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					                                        BIO DATA
Name                       : Pramath Jayprasad Sanghavi

                                  CARRIER OBJECTIVES
1. Head a medium size of unit – Chemical / Fiber / Food
2. Head Corporate Technical Cell – In a Large sized group having number of products
3. Head a consultancy business – Engineering / Energy
                          CARRIER SKILLS AND KNOWLDGE

  Design & development for solar systems            Project engineering for ice-cream
                                                      industry & solar refrigeration
    Maintenance       Cost     reduction   through  Operation & maintenance of utility
     Maintenance planning, budgeting, Failure         equipment in chemical, fiber &
     analysis and Maintenance of process equipment    food industry
     in chemical, fiber and food industry
    Strategic Cost Reduction for chemical industry  Thermal & Electrical energy audit
                                                      for all type of industries
    Safety audit in chemical industry               Hazop studies for chemical industry
    Efficient operation of refrigeration & air  Implementation of Computerized
     conditioning systems                             maintenance management package
                                                      for industry
                               Authorized Energy Auditor by BEE

Accenture India Pvt. Ltd. Jan 2005 onwards
Present Position: Level B (Unit Lead)                     Joined as: Level B
As a Unit Lead on a Procurement Co sourcing assignment, the activities are process
improvements in three areas namely, procurement, logistics and maintenance which will
lead to cost reduction. Maintenance planning is the key to maintenance process
improvement apart from root cause analysis for major and repetitive failures and
maintenance cost analysis with respect to budget. For the purpose of driving changes to the
procurement process, inventory classification in to ERTOP class followed by auto
indenting, rate contracting, material mastercleanup etc.. In a span of 10 months, there is an
accrued savings of Rs. 10 crore to the client M/s Indo Rama Synthetics India Ltd.

Birla Management Corporation Ltd. July 1999 - Jan 2005
Left as: Sr. Manager (Mech.)                      Joined as: Manager (Mechanical)
At corporate technical cell, services are provided to Aditya Birla group of units in India and
other overseas units.
        Maintenance audit conducted at M/s Jaya Shree Insulators helped them to improve
         upon equipment up time
        Addressed chronic maintenance problems at M/s Hindalco, Vikram cement,
         Vikram Ispat, Grasim Grasiline, Aditya Cement, Grasim South Cement, Grasim
         Staple Fiber division, Jaya Shree Insulators, PC Oleo Chemicals (Malaysia) &
               Indian Rayon Industries
              Addressed problems of refrigeration and air conditioning for energy efficient
               operation at M/s Jaya Shree Textiles, Estern Spinning, Rajashree Syntext, Indian
               Rayon Industries, Tanfac Industries, Garsim Grasiline & Vikram Cement
              Conducted energy audit at M/s Grasim - Chemical Division, Hi tech Carbon,
               Allexandria Carbon Black (Egypt), Thai Rayon (Thailand), Thai Acrylic Fibre
               (Thailand), PT Sunrise Boomi Textiles (Indonesia), PT Indo Liberty Textiles
               (Indonesia), PT elegant Textile (Indonesia), PC Edible Oil (Malaysia), Indo Phil
               Textiles (Philippines), Grasim Cement South, Aditya Cement, Birla White
               Cement, Birla Super cement, Rajashree Cement, Hindustan Gas Industries
               (Manglore), Indian Rayon, Birla Cellulosic, Grasim Staple Fibre div. (Nagda),
               Jayashree Textiles, Jayashree Insulators, Madura garments, Indal (Belgaum), Indal
               (Kalwa), Indal (Hirakud) and so…on
              Conducted HAZOP study, safety audit and consequence analysis at M/s Thai
               Rayon Public Company Ltd. Thailand which addressed necessary safety concerns
               of the unit
              Identified potential savings on biomass gasification unit project at TANFAC
               Industries, cuddalore and Refrigeration and air conditioning system on hospital
               project, pune. Executed a pre engineering assignment for Thai Sulphites &
               Chemicals Co, Ltd. Thailand

    United Phosphorus Ltd. Nov 1995 - Jun 1999
    Left as: Manager (Engineering)                                     Joined as : Manager Utility
    Operation and maintenance of utilities includes:
         Refrigeration systems: 5 °C chilled water system having capacity 400 TR, - 50 °C
          chilled brine system having capacity 100 TR and cooling water system with 3000 m3/hr
         Steam boilers having capacity 25 TPH at 20 bar pressure
     Compressed air system capacity 500 cfm & Nitrogen plant capacity 25 nm3/hr
    During the period Sep-97 to Mar 99, a Strategic Cost Reduction exercise was conducted.
    M/s Anderson Consulting was engaged for this project. I was group leader for utility and
    maintenance areas. It was followed by implementation of maintenance management
    software package called MAXIMO. For this purpose I was leading a team of maintenance
    managers. Training was given to about 300 users of this package on demo package as well
    as on line.
       10% reduction in utility cost was achieved through a Strategic Cost Reduction in
        chemical plants of M/s United Phosphorus Ltd. in association with M/s Anderson
        Consulting, a renowned international consultant.
       Successful implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management Software
        (MAXIMO) at four units of M/s United Phosphorus Ltd. using scientific steps like:
        Conference Room Pilot (CRP), Design of codification logic, Collection of master data,
        Data entry and Training of users on line as well as off line. Benefits availed are increased
        equipment up time, maintenance analysis, reduction in contract labor, equipment
        inventory and lot more

    Baroda Rayon Corporation Ltd. Apr 90 - Nov 95
    Left as: Deputy Superintendent (Mechanical)                 Joined as : Mechanical Engr.
 Maintenance of process equipment like: steeping press, shredder, hydraulic pump, dry
 churn, vacuum pumps, dissolver, PIV units, gear pump, filter press, centrifugal pump,
 clarifier, PHE etc
 Operation and maintenance of refrigeration and compressed air systems: Capacity of the
 refrigeration system is 1300 TR @ 5 oC having centrifugal chillers. Operating speed of
 these compressors are 5300 and 11000 rpm.
 Operation and maintenance of air conditioning systems like: Ripening room (23 oC),
 Moisture control room (30 oC and 70 % R. H.), Textile hall (28 oC and 68 % R. H.),
 Spinning hall (32 oC and 85 % R. H.). These are large units having 1600 to 4300 m3/hr air
 handling capacity
 Other assignments: Drawing office activities of Rayon Division, Energy conservation,
 House keeping etc
    Achieved more than 97 % & 95% equipment up time for critical process equipment and
     utilities by using maintenance techniques like: preventive maintenance, conditioning
     monitoring and proactive maintenance
    Awarded double promotion in a work span of 3 years. That is from Mechanical Engineer
     to Dy. Supt. (Mechanical)

    Dharnendra Ice Cream Ltd. Dec 88 - Apr 90 (Joined & Left as: Plant Engineer)
 As a Plant Engineer: Execution of the 12 TPD ice-cream projects in coordination with
 project consultant, Architect and Fabricators. Activities after plant commissioning were
 operation & maintenance of utilities, maintenance of process equipment and monitoring of
 energy consumption. Refrigeration system having capacity of 100 TR @ - 40 oC.
    Achieved more than 97% equipment up time for utilities and process equipment.
    Successful commissioning of 12 TPD capacity ice-cream plant as a plant engineer in a
     span of less than six months. This involved complete project engineering i.e. design to

 Vadilal Ice Cream Ltd. Jun 88 - Dec 88 (Joined & Left as: Refrigeration Engineer)
 As a refrigeration engineer: Operation and Maintenance of all Utilities and Maintenance of
 process equipment in ice-cream plant. In-house expansion of MASTI Soft drink project.
 Refrigeration system capacity 350 TR @ - 40 °C and plant capacity 32 TPD
    Achieved more than 97% equipment up time for utilities and process equipment.

    Ankur Energy & Development Alternatives Sep 87 - Dec 88
    Joined & Left as: Senior Executive (Thermal Engineering)
    As a senior executive: Thermal energy audit of process and engineering industries like,
    Sundram Fasteners Ltd. Madras, Formica Ltd. Pune, Gujarat Aluminum, Vadodara, Bundy
    Tubing Ltd., Brick Lime and Pottery Kiln industries etc.were carried out
    Cibatul Ltd. Apr 87 - Sep 87 (Joined & Left as: Officer Engineering)
    As an officer engineering: Engineering development based on maintenance history for
    different chemical plants in the complex
 Jyoti Ltd. Energy Div.Feb 85 - Mar 87 (Joined & Left as: Asst. Dev. Engineer)
    R&D: Thermal design of product or product modification for solar systems
    Special Projects: Design to commissioning of Vapor Absorption Refrigeration system -
     one 3 TR steam based VAR system at SPRERI, VVNagar. Also operation and
     maintenance of solar cold storage of 10 TR and 30 TR capacities was executed at
     respective sites of installation.
  EMC: Conducted thermal energy audit of various industries like, ACC Chandrapur,
     Deversons Pvt. Ltd. etc
    Successful commissioning of 3 TR capacity aqua ammonia vapour absorption system
     at - 20 °C the first of its kind in India. The thermal source for the system is steam
     generated from solar self-tracking concentrating collectors
    Conducted thermal energy audits for engineering, chemical, fiber, carbon and cement
 Tata Electric Company Ltd. Aug 84 - Jan 85 (Joined & Left as a PGET)
 As a PGET: Obtained training in operation of 500 MW thermal power plant

                                       Personal Details
 Date of Birth             : November 16, 1960 Height: 176 cms          Weight: 68 Kgs
 Passport Number           : B 3033416      Date of Issue: 13.12.2000    Validity:10 years
  Academic Performance :
  DEGREE             YEAR      INSTITUTION / UNIVERSITY                                      % / CPI
  M. TECH            1983 - 84 Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Bombay                 8.8 CPI
  Specialization               Heat Power and Refrigeration
  B. E. Mechanical   1981 - 82 Gujarat University, Ahmedabad                                 71 %
  F. Y. B.Sc.        1977 - 78 Gujarat University, Ahmedabad                                 77 %
  S. S. C. (OLD)     1975 - 76 S. S. C. E. Board, Vadodara                                   74 %
 B. E. Project      : Performance testing of Solar Flat Plate Collector at P. R. L. Ahmedabad
 M.Tech Project : Hydrodynamic study of a Modified Spouted bed Dryer at I. I. T.
 Passed Energy Auditor Examination conducted by BEE in May 2004
 Language Capabilities: Gujarati, Hindi and English
 Extra curricular activity: Participated in the following Inter Hostel swimming, volley ball
 and light Indian classical music (vocal) Competitions at I. I. T. Bombay

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