are required.
      C. If a choral member is removed from or quits his/her group, funds that have been collected will revert to the
         general fund (Choral Booster Account)… no refund is possible if the funds have been forwarded to the agency
         in charge of the festival event
      D. All items purchased through sponsorship money or fund-raisers will belong to SHS show choirs and Jazz Band.
      E. Of the total money to be raised (See attached schedule of expenses), the first payment ($50.00) is due
         September 10th, 2003 – after that your group amount will be paid monthly, on or before the 10th of each month
         until the balance is paid in full, by January 10,2004.
               Any funds received prior to a student leaving the program for any reason is non-refundable. These are
               tax deductible donations given to the Choral Department on behalf of the student. (Not personal
               money) Balance is due according to above schedule of expenses. We are obligated to adhere to
               Festival/Competition deadlines.

X.    Smoking/Drinking/Drugs [Actions XII: C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L]

      A. State and federal law prohibit members, from smoking, drinking or consuming illegal drugs in any form (in or
         out of uniform). This includes after school hours and weekends - refer to Florida High School Activities
         Association guidelines.
      B. Any member found guilty of the consumption of alcohol/drugs or smoking tobacco will be removed from the
         group immediately. Director and administrative action will follow.
                      (Seminole County No Tolerance Policy)  B e l i e v e t h i s !
      C. Every choral member will report any and all occurrences and/or rumors of such behavior to the director,
         immediately, as the eligibility and/or reputation of any and all groups could be affected by those violations.

XI.   Authority: All dividends/parent reps/chaperones have the same absolute authority and require
      the same respect as the Seminole High School staff in class, field trips and rehearsals.

      A. The primary objective of any and all chaperons is to preserve the safety and reputation of
         all students involved in the specific function to which they (chaperones) are assigned.
      B. Chaperones will at all times maintain the comportment and demeanor of a professional
         representative of the Seminole County School Board.
      C. Chaperones will report any and all infractions of any part of this document to the director immediately, upon
      D. Chaperones will, of course, obey all applicable rules of this constitution.
      E. Chaperones are accountable to Loretta DeMattos, at all times. She will make all chaperone assignments for
         each choral event
      F. Chaperones will respond objectively at all times, never considering offspring or acquaintances. (you have no
         daughters,. sons or „friends‟ on these trips… you must be neutral at all times)
         G. Chaperones are assigned event duties for each field trip by Loretta DeMattos. This will include bus
            assignments, room assignments, hall duty and/or any other tasks required for the success or maintenance of the
            field trip.
         H. Any parent of any choral student is eligible to chaperone any choral event on a „first come, first serve‟ basis. A
            list will be posted in the chorus room two weeks, at least, prior to each event. It is, then, the responsibility of
            the parent or the child to sign the list for the desired time and/or date. * note - we are limited to parent
            participation according to venue
         I. Seventy-five (75) chorus dividend hours are required to chaperon National Competitions. You must log your
            dividend hours every time you are involved in a Choral function. All Dividends must register this year on-line.

XII. Actions:
          A.    Rehearsal Letter Grade(s) Reduction
          B.    Dismissal from Rehearsal (unexcused)
          C.    Replacement
          D.    Director Referral
          E.    „Zero‟ (0) for the day
          F.    Administrative referral
          G.    Dismissal from rehearsal/class
          H.    Suspension from future performances (TBA director)
          I.    Dismissed from performance (unexcused)
          J.    Performance Letter Grade(s) Reduction
          K.    Schedule Change
          L.    “Article 15” – All of the Above

                         Seminole High School Choral Department Expenses 2003-2004
Choral Groups            r     Contest Fees Rm&Board Trans     SubTotal    Total            ClassExp                    Student Total
                                                                                                                        ( Sub + Class Exp)
Gospel                       60     $239.00                     $239.00    $ 14,340.00 110.00                               $349.00
                                                         $102.0                         $
Pizazz                       40     $293.00     $30.00     0    $425.00    $ 17,000.00 110.00                               $535.00
                                                         $102.0                         $
Destiny                      46     $293.00     $30.00     0    $425.00    $ 19,550.00 110.00                               $535.00
                                                                                 $      $
Fantasy                      43     $239.00                     $239.00      10,277.00 110.00                               $349.00
Karizma                      30     $239.00                     $239.00    $ 7170.00 110.00                                 $349.00
                                                         $102.0                         $
First Take                    1     $293.00     $30.00     0    $425..00   $    425. 00 110.00                              $535.00
Total Students              220

Classroom Expenses
Costume Maintence                                                          $   1,000.00                $         4.55
District:   Sp. Cat           6 $       25.00                  150.00      $       150.00              $         0.68
            Chorus            3 $      126.00                  378.00      $       378.00              $         1.72
State:   Sp. Cat              4 $       40.00                  160.00      $       160.00              $         0.73
Yearbook                      2 $      300.00                              $       600.00              $         2.73

Banquet                                                                    $ 7,000.00                  $        31.82

Music                                                                      $   1,000.00                $         4.55

Choral Supplies(Misc.)                                                     $     593.00                $         2.70
 Chorus Shirt               220         15.00                              $   3,300.00                $        15.00
Transportation                                                             $   1,200.00                $         5.45
Clinicians                                                                 $   3,500.00                $        15.91
Choreography                                                               $   5,200.00                $        23.64

                                                                           $90,761.00                  110.00
This adds up to $90,761.00! (Not including new dresses, vests, and costume extras). This is your volunteer parent group -
Please offer your assistance to help your child:


           Sponsor Sheets-
                   For tax deductible donations from business or Family Members-
                   One sheet available for each member - additional copies to made by member.

           SecureTech Security Systems - $50 per unit

  Group Car washes
  USA Brochure Sales

  Group Car Washes
  Classic Cookie Sales

  Group Car Washes

  Will post at later date

  Each choral group will have a phone tree to help keep parents informed (The more people who will make calls the fewer one
  person has to make and the easier it is to organize events).

                                            PAYMENT DUE DATES
                                     Gospel             Destiny
                                     Fantasy            Pizazz
                                     Karizma            First Take

  September 10, 2003                 $50.00             $100.00
  October 10, 2003                   $75.00             $100.00
  November 10,2003                   $75.00             $100.00
  December 10, 2003                  $75.00             $100.00
  January 10, 2004                   $74.00             $135.00
  Total Due                          $349.00            $535.00

  Any group may hold a separate fund-raiser such as car wash, donut sale, garage sale, etc. You need a parent chaperone,
  approval from your group parent representative and fill out the appropriate forms with Loretta DeMattos. This is to make
  sure that school guidelines are followed and that no other group efforts are being infringed upon.
                                                   Seminole High School
                                                   Choral Sponsor Sheet
                                                                 2701 Ridgewood Avenue
                                                                  Sanford Florida 32773
                                                                  Phone: (407) 320-5160

Dear Sponsor:

        The Seminole High Choral Department is a nationally ranked organization consisting of four show choirs (Destiny, Fantasy, Pizazz
and,Karizma), a Gospel Choir, and First Take Show Band. These groups have consistently earned Superior ratings (highest in the Florida
Vocal/Band Association) and eighteen (18) „Best in Class‟ ratings in national competitions since 1986. These groups were invited to perform

         1.    Dick Clark’s inauguration into the Music Hall of Fame on ‘ABC’ television (1992)
         2.    Disney’s 25th Anniversary at the Bob Carr Auditorium, televised by ABC (1996)
         3.    Disney’s Grand opening of the ‘Animal Kingdom’, televised by all three networks (April 1998)
         4.    Walt Disney World 'Transplant' Olympics W/ Larry Hagman, DALLAS (June 2002)
         5.     Disney's " Very Merry Disney Parade", televised by ABC (December 2002)
         6.    " A Rita Coolidge Christmas", Helen Stairs Theatre (December 2002)

          Every year, new and returning members are required to raise sponsorship money to help defray the costs of props, costumes,
competitions and transportation. Although many members will raise some of the money through part-time jobs (baby-sitting, mowing yards,
etc.), they need your help. Please make whatever tax-deductible donation you can to this choral member. You will help to make their year in the
SHS Choral Department an unforgettable one. Thank you for your support.

                                                                                      Bob Maguire
                                                                                      Director of Choral & Jazz Studies

     Name of Sponsor:



     Amount Donated:


     Student's Name:

              ------------------------------------------------------- F o l d a n d T e a r -----------------------------------------------------------------

                            Seminole High School
                          Choral Department Sponsor
                                                      Sponsor Receipt

                                                                            has given                          dollars

                          ($)                                                  in donations to the Seminole High

                           School Choral Department Student(s), of Sanford, Florida.

                                2003-2004 SHS Choral Member Name                             Date
                 Seminole High School Choral Department
                                        Robert O. Maguire, Director
                                        Loretta DeMattos, Choral Assistant
                                               2701 Ridgewood Avenue
                                               Sanford, Florida 32771
                                               Phone: (407) 320-5162

Name: _______________________________________________ DOB: __________________ Grade:      9    10   11   12

Student Number: _________________________________________ Play an Instrument? ___________________________

Street Address: __________________________________________ City: ______________________ Zip: _______________

Parent Phone: ______________________ Student Phone: _____________________ Student Cell: __________________

Student Email: _____________________________________ Parent Email: ________________________________________

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name: _____________________________________________ Work Phone: ___________________

Sex: M F        Race: _______ G.P.A. ________ Ensemble(s) ________________________________________________

Part Time Job: ______________________________ Boss: ___________________________ Phone: ____________________

Student Schedule

                                   Class                                     Teacher

              1. _________________________________________________      ____________________

              2. _________________________________________________      ____________________

              3. _________________________________________________      ____________________

              4. _________________________________________________      ____________________

              5. _________________________________________________      ____________________

              6. _________________________________________________      ____________________

              7. _________________________________________________      ____________________

Extra Curricula’s: ____________________________________________ Months from ____________ to ______________

Coach/Sponsor: _________________________________

I, _______________________________________ have read the enclosed 2003-2004 Chorus Department
            Choral Member (Print)
Constitution and understand all that is required of me. It is my responsibility to advise my parents/guardian of the information put
forward by the SHS Choral Department and return all paperwork by the assigned deadline. I solemnly promise to follow the rules and
regulations as set forth in this constitution at all times during the upcoming academic year. I furthermore understand that I am to
maintain a minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average per nine weeks, adhere stringently to the SHS attendance policy and abide by the No
Tolerance regulations as set forth by the School Board of Seminole County. I recognize that I am a role model for other Seminole High
School students and agree to conduct myself, at all times, in a manner that will make my parents, teachers, administrators and
community creditable and proud.

___________________________________                               ___________________
         Signed (Student)                                                Date

I/We have read the Choral Department constitution and understand all the requirements therein. I/We am/are the parent(s) or legal
guardian(s) of the above named choral member and by signing this contract, I/We am/are giving my/our permission for

     Name of Member            .

to participate in the above named choral ensemble for the 2003-2004 school year. In addition, my/our child has my/our approval to
participate in all fund-raisers understanding that, if my/our child‟s account is not paid, or if funds raised are not turned in, I/we will be
held responsible. It is my/our responsibility to have my/our child communicate with me/us on the availability of fundraisers and
planned trips and competition.

___________________________________                               _____________________
        Signed (Parent/Guardian)                                          Date

           Signed (Parent/Guardian)                                          Date

Please read both sides carefully, fill in the information, sign both sides and return to the chorus department immediately. As outlined in
the “Payments due dates” list enclosed… if any member is removed or quits the group, funds raised will revert to general

                              RELEASE AND CONSENT


 This form must be read and signed by parents(s) or guardian(s) of every minor:

 Re: ____________________________________Date: School year 2004

 I/We do hereby approve of my/our child attending all competition, community and commercial shows on behalf of the Seminole
 High School Chorus Department during the school year 2003-2004

 I/We acknowledge that the school board of Seminole County, Florida, is not liable for medical expenses, hospital expenses or
 other such charges incurred for such services as may be rendered for or on behalf of my/our child as a result of injury or
 sickness. I/We understand that if my/our child is injured or becomes sick, the school board of Seminole County, Florida will not
 be liable unless the injury or illness is he result of negligent conduct of the part of an employee of the school board of Seminole
 County, Florida.

 Child‟s Allergies: ______________________________________________________________________

                                                  Parent‟s or guardian‟s signature
                                                  Date: _____________________________________
 Child‟s Physician:

 Phone No. ___________________________            Address: __________________________________

 Medical Insurance Co. :                          __________________________________________

 ____________________________________             Phone No. : ________________________________

 Policy Number: ______________________            Home:      ________________________________

 ____________________________________             Work:       ________________________________

 Medication: __________________________           Emergency Contact: _________________________

                                                  Phone No. : ________________________________

The Parent/Guardian is responsible for notifying the Choral Director (Bob Maguire), the SHS Choral Assistant (Loretta
DeMattos), the SHS Choral Parent‟s Association or your parent representative at 320-5162 to report any changes in the above


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