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									The Times
, 1999
Mooresville Moments
In honor of Mooresville's 175th Anniversary and the 200lh
anniversary of the birth of Mooresville's founder, Samuel Moore,
the MooresuillgVecatur/Monrovia Times is publishing regular
articles about the history of Mooresville and Moore.
100 facts about Mooresville
Excerpts from "One Hundred
Facts About Mooresville" from
in November, 1893, William
Sage bought the paper and
changed the name to The
Mooresville Times.
10.	The first steam railroad
between Indianapolis and
Vincennes came through
Mooresville in 1867.
11.	The electric trolley, called
the Interurban Line, between
Indianapolis and Martinsville, was
constructed in 1902 and made
the last run on Oct. 30, 1931.
There were 27 stops and 11
stations between Indianapolis
and Martinsville. The Interurban
Station in Mooresville was lo-
notes prepared by Miss Carrie E.
Scott during the centennial cel¬
ebration of Mooresville in 1924,
compiled by Ralph H. Storm in
1.	William Ballard is consid¬
ered the first settler in 1819.
2.	Asa Bales built the first house
in Mooresville on the south side
of East Main Street near the cen¬
ter of the block.
3. The first brick house was
built by James Kelly at 18 W.
Main St.
4. Mooresville became incor-
cated on East Harrison Street.
12. The first electric light plant
was owned by Archie Calvert in
1893: The residence of T.L,
6. Asa Bales was the first post-	^ ^
master. '	w,th electrlc ll9hts'
porated in 1831.
5. Dr. Curtis G. Hussey was
the first physician to locate in
Mooresville about 1825.
n a m,iinM>h,i>n,w(,iiiipiin^ 13..The first telephone com-.
by 1830 when mail was brought"' ^^^?^.March 31
from Indianapolis each weekun-	' ^ . A ; ., kg \
less detained by high water. ,	WvMooresvillejras the oldest J
% Late in the 1820s, a brick	OUSet^lptoK mJndiana. £
one-room school was built and	eginning in 187 .
later destroyed by fire. In the	, 15 Hn|;1924, Mooresville's
1830s', it was rebuilt by a frame	population was 1800. ;; J,
house on the lot just west of the	"May W6, who-are permitted :
location of the Methodist Protes-	to celebrate thetentennial ahnh;,
tant Church (now New Life in	versary of the Totinding of
Christ ,Chiirch;'40 E. Washing-	Moor^wUe,alwaysholdingrate-,',
toli St. There was a historic	ful memory the pipnders'who
rharker installed during the cen-	cleared the wilderness and laid
tennial celebration). 1 so firiply.the foundations pf pur '
9. The first newspaper was	. town. . .V-'VW. ,
The Mooresville Chronicle pub-	"May we continue to build
lished by Thomas J. Worth from	wisely, and well." , > • ,1 "
1846 to 1851. After that, the	/ " fialph H. Storm' ■
name changed with new owners	f ,.ty. 'iTAssistbnt Historian
23, 1936
The historical articles Or Mooresufl/eMc meriis are taken c
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