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									issue 7          Aug ‘05

                                                      CREAM OF THE CROP
      Cumbria for Excellence
          Awards 2005
   Greystone House Farm
   Gre                arm
     Shop & Tea Room,
      Stainton, Penrith

The best of the county ’s tourism
industry are celebrating winning
prizes in Cumbria Tourist Board’s
annual awards competition. The
Cumbria for Excellence Awards
2005 recognise high standards of
excellence in tourism throughout
the county.
The delicious, locally-produced food on offer
at Greystone House Farm Shop and Tea
Room at Stainton, Penrith, saw it lift the
Taste of England category. A range of           Cumbria’s first maize attraction, the Lakeland Maize Maze, opened
delicious home-made snacks and meals are
available in the oak-beamed lofthouse                 Local for the first time the Saturday 16 July, with the
                                                its gates competitor John Collier clearson croc in front of the sponsers marquee” full support
tearoom, situated on a working organic          of the North West Farm Tourism Initiative.
farm. A variety of dishes, prepared on the
                                                Located in Sedgwick, just a few minutes off the       picnic area and the younger children will also
premises using produce from their farm and
                                                           Kendal,   Lakeland
                                                M6, near Kendal, the Lakeland Maize Maze is a         enjoy watching the piglets and other farm
other local sources. Visitors can also take a
                                                5000 metre long directional riddle, laid out          animals, perhaps also bumping into Meg the
little something home with them from the
farm shop where you will find a wide choice     across 9 acres of maize field, in the design of a     sheepdog, the inspiration for the maze¹s
of home-baked cakes, home-reared beef           highly apt Cumbrian image, a shepherd and his         design.
and lamb and other local produce.                        sheepdog.
                                                faithful sheepdo

Winners of the awards will now go forward       Open every day between 10.00 am. to 6.00 pm
to the regional finals organised by the North   from July 16 to September 4 and, thereafter, at
West Regional Development Agency.               weekends to September 30, it is sure to delight
Success there means a chance to compete         children and adults alike, who can not only solve
in the Excellence in England national finals.   the puzzle of getting out of the maze, but also
Greystone House is also part of the             tackle a quiz trail encountered en route.
successful ‘Tea Trail Cumbria’ campaign,        A recreational area hosts other mazes, draught
which is supported by the North West Farm       boards, space hoppers, pedal tractors, go karts, a
Tourism Initiative and Cumbria Tourist          football net, sand pit and table-top puzzles. A
Board. The Trail promotes a truly unique
collection of farm and rural tea shop
                                                daily sheep maze race will take place, for visitors    Royal Lancashire Show
                                                who wish to chance their arm at guessing which
experiences and quality farmhouse produce.                                                            John Dickinson promoting farm tourism at the
                                                sheep will find their way out of the maze the
                                                                                                      Royal Lancashire Show at the end of July. This is
www.golak               fastest.
                                                                                                      one of a number of events we attend promoting
                                                Picnicking is welcomed within the designated          farm tourism
Go Wild
New for the 2005 trout season
(15th March) is the GO WILD in
Eden roving voucher angling
The project is funded by DEFRA for two years
and follows on the heels of the success of two
identical schemes in the West Country (Angling
2000) and on the Upper Wye in Wales, (Upper
Wye Passport).

What ’s in it for farmers and
  hat              armer
              for farmers
Go Wild enables riverside farmers and landown-
ers to benefit from a sustainable income from
wild trout fishing. At the same time the
scheme provides 50% grant funding for
riverbank fencing for sections of river included                                     “Development & Integration
in the project.                                                                               through
Habitat degradation caused by livestock is well                                             Rural Tourism”
documented. There is no other method of river
habitat restoration as cost effective as river
bank fencing against livestock. In certain cases
it may be appropriate to make provision for
alternative watering of the livestock, again, up                         Yalta (UA), September 26-28, 2005
         Higher Wanless Farm
to 50% funding is available through the scheme.
                                                                 European Congr               ourism”Dev
                                                             2nd European Congress on Rural Tourism”Development and
It’s not just livestock; many of the regions
         by Carole Mitson
spawning tributaries are overshaded by trees.                           Integration through       Tourism”
                                                                        Integration through Rural Tourism”
Often a legacy from the charcoal burning days
                                                        September 26 - 28, 2005 Yalta - Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Ukraine)
                                                        September               Yalta Autonomous Re
of yore, these trees shade the river from
sunlight reducing aquatic vegetation and also       After the successful celebration of the 1st            •   Traditions and Tourism - a symbiosis for
macro-invertebrate fauna. There is 50% funding      European Congress on Rural Tourism in 2003, this           progress
under the scheme for river bank coppicing to        2nd Congress will be a new opportunity to obtain
                                                                                                           •   Development Strategies for Rural and
improve in channel biodiversity.                    first-hand information on this extremely varied
                                                    activity in Europe. Organized by EuroGites -
Go Wild guide books (£1) and tokens (£2.50          European Federation of Farm and Village Tourism        They will be presented and dealt with in a very
each) can initially be purchased from John          with the strong support of the Governments of          practical way, giving preference to hands-on
Norris of Penrith, or the Trust’s offices in        Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, it      experience from different countries and regions,
Appleby. Tokens will be available in books of       has been designed to offer a complete range of         with special attention to the needs and situation
four and ten, priced at £10 and £25 respectively    experiences under the general theme of “Develop-       of the transitional economies in the Center and
they make an ideal birthday or Christmas            ment and Integration through Rural Tourism”.           East of Europe. These five blocks of plenary
present. Much better than hankies or socks!         Official Patronage of this event was granted from      sessions will be complemented by country
                                                    the WTO-World Tourism Organisation and the             presentations that show the experience and
If you would like to know more about the            European Commission.                                   reality in 10 different countries of Europe.
scheme or would like to be a part of it, we
                                                    The objective of this Congress is to provide again a   Representatives of Rural Accommodation and
would like to hear from you. Go Wild also seeks
                                                    meeting point and discussion forum for the Rural       Rural Tourism Organisations from all over Europe,
to promote rural accommodation to the visiting
                                                    Tourism Entrepreneur, but also for public and          from Georgia to Iceland and from Finland to
wild trout anglers, so if there is anyone out
                                                    private authorities involved in rural development.     Portugal, have already confirmed their presence.
there in the back of beyond with a B&B we           After consulting with 30 regional and national Rural   Participating countries will additionally have the
would be delighted to hear from you. For            Tourism organisations, it was decided that this        opportunity to present their offer on a common
further information call the Eden Rivers trust on   year’s Congress will focus during 2½ days on the       stand at the parallel Rural Tourism Exhibition “The
01768 353992.                                       following aspects:                                     Ukrainian Village welcomes” on the same
This project is supported under the England                                                                premises.
                                                    •    Rural Tourism and Sustainability
Rural Development Programme by the Depart-                                                                 After the Congress, a choice of Study Tours to
                                                    •    Benefits of Rural Tourism for the local
ment for the Environment, Food and Rural                                                                   different regions of Ukraine will be optionally
Affairs and the European Agricultural Guidance                                                             available. For updated details regarding program,
and Guarantee Fund.                                 •    The European perspective of Rural Tourism         travel, venue place, etc. check the congress
                                                                                                           website (
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Holly Tree Farm - Cheshire
Karol and Michael Bailey moved into this tenanted farm in 1989. With 33 acres of grass with a bit of arable, it was originally a starter farm for the
                                                   local estate.
                                                    DIVERSIFICATION                                      MARKETING
                                                    With it being a smallholding, they                   Marketing activity includes distributing
                                                    immediately opened the farm shop, selling            questionnaires at Farmers’ markets. They
                                                    home produced food. Diversification                  keep a database and all customers receive a
                                                    provided the additional income for a family          newsletter. Their leaflets have a descriptive
                                                    to survive.                                          slant rather than prices as they vary too
                                                    No support was available at the time (1989)          much. They are only interested in free
                                                    FINANCIAL INFORMATION
                                                    FINANCIAL INFORMATION
                                                                                                         Talks are given as “the Goose Woman” to
                                                    They decided to concentrate on home grown            local WI groups entitled “Game for a goose”
                                                    produce. Approximately 85% of their produce          which serves to promote the business.
                                                    is home grown. They sell lamb, home
                                                    produced rare breeds meat, home grown                They received training in 2003 in health &
                                                    vegetables, local wines and beers. They              safety and food hygiene for all staff of which
                                                    slaughter, process and pack geese and                there are three part time and two full time.
                                                    turkeys on the premises and provide “hand                   PLANS
                                                                                                         FUTURE PLANS
                                                    raised pies”.
                                                                                                         They are members of North West Farm
                                                    Open all year round, they have approximately         Foods, the Rare Breeds Association, the
                                                    300-400 visitors per week with numbers               Farm Retail Association, Made in Cheshire
                                                    peaking to 2,500 to 3,000 in the two days            and the NFU.
                                                    before Christmas. Ninety-nine percent of
                                                                                                         Future plans include further promotion and
                                                    farm income is generated through the farm
                                                                                                         improvement of the existing business and
                                                                                                         the possibility of a craft barn.
                                                    Turnover has increased in the past 12
                                                                                                         Major issues include a perception that there
                                                    months and they are now at the level they
                                                                                                         is a lack of understanding among public
                                                    were before being knocked back by FMD
                                                                                                         bodies towards farmers and their needs.
                                                    when they were closed for 3½ months with
                                                                                                         They also feel that busy farmers would like a
                                                    no income.
                                                                                                         single initial point of contact where they can
                                                    They are registered butchers and                     find out exactly which grants from which
                                                    slaughterers and are members of the Rare             agencies are right for them.
                                                    Breeds Accredited Association and the Farm
                                                    Retail Association.
                                                    Their main market is local people from a 40
                                                                                                         Offering boating to your guests gives an unusual
                                                    mile radius including North Manchester,
                                                                                                         addition to their experience, there are lots of
                                                    Liverpool and Derbyshire. There is no definite
                                                                                                         opportunities for this in the region that await
                                                    split between age, gender or background.
                                                    They also supply a few other farm shops with         Look at
                                                    their rare breeds meat as well as local boar,
                                                    ostrich and organic food.
                                                           LOCAL PRODUCE
                                                    USE OF LOCAL PRODUCE
                                                    They use local food as a distinctive feature.
                                                    They were the first to win the “Made in
                                                    Cheshire” awards. All their signs and
                                                    advertising feature “Home Produced”. They
                                                    hope to increase their use of local produce in
                                                    the future.
                                                    They don’t promote local crafts at present
                                                    but may diversify into a small craft type barn       This site also has waterside walking and cycling
                                                    in the future.                                       routes.
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         Fairfield Farm Shop & Café - Lancashire
         Fairfield Farm shop and café offers home
                   Farm                                    Business support and advice received
         produced and butchered pork products in           included advice on on/off licensing from Rural
         the farm shop as well as a licensed café.         Futures. This was a free service and helped
         Located on the A59, they have permission          them with planning issues and was appreci-
         for a 40 space car park.                          ated.
         DIVERSIFICATION                                   Other bodies who have been in contact
         Having farmed for 23 years, diversification       include ADAS, North West Fine Food, ELTEC,
         started 3-4 years ago and the café was built      Business Link, Bowland Initiative and DEFRA.
         18 months ago. Future plans include evening       This has all been a bit of a “paper chase”.
         opening for events such as W.I. or Rotary         INVOLVEMENT WITH NWFTI
         Club nights for cookery/butchery demonstra-
                                                           The first grant they actually received was the
                                                           NWFTI grant. This was £3,777 out of a total
         FINANCIAL INFORMATION                             spend of £12.5k which went towards the
         The site attracts around 350 visitors per         road sign, block paving, tarmac and pagoda.
         week with an average spend of £10 per             The grant was turned around in two months.
         head. The business represents 100% of farm               PLANS
                                                           FUTURE PLANS
         turnover as all produce is sold through the
                                                           Future plans for diversification included
         shop. The business operates at 53% GPM.
                                                           developing log cabins on the farm, all subject
         Turnover is growing at around 8% per month.       to planning permission.
         They operate all year round with the busiest
         month being December.
                LOCAL PRODUCE
         Fundamentally, the business is that of a local
         butcher. 40% of business is local, 30%
         regional and 30% is passing trade which
         includes regular customers from as far afield
         as Windsor. They would feel uncomfortable if
         the proportion of trade from tourists grew
         too large as they would worry about the
         sustainability and prefer to have a strong
         local client base. They feel local shops should
         supply local people. The tea room is more
         geared towards tourists and acts as a lure to
         sell their meat to visitors.
         The majority of meat sold is produced on
         their farm. The majority of other produce is
         local (so long as the quality is high). The
         business was voted North West Farm Food           THE FUTURE MOBILE
         producer (supreme champion) in 2003/4.
         MARKETING                                         New developments at the BBC are demonstrat-
         Marketing activity includes road signage. A       ing how information about attractions might be
         recent sign cost £1,250 but has resulted in a     delivered to the tourist visitor in the future. The
         30% increase in business. Event-driven press      technology is based on using your mobile
         articles are released through local newspa-       telephone to call a number displayed at a
         pers and the Farmers’ Guardian. They              reference point, when connected you are given
         operate a website         a brief commentary of things to see in the area.
         but have no immediate plans to sell produce       Look at the BBC website for examples around
         on-line or mail order (due to practical reasons   our coasts.
         and because they feel people should support
         their local shops).

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Huntley’s of Samlesbury
Successful and expanding business well down the road of diversification
                        BACKGR                                                   PLANS
                                                                          FUTURE PLANS
                        Huntley ’s of Salmesbury (01772 877123) is a
                        Huntley’s                                         Future plans for the business include expan-
                        thriving farm shop and ice cream dairy            sion into a bakery, a jam making factory and a
                        business, based on a farm which has been in       clothes shop. The aim is to make the site a
                        the family for hundreds of years and working      “whole day experience” similar to the “House
                        in partnership with a neighbouring family         of Bruar” and to continue to develop the ice
                        farm, which supplies the majority of the          cream side of the business “Huntley’s
                        produce for the farm shop.                        Outside”.
                        DIVERSIFICATION                                   Major issues include financing this expanding
                        Diversification began with the opening of the     business.
                        tea and coffee shop in February 2001 to              Farm tourism email updates.
                                                                              arm               updates.
                        boost farm income which was declining
                        through the effects of BSE etc. Opening           Visit our freshy updated website
                        coincided with FMD outbreak so business
                                                                          and JOIN the email list to receive regular
                        was initially slow.
                                                                          snippits of information on farm and tourism
                        FINANCIAL INFORMATION
                        FINANCIAL INFORMATION                             developments.
                        The business has expanded rapidly and now         The website now provides the facility to send
                        employs 29 people (full time and part time),      comments with attached articles and photo-
                        turning over in excess of £1.25m per annum.       graphs directly to the editor.
                        It has recently moved into profit.                A programme of Business Development Days
                        The business is run separately from the farm      and Conferences is being planned for the
                        business. As well as the farm shop, there is a    Autumn/Winter. Details of these will be sent to
                        94 seat restaurant, an ice cream dairy and        registered website users by email.
                        several units which are let to complementary
                        businesses.                                        DISABILITY ACCESS
                               LOCAL PRODUCE
                        USE OF LOCAL PRODUCE                               We are all being urged to make our facilities
                        100% of food produce is local, 80% is home         more friendly for the disabled and indeed some
                                                                           things now have to be done by law.
                                                                           Details may be found on
                        The business is open all year round and
                        busiest times are July, August and
                        December. All staff are trained in food            Remember that compliance can sometimes be
                        hygiene on-site.                                   achieved by small changes to facilities or the
                                                                           purchase of simple pieces of equipment. Look
                        MARKETING                                          at
                        Farmers markets are attended to promote the
                        ice cream and the rest of the business.
                        Visitors tend to be more elderly though all are
                        welcome. Groups by appointment only.
                        The business advertises in the Preston visitor
                        guide and the TIC. Their website is due to be
                        up and running in July. Leaflets are
                        distributed wherever their ice cream is sold.
                        They are a member of Made in Lancashire
                        and advertise in the Lancashire Evening Post.
                        They would like to use Radio Lancashire but
                        feel they would have to use an educational
                        angle in order to feature on this non-
                        commercial station.

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                  HIDE – AND SEEK
                                                                                                                  Initiative Contacts
A new bird watching hide has been installed at the RSPB Campfield
Marsh nature reserve near Carlisle to provide visitors with fantastic
views of the amazing wildlife to be seen on the reserve.
The hide overlooks one of the reserve’s wetland         found on the rare peat wetlands of the reserve.
wildlife habitats and gives visitors great views of     Summer is a wonderful time to see the fascinating
the birds without disturbing them. The all-             insects and plants that are found only on peatland
weather building also gives birdwatchers                habitat and we will be hoping to see insect-eating
welcome shelter from the elements!                      plants, Britain’s only bog butterfly, spectacular
                                                        dragonflies, damselflies and breeding birds.
Funding for the project came from generous grants
                                                        Everyone is welcome to come along as we go in
from the North West Farm Tourism Initiative
                                                        search of Cumbria’s very own dragons and
(£4,619) and Cumbria Waste Management
                                                        damsels!”                                                         Katie Read
Environment Trust (£4,115). Representatives of
the funding organisations recently visited the          North Plain Farm, which is 1½ miles west of                 Cumbria Tourist Board
reserve to see the new hides. The RSPB’s West           Bowness on Solway on the Bowness-Cardurnock                     015394 40428
Cumbria and South Lakeland Local Groups also            road. All welcome. For more information call
supported purchase of the hide.                         01697 351330
Visitors to the reserve are now enjoying views of a     RSPB Cumbria coastal reserves manager, Norman
wide range of wildlife from the new hide. Birds         Holton, said “The hide will significantly improve
recently seen on the reserve include black-tailed       the experience for visitors to the reserve and we
godwit, curlew, snipe and lapwing. Later in the         are very grateful to the North West Farm Tourism
summer, even more birds will arrive as wading           Initiative and Cumbria Waste Management
birds, ducks and geese arrive back on the Solway        Environment Trust for their support. Now,
from their breeding grounds further north. Inside       whatever the Cumbrian weather, visitors can
the hide are a series of colourful information panels   watch birds in comfort and enjoy a wealth of
that show the wildlife to be seen at Campfield          wildlife throughout the year.”
through the seasons. The illustrations are by local
                                                        Situated on the south shore of the Solway, RSPB
artist Sarah Holton, who lives at North Plain Farm
                                                        Campfield Marsh nature reserve includes a mosaic
on the reserve.
                                                        of different habitats, including saltmarsh, peatbog,
                                                                                                                       John Dickinson
The new hide will be put to good use in July, when      farmland and fens, which provide homes for a
                                                                                                               Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency
a special ‘Dragons and Damsels’ event was held at       wide variety of wildlife. The reserve is open at all
                                                                                                                       01942 493415
RSPB Campfield Marsh on Saturday 9th July.              times and admission is free. Access to the hide is
RSPB wardens led a guided walk around the               along the footpath that runs from the coast road
reserve to see the wealth of summer wildlife to be      through North Plain Farm.
found on the reserve, including dragonflies,
butterflies, rare plants - as well as birds!
Dave Blackledge of the RSPB said: “Campfield
Marsh is a great place for birds, but it is also very
important because of the special wildlife to be

As an innovative project, advised by the NWFTI, Tipis
are on offer at Brownbays campsite in the Langdale                                                                     Carl Bendelow
Valley in Cumbria. More details at :                                                                           Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency
                                                                                                                       01768 891414                                                                        

These semi-permanent structures offer                                                                                  website :
accommodation for visitors interested in holidays                                                    
under canvas but do not want to own a tent.                                                             
                                  Farm tourism email updates.
                                   arm               updates.
Visit our website,, and JOIN the email list to receive regular snippits of
information on farm and tourism developments

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