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Subpoena notice by cleanerlakewood

VIEWS: 10,982 PAGES: 43

Mail to: P.O. Box 190, Middletown, N.J. 07748
Deliver to: 125 Half Mile Road, Suite 300, Red Bank, N.J. 07701
(732) 741-3900

Attorneys for Plaintiffs, Somerset Development, LL,C and Ralph Zucker

RALPH ZUCKER,                                     CHANCERY DIVISION
                                                  OCEAN COUNTY
                                                  DOCKET NO. OCN-C- 119-10
                                                                    Civil Action
and JOHN DOE NOS. 1-10, fictitious                        SUBPOENA DUCES TECUM
persons and entities,


TO:       Google, Inc.
          c/o Corporation Service Company
          830 Bear Tavern Road
          West Trenton, New Jersey 08628

          PLEASE TAKE NOTICE pursuant to Rule 1:9-2 of the rules governing the Courts of

the State of New Jersey, you are hereby commanded to attend and give testimony to the above

referenced entitled action, at the law office of Giordano Halleran & Ciesla, P.C., 125 Half Mile

Road, Suite 300, Red Bank, New Jersey, on July 16, 2010 at 10:00 AM and that you have and

bring with you and produce at the same time and place, the data referred to in the Rider attached

         PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NoTiCE that the documents subpoenaed herein shall not

be produced or released until the date specified above for taking of the deposition, and that if You

are notified that a motion to quash this Subpoena has been filed, you shall not produce or release

the subpoenaed evidence unless by,court ordcr or the release of the documents is consented to by

all parties to this action.

        PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTIICE that your failure to appear according to the

command of this Subpoena will subject you to a penalty, damages and a civil suit imnd

punishment for contempt of court.

        PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that your personal appearance will be waived if

the documents subpoenaed are produced, at the timc and place described in the annexed Rider by

the date specified herein.

Attorneys for Plaintiffs, Somerset Development, I.LC and Ralph Zucker

       ROBERTJ. FEINBERG, EW.                        JEN) IER M.PEREZ
                                                     CDERK OF THE suprERIOI;COURT

Dated: June 25, 2010

         1.     All documents and data containing or relating to the personally identifiable

information which may identify or lead to the identification of the person(s) or entity(ies) who

operates and maintains the website located at http://cleanerlakewood, (the "Cleaner

Lakewood Blog") and is identified as "Cleaner Lo,kewood' and maintains an email address at

" cleaner! akewood@gmail.corn."     A copy of the most recent iteration of the Cleaner Lakewood

Blog is attached as Exhibit A to this Rider.

         2.    All documents and data containing or relating to the personally identifiable

information which may identify or. lead to the identification of the person(s) or entity(ies) who

anonymously     published    the following     comments     in response    to a blog located at

http:/Hc leanerlakewood. bl ogspot. com/2O01/06/dou blIe.-standard. htm I (the   "Double   Standard

Blog"), a copy of which, along with all comments posted thereto, is attached as Exhibit B to this


               (i) Posted at 3:46 p.m. on June 4, 2010:

                       "Anonymous" said...

                       "I heard Ralph Zucker is behind all the anti hh propaganda
                       going around Hey Ralph we have so much shmutz [a
                       Yiddish word meaning dirt a- filth] on you. I suggest you
                       stop bothering hh immediately or we will start to reveal all.
                       Whet'her it is land dealings or other issues closer to your
                       heart. How did you feel when SB was against corzine?"

         3.    All documents and data c ontaining or relating to the personally identifiable

information which may identify or lead to the idenwification of the person(s) or entity(ies) who

anonymously     published   the   following comments       in response     to a blog located at 10/06/good -comment-posted_07.himlI             (the   "Good

 Comment Blog"), a copy of which, along with all comments posted thereto, is attached as

 Exhibit C to this Rider:

                (i) Posted at 12: 10 p.m. on June 7, 2010:

                        "Anonymous" said...

                        "Its not enough for benny Moish v Ralph and1the rest of the
                        vaad gang to resign and steo aside should they pay back
                       the kehilla for all the mo;iey that was stolen for the
                       gneivaas daass of the goullable tzibbur."

        4.      All documents and data containing or relating to the personally identifiable

information which may identify or lead to the identification of the following person(s) or

entity(ies) who anonymously published the following comments in response to a blog located at                    (the
"Congratulations to the Winners Blog"), a copy of which, along with all comments posted

thereto, is attached as Exhibit D to this Rider:

               (i) Posted at 9:49 p.m, on June 8, 2010:

                       "Anonymous" said...

                       Ila[njother lo[jser ralph the land swapper who paved the
                       way for the senior vote by stealing 6 million in tax dollars."

       5.      All documents and data containing, or relating to the personally identifiable

information which may identify or lead to the identification of the following person(s) or

entity(ies) who anonymously published the following comments in response to a blog located at /06/next-campaign.html (the "Land Swap Blog"), a

copy of which, along with all comments posted thereto, is attached as Exhibit E to this Rider:

               (i) Posted at 3:3 8 p.m. on June 10, 2010:

                       "Anonymous" said...

                       "Take it easy on Schron

                      zucker / somerset is known as an under the table crook,
                      schron is just an investor and really is not involved in the
                      nitty gritty. I am sure ifyou dont paste his name all over
                      and you go speak to him like a menich and explain that
                      people are getting hurt he would listen . he is too big a
                      classy for these small dirty deals."

               (ii) Posted at 3:14 a.m. on June 11, 2010:

                      "Anonymous" said:
                      "Rabosai why don't we set up a time to demonstrate in
                     front of zucker house if we get even 50 guys with sighns he
                      will have to stop look what the landlaords association did
                      to meir lichteinsteins house a-id he wasn t directly involved
                      while over here he directly is not stopping from stealing
                     ftomn the oilem [the world] so,meone set a day and time with
                      two days notice like 7:15 and spread the word and someone
                      hang up signs around yeshiva and he will have to stop
                      zucker gets very embarrassed."

              (iii) Posted at 9:06 a.m. on June 11, 2010:

                      "Anonymous" said...

                      "Boycott   -

                     I- Somerset developments
                     2- BP Graphics
                     3- Meals on Wheels
                     4- Weissberg
                     5- Kanarek
                     6- Kosherwest
                     7- Lman Hakolel
                     8- Anchor Leasing
                     9- Madison Title
                       10- Shenkelowski
                       I11- Lakewood 2416
                       12- No subscriptions or ads in Yaled.
                       13- No ads on Matzav
                       14- Rabbi Blech is the Grandtfather qf the VAAD- He also
                       doesn't pay taxes on the closed Y building on Lexington &
                       2,dSt. Give your membership in his shut on 13 'h & Madison
                       I5- Rozansky"

                (iv) Posted at 3:52 p.m. on June 11, 2010:

                       "Anonymous" said...

                       "We should also expel thei,- children from the schools.
                       They are in the category of a MOISER. They are being
                       MOISER momoin yisroel lV ak~um.

                        "You can't be mitzarqf them tq a minyan, etc.

                        "How will they be able to ret urn all that geneivah, it isnt'
                       just a gromah - It's a direct hit.

                        "It is a serious matter.

        6.     All documents and data' containing or relating to the personally identifiable

information which may identify or lead to the identification of thc following person(s) or

entity(ies) who anonymously published the following comments in response to a blog located at

hitp://c! (the "Just In B3log"), a copy of

which, along with all comments posted thereto, is attached as Exhibit F to this Rider:

               (i) Posted at 3:09 p.m. on June 13, 2010:

                       "Anonymous" said...

                       "Ralph is a rip off arirfst but the committee as a whole is
                       smarter than him!'

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Cleaner Lakewood

 Thursday, June 24. 2010                                                                                 Blog Archive

 It's who you you know                                                                                   V 2010 (68)
                                                                                                  L             ue(8
 Cleaner Lakewood is investigating an alteged corruption claim about the MUJA.                                ItV whneyo68u) no

 Apparently someone has gotten a job on the board for the MUA only because they are                          Treat Mayor Langert with respect
 related to one of the committee men. This is a job with full benefits.                                      Tetuh h ofrogsi
 It seems that this person has NO specific experience to get on the board of the NIUA.
 How did they secure themselves a job Vke that?                                              LWhy                 Lakewood Townsnip Is Not
                                                                                                               Instituting Furlough
 We are not accusing anyone of corruption, but this definitely does nut smell good.                          UDT:Fia             uluhi
 If anyone has any details, please email us so we can verify, before exposing the details.
                                                                                                             Bob Singer and the Seniors
 Posted by Cleaner Lakewood at 12:30 PM         16 comments (Cj1.                                            Aaron Koller Propaganda

                                                                                                    I.:Many N.J. towns cancel July 4th
 Treat Mayor Langert with respect                                                                        celebrations
                            Readr            Sbmited:Yeshiva                                                         Rejection Letter
                                                                                                    ..       Friday Furlough in Lakewood
 I have noticed over the last couple of day's posts and comments about the Mayo, in                          Yehvanoien plcto
 very negative tone. Some of those have been removed but not all. I would like to point
 out a few things,                                                                           1::Thank               You!

 1) Mayor Langert was gracious enough to respond to your email. even though you'reFML"PR                     Cleaner Investigates; "SAVE A
 an anonymous site. No one of the other committee would have respondoed to you at all,
                                                                                                             RE: Yated editorial by Pinchos
 Read more >>                                                                                                  Lipschutz and lette...
                                                                                                             Double standard?
Posted by Cleaner Lakewood at 10:22 AM         5 comments
                                                                                                             DEVELOPING STORY: Solar
                                                                                                               Electric for the BOE
The truth, why no furloughs in Lakewood?                                                                     THIS JUST IN

Reader Submitted:                                                                                            "Mr. President. Whose Side Are
                                                                                                               You On"
There are no Furloughs in Lakewood because: if they would do layoffs it would be                             Cleaner Investigates 'SAVE A
based on seniorily.                                                                                            FAMILY"
                                                                                                             Re: Yated
Furloughs on the other hand effects alt of the old timers as well. Old tiners usuall/                        LAND SWAP DEAL MUST BE
know the "skeletons in the closet". If those old timers noltfy the decision makers 'rhere    .                 STOPPED9M'
will be no furloughs', that's enough to put It to bed. Layoffs on the other hand are very    V                hv aloln
unpopular and can get very vocal as we witnessed at the EMS.
                                                                                                             Bob's 14 Principles of Faith
Posted by Cleaner Lakewood at 7:18 AM         9 comments                                                     Win or Lose I'm Done!,

                                                  . ..... .. .......
                                                            .                                                BOB Singers Promise'.
  dNPOrresay. Jur' 23. 2010                                                                                  Reader Submitted. The
                                            ....                --                                       Breakdown
  WAhy Lakewood Township Is Not InstitutingCogautintoheinrs
                             Fm         loigh                       FidaysThe                                 V/AACI anounces "We don't
 We would like to thank the Mayor for responding to our readers request.                                    care about your taxes".
                                                                                                         Polling Station Protlems!!
         VsOGM660Y JUnli23. 11:16 AM-
 By8   Steven LmarVitFM Cleaner LUe*Mde                                                                  Why are they called SNAKES

 Because of my proactive stance on the budget, L~akewood Township is finding )I&:tIf in aShneosi&VA
 better financial position than some of the neighboring towns. For this reason, wedo1 not                VOTE for Harold Herskowitz
 have to institute 'Furlough Fridays' at this point.
                                                                                                         Who is the Rosh Hayeshivas
  By con,trolling spending, we have been able to offer no tax Increase to our taxpay3rs. At   *family             voting for? see
 the same time. it is very important to me that our town be able to maintain and provIde                 Listen to this important
 the same level of services to our residents that they currently have.                                      Annoucmnent
                                                                                                         VOTE TODAY!!! 4-C

 Posted by Cleaner Lakrewood at 8:31 AM              32 comments                                         "Just because someone says

                                                                                                         UPDATE On BREAKING NEWS
 Tuesday, June 22. 2010JUTNi
                                                                    .......                              The "REAL" Real Facts
 UPDATE Friday Furlough in Lakewood                                                                      BREAKING NEWS!!'
 We are removing the previous post as we have just gotten word that we will have                         Lies! Lies! Lies! & More Lies!
 an answer by tomorrow aftenoon.
                                                                                                         Exit Polls
 We are waiting for the answer and will update everyone as soon as we get the                            Good comment posted
                                                                                                         15 Questions from Rabbi Yehuda
                                                                                                           Shain to Senator Bo...
 Posted by Cleaner Lakewood at 2:48 PM              0 comments r-
                                        - -If   .       .       -         -                               you live in Lakewood. NJ. and
                                                                                                           will be participa...
 Bob Singer' and the SeniorsBAUHDYNE                                                                                            S
On the websile lak,ewoodsvoice.corn there is an article called                                          Serious Credibility Issue

 "Assessing our properties. Was it done fairly?"                                                        Voting Instructions UPDATED
                                                                                                        Tax Rate-Why NOW?? Because
We noticed an interesting comment made by chaim which is about Bob Singer.                                Bob Singer getting thin...

"In 2008-2009 The Seniors were going to appeal their tax assessments. Mr. LarryPrptyTxReHieITh
Simons & Bob H'obday were the organizers. Suddenly they did not appeal en masse. It'sFaeOUpoigE..
a known fact That Senator Singer convinced the Seniors through their reps that instead            Ray Shach ZATZAL
of appealing individualy, Senator Bob Singer wilt work with the Reval firm to keep theirt              t   eidnaopsn
assessments very tow so they will have a much greater financial benefit tharn apptaWing             Geot.Rin o ppoingi.
now for a one yea( gain. Isn't that somehow illegal? Shouldn't there bie an outcry f(ora
Recall for Senator Singers Senate seat?"                                                          Shenky & the V'AAD are distorting
                                                                                                          the truth "gi"
Anyone with more information on this please contact us.Godcm                                                         nlpse
For those of you who want to read the whole article Click here.                                         Bob Singer lying again
                                                                                                        )5 Questions ficim Rabbi Yehuda
Posted by Cleaner Lakewood at 1:31 PM               0 comments           'JSa                                   toenorB.
                                                                                . . .. ...Why
                                                                                       .                     The Double Standard?"

r~riday. June 18. 2010                                                                                  Bob SINGER & the VAAD Gets
                             .-.                                    -.             -things                      done "without" I...
Aaron Kotler Propaganda                                                                                 CLEANLAKEWOOD HAS BEEN
                                                            I                                             HACKED
In this weeks Voice of Lakewood, there is an Op-Ed article regarding the, last elect on.                Hershel with CEO of BMG arid the
                                                                                                          Rosh Yeshiva3
This article is a smokescreen presented by Aaron Kotler to avert our eyes away from the
                                                                                                  NO CHOICE ELECTION
-theft   that the vaad has perpetrated under our nose.
                                                                                                  i Shraga Feivel Menclelowitz Z"L.
   To quote the article:                                                                            writes
   Read 111ore >>
                                                                                                  QUOTE- BY REB AHRON
                                                                                                   K(OTLER ZT"L                          -
   Posted by Cleaner Lakewood at 4:23 PM       26 comments L
                                                                                                 From a complaint that was fied
                                                                                                   with NJ State divi,...
   Many N.J. towns cancel Jul 4th celebrations                                                   BOB SINGER-Getting things done
                              Pubie,~d~    ~.~.   z,a 50                                            "without" the noise...
                             NIc       orbet/Fr            Th Str-LegerBOB                            SINGER- Getting things done
                                                                                                   "without' the nois...
  For some New Jersey towns, July 411h be celebrated with a lot tess sizzle this year.
                                                                                                 Great ltter with very poor
  In a cost-cutting move, a handful of towns have already canceled their annual Fouirth of         repnefrom Pinny
  July celebrations and fireworks displays, while others are scrambling to secure tu'iding       Bob Singer Lie About Capping
  from the private sector to keep the festivities afloat.                                          Annual Property Tax H...
  Read imore >
                                                                                                 Pinny, Enough already!!
  Posted by Cleaner Lakewood at 10:16 AM          6 comments 061i

  Yeshiva Rejection Letter                                                  ~
 To Rabbi and Mrs SFsdfdjfdfda,                                                              About Me

                                                                                                           Cleaner Lakewood
 We are not sorry to inform you that after careful consideration, we (and the vaad) have                   send email to:
 determined that your child is not a proper fit into our choshuve moisod.                                  clean arlakewoodgiit t;ornm
                                                                                                           View my completepril
 Our policy is to not teveal the reasons for rejection, however, below are some ia may
   z~ nyour situation.
       pl                                                             .....
*Reia more

 Posted by Cleaner Lakewood at 8:55 AM        11 comments    r;.                                 imlwan.

  ri         June 17. 2010

 Friday Furlough in Lakewood
Many have been emaiting us asking why the township is not instituting Friday furlough
like in many other towns in NJ. and asked us to post something about it, At first wo were
not going to post this, but after getting a tremendous amount of emalls regarding Ithis,
we felt it's important to get a clear answer from the Lakewood Committee.

We have sent an email to Mayer Steven Langean and as soon as we hear back from him
we will post his response.

In the meantime, anyone with more knowledge on this Is free to post a comment.

Posted by Cleaner Lakewood at 4:43 PM         16 comments    .

Yeshiva Enrollment Application
" Please filtout the questionnaire below in its entirety.
" Pteaso enclose along with it a $2000 application fee (post-dated and wic checks lot
- Please start calling us in 6-8 months (as per the schedule published by the Mashih
printed in the -shoppi") Don't exrpect to hear from us.

Read i1,0ip >>
  Posted by Cleaner Lakewood at 2:14 PM            16 comments      ?

  Tuesday. June 15. 2010

 Thank You!
 After our repoO yesterday on 'DOUBLE STANDARD" about the neglected status of this
 township owned properly, a township maintenance crew was dispatched this moining to
 clean it up. We would like to thank those of you who care about what our town lo,)ks like
 and are always looking for ways to improve it and we hope that others follow you-

                                " Dear Cheanier Lake wood
 Just to set the record straight. Someone saw thoepost on your blog &contacted
 me. I'm glad they did, as it gave me a chance to get the matter resolved In a timely
 fashion. Steven Lan gerl
                          Thank You Mayor Steven LangertlI

 Posted by Cleaner Lakewood at 12:51 PM            10 comments

Cleaner Investigates; "SAVE A FAMILY" PART:2
(Reader Discretion Advised)
 "Rabbi"H__has a commercial relationship with the oldest son of the father lfrcm a
previous marriage prior to their becoming baalt shuva many years ago). The son
provides his name and credit profile so the "ratbli" can amass properties, put mneAcans
in as renters, and ultimately sell off the properties for significant profil. all wrhilc collecting
 aid" on his own.
Read more

Posted by Cleaner Lakewood at 9:13 AM             19 comments

RE: Yated editorial by Pinchos                             LiPSChUt7 and              letter
in i-esponse

This is Rabbi Lipschutzs editorial. It appeared In the Yated Ne-erman, in the
Lakewood Shopper, and can be found on his blogspot

Wo are writing i,t regard to the second part of the article whure it is quitry clear
that this so callod "Rabbi" was referring to Hershel Herskowitz. This is what ho
wrote in the Yated and was published in the LaOvwood shoppur by requ est of
Aaron K~otler.

For those of you that want to read the whole article you can go Idthis link.

  Letter in Response
  Dear Rabbi Lipschutz,

  I wholeheartedly applaud your efforts on behalf of the unfortunate R' Sholom
  Rubashkin. 11  takes much courage to take on a position that Is initially unp.>pular,
  for the sake of.whad Is Yoshor.and,Toy.
       Rea..........                   *o
                                        ........... .....

  Posted by Cleaner Lakewood at 7:53 AM        12 Comments ii-*1

 Monday. June 14.2010

  Double standard.
 Reader Submitted:

 This isa property at 319 third street. It is owned by the lakewootl township.

 How are they allowed to keep their property overgrown and
 filled with garbage? How do they expect the slumlords to clean up their act>

BPosted   by Cleaner Lakewood at 7:45 PM      8 comments

                             . .................          ......            .........
                                                                          ; F.....
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                          CLEAN E RLAKEW00OD
                                    THlE TAXPAYERS          CLUrBHOUSE

  FRIDAY, JUNJE 4, ZOIO                                                     BLDG ARCHIVE

  Why The Double Standard?!                                                 T 2010   (46)
   1would honestly like to understand, why?                                   T June (46)
                                      1                       ~Bob's                  14 Principles of Faithi
  Why is it considered corruption or at the very least                          Win or Lose I'm Done!!
 unethical when a public servant reCeives a swee-.heart deal,                   808 Singers Promise!
 yet when a member of the Vaad who they promoteRedrSbit.Te
 themselves as being there for the Klal (aka public service)                         readownbmted      h
 dips their hand Into the cookie jar it's ok anid their agendasd
 promoted and smoke screened under the guise (if "Daas                         Congratulations to the
 Torah", My opinion of them is that their motives are totally                    winners!
  tainted arid cause a lack of achdus here in Lakev%ood which                  The VAAD anounces "We
  does not exist anywhere else in this Country. V'n' just                        don't care about your
 wondering why the Rosh Yeshivas are so blinded by the                           taxes"..
 obvious. I will mention that there are a few Vaad iiernbers                   Polling Station Problems!!
 that are true Oskim B'tzorchei Tzibbur, arid Hash?m should                    Wh are they called
 -watch over them and give them Hatzlachai                                       SNAKES
 POSTED BY CLEANER LAKE WOOD AT 122 PM                                         Shenkelowski & VAAD
                                                                              VOTE for Harold
 3 COMMENTS:                                                                  Who is the Posh

   Yudlel Shain said...                                                          Hayeshivas family
                                                                                 voting For? see
Please, -der-traki                                             Lislen to this important
JUNE 4, 2010 12;'46 PM                                                          Annoucilent
                                                                              VOTE TODAYH!' 4-C
   Anonymous said...
                                                                    "]Ust because someone
 to those vaad members anid askanirn who abused theirsasFCdon'ien
 power given to them by the (zibbur they may feel good now             i'
 and get kavod but they are asid litein es hadin foi being          UPDATE Oil BREAK<ING
gonev claas hiaberiyois as well as enriching themselves andNESJUTIP
put-ting the kehilla at a state or machlokes due to the tact
that they cannot represent the intere9ts Of the tzibbur             The "REAL" Real Facts
because of their Own negius and gain.                                        BREAKING NEWS!'!
               -- it-tW--4- 2O-r--2rl-'N-------   .~*   -   ...        --    Lfesf LTesi-O&Ts'&-mae-
   Anonymous said...Lis
I heard Ralph Zuker is behind all the anti hh pri agancla            Exit Polls
going around. Hey Ralph we have so much shmutz on you.               Good comment posted
I suggest you stop bothering hh immediately or we will               15 Questions from Rabbi
start to reveal all. Whether it is land dealings or other              Yehuda Shain to Senator
issues closer to your heart. How did you feel when SB wasBo.
              agaist            orzle?.If                              you live in Lakewood,
JUNE 4, 2010 3:46 PM                                                   NJ, and will be
Post a Comment                                                       BARUCH DAYAN EMES

Newer Post                   Home               Older Post          Serious Credibility Issue
                                                                    Voting Instructions
Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)                                    UPDATED

                                                                    Tax Rate-Why NOW??
                                                                      Because Bob Singer
                                                                      getting thin...
                                                                    Property Tax Rate Hike in
                                                                      The Face Of Upcoming
                                                                    Ray Shach ZATZAL
                                                                    14th St. Residents
                                                                      opposing Georgian Court
                                                                    Shenky 81 the VAAD are
                                                                      distorting the
                                                                      truth "again"...
                                                                   Good comment posted
                                                                   Bob Singer lying again
                                                                   15 Questions from Rabbi
                                                                     Yehuda Shain to Senator

                                                                   Why The Double
                                                                   Bob SINGER & the VAAD
                                                                     Gets things
                                                                     done "without" tI.
                                                                   CLEANLAKEWOOD HAS
                                                                     BEEN HACKED
                                                                   Hershel with CEO of BMG*
                      ____     ____                            -    .~anxi..LhRof Ysa
        R' Shraga Feivel
          Mendelowitz ZIL, writes
          KOTLER ZT"L
        From a complaint that: was
          filed with N) State dlivi...
        BOB SINGER-Getting
          things done "without"
          the noise.
        BOB SINGER- Getting
          things done "without"
          the nois...
        Great letter WILh vei-y poor
         response fram Pinny
       Bob Singer Lie About
         Capping Annual Propeity
         Tax H
       Pinny, EnoLIgh already!.


                     CLE A f4E R
                     LAKE WOOD

                -~send          email to:



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Ali.:dy a muonber'   rr,rn 'i
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                           CLEANER LAKEWOOD
                               WE PICK UP WHERE CLEAN LEFT OFF'

  MONIDAY,   JUNE    7, 2010                                              SLOG ARCHIVE

  Good comment posted                                                     T 2010      (44)
  The Voice or Lakewood magazine quoIted Bob Singer                         T June (44)
  saying,"Alf this adds up to homeowners not having to                         Fo Save a Family
  pay an extra dollar in property taxes this year." ThL                       Reader Submitted. The
  new tax rate of 2.294 0/ was just announiced.That means                       Breakdown
  unless your home Was re-appraised with a 19%/ cecrease,                     Congratulations to the
  your taxes will go tip.                                                      winners!
                                                                        rhe VAAD anoinces "We
                      FACTS:don't                                               care about your
 If you live in one of the following places watch yoir pocketsPolnStinPrbes,

                                                                              Why are they called
     " Westgate - you will pay between $750-$1,500                              SNAKES
       more each year, depending on the model                                Shenkelowski & VAAD
     " Pine River - will rise another $1200.00 pe- house                     VOTE for Harold
     " Agway -will add $500.00 to its tax bill                                 Herc;kowitz
     " Coventry - will add $300.00 - $750.00 to its tax bill                 Who is the Rosh
     " Chateau Park will add $SOO.00 to its tax bill                          Hayeshivas famnily
     " Kedma -will add $1,000.00 toit5 tax bill                               voting for? see

                                                                             Listen to this important
As usual Bob Singer is clueless to say 'when people are                        Anumn
struggling we need to struggle with them" We are not                         VOTE TODAY' 4-C
interested in your struggle. Just lower Our toxes that you                   "Just because someone
have been promising to do for 29 years.                                        says FACT doesn't mean
VOTE FOR HAROLD HERSKOWITZ                                                  UIPDATE On BREAKING
JUNE STH REPUBLICAN PRIMARY                                                   NEWS, )UST IN!"!
POSTED BY C L(AsiER LAKE WOOD, AT 10.2        0->,~.                        The "REAL" Real Facts
                                                                            BREAKING NEWS!!!

                                                                            Lies! Lies! Lies' & More
27 COMMENTS:                                                                  Lies'
                     A!2onm.ousj~..  -...---.--.                            Exit Poll!,      __
  This VAAD has been cheating us for years. I cant believe I          Good comment posted
  used to vote for them in the past..,.] 'noticed that in this        15 Questions from Rabbi
  years mailing they didn't write 'any erosion or apathy will           Yehuda Shain to Senator
  effect the entire Kehilla" They are starting to realize that by       Bo...
  raising our property taxes'to unprecedented level!, they are        If you live in Lakewood,
  the divisive force that are seperatin.rg us                            NJ, and will be
  JUNE 7, 2010 10:49 AiM                                                participa,..
                                                                      BARUCH DAYAN EMES
     Anonymous said...                                                Serious Credibility Issue
  The Vaads answer-:
                                                                      Voting Instructions

  My gardener broke into my house to Iday He was on his wayUPAE
  out with cash & jewelry when I noticed him. I didn't call           Tax Rate-Why NOW??
  911 because I have Hakaros Hatov to him.                              Because Bob Singer
  JUNE 7, 2010 10:49 AMgetnth_
                                                                     Property Tax Rate Hike In

     Anonymous said...                                                 The Face of upcoming
  Why am I always reading in the paper that the As4oilim in          Rav Shach ZATZAL
  KJ are busy FINALIZING multi million dollar grants for their
 community. Does anyone in LAke wood irernember a VAAD               14th St. Residents
 member assisting them with anything??? They hide! behind              opposing Georgian Court
 an anyonomous letter once a year and don( venture out of              expansi_.
 their caves all year round-                                         Shenky & the VAAD are
                                                                       distorting the
 JUNE 7, 2010 10*52 Am                                                 tuh"gi".

    Anonymous said                                                   Good comment posted
 Enough is Enough,..                                                 Bob Singer lying again
                                                                     1S Questions from Rabbi
We should start thinking of a newly Flected VAAD o1ce the              Yehuda Shain to Senator
current VIAAD disbands                                                 Bo...
 JUNE 7, 2010 10:54 AM                                              Why The Double
    Anonymous said.-                                                Bob SINGER & the V/AAD
I heard that AK is planning on stepping aside from making             Gets things
decisions for the VAAD J thinks itsB.H starting to hf!ad in          done "without t...
the right direction..                                               CLEANLAKEWOOD) HAS
JUNE 7, 2010 10:S6 AM                                                 BEEN HACKED
                                                                    Ilier5hel with CEO of 8MG
   Anonymous said...                                                  and the Rosh Yeshiva
Why did the VAAD have to claim that they are refying on             NO CHOTCF~ ELECTION
    Shinuer. .. 1 think a more. niovel idea would be to say
R____Pav                                                            R,SriaFeivcl
   they are backing BS because of Rav Isser Zalmar                                  Mendelowitz Z"L, writes
   Meltzer. ... is not one Gadol today would back voting for
               Fact                                                                 QUOTE- BY REB AHRON
   a Me5humid They Cant dig up Gedolim in the past.... I know                         KOTLER ZT%
   for a fact that the VAAD sent a Sh-aliach to Rav Elyashiv                        From a complaint that was
   who said its ASSUR to vote for a Meshumid                                          filed with NJ State divi-,
   JUNE 7, 2010 11:00 AM                                                           BOB SINGER-Getting
                                                                                        things done "without"
     Anonymous said...                                                                  the noise...
  The VAAD ignored the growing resentment against them In                          BOB SINGER- Getting
  previous years... It is important that HH win with HUGE                            things done "without"
  numbers...,                                                                        the nois...
  JUNE 7, 2010 11:03 AM                                                            Great letter with very po~or
                                                                                     response from Pinny
     Anonymous said...                                                             Bob Singer Lie About
  It is true Maran Rav Elyash'iv said it is ASSUR to vate for                        Capping Annual Property
  BS....                                                                             Tax H-._
                                                                                   Pinny, Enough alreadyl!
  Yet they are making Maran Ray ShIlLer turn in his Kever by
  blamning the endorsement of BS on him
  JUNE 7, 2010 11:05 AM
                                                                         ABOUT ME

    Anonymous said...                                                    CENRLKWO
 Good comment...                                                         send email to:
 I think in their next nmailing if they are still in power which I       vl[W     MY COMPLE~TE PROFILE
 doubt they will balarne their endorsement on Rav, Isser
 Zalman Meltzer's father most people dont know wlo he is..

 Why blame Maran Rav Slinuer- for this...                                         Follow '9
 JUNE 7, 2010 11:07 AN                                                    w.i6 Google Fitencl Connect
                                                                         Followers (3)
   Anonymous said...O
I"m shocked that the head Of the VAAD isni. asharned that
they are degrading his fathei by alleging that he is the
reason behind the BS endorsement
                                                                         Ali,iady a inernberl5ign it
JUNE 7, 2010 11:08 AM

   Anonymous said...
Thie Vaad will disband... No one will know the differviice as
nlo one knows who they are at, they dourit put Lh, ir iiarres
down on [lie mailing. They ki)owvt V1yon0 in) town rLsellLs -        .    .~~.-
   what they have done so why even put their personal name
   on the mailing
   JUNE 7, 2010 11: 10 AM

     Anonymous said-,
   They didn't blame Maran Rav Ahron Kotler for the
   endorsement because they know he would have fought with
   fire against a corrupt VAAD and against a "eshumad
  JUNE 7, 2010 11!12 AM

     Anonymous Said-.
  Its time to bring some Askonim from Kiryas Yoel aind
  Williamsburgh to Lakewood so they can teach US how to get
  grants and how to lower property taxes., AchduS will
  return to town afterwards....
  JUNE 7, 2010 11:13 AM

     Anonymous said...
 The VAAD doesnt represent our Kodesh HaK<odishim BMG al
 they represent is the interests of a chosen few people in
 Town who are taking advantage of previously naive~ peoplL
 like myself who voted with them for many years till last
 JUNE 7, 20 10 1 1: 1' AM

    AncinYMOUs said...
 Maran Ray Ahron Zatsal sttod for EMMES... He would never
 allow millions of Yiddesher tax, dollars wated so rha: a few
 wealthy yechldh, could personally proflt
 JUNE 7, 2010 11;19 AM

   Anonymous said...
Coventry will be goin up much more than that afTokjrt mor
like $650   -   $1,500
JUNE 7, 2010 1.1:35 AM

   Anonymous said...
There is no way That Maran Rav Ahron WOUld allow a VAAID
comprised of Baalei Bat-tim to take away hard earned
money from the Yungeleit... The VAAD is directly gulty for
 H-ad they only asked Maran Rav Elyashiv this question when
 he said its ASSUR to vote for the Meshumid he would have
 physically thrown them out of his house
 JUNE 7, 2010 11:57 AM
   Anonymous said...
  ts not enough for benny Moish v ralph and the re!;t of the
 vaad gang to resign and step aside they should p
 the kehlita far all the money thiat was stolen for the~
 gnelvaas daass of the goullable tzlbbur.
 JU E 7, 2010 12:10 PM
     Tricking People                        C   m      uiyZ
    Anonymous said...
 they only publicize a psak when its In their favor.
 JUNE 7, 2010 12:13 PM

    Anonymous said...
 All VAAD members & associates, please leave Lakewvood
 ASAP. Do not take any of your il gotten gains, it all belongs
 to the Lakewood tax payers. Leave sigried "quit claim
 deeds" on all of your holdings.
 JUNE 7, 2010 12:22 PM

    Anonymous said...
Rabbosei now that the AKt is away its Lime for the mouse to
come out and play.
JUNE 7, 2010 12:23 PM

   Anonymous said,.
The VAAD will only disband if they get crushed in this
election.., the choice is yours runaway spending by people
who dont represent us. Option 2 True Achdus with 6IMG
getting the lion share of all the money without any "MIDDLE
JUNE 7, 2010 12:28 PM

  Anonymous said...
A demand to the V/AAD from the residents of takewood.
  JUNE 7, 2010 12:30 PM

        Anonymous said...

 Bob Singer is costing Lakewood Township tax pay ars $6
 Million to "r and stay in office.
 In order to move a school from being too close to a senior
 development and guarantee the senior vote, Bob Singer is
 giving away $6 Million worth of land to a local bullder In a
 land swap deal. He Is having the builder's land appraised
 for $7 Million when it Is only worth $1 Mllhon- costing us $6


 Bob Singer has been controlling and manipulating the
 Lakewood Township Committee for 29 years now.

 He has been involved in every Dackrooni deal in ofder to
 benefit himiself, or his friends.

 All of these backrooni deals have cost the taxpayers
 millions over the years.

c. FACT!

The one year that Bob Singer was in the majority, he not
only voted on the budget, he Increased it by anoth, r 1O%

Which means that all Lhe 11 years he voted agains:: the
budget was because it waS (00 I0W for him?


)UJNE    7, 2010 12:38 Pf-
    Anonymous said...
 my house is going up $1600 could anyone stop this
 JUNE 7, 2010 1:00 PM

    Anonymous said...
 Singer's leeches just can't leave go of their grip c,n LIS. Grip
 those leeches one at a time in your more Powerful hand & s-
 q-u-e-e-z-e, until you sense no more movement, just like
 they have been doing to you all these years.Tzapen-de-blit.
 JUNE 7, 2010 1:28 PM

   Anonymous said...
 according to singer he opposed tho~ budgec I L out of 12

 1) what about the other 18 budgeLS?

2) Miller, lichtenstien and Coles voted for those bUdgets,
with the encouragmnent of the VAAD. ENOUGH the VAAD
must disband NOW. Those curiently o1) the VAAD Should
NEVER Serve in any capacilty in a positi on of Powel-
JUNE 7, 2010 1.32 PM

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   He cantl run as a Independent party. It too iate. He's dowe! tie's finisheidi Bye        JUST IN!I1
   bye "H111I                                                                             The 'REAL' Flea) Fadls
   Ju,ne 8,2010 g:27 PMl                                                                 BREAKING NEWSNI
   Anciryfrpous said...                                                                  Ues! Liesi Lies! S More Lies!
   Monash or minr better watcil there backs (donl know wICh oWe     Comes jp toe         Ext Polls;
   vote IrsrI) bec: M winlbe demnridig proof fron you asto why you deserv a              Good comment posted
   seat bank on rte comostee I niot if wilt become HH (remember the seniors
   don't like them over HH-any better to tlnem there lust anothr fbum guy)               15 Ouilartils from Rabbi Yehuda
                                                                                           Shaint to Senato So...
   June a. W010 9t36 PM
                                                                                         it you live in Lakewood. NJ. anti
  Anonymous said_                                                                            wilt be partIcipa...
  Bye bye $1000 tax reductions.                                                          BARUCH DAYAN EMES
  Bye, bryehonesty "nan end to favors lt machers.                                        S oacttar su
  Bye, bye having civii discourse with a bunch of phony futcichs; like you               SrosCrdblt 8U
  Breaking down the voes,we anl that we're no atone inour disgust fr th-e
                                  see                                                    Votng tInstruCtiorm; UPDATED
  people who treat this township as their own little piggy bank.                         Tax Rate-Why NOW?? Because
  Your day will ne-soorier than you think.                                                  Bob Singer getting thin
  June 8. 2010 9:40 PML                                                                  Property Tax Rate Hike In FN
                             Anonyous                     md...Face                              Of Upcoming Ele...
  we should all gather and vte or the democrat mlithe riarisor for                      Rav Shach ZATZAL
  lov,shi'p.she got 650+ votes unapposed nlow ifwe alt vote that's another              14thl St. Rel"dants opposing
  3000+ votes alt an democrats end we could nocki singer oui innoinember.                  Georgian court e0"0n1l..
  June 8. 2010 9 45 PM                                                                  Sftenkty & the VAAD are disloftimg
                                                                                           the truth 'again'_
                          Anciirmu                  sai...Good                                 comment posted!
 Doesn't look Ike he can run as an Incdeperderil, but why nor as a 'write-I 0'
 June 8. 2010 RAS PM                                                                    Sob Sirnger lying again
                                                                                        IS Oujesdons frain Rabbi Yehuda
 AnonymoUs Salif                                                                          Shain to Senator So.
  Woher looser ratlph the land swapper who paved the way for the Senior vote by         Why The Double Stanrdaid"I
 steaing Bmillioln in tax dollars.
                                                                                        BbSNE             h   ADGt
 June 8. 2010 9:.4 PM                                                                     things done 'withour 1
 Anonymous said...                                                                     CLEANLAKEWiOOD HAS SEEN
                                                                                         HACK ED
 anon 09:49
 good Pont aDlHH- voters wit no be voung tot BS in the general elections hey           H-ershel wmthCEO ot BMG arid the
 shoculd vote tor the idem candidate.                                                     Rosh Yeshva
 June 8. 2010 91.54 PM                                                                 NO CHOICE ELECTION
                                                                                       R'Shraga Felvl Mendetowitz ZL.
Anonymous said...                                                                        wie
Nest time you dive behnda a senticr wAh his buinker on. beep so loudi his              QUOTE. DY RED At-RON
sunglasses tal l t                                                                       KOTLER ZT'L
                           juri       8.        010   0    il    PMFrom                       a complaint that aes lfied
Anonymous said...                                                                        wilth NJ Stale diva.

wo witl Ive to tightt another 03y,tangert also lost hrst.,Is ok thee0fornntUMr S       BOB SINGER-Getang things done
starting                                                                                 *withoul, the noise
June 9. 21to    1t1AM                                                                  DOD SINGER- Getting things dartw
                                                                                         .withleut' the nis
Anonymous said,..                                                                      Great leter with very poor
Though vie see that theisetniors voied forb5, Looking althue frirults ofth                esponise ftom P,nny
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                            CLEANER LAKEWOOD
                                     THF~ TAX PAYFERS C LUB HO USE

 THURSOAY. JUNE       10,   2010                                       SLOG ARCHIVE

 LAND SWAP DEAL MUST BE                                                T   2010 (48)
 STOPPED!!!!!                                                              T June   (48)
  There are 2 main reasons the seniors w~ent a:l out for                    LAND SWAP DEAL MUST
                                                                              BE STOPPEDH!'H
  I- Tax reduction                                                          Shiva call online
  2- The land swap deal ror a proposed museum - throwing                    Bob's 14 Principles of Faith
  out the yeshiva on Massachusetts Ave & swapping9 the                      Win or Lose I'm Done!!
  property with a Shron/Zucker smeetheart deal. The deal is                 BBSnesPoie
  as follows, Shron/Zucker own the property where the
  yeshiva is and that was assessed at 900 thousard dollars,                 Reader Submitted. The
 bob wants to take a township land with a true value                          Breakdown
 assessment of a minimu 'm 7 million dollars and sw%ap It with              Congratulations to the
 this 900 thousand dollar piece of land.                                      winners'.
                                                                            The VAAD anounces "We
 Shron/ Zucker/ Somerset have also, cost the taxpayers                        don't care about your
 when they took a piece of township land on County Line                       taxes".
 Road without paying for it.                                                Polling Station Problems".

Shron/zucker/Somerset also short changed the tax payers                     WhNareSte       cle
with millions by Pine river development.
                                                                            Shenkelowski & VAAD

                                                                           Who Is the Rosh
17 COMMENTS:                                                                Hayeshivas family
   Anonymous said...                                                         voting for? see
the land belongs to the taxpayers of Lakewood whait can                    Listen to this important
the Oilam do to stop this deal???? Can we send Rabbi                         Annoucment
Shanky and AK to Israel instead of Rabbi Jacobs?77? Rabbi                  VOTE TODAY!!! 4-C
Jacobs is busy in Lakewood dealing with all the Shalom                     "Just because someone
Baysis problems alot of them are for financial reasons                       says FACT doesn't mean
caused by high property taxes                                                it's..
JUNE 10, 2010 1: 19 PM                                                     UPDATE On BREAKING
       Anonymous said...                                                The "REAL" Real Facts
   Rabbosi this is Dinei Mamonis anyone who takes away Gelt             BREAKING NEWS!!'I
   from the taxpayers is Oiver Genivah from 10,000                      Lies! Lies! Lies! FkMore
   Mishpochos...There is a Ribbono Shel Oilam in this world               Lies!
   even if you are doing it for your own personal Yeshlyah              Exi Polls
   JUNE 10, 2010 1:23 PMGodcm                                                            ntpse

       Anonymous said...                                                1S Questions from Rabbi
                                                                          Yehuda Shain to Senator
  is it Muttar to boycot BP graphics and Kosher Wesl:8..
  Supermarket? they are the Chevrah mnaking these deals                 I     o iei aeod
  JUNE 10, 2010 1:24 PM                                                      NJ, and will be
                                                                             pa rticipa...
       Anonymous said...                                                BARUCH DAYAN EMES
  Leave Kosher West out of this, he is a very good person              Serious Credibility Issue
  and has not done anything wrong.
  JUNE 10, 2010 1:29 PM                                                Voting Instructions

      Anonymous said...                                               Tax Rate-Why NOW?7
                                                                        Because Bob Singer
  whats with KANAREK( peace on 4th and monmouth he his                  getting thin...
  getting aprovals for 100 units apartment on twp lot what aPrptyTxReHleI
                    gneivaThe                                                  Face Of Upcoming
  JUNE 10, 2010 1:34 PM                                                 Ele...
                                                                       Rav Shach ZATZAL.
      chazeirim said...
                                                                       14th St. Residents
 yesh din v'yesh dayan. but the geshrei of the Dilan- Will               opposing Georgian Court
 certainly help stop these insider buzinesses from h.3ppening            expansi...
 JUNE 10, 2010 1:40 PM                                                 Shenky & the VAAD are

     Anonymous said.,,                                                      truth "again'...
 We have zero power to stop these things, you can blog till           Good comment posted
 you fingers hurt.. They laugh!                                       Bob Singer lying again
 JUNE 10, 2010 2: 11 PM
                                                                       15 Questions from Rabbi
                                                                         Yehuda Shain to Senator
     Anonymous said...                                                   Bo...
Kanarek is the sheiner yid he can do no wrong lie owns a              Why The Double
few mosdlos                                                             ;tandard?'.
he's here for the KIafl..
                                                                      Bob SINGER & the VAAD
JUNE 10, 2030 2: 12 PM                                                  Gets things
                                                                        done "without" t...
___Anonymous     said ...     ...                                      tAA.&kllAK-WO-HlAS-
 you mean shron first takes the taxpayer money fr:)n the                 BEEN HACKED
 yeshivaleit and th en redistributes it to other yountrerleit.           Hershel with CEO of BMG
 JUNE 10, 2010 2:13 PM                                                     and the Rosh Yeshiva
                                                                         NO CHOICE ELECTION
    Anonymous said-.                                                     R' Shraga Feivel
 take it easy on schron                                                       Mendelowitz Z"L, writes
                                                                         QUOTE- BY REB AHRON
 zucker / somerset Is known as an under the table crook,                   KOTLER ZT"L
 schron Is just an Investor and really Is not involved in the            From a complaint that was
 nItty gritty. I am sure if you dont paste his name eill over              rlied with Ni State divi...
 and you go speak to him like a mentch and explain that                  BBSNE-etn
 people are getting hurt that he would listen ,he is too big a               SInEewtht'n
 classy for these small dirty deals       .theinosdoe.                              thut
 JUNE 10, 2010 3:38 PM                                                    0SIGRGetn
                                                                              things done "without4
    pair of aces said...                                                      the nots...
 4 10. Are you suggesting that schron is Stupid and doesn't              Great letter with very poor
 know the exact details of how his money is being invested!?               response from Pinny
 JUNE 10, 2010 4;27 PM                                                   Bob Singer Lie About
                                                                           Capping Annuai Property
   Anonymous said...                                                       Tax H...
shron knows good and well what sucker is up to he was                   Pinny, Enough already!!
very involved In the rezoning of the pine river village
property which was sold at a major loss to the tax base in
JUNE 10, 2010 5:38 PM                                            ABOUT &mE
                                                                                    CL EANER
   Anonymous said...
rnr moiler fronm kosher west is a crook like the rest of the                        senemail wo:
vaad thats why i dont shop there any more                                           cleane raeoon
JUNE 10, 2010 8:49 PM
                                                                 VIEW   Mf~   COMPLE IE PROFILE

   Anonymous said...
tile oilam should stop buying the yated and start buying the     FOLLOWERS
hamodia i sent pinriy a letter stating that wVe are m3king a
movement of no more yated until he asks hershei tnd
iaitzik mechila
)U.NF   10. 2010 8:53 PM

  motorcycyclisi. said..
  I   wish this deal would have been completed a day, ago.
  JUNE 10, 2010 10:36 PM                                          with oogle Friend Connect
                                                                  Followueri (3)
      robber barons said...
  I'm sick of' people criticizing real estate developers. They
  work very hard for the tzibbur to build quality affordable
  housing and commun ities- -with a small profit margin of'       Already a memoer?Son
  maybe 300%. They have our helmeshe families in mind
  when they throw up a couple of swings sets for the
  hundreds of kInderlach in these developments (who needs
  wide open space anyway).They rarely receive any kovodl,
  although occasionally they are honored by a yeshiva or
  organization for giving ma'aser on their profits --- and even
 this little kovod they accept with humility, They hate when
 their pictures appear in weeklies or online, especO5lly when
 they're holding up a plaque while smiling shyly, The only
 time I saw some of them upset was when H-ershel appeared
 on the scene. And they weren't upset about losingi millions
 of dollars in future shady deals; they were upset ait Hershel-
 so they claimed- not showing proper koved hatorzih--and
 that's the only reason they were fighting to defeat him,
 JUNE 10, 2010 10:36 PM

      Anonymous said..,
 Rabosal why don't we set up a time to demonstrate In front
of zucker house If we get even 50 guys with sighn!; he will
have to stop look what the landlaords assoclatdon did to
meir lichteinsteins house and he wasn't directly Involved
while over here he directly Is not stopping from stealing
from the ollern someone set a day and time with two days
notice like 7:1 nd spread the word and someone hang up
signs around yeshl and he will have to stop zucker gets
very embaressed

      Anonymous said...
What happened with the landlords asso
JUNE 11, 2010 5:33 AM

   Anonymous said,.
lichtenstein is not the problem here.Memashe Miller is the
  one to blame he pushed evreyorne to vote for BS he Is on
  the payroll and lhe got all the forest park residents who pay
  very little property tax to vote for BS since they don't feel
  the crush that the rest of lakewood is feeling. he acted as
  the campaign manager for BS5 primary election arid got paid
  for that too. he is NOT fun unzere.
  JUNE 11, 2010 6:09 AM

    Anonymous said...
  to robber barons said... are you kidding me? now the
  developers are tzadikim? they are only doing it letolvas the
  yungerieit? which hole did you just climb out of?
 JUNE 11, 2010 6:40 AM

    Anonymous said...
 You can do something!!!! notify the Asbury Park Press of
 this deal and get it publicized. BS wont want his narme
 dirtied as he is a STATE SENATOR>:)
 JUNE 11, 2010 6:44 AM

    to to robber barons said...
 You probably think "no soap radio"is also not a joke.
 JUNE 11, 2010 7:44 AM

    Anonymous said...
 APP won't post anything bad about Bob, he has thain on his
 JUNE 11, 2010 7:55 AM

   Mad Max said...
 I haven't bought a Yated since the Pesach issue 2C0S. This
 was the addition where an apology was supposed to be
 written to Raitzik. Instead, it made no mention of the
 previous week's personal insulting comments, but just said
that he (Raitzik) is backing down because the Rost ei
Yeshiva and Mashgiach convinced him that it (the --ownship
Committee position) would affect his ability to continue to
shteig. That is not an appology for writing the week before
that 'he (Raitzik) is running despite the Mashgiach asking
him not to do so', especially since he in fact HAD ti-e
Mashgiach's explicit reshug to run. The Mashgiach even
  said 'When you get in I have some favors to ask of you'.
 This is Pinny's way of twisting the truth into a pretzel. Even
 if he was told to write it this way, he did not have to yell at
 Raltzik's wife on the phone, stating 'If your husbatnd thinks
 he can come from Chicago and take over Aaron Kotier's
 Lakewood for $20,000, he has another thing coming!'.
 Mechila was never asked. Avoid buying the Yated until a
 public apology is asked, preferably in the Editor's View
 section, and a private one as well. It's nice that Pinny wants
 to help Rubashkin, but the people he's run over on the way
 aren't buying his tzldkus. Chesed to others don't negate the
 sins of your past, Pinny.
 JUNE 11, 2010 8:09 AM

    Anonymous said...
 Is Kanarek still working with that lowlife contractor
 JUNE 11, 2010 8:37 AM

    Anonymous said...

 1- Somerset developments.
 2- BP Graphics.
 3- Meals on Wheels
 4- Weissberg
 5- Kanarek.
 6- Kosherwest.
7- Lmian Hakolel
8- Anchor Leasing.
9- Madison Title.
10- Shenkelowski
Il- Lakewood 24/5
1 2- No subscriptions or ads in Yfated.
13-No ads on Matzav
14- Rabbi Blech is the Grandfather of the VAAD- He also
doesn't pay taxes on the closed Y building on Lexington &
2nd St. Give your membership in his shul on 13th
Madison ave.
15- Rozansky
JUNE 11, 2030 9:06 AM
  Cleaner Lakewood: LAND SWAP DEAL MUST BE STOPPEDMH                   ~   Page 7 of 8

       Anonymous said...
    AK together with some other doctors owns a floor in
    Kimball hospital.

    Don't use CHIEMED.

   Don't take courses in Georgian Court College, Sing-ar Is on
   the board.

   Don't donate to BMG.
   JUNE 11, 2010 9:11 AM

      Anonymous said...
   I cancelled the YATED. Do it en masse. Everyone should
   cancell the Yated & don't advertise either.
   Write to the Yated-
   That you don't allow them to put any picture of Lakewood
   that has you in it, It'll drive them bananas.
   JUNE 11, 2010 9:14 AM

      Anonymous said...
   All of the AK's only, voted for Singer.

  AK= Alteh Krachers.

  AK=Daas Baal Habayis, hepech Daas Torah.

  Singer says he regrets also first time he was undressed in
  public as an infant.
  JUNE 11, 2010 11:28 AM

     Anonymous said...
  We should also expell their children from the schools;.
  They are in the category of a MOISER. They are being
  MOISER momoin yisroel liVakum.

http://cleanerlakewood.blogspot.L:om/201I0/06/'next-c,,m paigii.him]
  Cleaner Lakewood: LAND SWAP DEAL MUST BE STOPPED!'I                   Page 8 of 8

    You can't be mitzaref them to a minyan, etc

    How will they be able to return all that-geneivah, it: isn't
    just a gromah-It's a direct hit.

    It is a serious matter
    JUNE 11, 2010 3:52 PM

       Anonymous said...
    he has arranged for numerous land swaps with the shwab
    bros. costing tax payers millions
    JUNE 13, 2010 7:39 AM

       Anonymous said...
   Anyone know any Schwob Deals?
   Any Flannery deals?
   Any Krupnick deals?
   Any David Lichtenstein deals?
   Any one else?
   JUNE 13, 2010 12:37 PM

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 Cleaner Lakewood: THIS JUST IN                                                                         Page I of 5

                     ~j           Share   Report Abuse   Next Blog))                          Create Blog   Sign In

                           CLEANER LAKEWOOD
                                   THF TAXPAYERS              CLUBtHOUSE

   SUNDAY,    JUNE   13,   2010                                               BLOG   ARCHIVE

   THIS JUST IN                                                               V 2010 (52)
   Thanks to Mayor Steven Langert, the land                                    T June (52)
   swap deal is off the table and will not happen                                THIS JUST IN
   unless Zucker and company pay the fair                                        "Mr. President, whose
   market value.                                                                     Side Are You On?'
            CLEANER LAKEWOOD AT 12:01 PM
   POSTED BYw                                                                    Cleaner
                                                                                    Investigates; "SAVE A
                         . ...- - ...... .... .. ...
                      ....... ..... ...-
                          ...... I..         ..                        ....          FA M IL Y"

   19 COMMENTS:                                                                  Re; Yated
                                                                                 LAND SWAP DEAL MUST
      Anonymous said...BESOPD!
  steve is the man ji knew he will do theiright thing f:r this                   Shiva call online
  town when i voted for him, first its EMS second not tax                        Bob's 14 Principles of Faith
  increase for the first time in 20 yrs and now Stopping back                    Wno oeImDn!
  door deals , way to go steve keep it up
  JUNE 13, 2010 12:18 PM                                                         BBSnesPoie
                                                                                 Reader Submitted. The

      Anonymous said...                                                              Breakdown
  It's about time we heard some good news. Thank you Steve                       Congratulations to the
  for all the good you have done and continue to do. :'hope                        winners!
  the others on the committee will follow in your footsteps.                     The VAAD anounces "We
                     JUNE13, 01012:2
                           PMdon't                                                      care about your
                     JUNE13,         01012:2

     Anonymous said...                                                           Polling Station Problems!
  Steve, you gotta cover your....                                                Why are they called
  You're up for the election dress rehearsel.                                     SNAKES
                                                                                 Shenkelowski & VAAD
  Watch the other items as: well, even the ones you think                       VOTE for Harold
  others don't know-                                                              Herskowitz
                                                                                Who is the Rosh
  Was Bob afaid of the US Attorney? No way-                                      Hayeshivas family
  Bob, you walk the walk & talk the talk as if U R wiredl?                       voting for? see

http://cleanerlakewood.blogspot.conV'-O 101106/Ihisjust-ii.litml
   Cleaner Lakewood: THIS JUST rN                                                            Page 2 of 5

     you'll walk free-                                                    Listen to this important
     JUNE 13, 2010 12:35 PM                                                 Annoucment
                                                                          VOTE TODAY"! 4-C
        Anonymous said,..                                                "Just because someone
     The proper legal method is straightforward. If the Trownship          says FACT doesn't mean
     can justify the purchase or condemnation of the Mass Ave               it's..
     School property for a museuem, they should proceed.                 UPDATE On BREAKING
                                                                           NEWS, JUST INII!
    There is no provision for a SWAP.                                    The "REAL" Reai Facts
    If someone "affiliated' wants land, only at a public auction-        BEKN        ES
    fair is fair.
                                                                         Lies! Lies' Lies! & more
    Government must also turn square corners,                              Lies!
    JUNE 13, 2010 12:43 PM                                               Exit Polls
                                                                         Good comment posted
        Anonymous said...                                                15 Questions from Rabbi
     thought hh was against steve and pro ems,            ..   your        Yehuda Shain to Senator
    confused                                                               Bo...
    JUNE 13, 2010 1:51 PM                                                If you live in Lakewood,
                                                                            NJ, and will be
       Anonymous said...                                                   participa...
                                                                         BARUCH- DAYAN EMES
   Steve Is the man! He Is the only one on the committee who
   cares how much taxes we pay. Menashe "double dipper"                 Serious Credibility Issue
   Miller definitly does not. He is on BS's payroll and walks           Voting Instructions
   around faking he is one of "un zerer".                                 UPDATED
   JUNE 13, 2010 2:04 PM                                                Tax Rate-Why NOW??
                                                                          Because Bob Singer
      Anonymous said...                                                   getting thin,...
   what makes Langert the hero? I spoke to both Lichtenstein            Property Tax Rate Hike In
   and Miller during the elections last week. They both laughed           The Face Of Upcoming
   this off saying there is no "land deal" without Ralph paying           Ele...
   his Full share for anything. Why do people believe                   Rav Shach ZATZAL
   everything they read?                                                14th St. Residents
   JUNE 13, 2010 3:05 PM                                                  opposing Georgian Court
      Anonymous said...                                                 Shenky & the VAAD are
  Ralph is a rip off artist but the committee as a whole is               distorting the
  smarter than him!                                                      truth 'again"...
  JUNE 13, 2010 3:09 PMGodcmetpsd
                                                                        Bob Singer lying again

 Cleaner Lakewood& TI-US JUST IN                                                                       Page 3 of 5

       Anonymous said...                                                        15 Questions from Rabbi
   Who's going to break it to Menash to throw in the towel, he                    Yehuda Shain to Senator
   ain't making it through the next election. Get some good                       60._
   snapshots with everyone, last chance.                                        Why The Double
   JUNE 13, 2010 3:12 PMV                                                          tndr?
                                                                                8ob SINGER & the VAAD
      Anonymous said...                                                              Gets things
                                                                                     done "without" t...
   What happens if there is a Recall on Bob, even anCLAAKWOHS
   unsuccesful one, what does that do for his oponnent at theBENHC                                 D
   next Senate race? You guessed it "if his own localBENHCD
   townpeople don't have faith in him.. That is a very strong                Hershel with CEO of BMG
   ace for the oponent.                                                        and the Rosh Yeshiva
   JUNE 13, 2010 3:20 PM                                                     NO CHOICE ELECTION
                                                                             R' Shraga Feivel
      Anonymous said...                                                        Mendelowitz Z"L, writes
  While I do not agree with Steve all of the time, he ias the               QUOTE- BY REB AHRON
  least self interest from all the other guys there.                          IKOTLER ZT"L
  JUNE 13, 2010 3:26 PM                                                     From a complaint that was
                                                                              filed with NJ State divi..-
     Anonymous said...                                                      BOB SINGER-Getting
                                                                                 things done "without"
  I was starting to get sick of langert also. but if this is true                the noise...
  at least langert maybe heading on the right track to
  stopping all the corruption. However why did it take all this             BOB SINGER- Getting
  tumult of hh who almost beat bs for langert to start                        things done "without"
  thinking about the taxpayers? maybe someone is scared                       the nois...
  about not getting reelected?                                              Great letter with very poor
  JUNE 13, 2010 5:08 PMrepnefoPiy
                                                                            Bob Singer Lie About

     Anonymous said...-                                                       Capping Annual Properb,
                                                                              Tax H...
  Over Shabbos, I had the opportunity to meet the son of one                Pn,Eog        led!
  of the members of the Vaad. I asked point blank why the                     nn,Eogaled'
  Vaad endorsed Singer, and he told me "money - it's ali
  corrupt". I asked him why the Roshei Yeshiva go along. He......                      .   . ........ ...
  told me the Roshei Yeshiva trust the Vaad that the Vaad is        ABOUT        ME
  working for the klal, and they endorse whatever they're told                        -1CILIANER    LAKEWOO0
  by the V'aad.
                                                                                           send email to:
 JUNE 13, 2010 6:26 P1                                                           i          laelaeod
                                                                            I l.;W-
    Anonymous said...                                                                      VIEW Mf C3.F1LFTF
                                                                    PROF'   F

  Cleaner Lakewood: THIS JUST [M                                                                     Page 4of 5

    Such bogus. Steve said that he is proud to announce that                      . ....
                                                                               ......                  ...
    there is no increase in the town budget this year. -le denied
    that we took a $6,000,000 to cover.FOLWR
    Now the truth comes out: Steve is a liar, H(! is up for re-            Follow                         (19
    election and will say whatever he has to. He is trying to         YAth Google Friend   Connect
    take credit for something that never existed.                     Followers 3
    Bob Singer promised the seniors that he would do the land
    swap so that they.would vote for him.
   Anyone who knows anything can tell you that it was never
   supposed to go down.
   Now Bob needs an ex~cuse for not following through so in           Already a nernber?Sign in
   order to bail him out Steve Is coming out with the Ogreat
   news" that he stopped Bob in his tracks.                                 .....
                                                                           ..                      .. ..
   Think for a second: Elections were just last week. 11ow was
   there time for the committee to discuss and deny the swap?
   Use your head-you are being played by the great conniving
   JUNE 13, 2010 6:35 PM

      Anonymous said...
   Steve has his eyes on Higher office in trenton, he's
   ahooting for the assembly after a major upcoming 1ight
   within the republican party as far as redistricing since the
   numbers are high in ocean county, all though we may gain
   from some of his moves he's not doing it for lakewood he's
   doing it to advance himself,.its time to send him menash
   and meir packing. vote GRIP.
   JUNE 13, 2010 6:38 PM

     Anonymous said,...
  That's great! "Steve has the least self interest from all the
  other guys there". That's comforting-he has self inti!rest,
  but less than the other committeemen.We don't care if he
  has self interest as long as it is less than the others we
  should vote him in again.
  JUNE 13, 2010 6:58 PM

     Anonymous said...
  bob has menashe in one pocket and steve in the other they
  are his talmidlim he teaches them all the tricks.
  )LINE   13, 2010 7:45 PM

htlp:ficleanierlakowood.blogspot.coni/2010I 006/thi s-just-in. htmI
  Cleaner Lakewood: THIS JUST IN                                         Page 5 of 5

       Anonymous said...
    You guys sound like you have a personal vendetta against
    Steve, anyone that knows Steve can say that he has been
    putting his neck on the line for the citizens of our 1:own. He
    has only gotten hell fr everything he has tried to do and
    even for what he has accomplished. i

    He has done so much the list goes on and on that I don't
    have room here. You just have to realize one thincl; Steve
    is a lone voice and cannot get things done without the
    agreement of the others. Many times he has done things
    that the VAAD was not happy about, and most probably
    won't even get there endorsement next year.

   So if you want to gjet on someone's back go get on the
   others in the committee. They don't have the guts to get up
   and tell the vaad or any other group that if it's not good for
   the taxpayer we are not doing it, unlike Steve who tells it
   the way it Is.
   JUNE 13, 2010 7:57 PM

      Anonymous said...
   at least don't be k'fuyei tovah. What Langert has done since
   being elected is amazing. In the face of constant opposition
   and terrible pressure, from "unzere" and whatever is the
   opposite of that. GIve him his due - like Christie he doesn't
   govern in a campaigning mode, he does the right thing and
   lets the chips fall where they may. Not that there's
   anything wrong with that.
   JUNE 13, 2010 8:12 PM

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