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beauty salon brow liner


beauty salon brow liner

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									                                                1A Winterbourne, Wexham Street, Stoke Poges, Bucks SL3 6NT
                                                Telephone: 01753 664166 Email:

           beauty salon
                                    Mary Cohr – price list
Face care                             Size    rrP        Face care                             Size    rrP
Cleansers, Toners & Exfoliators                          Heart of Purity
Expert Care Eye Make-up Remover       75ml    £12.00     Vital Essences –                      30ml    £33.00
Gentle Cleansing Milk (Pink)          200ml   £15.00     Oily and Combination Skin
Gentle Toning Lotion (Pink)           200ml   £15.00     Normalising Cream                     50ml    £19.50
Cleansing Purifying Foam              150ml   £18.50     Hydrating MatiFluid                   50ml    £21.00
Shine Control Toning Lotion           200ml   £18.50     Purifying Clay Mask                   50ml    £16.00
Gentle Soothing Cleanser (Green)      200ml   £15.00     Oil Control Acti-serum                50ml    £20.00
Gentle Soothing Lotion (Green)        200ml   £15.00     Imperfection Response                 15ml    £13.00
Pure Instant Cleanser                 200ml   £18.00     Heart of Nourishment
Fresh Cleansing Cream                 200ml   £18.50     Vital Essences –                      30ml    £33.00
                                                         Dry and Nutritionless Skin
Double Action Gentle Exfoliator       50ml    £24.00
                                                         Nutri-care Cream                      50ml    £31.00
Lily Essences Mild Exfoliator         50ml    £20.00
                                                         Instant Soothing Cream                50ml    £27.50
Heart of Moisturisation
                                                         Essential Nourishing Mask             50ml    £22.00
Vital Essences –                      30ml    £33.00
Dry and Dehydrated Skin                                  Heart of Softness
Light Moisturising Cream              50ml    £26.00     Anti-redness Cream                    50ml    £27.50
Enriched Moisturising Cream           50ml    £32.50     Perfect Defense Cream                 50ml    £37.00
Hydra-Neuve                           50ml    £35.50     Pure Environment                      50ml    £48.00
Intensive Moisturising Mask           50ml    £21.00     Soothing Mask                         50ml    £23.00
Intensive Moisturising Acti-serum     50ml    £34.50     Beauty Radiance
Heart of Youth & Firming                                 Lifting Radiance                      50ml    £32.50
Vital Essences – Devitalised Skin     30ml    £33.00     Fresh Complexion – Natural Beige      30ml    £26.00
Wrinkle Smoothing Cream               50ml    £29.50     Fresh Complexion – Golden Beige       30ml    £26.00
Nourishing Firming Cream              50ml    £38.50     Orange Energy Cream                   50ml    £30.00
Vital-lift Cream                      50ml    £38.50     Eye Care
Slimlook Extra                        50ml    £41.50     Eye Contour Acti-serum                15ml    £26.50
Ice Lift Mask                         50ml    £28.50     Revitalising Eye Gel                  15ml    £19.00
Ultra-vital Acti-serum                50ml    £38.50     Refreshing Eye Mask                   30ml    £22.00
Intraderm Lift                        7ml     £38.00     Nature Homme
New Youth                                                Soothing After-shave Care             50ml    £25.00
New Life                              3x9ml   £128.50    Eye Fresh                             25ml    £28.50
New Youth Cream                       50ml    £64.50     S White
Enriched New Youth                    50ml    £64.50     Cell Clarifying Cleansing Milk        200ml   £17.75
New Youth Lip Care                    15ml    £29.75     Cell Clarifying Cleansing Lotion      200ml   £17.75
New Youth Eye Contour Cream           15ml    33.00      Vital Essences – Pigmented Skin       30ml    £33.00
                                                         Deep Cell Clarifying Serum            50ml    £39.25
                                                         Cell Clarifying Cream                 50ml    £34.50
                                                         1A Winterbourne, Wexham Street, Stoke Poges, Bucks SL3 6NT
                                                         Telephone: 01753 664166 Email:

            beauty salon
                                       Mary Cohr – price list
 body care                                  Size     rrP          coSmeticS                             Size    rrP
 Moisturisation & Exfoliation                                     Complexion
 Moisturising Milk with Aloe                200ml    £28.00       Satin Finish Foundation                       £21.00
 Dual Action Exfoliator                     200ml    £29.00       Matt Finish Foundation                        £19.00
 Shower Gel with Phytoaromatic Essences 200ml        £15.00       Velvet Finish Foundation                      £23.00
 Aromatic Bath Essences                     150ml    £32.50       Complexion Corrector                          £14.50
 Precious Argan Oil Body Care               125ml    £29.50       Redness Concealer                             £14.50
 Slimming and Firming                                             Ice Cold Concealer                            £15.50
 Booster Essences Cream                     200ml    £29.50       Make-up Corrector                             £13.00
 Night Slimmer Anti-cellulite               200ml    £39.00       Fine Compact Powder                           £18.00
 Pure Slimmer                               200ml    £40.50       Fine Loose Powder No.05                       £19.50
 Body Firming Cream                         200ml    £43.50       Bronzing Powder                               £17.50
 Soothing Refreshing Gel                    200ml    £22.50       Blusher                                       £16.50
 New Youth                                                        Eyes
 New Youth Body Care                        200ml    £45.50       Eye Shadow Single                             £13.00
 New Youth Bust Care                        50ml     £33.00       Eye Shadow Duo                                £16.50
 Depilation                                                       Thick Lashes Mascara                          £15.50
 Anti-hair Regrowth Cream                   100ml    £17.50       Long Lashes Mascara                           £15.50
 Hand Care                                                        Lash Care Volumising Base                     £16.00
 Youth and Beauty Hand Cream                75ml     £11.00       Precision Eye Pencil                          £7.00
 Sun Care                                                         Precision Eye Liner                           £14.50
 Pure Protection Sun Block SPF50            8g       £19.00       Precision Eyebrow Pencil                      £7.00
 Pure Protection “Intensive Action” SPF30   50ml     £27.50       Lips
 Pure Protection “Comforting Action”        150ml    £29.00       Lip Colour                                    £12.00
 SPF20                                                            Pearly Sheen                                  £12.00
 Pure Tanning “Smoothing Action” SPF15      50ml     £21.50       Lip Fixer                                     £14.00
 Pure Tanning “Hydrating Action” SPF10      125ml    £23.00       Lip Gloss                                     £15.00
 Pure Tanning Boosting Action               50g      £25.00       Precision Lip Pencil                          £7.00
 Pure Revelation After UV                   125ml    £19.00       Nails
 Pure Comfort After-sun Care                200ml    £21.00       Nail Colour                                   £10.00
 Self-tanning Sunkissed Face Cream          50ml     £19.50       Quick Polish Remover                  100ml   £6.00
 Self-tanning Golden Body Mist              125ml    £21.00       Radiance Enhancer                     8ml     £10.00
                                                                  Anti Ridge Base                       8ml     £10.00
                                                                  Nail Hardener                         8ml     £10.00
                                                                  Cuticle Remover                       8ml     £10.00
                                                                  White, French Manicure Nail Polish            £10.00
                                                                  French Manicure Pencil                        £7.00
                                                                  Nourishing Cuticle Oil                        £14.50
                                                                  Powder Brush                                  £9.50
                                                                  Lip & Eye Brush Duo                           £6.50
Effective 1/1/08.
Prices may vary from time to time without prior notice            Pencil Sharpener                              £2.00

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