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									                         Absolute Beauty
                               175 Elphin Road, Newstead
                                   Tel: +613 6331 0449

                     Peace, Quiet & Recovery
                            Me Time!
With Christmas, the New Year, Valentines Day and the Launceston Cup behind us, we like
most of you I am sure, are looking forward to the pace slowing a bit! The kids are back at
school, life is returning to normal and we are well into another year. We would like to take
this opportunity to thank you all for your support so far this year and we look forward to
being able to offer you a special place to relax and unwind during the year. Tracey Orr &
The Team

                  “A Welcome back and two hello’s”
Well the worst kept secret in history is out! Chelsea has returned to the salon and brings
with her that infectious sense of humor, mad as a hatter personality and an abundance
and wealth of knowledge! Welcome back Chels, we have missed you.

The next 6 weeks will see Chelsea spend the majority of her time with our two newest nail
techs, Jess and Sarah. Two hellos to them! Jess and Sarah are already fully qualified nail
technicians but will undergo the next 6 weeks of intensive training with Chels. This will
ensure that they know how we do, and how you like your nails done, before they hit the
nail bar on the 17th April 2007.

Jess and Sarah will shortly be taking clients at “Models Pricing”. A full set of acrylics will be
$35.00 and a backfill will be $25.00 with the normal after hour’s surcharges applying. If you
want great nails at half the price book your spot with them NOW. They have limited spots
available so first in best nailed!

                     Who wants to book at midnight?
Great to see so many clients making the most of our new website and booking online.
Thanks for all the great feedback. When creating our website we didn’t aim for pretty!
We aimed to create a site that is informative, easy to navigate and use. Many of you
have reported how nice it is to just shoot through a booking form at any time of the day or
night instead of having to ring. If you still haven’t visited our website log onto
www.absolutebeauty.com.au and have a look or make your next booking!

                  Specials Board By Popular Demand
                                We keep our promises . . .

In keeping with our promises to bring you at least 6 specials a month we have some great
ways for you to treat yourself without spending a fortune. We have tried to create some
specials this month that will allow all of you, our lovely clients, to take advantage of them.
Lets go…

Marylyn’s Eyes Had It – Do Yours?
So many clients have asked for a special on eyelash extensions so here it is by popular
                    Mini Taste Set Lash Extensions         $55.00
                    Anne Thomas Lash Curler               $29.95
                    Eye Brow Shape                        Valued at $16.00 FREE
                    Eye Brow Tint                         Valued at $13.00 FREE
                    Belavance Artistry Liner              Valued at $34.00 FREE
                    La Biosthetique Capsule Twin pack Valued at $9.00 FREE
                         You pay just $84.95, normally $156.95. SAVE $72.00
                                            Strictly first 9 clients only.

Face Lift In A Lunch Hour Anyone?
Every one is addicted to it so finally a special for all our hard core addicts! Yes a full course
of micro-dermabrasion plus VPL facial rejuvenation and free products.
(4) Micro-dermabrasions                         $380.00
(1) Micro-dermabrasion (Extra)                  Valued at $95.00 FREE
Skin X Pert Treatment                           Valued at $28.00 FREE
Ultraceuticals Ultra A serum                    Valued at $86.00 FREE
Ultraceuticals Mini Tote Bag                    Valued at $20.00 FREE
$15 Product Voucher                             Valued at $15.00 FREE
Full Face VPL Rejuvenation Treatment            Valued at $245.00 FREE
You pay just $380, normally $869.00. SAVE $489.00
                            Strictly first 7 clients.

                        Hair Be Gone?
                        We get so many enquiries about permanent hair reduction and our
                        last special for VPL was 18 months ago, so for those of you that have
                        been waiting for it – here it is again!
                        (5) Underarm Treatment                        $450.00
                        VPL Consult                                   Valued at $25.00 FREE
                        (5) Underarm Waxes                            Valued at $80.00 FREE
                        (1) Standard Bikini Line VPL Treatment        Valued at $110.00 FREE
                        (1) Standard Bikini Line Wax                  Valued at $18.00 FREE
                You pay just $450, normally $683.00. SAVE $233.00
                               Strictly first 5 clients.

                        Whoooo we are the best . . .
 Measure Wrinkles!          Measure the
                                                     Well the Skin-X-Pert is here and up and
                            oil & moisture           running! It is amazing to see what we
                            in your skin             cannot see???? Let me explain. Gone
                                                     are the days where we just look at the
                                                     surface of your skin to try to determine if
                                                     your skin is functioning normally. Other
                                                     salons do that. Not us.

 See build up              See your capillaries      Using the technology of the Skin-X-Pert
 of dead cells
                                                     we see what we do not see. That is we
                                                     are able to see beneath your skin. We
                                                     are able to look through your skin to the
                                                     dermal layers where pigmentation is
                                                     hiding waiting to come to the surface,
                                                     we can see the health or not of your
capillary network and we can actually measure the depth of facial wrinkles. What’s more
your skin type is scientifically determined and analysed. Pretty amazing.

At the time of typing this newsletter I had conducted our first 3 Skin-X-Pert treatments. The
lucky first clients were AMAZED – that’s not my terminology but theirs. We saw pigment
damage in a 20-something year old client that is not yet visible on the skin, we saw
capillary damage not yet visible on the surface for a 30-something client and we were
able to measure the exact oil levels in a client with an oily acne skin. This means that we
can treat this damage before it ever rears it’s ugly head so to speak.

You no longer need to look for the fountain of youth because we now have the future of
youth, right here and only right here. Yep, that’s right no other salon in Launceston will
ever have the Skin-X-Pert. Just us and just you!

As therapists we are in a unique position of being able to get real and visible results for our
clients like we never have before. As clients you get to see what we see and you get to
track your results. Book your Skin-X-Pert treatment soon but be patient as we are already
booked out for the Skin-X-Pert for the next few weeks but we will fit every one of you in as
soon as we can! Just $28.00 to look into the future and turn back the clock before it even

                                     Online Shop
We are always looking for ways to make it easier for you to care for your skin. Now you
can do it online. Instead of getting in the car to come down and pick up your skin care
you simply can order from the comfort of your own home!

Log onto our website at www.absolutebeauty.com.au and go the online shop. Have a
browse or just jump straight in and place your order. Postage to anywhere in Australia is
just $4.50 and your skin care will be delivered to your door. As a great launch special the
first 27 clients to place an order this month will be able to use the voucher below to get a
discount. Simply enter the voucher code when shopping and you will automatically get a
$20.00 discount when you spend $100 or more. You save 20%!

The voucher code will only work 27 times and so if you drag your feet you will miss out.
Enjoy our “drive-through” beauty shop!      Voucher Code:          Launch

                           Direct from the catwalk……
Direct from the catwalk are the new autumn/winter colours from Belavance. Think sense &
sensuality. You can create each look you see simply and easily with the minimum of
products. Enjoy the launch of what are the next season’s hottest colours.

                      The eyes are created using Pencil for
                      Eyes Bronze Silk. Magic Shadow Mono
                      17 in the corner of the eyes and
                      beneath the brows. Shimmering
                      opulence is created on the lips with
                      Sensual Lipstick 115 and transparent Lip
                      shine Supreme.
                                                          Create excitement by emphasizing
                                                          the corner of the eye with Pencil For
                                                          Eyes Petrol Silk and shimmering
                                                          magic shadow Mono Stardust. Team
                                                          this up with Sunlight Gloss Caramel.

  Team your new                                    Eye makeup has never been so simple and beautiful.
    look with the                                  Magic Eyes Lavender – a shimmering lilac – is applied
  latest release in                                virtually up to the eyebrows, bringing out the color in
                                                   your eyes. Even more drama can be achieved by
     polishes for                                  emphasizing the outer corner of the eye with dark
 Autumn & Winter.                                  blue or Violet pencil. Flatter your lips with Sensual
                                                   Lipstick 114.

                                       In Finishing ……
The team here is growing, the salon expanding and we have lots of surprises in store for
you for 2007. Our aim this year is to become a “world-famous” salon that can offer you a
level of service and comfort that is second to none. Along with the introduction of our
new treatments, the Skin-X-Pert and a new skin care line; we will be concentrating on
increased staff training and periodical client feedback surveys. After all, you are the most
important person in our business and the only person qualified to give us advice!

As usual if there is anything you would like to see in the salon, or any advice or feedback
you can give to us, feel free to speak to myself or one of our friendly team.

                                                                     Thank You, Tracey Orr & The Team


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