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                               Before                                            After

       Brow raising           Tina Moore discovers
                              the miracle of cosmetic
                              Perfect eyebrows - the most important
                              accessory any woman can have! They
                              frame your face and accentuate your eyes.
                              One should never overlook the importance
                              of a well-groomed brow. So what if you
                              were born with less-than-ideal brows?
                              Were you lumped with crazy all-over-the-
                              place brows? Are they too fair? Or just
                              plain non-existent? Maybe, like me, you’ve       own hybrid techniques to work with all         anaesthetics. Yes, it does involve a needle,
                              just been too eager with the tweezers…           face shapes, skin tones and lifestyles.        but it’s super fine, and I can tell you right
                              For as long as I’ve been using makeup,           First I went in for a vital consultation,      now that you won’t even notice. As Alex
                              I’ve been penciling my brows on. I’d hate        which is offered at no charge. This was my     had forewarned me, my brows were much
                              to think how many hours of my life I’ve          chance to ask questions and discover the       darker than I wanted for the first few days,
                              wasted away trying to achieve the right          possibilities for soft natural colours using   but by day five my brand new brows were
                              colour, length and arch. The stress of it        mineral based pigments. Alex tells me that     revealed and I loved them. By my second
                              all! On days that I went without penciling,      the colour should be evolved gracefully        visit, I was well ready to go further with the
                              I looked sick. Pale. Just not quite right.       over two sessions. I can’t agree more          colour.
                              Something was missing from my face. And          - less is definitely best to begin with,         It’s been several weeks now and I can’t
                              badly pencilled brows create all sorts of the    considering that these brows will last you     rave about my brows enough. I save
                              wrong optical illusions. Does my nose look       around three years. You don’t want to go       myself ten minutes every morning by not
                              big in these brows? Do I look angry or sad       over the top on the first go and regret it.    having to agonise over the penciling. And
                              in these brows??                                   When it comes time to get down to            you really can’t tell that they are ‘tattooed’
                                 I’ve known about permanent makeup             business, Alex painstakingly marks out the     on at all. I wake up every morning with
                              (correctly known as micropigmentation)           perfect brow shape for my face with pencil     fabulous brows and it makes such a
                              for some years, but it seemed like such a        and makes sure that I am 110% happy            difference to my overall look. I love love
                              scary concept that I never really looked into    with it before she begins the treatment.       love them! And as much as I don’t love
                              it further until one fateful night over dinner   The treatment itself is virtually painless     love love the fact that I have my before and
                              with another beauty editor friend of mine,       and thankfully involves very good topical      after pic on this page without any makeup
                              the subject of rolled around to brows.                                                          on (shudder), I did it so you can see the
                              Turns out, her perfect brows had been                                                           difference for yourself. If you’re thinking
                              subtly re-jigged at the hands of a miracle                                                      about it now, give Alex a call or check out
                              worker I now know as Alex Procter, from                                                         her website. I thoroughly recommend it.
                              The Permanent Makeup Studio. Her brows                                                          The total cost of the treatment is $400.
                              were so naturally perfect-looking that at                                                       Positively life changing.
                              8am the following day I was on the phone,                                             
                              booking myself in…
                                   With 15 years of experience, Alex is a
                              brow specialist. She has developed her

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