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Beauty brow liner0


Beauty brow liner0

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									Publication: Northants Evening Telegraph
Review: Beauty Spree/
Elave Men’s Range Shaving Gel
Date: Feb 2009
          22 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2008                                                                                                                   EVENINGTELEGRAPH

              Bouffant hairstyle                               B S            eauty                                    pree

                                                               Cosmetics ARE for chaps
             Wearing your hair in a simple ponytail can
             become boring after a while.
             But sometimes it’s hard to know what other
             relatively simple styles are out there to use
             on a regular basis without looking like you’re
             on a night out or going to a wedding.
             One style that still looks simple but not as
             plain is a bouffant

                                                               You says men don’t need help to look good?
             style, as worn by
             singer Amy Wine-
             house, pictured

             We asked Tina                                              ith Valentine’s Day just      � If you want something with a bit
             Ranallo, of Tina’s                                         around the corner,            more grit, the best thing to buy is a
             Hair Care Salon,                                           everyone is trying to         facial scrub. Boots has one in its
             Rushden, for her                                  look their best, whether it’s to       own Expert range, (£3.99 for
             expert advice on                                  pick up a new partner or               200ml) as do brands such as
             how to give the                                   impress the one they’ve got.           Botanics and Nivea for Men. The
                                                               But beauty regimes don’t just          Body Shop’s facial scrub for men
             bouffant a mod-
                                                                                                      (£7 for 100ml from their branches
             ern twist.                                        apply to women, and this is
                                                                                                      in Kettering and Northampton)
             Tina said: “The                                   reflected in the fact that more        contains crushed rice, which helps
             key to a bouffant                                 and more men’s skincare prod-          clear pores, and sweet almond oil
             or quiff hair style                               ucts are appearing on the              to soften the skin.
             is back-combing.                                  market. Spree has put together a
             “A lot of people
                                                               few products that can help you         � Shaving can be a nightmare for
                                                               in every aspect of your beauty         a lot of men, with blotchy,
             don’t know how
                                                               regime so that you can be a real       inflamed or dry skin being some of
             to do it properly but the key is to keep your
                                                               Valentino this Valentine’s Day  .      the problems. But thankfully there
             hand firm.                                                                               are numerous shaving gels for
             “Starting at the front of your hair, take small   � Having a good face wash is           sensitive skin out there, including
             sections and holding your hair straight up in     essential to any beauty regime         Elave’s shave gel (£5.99 from most
             your hand from your head, gently push a           and there are plenty to choose         independent chemists).
             comb down your hair back towards your             from. Neutrogena has a wide
             scalp.                                            range of face washes but Spree         � Finally, no beauty regime,
             “Don’t allow your hand holding your hair to       would particularly recommend the       whether male or female, is
             go down with the comb, keep it in the             Visibly Clear 2-in-1 face wash and     complete without a good mois-
                                                               mask, (£3.79 from Boots in Ketter-     turiser. Many top brands like
             same place, this will prevent your hair from
                                                               ing, Wellingborough and Corby).        Gilette, Boss skin care and L’Oreal
             getting in knots when it comes to brushing it     It’s a unique cleanser which can       Expert provide them but Spree has
             later.                                            be used daily as a face wash to        found that lesser-known brands,
             “If you back comb in the correct way, it will     clean away dirt and excess oil, but    such as King of Shaves, make
             be easy to smooth the top of the hair over        can also be used as a weekly           excellent ones too.
             and place it how you want it, especially if       mask to cleanse deep down into         King of Shaves’ K-24 men’s mois-
             you don’t want it too high.                                         your pores and       turiser (currently £3.83 from Boots)
             “If you are just wanting the top of your                                 condition the   is suitable for daily use and
                                                                                          skin.       features a dual skin defence
             head raised up in a ponytail, then don’t
             back comb the sides, but if you are having        BEAUTY                                 system which protects the skin
                                                                                                      from harmful UVA/UVB rays and

             your hair half up and half down, it makes                                                damaging oxidants.
             sense to back comb the sides as well and
             then gather it all together at the back with      Show the apple of your eye how
             a pin or slide.                                   much you care with a sen-
             “Like any style, it’s slightly harder to do       sual massage ses-
             when the hair is freshly washed because it        sion.
             can be very soft.                                 Neal’s Yard Reme-
             “However if you decide to do it that way,         dies limited edition
             you may need to apply a touch of gel or           Message in a Bottle
             hairspray to the palm of your hand to gently      Valentine’s Day gift
             smooth over the hair to stop any flyaway          set (£20) includes
             strands.                                          Vanilla & Vetiver
             “When it comes to hairspray, I wouldn’t rec-      Organic Massage                                                                                                  � FROM LEFT:
             ommend using the extra strength or hold           Oil, a Vetiver can-                                                                                              Neutrogena Visibly
             ones because they can leave your hair             dlee.                                                                                                            Clear, Body Shop face
             sticky or wet-looking.                            Log onto www.neal-                                                                                               scrub, Elave shaving
             “It’s also important to remember not to
                                                                                                                                                     gel, King of Shaves
                                                               to buy your set or call                                                                                          soothing balm
             spray the hairspray to close to your head,
                                                               the mail order line
             hold it at arm’s length and then it won’t
                                                               0845 262 3145.
             look too stiff.”

            Chic vCheap
                                                                                                                                                                     BEAUTY SPOT
                                                                               eye brow kits                                                                          February14 is all about inject-
                                                                                                                                                                                             ing a little
                                                 BIG brows may        Jemma Kidd Essential Brow & Eye Kit                    The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit                             into your life.
                                                 be the next big      Price: £18                                             Price: £10                                                        It’s a day
                                                 thing they           From: Boots, Gold Street, Ket-                           From: The Body Shop, High Street,                         when beau-
                                                 shouldn’t be         tering, Corn Lane, Wellingbor-                            Kettering.                                                  tifying and
                                                 unkempt.             ough or High Street, Rushden.                            It says: Shape and groom
                                                                                                                                                                                        are a prioity.
                                                 Brows make a         It says: A conveniently sized                          eyebrows, and colour them
                                                                                                                                                                                         Get yourself
                                                 huge difference      brow kit with everything you                           too. Each kit comes with two
                                                                                                                                                                                         in the mood
                                                 to the face as       need to create the perfect                             shades of colour and a com-                                 for love with
                                                 they frame it so     brows.                                                 pact brush. With Community                                    the Soap &
                                                 it’s important to    Claire says: “Once I’d figured                         Trade marula oil.                      Glory Steamy Showers set (£15).
                                                 keep them well       out how to use it I really got                         Claire says: “The little silver              Soap & Glory products are
                                                 groomed.             on well with this compact. The                         compact looked very                   available from Boots, Gold Street,
                                                 Claire Wingate,      soft little brush and baby                             attractive but I had prob-            Kettering, Corn Lane, Wellingbor-
                                                 25, from Welling-    tweezers were cute and easy                            lems with the double ended                ough or High Street, Rushden.
                                                 borough tests        to use.”                                               brush, which was stiff.”
                                                 two brow kits.       Verdict: 4/5                                           Verdict: 2/5

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