Basic Exercise and Training Variables

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					             Basic Exercise and Training Variables

Effective exercise and training programs follow   certain principles allowing
people to keep fit. The basic principles behind   exercise and fitness are
always there. Knowing them and applying them in   your own fitness regimen can
make it more effective in attaining the results   you want.

Exercise Variables-- How effective the exercise routines you follow depend on
certain factors. How you combine certain variables in exercise and fitness
will determine how fast you can lose weight, improve stamina or increase
athletic performance. Here are the four exercise variables to consider when
trying to develop your own fitness program or regimen.

Exercise Frequency- this refers to how often you exercise. The frequency
allows you to develop an exercise regimen that you can practice for a certain
period on, let us say, a weekly basis. If you plan to work out for two days a
week, you can speed up results by adding another day of exercise for the

Exercise Intensity- this refers to the level of physical activity in your
exercise program. How hard you push yourself on each exercise session is also
a factor in the effectiveness of an exercise and training program. For
example, comparing segments of jogging, running, and walking on one session
would have different results. Doing more running rather than short bouts of
walking or jogging would certainly have a different result then walking
through each session most of the time.

Type of Exercise- this refers to the type of exercise included in your
regimen. There are different types of exercises to choose from with each type
building up a certain part of the body more than the others. Knowledge of
these types of exercises helps you develop a certain regimen focused on
improving targeted portions of the body.

Duration of Exercise- this refers to the time spent doing the exercises. How
long you spend in each exercise session will ultimately determine how fast or
how slow you get results. The duration of the exercise program along with the
other exercise variables determines how to avoid injury or improve results.

Use these exercise and training variables to develop an exercise program
allowing better performance and results. At the start of an exercise program,
you combine the different exercise variables in a way that you feel
comfortable. Along the way, you then change any or all of these variables
either to increase the efficiency or to reach the target results.
Manipulating the variables can make the exercise program more interesting
once it starts to become too routine.

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