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					                                      Barr’s Emerger


                        Hook: 18-24 Mustad 94840 or Tiemco 200R
                        Thread : Gray 8/0 or smaller
                        Tail: Brown hackle fibers
                        Abdomen: Brown Olive Superfine dubbing
                        Thorax: Adams Gray Superfine dubbing
                        Wingcase and legs: Gray hackle fibers

Step 1. Lay down a thread base and tie in 6-8 brown hackle fibers. Cinch down fibers a little
past the bend and clip the fibers off flush. The tail is intended to suggest a trailing shuck.

Step 2. Create a tapered abdomen to about two-thirds hook shank.

Step 3. Tie in 12-20 gray hackle fibers to form the wingcase then wrap a thorax with gray

Step 4. Pull the wing case over the dubbed thorax and secure near the hook eye with a couple of
thread wraps. Then divide the remaining hackle fibers and fold them back along each side to
form legs. Clip the leg fibers off flush and just longer than the wingcase.

This pattern can also be tied in PMD colors
                                Gun Metal Midge Pupa


                        Hook: 18-24 Tiemco 2487 or other curved shank scud hook
                        Thread : Black 8/0 or smaller
                        Rib: Fine silver wire
                        Wing Tuft: White Antron, CDC or similar material
                        Bead: Midge size Killer Caddis or similar glass bead

Step 1. Bend down barb and insert hook point through small hole of bead. A bead picker
made from the hook side of Velcro makes this tedious chore much easier.

Step 2. Lay down thread base and tie in silver wire to a point parallel with tip of hook
eye. Make two additional wraps behind the wire.

Step 3. Build a tapered abdomen covering the tag end of the wire. Use a rocking motion
with the first layer or two of thread wraps for a smooth transition.

Step 4. Spiral the wire up to the bead. Break off wire by pulling in a circular motion.

Step 5. Tie in wing tuft about three hook eye widths behind eye and whip finish behind
bead. Apply head cement.
                                Big Bear's Baetis Nymph


                     Hook: 18-24 3x long curved shank
                     Thread : Gray 8/0 or smaller
                     Tail: Pheasant Tail Fibers
                     Abdomen: Thread and Pheasant Fibers
                     Thorax: Gray Thread or Dubbing
                     Wingcase and Legs: Dark Antron Wool

Step 1. Attach the thread to the hook and wrap it back to the bend of the hook. Stop
right above the barb.

Step 2. Tie in 3-6 pheasant tail fibers with just two tight wraps of thread, lift the fibers.
and make two turns of thread forward. Lay the pheasant tail down and take one or two
wraps of thread around the abdomen to create a ribbed effect, and bind down the
pheasant tail to the top of the hook shank. Repeat this process creating 4-5 segments
along the abdomen. Stop 1/2 along the hook shank , tie off the pheasant tail, and trim
the excess.

Step 3. Tie in brown or black Antron wool (substitute Darlon) fibers at the thorax
position with the longer portion facing to the rear. Use 1/4 to 1/3 the thickness of the
Antron wool depending on the size of fly.

Step 4. Create a slightly larger diameter thorax using thread or a small amount of

Step 5. Pull the Antron fibers over the thorax to form the wing case, and tie off.

Step 6. Split the Antron fibers in half and form legs by pulling them to the rear of the
hook and wrapping thread just behind the hook eye. Whip-finish and trim the legs to
slightly longer than the thorax.
                                    Baetis Adult


                       Hook: 18-24 Mustad 94840
                       Thread : Gray 8/0 or smaller
                       Tail: Gray hackle fibers or Microfibets
                       Body: Olive Turkey Biot
                       Wings: Gray Dun Swiss Straw
                       Legs: Dun Hackle

Step 1. Lay down thread base and tie in tailing material.

Step 2. Tie in tip of biot at the base of the tail and wrap up to thorax.

Step 3. Form a pair of wings with wing burner. Pull up wing pair from the
underside of hook and tie in to the front end of the biot body. Touch bottom of
wing at tie in point with Zap-a-Gap for durability.

Step 4. Tie in and wrap stiff hackle.

Step 5. Form thread head with whip finish. Apply head cement.

Pattern can also be tied using PMD colors.
                            Foam Wing Emerger

                       Hook: 18-24 Mustad 94840
                       Thread : Brown, Gray, or Olive 8/0 or smaller
                       Tail: Brown ,Gray, or Olive hackle fibers
                       Abdomen: Thread
                       Thorax: Superfine Dubbing color to match other components
                       Wing: Open Cell Foam

Step 1. Lay down thread base and tie in hackle fibers for tail.

Step 2. Form abdomen with thread wraps. Use rocking motion to flatten thread for
smooth transition.

Step 3. At the two-thirds point, form a dubbed noodle and make a couple of wraps.

Step 4. Tie in thin piece of foam and continue to form thorax with dubbed thread.

Step 5. Whip finish and clip foam wing to a length of 1/16”.

Air bubbles will adhere to foam wing in the water simulating the gas sack that propels
naturals to the surface.
                        Cream Midge Larva


               Hook: 18-24 Tiemco 2487 or other curved shank scud hook
               Thread : Gray 8/0 or smaller
               Body: Size Rod Wrapping Thread
               Head: Thread

Step 1. Lay down thread base with gray thread.

Step 2. Tie in rod wrapping thread well past the hook barb.

Step 3. Wrap thread forward to just short of hook eye. Spin bobbin a couple of
turns same direction with each wrap to produce a segmented effect.

Step 4. Tie off and clip off wrapping thread and build small head with gray
thread. Color front half of thread head with brown marker.
                         Midge Clustercator


               Hook: 14-18 Tiemco 900 BL (1x fine 1x wide)
               Thread: Black 6/0 or smaller
               Post: Black and White Antron or similar material
               Hackle: Grizzly (oversized) or White CDC

Step 1. Lay down thread base with black thread and stop mid shank.

Step 2. Tie in a bunch of black Antron about pencil size thick and 1 inch long .

Step 3. Make two soft wraps and cinch down causing the Antron to flare.

Step 4. Tie in a smaller bunch of white Antron and stack over the black like you
would stack deer hair.

Step 5. Pull all the Antron up and make several wraps at the base to form a post
for the hackle. Tie in and wrap hackle parachute style. Finish off thread with
several half hitches.

Step 6. While holding Antron up vertical clip off with scissors to about ¼ inch.
Then flatten by squeezing Antron with thumb and forefinger.

Fly should be greased heavily with floatant and fished with an emerger pattern
dropper where legal to fish two flies.

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