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									                                                               DuPont Teflon             ™                              ®

                                                               Fabric Protector
BranD newsleTTer
June 2009

 COMInG sOOn!                                                          TeFlOn HITs         ®

“MY lIFe HIsTOrY” CaMPaIGn                                             THe runwaY In sTYle
Get ready to grab more attention,                                                                       DKNY introduced an exciting new
as DuPont launches an exciting                                                                          collection of men’s business suits
new campaign for the Teflon brand.
                                                                                                        to Japan last year, and created
Backed by market research, the                                                                          extra buzz in the fashion circles
new campaign look and messaging                                                                         with the help of Teflon fabric

reinforces the benefits of Teflon                                                                       protector. Thanks to Teflon , the
                                   ®                                                                                                ®

fabric protector, while highlighting                                                                    suit fabric repels water and offers
how our state-of-the-art technologies are making a smaller                                              protection from stains. So now,
environmental footprint. Additional information coming soon!                                            in addition to refined style,
                                                                       Copy from WWD Japan, Nov. 2008   DKNY is able to offer the active

new anD COlOrFul waYs                                                  businessman superior functionality. This versatile apparel has
                                                                       the businessman covered both on and off the job.
Many consumers may be drawn to a personal computer that                nOrTH saIls MerGes
maintains its new, out-of-the-package look for longer.
                             Now, Dell has found a way to              FaBrIX PrOTeCTIOn
                             utilize Teflon fabric protector to

                                                                       wITH a Flare
                             do just that. The design of the           Classic Sailor Jacket, a trade-
                             Dell Studio One 19 computer               named icon, launched North Sails
                             integrates soft, fabric elements with     into the sportswear world.
                             Teflon fabric protector. The fabric

                                                                       It is made of nylon resin fabric
                             accents are offered in a range of         treated with Teflon fabric

colors and are an innovative way to provide fashionable flare          protector. Available in a range
that stands up to everyday use. “We put the fabric with Teflon     ®

                                                                       of colors, the jacket is very
fabric protector through a real-life test of spilled coffee,           comfortable and includes two
and it was great to know that your products really work,”              useful lateral pockets and a zipper opening. There are two
said Brian Nowlin, product manager, Dell, Inc.                         jacket versions: the summer weight has an internal net; the                                               winter weight has a warm, soft pile lining. Both versions have
                                                                       the perfect sailor style!
                                                                                       BrunswICK raCKs
MeeT InTerIOr eXCellenCe                                                               uP sales wITH TeFlOn                                        ®

                                     To stand up to the unpredictable                  Brunswick Billiards has been
                                     spills, mishaps and everyday                      the leader in designing the
                                     demands in homes, KA                              highest-quality billiard tables
                                     International relies on Teflon          ®
                                                                                       and game room furnishings
                                     to protect their elegant                          for all tastes and budgets.
                                     furnishings from stains.                          The company’s demanding
                                     “In order to bring added value to                 customers can feel confident
                                     their products, KA International                  that their products will look
offers Teflon fabric protector on all the fabrics in their stores,
                                                                                       and play their best for years
both for upholstered furniture or those used for curtains and                          to come. Now, as an add-on
complements,” says Marta Bascarán, product manager in KA                               for every Brunswick table, the company is offering Brunswick
International. KA International has won numerous awards, and                           Centennial Cloth, featuring Teflon fabric protector. So in
                                                                                                    ®                             ®

is located in more than 400 stores around the world.                                   addition to a beautiful, high-end look, players can feel confident                                                               that their pool table is protected from occasional spills. Best
                                                                                       of all, Teflon fabric protector helps protect their investment

sePTwOlVes eMBraCes                                                                    without impacting play.

                                                                                       FaBrIC PrOTeCTIOn FOr
Septwolves, a distinguished Chinese brand, dedicates
itself to pioneering high-end fashions for men. Since 2006,
                                                                                       a suPerIOr BranD
the company has used High Performance Repel Teflon on a              ®                                                     For years, the Classic blazer

wide range of collections, including khaki pants and jackets—                                                              has been a best seller for

giving their fashions excellent performance for everyday life.                                                             Superior Apparel Inc. Adding

                                              A marketing campaign                                                         to the versatile style of this

                                              for Septwolves and Teflon          ®                                         year-round, wrinkle-free wool blend

                                              fabric protector resonated                                                   blazer is the extra protection of

                                              with men, especially urban                                                   Teflon fabric protector.

                                              white-collar workers.                                                        The Teflon finish allows liquids to

                                              Their praise and feedback                bead off, eliminating most stains and keeping the blazer looking

                                              indicated an increased                   like new. “The combination of wrinkle-free and the Teflon            ®

                                              perception in Teflon       ®             finish makes our wool blend blazer the perfect performance

brand value, versatility and stain repellency. The demands of                          fabric for the man on the go,” says Neal Kalen, vice president

urban business life call for both fashion and convenience, and                         of merchandising. For information about the blazer, contact

Teflon fabric protector helps Septwolves satisfy that need

with the added benefits of stain and water repellency.
                                                                                       DID YOu KnOw?
                                                                                       45 years ago there was one DuPont stain
                                                                                       protection product; today there are seven
                                                                                       in the Teflon fabric protector portfolio.

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