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Volume 11 Issue 1

                    Useful tips for     All-new
                    driving in France   Mondeo
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                                           an environmental downside. Most
                                           people know that we are far behind
                                           our Kyoto targets because these were
                                           based on 1990 as the base year.
                                           Since 1990, the Irish economy has
                                           doubled in size, GDP has more than            Renault Scenic 7
                                           trebled, the population rose by 15%
                                           and car ownership doubled.                    Driving in France                        8
                                           Unsurprisingly, this has come with a          New Audi A4 has it all               10
                                           carbon cost and our levels are
                                           currently far too high.                       All- new Mondeo reviewed             12
                                               Alternative, non-oil based fuels will     Leisure and Competition              17
                                           be a key counter measure. Ford and
                                           Saab currently have ethanol-fuelled           Honda CR-V roadtested                24
Pat Kiely, Managing Director, AA Ireland
                                           cars available in Ireland; soon Volvo         Landrover goes freely                27
                                           will as well. And motorists are very
WELCOME to the latest edition of AA
                                           willing to play their part. One
Motoring, our magazine for AA
                                           suggestion that came to us from an
Members. You will have noticed some
                                           AA member was that new service
slight changes to the design and
                                           stations should be obliged to stock
layout. We hope that you enjoy the
                                           alternative fuels. That suggestion is
new format and we look forward to
                                           now firm policy with the NRA for
your feedback.                                                                           Climate Change 20
                                           motorway rest areas and we hope
    As we go to print there is evidence
                                           that Government will act on it as
that Ireland’s road safety strategies                                                    Safety first                         31
are beginning to work. This is
                                               While working on the broader              Alternative fuels                    34
particularly satisfying because the
                                           issues the AA is very committed to
main planks of the road safety                                                           Think Awareness
                                           continuing to provide value to
strategy – a Garda Traffic Corps, a                                                      Driving Programme                    37
                                           members. We have invested heavily in
penalty points system, random breath                                                     Fiat Sedici adds up perfectly 38
                                           new Rescue resources. We attended
testing, reforms to driver training and    to 160,000 members' cars last year
testing – were all policies that the AA    and 2007 is even busier. We are
formulated in consultation with its        recruiting new patrols and buying new
members and then lobbied to have           equipment to meet the growing
introduced.                                demand. We have also developed our
    Road deaths seem to be coming          Home and Motor insurance offerings
down. We are a long way from being                                                       Infrastructure 28
                                           to members and we can now offer
able to declare victory but the signs of   excellent deals on car finance.
progress are very encouraging.                 If you have any comments or               ENQUIRIES:
                                                                                         John Farrell Tel: 01 6179390.
    We are still further from victory      questions, please contact                     e-mail: aamotoring@aaireland.ie
when it comes to climate change.           publicaffairs@aaireland.ie or write           Colm Burns 01 2600899.
That mankind’s activities are              to Public Affairs Department,
perturbing the planet’s delicate           AA Ireland, 56 Drury Street, Dublin 2.        Published by Goldstar Media,
                                                                                         7 Cranford Centre, Montrose, Dublin 4.
balance is no longer in dispute. We            Finally, let me give you our best
                                                                                         Tel: 01 2600899. Fax 01 2600911.
must reduce carbon usage and lessen        wishes for a safe and happy                   e-mail: goldstar@indigo.ie
our environmental footprint.               Summer on the roads, wherever you             Views expressed in road test articles are
    Ireland’s rapid economic growth has    may be. ■                                     those of reviewers and not of AA Ireland.

                                                                                       SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE
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Competitive new car                                                                                 for Lady Golfers
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loan offer from AA                                                                                    sponsored the issuing of new
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                                                                                                      lady golfers as part of the
                                                                                                      developing relationship with
                                                                                                      the ILGU.
With a variable rate of just 7.5%                                                                         As the primary sponsor of
                                                                                                      the ILGU, AA Insurance has
                                                                                                      invested heavily in the
AA IRELAND has now entered the financial        use it to reduce the car loan. But fixed
                                                                                                      development of ladies’ golf in
services market and their first offering is a   rate loans do not allow this: fixed means a
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Car Loan with a variable interest rate as       fixed commitment.
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low as 7.5% - depending on the amount of            An AA Finance loan is much more
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available on the market and loans are               This year is shaping up to be another
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open to both members of the AA and to           very strong year for car sales and it
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non-members alike. The new service              seems likely that 600,000 people will buy
                                                                                                      attracting 15,000 participants
offers customers a fast decision, approval      a new or second-hand car. Consequently
                                                                                                      of all ages or one in four of
in advance, and no charge for early             there are a lot of car dealers competing
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clearance.                                      for business, so customers are in a
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    One of the most attractive features of      position to drive a hard bargain.
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the loan is that it is a variable rather than       Secondhand cars are certainly an
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a fixed rate. The problem with fixed rate       attractive option, with a lot of good quality
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offers is that they can be inflexible, and      models available this year. Having AA loan
                                                                                                      special package of car and
the customer cannot pay the loan off early      approval in hand gives a customer a very
                                                                                                      home insurance. This includes
or pay in extra money if and when they          strong negotiating position.
                                                                                                      free golf club cover up to the
have it.                                            AA Finance also includes a small bonus
                                                                                                      value of €2,000 if golf clubs
    Many people who take out a car loan         in the form of a 20% reduction in the cost
                                                                                                      are stolen, without affecting
will find after a while that it suits them to   of an AA Vehicle Inspection which is very
                                                                                                      the no claims bonus.
pay in extra money and pay the loan off         useful for second-hand buyers.
                                                                                                          If calling AA Insurance for
early. Perhaps as an SSIA matures or as             The AA strongly recommends that
                                                                                                      any reason, ILGU members
some extra monthly income becomes               motorists have a proper inspection of a
                                                                                                      should remember to say that
available, it can make financial sense to       second hand car carried out before buying
                                                                                                      they are lady golfers. ■
                                                it. No reputable dealer will object to this,
Variable Car Loans                              and the type of inspection carried out by
Sample amount borrowed: €25,000                 the AA will uncover all sorts of details
                  € monthly         APR         about the car which will make sure that
AA Finance          €600.00       7.50%         you are not buying someone else’s
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BOI                 €615.16       8.70%             Enquiries about AA Finance can be
PTSB                €616.87        8.5%         made to 1890 794794 and on-line quotes
DATE AS 28/3/07                                 are available at www.AAireland.ie ■

                                                                                                SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE
                                                                                         R O A D T E ST

Picture perfect

                                                                                                             Renault Scenic
  IT’S NOT often that you get to spend time       54mpg) and a CO2 emissions figure of just
  with a living legend, but that’s very           138g/km, data that should keep even the
  definitely a title that sits easily on the      most stringent of accountants or eco-
  shoulders of Renault’s Scenic. The original     warriors happy.
  1996 Scenic did more than merely explore            Inside, the cabin receives the same
  new territory, it created an entirely new       upgraded materials that debuted on the
  segment of the market and changed               Megane hatchback in 2005, and it remains
  forever the way we buy cars.                    an exceptionally stylish and comfortable
      When the second-generation Scenic           place to be. The seats in particular are
  came along in 2003, it added sharper            excellent, in the grand (tres grande?)
  looks both inside and out and the option of     French tradition. The digital instruments
  seven seats to that ground-breaking             look classy and are easy to read and the
  package. For the current model year,            combination of finger-tip controls for the
  Renault has updated the car, with revised       stereo and a a well-positioned gearshift
  exterior styling consisting of new              mean that long journeys in the Scenic are
  headlights and reprofiled bumpers front         close to effortless.
  and rear, as well as faster-reacting LED tail       You can now have the Scenic in three
  lights, and the now-standard fitment of a       different forms; standard length five-seater,
  panoramic glass roof on all models.             stretched seven-seater Grand Scenic and
      There’s also a new engine, a top-of-the-    now a stretched five-seat Grand Scenic
  range 150bhp 2.0-litre diesel, but we’ve        which loses the third row of seats but
  tested what we reckon to be the pick of         compensates with an even bigger boot.
  the range, the 105bhp 1.5-litre dCi turbo-          It may have been around for four years
  diesel. It’s one of the best diesels on the     now, but the changes keep the Scenic
  market, in any car, combining excellent         feeling fresh, and especially when equipped
  economy with very good performance, and         with the 1.5 diesel, it remains at the very
  manages to return a fuel consumption            peak of the MPV tree. ■
  figure of 5.2-litres per 100km (that’s                                        BY NEIL BRISCOE

                                                                          SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE
    TR AVE L

    Driving in France
    THIS summer will again see many                 This is all good, of course. Hefty        When you take your car
    thousands of Irish drivers heading          fines are being handed out to tourists        abroad you must inform
    across the water to France. Ever            who are caught speeding, and heaven
                                                                                              your insurance company
    popular with the Irish, La Belle France     help you if you are silly enough to take a
                                                                                              or you will only have the
    remains a welcoming place but if you        risk with drinking and driving.
                                                                                              legal minimum level of
    haven’t been there in the last few years,       France’s permitted blood alcohol
    you should know that they are now           level is lower than ours at 50                cover. You do not need
    taking their traffic laws very seriously.   milligrams, which means that even that        a Green Card nor should
       The French spent years treating their    single glass of red wine could put you        you need to fill out any
    relatively poor rate of road death with a   over the limit. French law allows for         documents. Your insurance
    gallic shrug. That has changed.             extraordinary powers, up to and               company should NOT
    President Chirac made ‘prevention           including the permanent confiscation of       CHARGE for an extension
    routiere’ a campaign priority when          the vehicle, for serious road traffic         of cover to travel within
    successfully running for re-election in     violations.                                   the EU. If they try to, then
    2002. This has certainly been carried           For the compliant driver though, the      call the AA.
    through, and with broad public support      road network is marvellous. High quality
    the French have begun policing their        autoroutes link every part of the
    excellent roads much more vigorously.       country. There are toll charges (péage)       The AA’s online route planner
       The results have been impressive,        but there is always a good alternative        is a fantastic tool for working
    with road deaths down by 35% since          route available and they never make the       out your itinerary. It will give
    2002. France is still behind the best       Irish mistake of putting a toll onto a by-    detailed directions between
    performing countries like the UK, the       pass and forcing traffic to run through       any two points in Europe (as
    Netherlands and the Scandinavians, but      the town.
                                                                                              well as Ireland and the UK),
    they are catching up fast.                      The tolls are pricey, however. As a
                                                                                              and you can use it to avoid
                                                general rule, using the autoroutes will
                                                                                              tolls or to take in points of
                                                cost you about as much in tolls as it
                                                does in petrol. For example, the run          interest along the way.
                                                from Le Havre to Paris is 195 km and          It also gives estimated journey
    The French automatic                        costs €16 in tolls.                           times and distances. You’ll
                                                    French petrol is generally about 15%      find it at www.AAireland.ie .
    speed radar system has                      more expensive than in Ireland, although
                                                diesel is the same price. ■

    gone into overdrive in

    the last few years,

    trebling the amount of

    cars detected

    and pushing
                                                                           FRENCH TOLL CHARGES
    revenue to a whopping                              Le Havre - Paris            Paris – Bordeaux          Lyon – Montpellier
                                                       195km = €16                 570km = €48.10            297km = €21.50
    €349 million in 2006.

   R O A D T E ST

All-Mighty                                                                           long-travel air suspension is markedly
                                                                                     better at dealing with rough, unkempt
                                                                                     tarmac than the regular A6’s but that
                                                                                     apart, all is familiar.
                                     OF COURSE there is a social and                    In spite of all the high-end technology
We all want a 4x4, don’t we?         environmental cost to SUVs, and the             used to create the Allroad system (the
                                     growing public consciousness of                 four-wheel-drive system is a permanent
After all, nothing is more in tune   impending environmental doom is making          50:50 split with a self-locking differential
                                     ownership of a full-size 4x4 an exercise        for extra grip in really tricky conditions
with the modern Zeitgeist than       in avoiding abuse.                              and the air suspension can be
                                        But thankfully, Audi has a solution for      automatically controlled by a computer
a tall, spacious, family-friendly    those who don’t want people to think that       which reads the road conditions) the real
                                     they’re wrecking the planet and yet can’t       star here, as it is with most Audis, is the
SUV that satisfies both the          bring themselves to give up the space,          interior.
                                     versatility and all-weather, all-terrain grip        The sheer quality of the cabin takes
demands of transporting              of a proper off-roader.                         your breath away, and it’s one of the
                                        It’s called the A6 Allroad, and as you       nicest places we’ve ever whiled away a
modern children and keeping          might guess, it’s based on the A6 Avant         traffic jam in. The combination of estate
                                     estate. For conversion to Allroad status,       space, saloon handling and ride and the
the driver’s fleeting MacGyver       the A6 gains Quattro four-wheel-drive, air      extra height and traction of a 4x4 is a
                                     suspension that can adjust the ride             bewitching one, and a few hours in an
fantasies alive.                     height from low-slung for on-road driving       Allroad will have you phoning your bank
                                     and tip-toe-high for rock-climbing and          manager and rooting out your cheque
                                     some chunky lower-body detailing to             book as it’s hard to imagine a car better
                                     differentiate it from regular A6 models.        suited to Irish road conditions. The only
                                        And it all works amazingly well. We          real downside is the price tag, which
                                     drove the 233bhp 3.0-litre V6 TDI version       starts at €70,750. Better get saving… ■
                                     and, surprise, surprise, it drives much
                                                                                     BY NEIL BRISCOE
                                     like a ‘vanilla’ A6 Avant. There’s a little
                                     more body-roll when cornering, and the
         Thinking of
      changing your car?
                                We’ve got the key to
                            a special car loan rate from
                              just 7.5% APR variable*

      Call us now on 1890 794 794 or
 log onto www.AAireland.ie to apply online
                                             You’ve got a friend

Terms and conditions apply. Credit facilities are subject to repayment capacity and financial status and are not available to persons under
18 years of age. For a car finance facility, a facility documentation fee of €63.49 applies. Security may be required. A typical €10,000
5 year variable interest rate car loan will have monthly repayments of €202.60, 8.5% APR*. If the APR does not vary during the term of
the loan, the total cost of credit will be €12,219.49. A typical €30,000 5 year variable interest rate car loan will have monthly repayments
of €595.80, 7.5% APR*. If the APR does not vary during the term of the loan, the total cost of credit will be €35,811.49. Rates and
repayments are correct as at 1/1/2007.
* APR quoted will depend on the amount borrowed and the period of the loan
AA Finance is an alliance between AIB Finance Limited and AA Ireland Limited. AA Finance loans are underwritten by AIB Finance Limited.
AIB Finance Limited is regulated by the Financial Regulator. AA Ireland Limited is an authorised Credit Intermediary of AIB Finance Limited.
      R O A D T E ST

     The launch of the new Ford
     Mondeo has a significance beyond
     its importance to Ford's balance
     sheet. Ford not only wants to sell
                                          THE ALL-NEW Ford Mondeo has a Herculean task ahead of it, and
     this car, but they also want it to   if it succeeds, then it will have re-established the role of the
                                          conventional, mass-market family saloon, a type of car that Ford
     revive customer interest in the      practically invented with the Zephyr saloon of the 1950s.
                                               For some time now, this market segment has been shrinking,
     mid-size saloon segment.             coming under attack from prestige manufacturers such as BMW

                                                                   designer Martin Smith exercise his theory of

                                                                                                                           Ford Mondeo
                                                                   ‘Kinetic Design’ to it’s fullest.
                                                                       "We wanted to create an emotional connection
                                                                   with the new Mondeo that would attract people
                                                                   from an aesthetic point of view even before they
                                                                   appreciate its technology," explains Smith. "Our
                                                                   goal was to make people feel impressed when
                                                                   they see the car, and ultimately want to own one."
                                                                       Under that carefully honed skin, the Mondeo
                                                                   uses the same component set as the S-Max and
                                                                   Galaxy models, sharing engines and chassis with
                                                                   those two cars. Considering that both of those
                                                                   vehicles have been roundly praised for their
                                                                   driving dynamics and high quality of construction,
                                                                   the future bodes well for the new Mondeo.
                                                                       The engine range will start with a 1.6-litre
                                                                   petrol engine which comes with either 110bhp or
                                                                   125bhp (equivalent to the current Mondeo's 1.8-
                                                                   litre units). There is also a 2.0-litre 145bhp
                                                                   petrol, a 2.3-litre 161bhp petrol fitted with a six-
                                                                   speed automatic gearbox as standard and a
                                                                   range-topping 2.5-litre 220bhp turbocharged five-
                                                                   cylinder engine, which is shared with the Focus
                                                                   ST and the Volvo S40 T5. Diesel engines will be
                                                                   the same 1.8 and 2.0-litre diesels as found in the
                                                                   S-Max and Galaxy, with power outputs ranging
                                                                   from 100bhp to 140bhp.
                                                                       Inside, knowing that it’s the interior quality of
                                                                   the ‘Premium’ brands that has been particularly
                                                                   significant in tempting buyers away from the
                                                                   current Mondeo, Ford has been hard at work to
                                                                   combine high-quality materials with high
                                                                   technology and a subtle ambience.
                                                                       All Mondeos will get air conditioning and a
                                                                   clever on-board computer which Ford calls HMI
                                                                   (Human-Machine Interface). More expensive
                                                                   versions will have a HMI system with a large colour
                                                                   screen mounted between the speedometer and
                                                                   rev-counter. Keyless entry and ignition will also be
                                                                   available, and all new Mondeos will have Ford’s new
                                                                   EasyFuel system, which dispenses with a
                                                                   conventional filler cap and also makes it impossible
                                                                   (claims Ford) to fill up with the wrong fuel.

                                                                       Safety is, of course, very high on the agenda,
                                                                   and all Mondeos will come with Electronic Stability
                                                                   Control as standard, along with a full complement
                                                                   of airbags including a drivers’ knee-bag.
                                                                       At this point it certainly seems as if Ford has
                                                                   ticked all the boxes necessary to make the new
                                                                   Mondeo the success it needs to be. It looks
and Audi and more diverse ‘niche models’ such as SUVs and          sharp and, if other current Fords are anything to
MPVs including Ford’s very own S-Max.                              go by, should drive every bit as sharply. It comes
   The Mondeo’s task is not merely to sell well for Ford and its   packed with high levels of technology and a
dealers, but also to reinvigorate the public’s appetite for a      tempting range of engines. The task ahead is no
‘normal’ saloon car.                                               easy one, but from this point, the new Mondeo
   To do this, Ford has started with the styling, letting chief    looks ready. ■

                                                                                           SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE
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To arrange your vehicle inspection, call (01) 617 9370 or visit AAireland.ie.

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                                                                                                                                N E WS

Driving test                                Member savings in Kildare Village
                                           AA members can avail of special offers in Ireland
problems                                   and around the world through the Show your Card!
                                           programme. Now members can get a VIP Day
THE driving test system continues to       Card, giving 10% off purchases at Value Retail's
struggle to cope with demand and           first outlet shopping village in Ireland - Kildare
deliver consistent results. The            Village. Simply Show your Card at the
average waiting time is now at 22          information centre in Kildare Village, pick up your
weeks, and while that figure has been      VIP Day Card and start shopping!
worse it is still a long way short of          Located just off the M7 at exit 13, Kildare
                                           Village offers last seasons' collections with up to
where it should be.
                                           60% off, with an impressive range of international
     Another ongoing problem is the
                                           brands on offer such as L.K. Bennett, Calvin Klein
failure rate. This is actually two
                                           and Molton Brown.
problems. Firstly, the pass rate
                                               For more information on AA members'
overall is 53.6% which in effect
                                           offers, visit www.AAireland.ie/membersclub.
means that the 46.7% who fail go
                                           To contact Kildare Village, call 045-520501 or
back into the ever-worsening queue.
                                           visit www.KildareVillage.com ■
     The AA recommended some years
ago that for pass rates to improve
(and hence the log-jam in the queue
to improve) we needed to have              Drink-Drive limit likely to be reduced
compulsory lessons so that people
turn up for the test well prepared.        Ireland’s drink driving limit is likely to be       countries who tolerate a level that high.
That in turn needs proper registration     reduced down from 80 milligram (0.8 mg/ml)             Ireland’s limit was last reduced from
of driving instructors so that their       and after 50 milligrams (0.5 mg/ml), which is       1.0mg/ml down to 0.8mg/ml mg in 1994 in
standards can be monitored.                more normal across the EU. The proposal is          what was then a very controversial change.
     Secondly, the pass rates vary         contained in the new road safety strategy put       Given the sensitivities in some quarters the
from one centre to another. Do the         forward by the Road Safety Authority. At the        government is likely to refer the RSA proposal
                                           moment ourselves, the UK, Luxembourg and            to their Advisory Panel (of which the AA is a
test in Buncrana, Birr or Tuam and
                                           Cyprus (where the limit is 90 mg) are the only      member) for assessment. ■
the likelihood of passing is over 65%.
Try your luck in Tipperary and it is
less than 45%; Wicklow is not much
better. Even within cities, 53.6% pass        Clever people in VW do it again
in Cork while only 44.2% pass in
                                               VW Jetta TSI is a Jetta saloon with a fiendishly clever engine. By strapping both a
Rathgar, Dublin.
                                               turbocharger AND a supercharger onto the familiar 1.4-litre petrol engine, VW has
     Given that it is supposed to be the
                                               created a car with 2.0-litre performance (140bhp) but 1.6-litre economy and
same test that everyone is attempting
                                               emissions (7.2-litres per 100km (39.2mpg) and 169g of CO2 per km).
there is clearly a problem with
consistency of standards.                      What’s it like? Surprisingly normal, in spite of all that tech. Like any other Jetta, it’s
     The Road Safety Authority                 comfy, beautifully made and smooth to drive. It seems impossible that a 1.4-litre
inherited these problems when it took          engine could offer this breadth of performance, but the combination of power and a
over driver testing last September.            slow moving fuel gauge are proof that it can.
Instructor registration is to be part of
                                                                                                             How much? €27,240,
the new road safety strategy which is
                                                                                                             which seems pretty
very welcome. Other initiatives, such                                                                        reasonable when you
as more outsourcing of testing, are                                                                          factor in standard-fit air
also on the way. The AA is confident                                                                         conditioning, a six-speed
enough in the new measures to say                                                                            gearbox and all that
that we may at long last be at the                                                                           technology into the
beginning of the end of the fiasco of                                                                        price. ■
Ireland’s driving test woes. ■

                                                                                                   SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE
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                             Terms and conditions apply
                                                                                                                                   LE I S U R E
                                                                         DESTINATION CORK
                                                                         Cork has been a favoured holiday destination for generations,
                                                                         offering a wide variety of interests and activities, from the
                                                                         lively centre of Cork City to the rugged beauty of the country
                                                                         side. The AA has a range of appointed accommodation
                                                                         throughout the county – here is a selection of the excellent AA
                                                                         Guesthouses on offer:

 Kelly’s Rosslare scores                                                 Lancaster Lodge, Western Road, Cork
                                                                         This newly refurbished AA 5 Diamond

 double for cuisine                                                      guesthouse overlooks the River Lee in the
                                                                         heart of Cork City centre. Bedrooms are
                                                                         spacious and feature an excellent range of
                                                                         facilites. A wide choice is offered for
 AA Hotel of the year Kelly’s Resort Hotel and Spa has become the
                                                                         breakfast. Free secure parking is provided.
 first hotel in Ireland to be awarded Rosettes for both restaurants at
 an AA appointed property. This demonstrates the serious
                                                                          AA MEMBERS OFFER: Enjoy a 3 night special room rate of
 commitment to food, wine and hospitality, all areas in which Kelly’s     €115 per night for a Double Deluxe bedroom.
 is renowned.                                                             Bed & Breakfast included. Valid to end of July 2007

      Beaches restaurant is situated next to a five-mile stretch of
 sandy beach and here Chef Jim Aherne employs a classic approach         Aherne’s of Youghal in County Cork
 using the finest local produce, including locally grown vegetables
                                                                         Owned and run by the Fitzgibbon family since
 and fresh fish from Kilmore Quay.                                       1923, Ahernes, an AA Five Red Diamond
                                                                         Guesthouse is located in the seaside
      La Marine offers a more relaxed dining experience with an          towntown of Youghal, only 30 miles east of
 Open Wine Cellar and open fire. Head chef Eugene Callaghan’s offers     Cork City. The award winning restaurant is
 traditional French and European dishes.                                 well known for its daily-changing menu of the
                                                                         freshest seafood specialities.

 Kelly's has also recently completed a new look for their leisure
 centre "The Aqua Club", incorporating a sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi        SPECIAL OFFER: Enjoy 2 nights luxury accommodation and
 outdoor Canadian Hot Tub and two superb pools.                            breakfast each morning PLUS 1 five course dinner in the World
                                                                           Famous Seafood Restaurant. For just €240.00 per person
                                                                           sharing in a deluxe double. For that added bit of luxury, it’s just
  Enjoy a 2 day mid week offer at Kelly’s resort hotel including Full      €270.00 per person in a Junior Suite.
  Board, Dinner on Arrival to Lunch on Departure this summer from
  €308 p.p.s. To book log on to www.AAireland.ie/hotels
                                                                         To book visit www.AAireland.ie/hotels. All offers are subject to availability

COMPETITION: Win 2 nights accommodation and one evening meal
    at the AA Four Red Star Killarney Park Hotel, Killarney, Co Kerry

     The Killarney Park Hotel is the                                                         Question: In which county is
     perfect location to either explore                                                      The Killarney Park Hotel located?
     the beautiful environs of Killarney                                                     A) Dublin B) Galway C) Kerry?
     or relax in the hotel spa. There is                                                     Text GOLD and your answer A, B or C to
     a choice of fine dining in the                                                          53600. Or send your answer on a postcard to
     award winning Park Restaurant,                                                          AA Motoring Competition, 56 Drury Street,
                                                                                             Dublin 2.
     where traditional recipes are
                                                                                             Text message cost €0.60 incl. VAT (Operator charges
     given a new twist or the more                                                           may apply). Terms & Conditions: No Cash alternative.
     casual ambience of the Garden                                                           Offer subject to pre-booking and availability. Cannot be
                                                                                             used in conjunction with any other Killarney Park Hotel or
     BarFor further details please visit
                                                                                             AA offer. Competition is not open to AA staff and their
     www.AAireland.ie/hotels                                                                 families.

                                                                                                  SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE
Look for a used car
with confidence.

Look for the AA Autocheck.
Autocheck is a programme designed by the AA in order to quality-check
used cars.

Look out for the symbol and get the peace of mind of having an
independent assurance of quality – so you’ll know you’re buying a quality

For more information, visit AAireland.ie or drop in to your local
Autocheck approved dealership.

            You’ve got a friend
                                                                                                                     N E WS

                                        When size isn’t everything                                  Think new
                                                                                                    cars don’t
                                        SUVs are finding themselves at the receiving end of
                                        something of a fashion backlash these days. While the       break down?
                                        term came from the US to describe what are often            Think again… AA Ireland
                                        enormous vehicles by our standards, in Ireland many         attended to 11,616 cars with
                                        are car-derived and not true off roaders. Nevertheless      06 registration numbers
                                        they are coming under fire; not least because of the        during 2006, and 2007 has
                                                                                                    begun in much the same
                                        sheer size of some of them on city streets.
                                            Dublin City Council has caught the trend of a
                                                                                                        Owners of brand new cars
                                        populist (in some circles) demonisation of SUVs. There      call on AA Rescue for all
MERCEDES MOVES                          was a proposal recently to double the cost of               sorts of reasons. Of course
                                        resident’s parking discs in the city council area when      being new does not stop a
E CLASS UP A NOTCH                      the engine size of the car is 2.0 litres or more. This      car from getting a flat tyre or
What’s new? On the outside, not         was proposed as a measure to discourage SUVs in the         collision damage, but a lot of
much. New headlights and a              interests of preserving space.                              the trouble is mechanical and
deeper, more sculpted front                 The AA argued successfully that engine size is the      especially electronic.
                                                                                                        New cars these days are
bumper. But under the skin, it’s a      wrong thing to measure. It is perfectly possible to have
                                                                                                    highly advanced machines
bit more serious. Quicker steering,     an ultra low emission vehicle no larger than a standard
                                                                                                    that fairly bristle with
better quality and more power for       saloon but which has a 2.0 litre engine (the Saab 9-5       complex electronic gadgetry.
the 1.8 Kompressor engine,              ethanol version, for example). The City Council agreed,     This is all very nice when it
bringing it to 184bhp.                  and is now proposing that the extra charge will only        all works, but it does not
What’s it like? Same as before,         apply when a vehicle exceeds 4.5 metres in length.          take much to bring it to a
but better. The familiar E-Class        Assuming this passes through public consultation it is      halt.
                                        likely to come into effect in the Autumn. ■                     AA rescue vehicles carry
pillow-y ride is still there, but the
                                                                                                    the AA’s ‘Vixen’ system,
steering feels meatier and the
                                                                                                    whereby the Patrol can
improvements to the cabin quality                                                                   connect a laptop to the
are very welcome. Looks great                                                                       engine management system
inside at night, with subtle                                                                        and quickly diagnose
instruments and soft downlighting.                                                                  electronic faults and get
                                                                                                    cars back on the road again.
How much? €54,510 and it’s on
                                                                                                    Other new car problems
sale now.                                                                                           include locks and alarms,
                                                                                                    ignition systems, poorly
                                                                                                    connected leads and
                                                                                                    hoses. ■
Bumper year for
sales and taxes
Irish car sales increased by 4.1%         New Rules of the Road booklet
in 2006 with 178,826 units sold.          THERE is at long last a new version of the Rules of the Road available. Quite
Last year was also notable for the        scandalously it had not been updated in nearly 12 years, during which time both
big surge in imports of second            the roads network and the country itself has changed out of all recognition.
hand cars; an estimated 75,000 of             When you consider the developments in the intervening time – motorways,
them. With all this going on it is        mobile phones, penalty points, metrification – the older version really had become
hardly surprising that VRT, that          hopelessly out of date.
most despised of all motoring                 The updated version contains a lot more information and a
taxes, had a bumper year raising          lot more detail. At just over 200 pages, it is three times as
€1.3 billion. The national fleet now      long. It will become the new one-stop reference for all
has some 2.2 million vehicles, of         matters to do with motoring and the law, and it is essential
which 1.8 million are private cars.       reading for anyone who is learning how to drive.
Small wonder that motor tax                   The Road Safety Authority will be making arrangements to
collectors are also having a happy        have 1.7 million copies of the new book posted to every
time of it, raising €870 million in       address in the country, and it should become essential
2006.                                     reading for drivers of all ages and levels of experience.
                                          The Rules of the Road can be downloaded from www.rsa.ie ■

                                                                                           SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE

          Climate Change
          The landmark UN report on climate change published in February essentially saw the
          global scientific community speaking on the issue with one voice.

                    Climate change is happening and               than the cars. Also the ‘transport
                    humanity is causing it. We now need           sector’ includes all land and sea
                    to decide exactly what we should do           transport, so trains and shipping are
                    about it.                                     counted as well.
                        While there are improvements and              Cars are making phenomenal strides
                    changes that we can make in every             in terms of cleaning up their act. Since
                    aspect of our economy and our daily           the advent of catalytic converters and
                    lives, some commentators would have           unleaded fuel in the 1990s, the car of
                    you believe that the car is the major         today produces less than 5% of the
                    culprit. The AA believes that motorists       pollution of the equivalent model of 20
                    are willing to play their part, but we also   years ago. CO2 remains, and is
                    want a sense of perspective maintained.       serious, but the car is making fantastic
                        Transport is one sector that              progress here as well.
                    generates greenhouse gases, producing             Of course, Bio-Fuels are a potential
                    in the order of 18 per cent of Ireland’s      short-term solution as they use alcohol
                    overall contribution. But other sectors       based fuels made from distilling crops
                    generate significantly more.                  that have absorbed CO2 from the
                        Over 65% of Ireland’s electricity is      atmosphere. Ford already sells its
                    generated by burning highly polluting         popular Focus model with a 1.8-litre
                    fossil fuels; coal, oil and peat. The much    125bhp engine capable of running on
                    cleaner (but still not renewable) natural     E85 bio-fuel, regular unleaded or any
                    gas generates 28%. Only a tiny small          combination of the two. The driver
                                                                  won't notice any difference (other than
                    fraction comes from renewable sources.
                                                                  slightly worse fuel consumption when
                        The 7 million cattle in Ireland’s
                                                                  running on the faster-burning E85) and
                    national herd generate an enormous
                                                                  the Focus, Focus estate and just-
                    quantity of methane through enteric
                                                                  introduced C-Max Flexi Fuel models
                    fermentation, and methane is far more
                                                                  all qualify for a 50% VRT rebate,
                    efficient as a greenhouse gas than CO2.
                                                                  bringing their prices down to a starting
                    In industry, one of the major sources of
                                                                  point of just over €20,000.
                    CO2 is cement production, and the                  But for the moment, the bio-fuel
                    Celtic Tiger has a relentless appetite for    infrastructure is limited, and growing
                    cement.                                       enough crops to create enough bio-fuel
                        Nevertheless the problem with             for all vehicles on the road simply isn't
                    transport is that it is the fastest growing   possible.
                    sector of all in terms of its CO2                 The EU has ordered car makers to
                    emissions. There are now 2.2 million          reduce the CO2 emissions figure for
                    vehicles in Ireland, 1.8 million of them      cars to below 130 grammes per
                    private cars. That figure is growing at       kilometre by 2012. That ‘grammes per
                    5% annually. It is worth noting that the      kilometre’ measure has become the
                    heavy vehicles generate far more CO2          standard for describing CO2 vehicle

                                                 PUBLIC POLICY

                                            Irish Concern on
                                            Climate Change
                                            Highest in Europe
                                            IRISH people are more concerned
                                            about many aspects of climate
                                            change than people in other EU
                                            countries, according to a
                                            Eurobarometer study carried out

                                                The survey covered all 27
                                            Member States of the European
                                            Union on a randomly selected
                                            sample of over 25,800 individuals of
                                            at least 15 years of age who were
                                            interviewed by telephone. The results
                                            showed that Europeans collectively
                                            view climate change as very serious
                                            and want their governments,
emissions and is likely to become as        nationally and at EU level, to do
familiar as ‘miles per gallon’ was in the   something about it.
past. Ireland is to introduce compulsory
emissions labelling for cars next year,
enabling consumers to make an informed      92%           of Irish people feel that
                                                         they will have to change
                                            their own personal consumption
choice when buying a new car.
   It seems also as if government has       habits; the highest figure in Europe.
been listening to AA representations, at
least partly. The Department of the
Environment is studying ways to charge
                                            95%          of Irish people want their
                                                         government to specify a
                                            minimum share for the amount of
annual car tax on the basis of emissions
                                            energy generated from renewable
instead of engine size, perhaps as early
                                            sources, again the highest in Europe.
as next year.
   Unfortunately, they cannot seem to       Stricter standards and subsidies for
shake themselves free of the ‘need’ to      efficiency were also supported.
take our money and think with a little
more imagination. In asking for opinions
on how such a system should work, the
                                            66%          of all Europeans feel
                                                         that EU measures are
                                            more likely to be successful than
Department stressed the importance of       national measures when it comes to
the revenue raised and that any             improving energy efficiency.
rebalancing must be ‘revenue neutral’.      Europeans also wanted to reduce the
   This brings us up against the Catch 22
                                            share of nuclear energy; a view the
of eco-taxes. The more effective a tax-
                                            Irish agreed with.
incentive system is at moving people
away from polluting behaviour the less
revenue it generates.                       90%           of Europeans want the
                                                          EU to impose common
                                            standards of safety for nuclear
   It we are to make genuine progress in
making transport sustainable without        installations rather than leaving it to
damaging our economy, then both             national governments.
government and eco-commentators will
have to show more vision than to simply
target car users. ■
                                            97%          of Irish people agreed
                                                         with this point; the
                                            highest out of all 27 countries

                                            SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE
                                        What is it that Irish motorists
                                        love about the Suzuki Swift?

                                                                                  Just one look at its stylish exterior and you’ll see why so many Irish
                                                                                  motorists love the Suzuki Swift. But there’s much more to this car than just
                                                                                  beauty. Whether you choose the 1.3 litre, the 1.5 litre Automatic or the 1.6
                                    www.suzuki.ie                                 Sports, you’ll find the combination of power and comfort make the Swift a
                                                                                  real pleasure to drive. What’s more, the starting price is a very attractive
                                                                                  €14,295 (excluding delivery and related charges). Take a test drive in the
                                                                                  car voted Irish Car of the Year 2006 by the Irish Motoring Writers, the Swift.

Suzuki Ireland
57 Broomhill Drive, Tallaght Ind Est, Dublin 24.
Tel: (01) 414 55 55
                                                                                                                        Way of Life!
Fuel consumption: 1.3 GL; Urban L/100km – 8.0, Extra Urban L/100km – 5.1, Combined L/100km – 6.2, CO2 g/km - 148. 1.5
Automatic; Urban L/100km - 9.3, Extra Urban L/100km - 5.6, Combined L/100km - 6.9, CO2 g/km - 170. 1.6 Sports; Urban
L/100km - 9.0, Extra Urban L/100km - 6.2, Combined L/100km - 7.2, CO2 g/km - 175.
                                                                                                                              N E WS
                                                                                                         AA Five Star
                                                                                                         If you are taking your car
                                                                                                         abroad this summer, it is very
                                                                                                         important to have breakdown
                                                                                                         cover in case you have a
                                                                                                         motoring emergency. It is
                                                                                                         stressful enough to have car
                                                                                                         trouble in Ireland. Transpose it
                                                                                                         onto a French autoroute or a
                                                                                                         Spanish mountain road, add in
                                                                                                         a car full of tired kids and
 New N4/M50 interchange                                                                                  suddenly the minor problem
                                                                                                         becomes a major headache.
                                                                                                         For many years the AA has

M50 gates to go                                                                                          been providing 5 Star travel
                                                                                                         insurance. It’s a bit like taking
                                                                                                         the AA with you when you go.
                                                                                                         There’s a 24-hour emergency

but toll remains                                                                                         call centre, based in Lyon,
                                                                                                         where your call will be
                                                                                                         answered in English and help
                                                                                                         will be quickly arranged.
                                                                                                         If the car cannot be fixed then
THE AA has welcomed the Government’s             road network, especially on urban roads
                                                                                                         Five Star provides for a
decision to get rid of the toll barriers on      and by-passes.
                                                                                                         replacement car,
the M50, but has warned that the                      People in towns like Drogheda, Fermoy
                                                                                                         accommodation for the
proposed new barrier-free system will still      and Kinnegad will agree that previous AA
                                                                                                         travelling party and a range of
cost the motorist money.                         predictions are being borne out by events.
                                                                                                         other services. Free despatch
     AA Members have for many years              Those towns remain congested with traffic
                                                                                                         of spare parts and even the
expressed their frustration with the             because cars and especially trucks are
                                                                                                         recovery of the car all the way
barriers, which were often directly at fault     avoiding the toll charges. This will still be a
                                                                                                         back to your driveway in
for traffic delays.                              problem with the new West Link toll even if
                                                                                                         Ireland are all included.
     There is no doubt that the upgrade          the charges are collected electronically.
                                                                                                         AA Members pay reduced
project which is now underway will be a               Given how busy the road is and is likely
                                                                                                         rates, which vary for the
significant improvement in what has been         to become, there is little doubt that major
                                                                                                         cover, which varies in price
a long and tortuous history of the               traffic problems will persist long after the
                                                                                                         depending on how long your
development of the M50.                          barriers are gone.
                                                                                                         trip is. A two week holiday
     The third lane installation project on           The AA is also concerned about the
                                                                                                         with a couple of days’ journey
the M50 is due to be finished in August of       likely cost motorists of paying the new toll
                                                                                                         time added in will cost
next year. This, together with the               on an ongoing basis. The NTR toll went up
                                                                                                         €119.00. There is an extra
completion of free-flowing junctions at the      year on year, no matter how busy the
                                                                                                         charge for cars over 8 years
N4 interchange and at Red Cow, will              bridge was or how bad the service was.
                                                                                                         old and for caravans.
certainly help. These developments are           Motorists are entitled to know how this
                                                                                                         You can get more details and
critical given that traffic volumes on the       new State toll will be managed. How will
                                                                                                         buy online at www.AAireland.ie
road have trebled in the last ten years.         electronic tolls work? How will the system
                                                                                                         or call (01) 6179988.
     It is also important that Minister Cullen   cope with out-of-State registration
has made the government’s position very          numbers? And most importantly, will the
clear in terms of extending the tolls to         motorist be protected against constant
cover the rest of the M50. He declared,          increases in the toll charge?
rightly, that this cannot be done in the              More clarity from government on
foreseeable future because the city does         these issues would go a long way towards
not have public transport alternatives to        alleviating the scepticism of motorists
offer commuters.                                 who have seen and heard a lot of
     The AA remains concerned at the use         promises about the M50 over the
of tolls in general on the growing new Irish     years. ■

                                                                                                   SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE
      R O A D T E ST

                                                  FOR HONDA, the CR-V represents its slow
                                                  and subtle transformation from a maker of
                                                  mass-market family cars to a genuine
                                                  premium market contender, able to
                                                  compete toe-to-toe with the lauded
                                                  German marques. In a broader sense, the
                                                   CR-V shows the rest of the world that a
                                                     4x4 SUV can be as good to drive, and
                                                     as ecologically clean as a medium-sized
                                                   saloon car.
                                                           Indeed, Honda compares the CR-V
                                                             directly to its own Accord
                                                                executive saloon, and the
                                                                   comparison is apt. When
                                                                      fitted with the 2.0-litre
                                                                         iVTEC petrol engine,
                                                                          the CR-V’s carbon
                                                                           emissions are only
                                                                            3grammes per km
                                                                            higher than those of
                                                                              the Accord saloon
                                                                             with the same
                                                                            responsibility can do
                                                                           nothing but add to the
                                                                      CR-V’s already powerful
                                                  lustre. It comes to the market during a
                                                  great period of creativity and success for
                                                  Honda (Irish Car Of The Year award for
                                                  the daring Civic, burgeoning Formula One
                                                  success) and its combination of sharp
                                                  (and very distinctive) looks and Honda’s
                                                  reputation for peerless reliability and build

                                                  quality ensure that the CR-V was much
                                                  anticipated long before we knew of its
                                                  green credentials.
                                                     And in spite of distinctly un-SUV-like
                                                  consumption and emission figures, the

                                                  CR-V still has all that is good about the
                                                  breed. It uses a sophisticated torque-split
                                                  4WD system that sends the engine’s
                                                  power to the front wheels most of the
                                                  time, diverting it to the rears when
                                                  slippage is detected. It works so smoothly
       WITH THE NEW CR-V, HONDA IS LAYING DOWN    that you’ll never notice.
                                                     The high driving position that so many
       A BENCHMARK, BOTH FOR THE MOTOR INDUSTRY   people like about SUVs is present and
                                                  correct, even though this model of CR-V is
                                                  lower-slung than before, to the benefit of
                                                  ride and handling. ■

AA Frequent Travel Insurance.
Peace of mind all year.
To arrange cover call (01) 617 9988 or buy online at
Members receive a 20% discount on standard rates.
Plus save an extra €20 if you take out cover by
May 31st 2007.

          You’ve got a friend
       LE I S U R E

       Top Award for
       Sandhouse Hotel
      AA Inspectors have bestowed their prestigious
      3 Red Star Status on the renowned Sandhouse Hotel,
                                                                      Enjoy 2 nights at                 ★★★
                                                                      Sandhouse Hotel or any
      Rossnowlagh, Co Donegal. Sandhouse Hotel is a
                                                                      Manor House Hotel of
      converted mid 19th-century fishing lodge located
                                                                      Ireland this Summer for
      literally on the beach with breathtaking views of the
                                                                      €145 per person
      Atlantic Ocean.
                                                                      midweek and €165 per
          The Seashell Restaurant in the Sandhouse Hotel
      provides AA Rosette award winning cuisine using local           person weekend.
      Donegal produce. The AA Inspectors’ Choice Awards               Sandhouse will include a complimentary
      are announced annually and recognise the very best              balneobath treatment for all stays
      hotels in Ireland. To achieve this award, a hotel must          during the months of April, May
      offer consistently outstanding levels of service.               and June.
      Sandhouse Hotel is amongst the top five percent of              For reservations and details of special
      Irish hotels to achieve this top classification.                inclusions at other Manor House Hotels
          Sandhouse Hotel is part of the Manor House Hotels           Lo call 0818 281281 or visit
      of Ireland Group, made up of an exclusive selection of          www.manorhousehotels.com
      30 charming luxury Country & Manor House Hotels                 All offers are subject to availability.
      along with luxury boutique hotel accommodation.

     A whole lot of
     Room inside
     The Skoda Roomster is actually a little       sections. In front, everything should wrap      centre seat can be removed altogether,
     shocking on first acquaintance, because it    around the driver and make them feel            creating a ‘Club Class’ two seat layout.
     looks so distinctive that it’s hard to know   secure and cocooned. In the rear though,        The 1.2-litre entry level petrol engine is
     how to pigeonhole it. The theory behind       passengers like to have space all               game for anything, developing 70bhp from
     such bold styling move is that a car works    around.All three of the rear seats can be       its three cylinders but feeling brisker than
     best when it’s divided into two distinct      individually folded and reclined, and the       the figures suggests, and very smooth
                                                                                                   too. It even sounds quite sporty.
                                                                                                   Needless to say, this being a Skoda,
                                                                                                   prices have been kept to a comfortably
                                                                                                   affordable level. Prices start at €16,825
                                                                                                   for the 1.2-litre entry model, and our
                                                                                                   Comfort-spec car cost €19,490. While the
                                                                                                   Roomster’s styling may divide opinion, you
                                                                                                   can consider us thoroughly conquered by
                                                                                                   its charm and usefulness. ■

                                                                                            R O A D T E ST

                                                                                                                      Land Rover Freelander
   WITH the new Freelander, Land Rover has completed            will, and the steering is incisive and full of
   its recent transformation from a brand that began            information about what the front tyres are up to.
   life as the farmer’s friend, to a genuinely premium          The Freelander settles into a rhythm on a twisting
   marque that can stand comparison with the                    road that would simply have been unthinkable in a
   Mercedes, BMWs and Audis of this world.                      4x4 a decade, even five years ago.
       It also marks the final separation of Land Rover             Practicality hasn’t been forgotten in the pursuit
   from what was Rover, as the new Freelander is                of dynamic excellence though. The Freelander has
   entirely Ford-based, sharing components with various         a large, 755-litre boot, and space in the rear seats
   Fords, Volvos and Mazdas. You could never mistake            is good enough for two six-footers to sit behind
   it for anything other than a Land Rover though. The          one another.
   styling, wisely, doesn’t deviate far from the hugely-            The primary engine on offer in Ireland is a new
   successful 1997 original’s, but enough cues have             2.2-litre 160bhp turbo-diesel, running through a
   been taken from the Range Rover and Discovery to             standard-fit six-speed manual transmission. An
   ensure that the Freelander looks both contemporary           automatic gearbox will be available later in the year.
   and classy.                                                  It’s an excellent engine, with enough performance
       Inside, the story is much the same. The shapes           for the Freelander to stand comparison with an
   and switches are all clearly influenced by Land              executive saloon, and refinement is also good once
   Rover’s bigger models, and the downsizing                    the engine has warmed up. Fuel consumption of
   necessary to fit them into the smaller Freelander            7.5-litres per 100km (37mpg) and CO2 emissions
   hasn’t hurt them one bit. The cabin is well executed         of 194g/km are bang on the class average.
   in design, spacious and very comfortable.                        But there’s nothing average about the Freelander.
       But where the Freelander really scores is on the         Although it certainly picks up where the old model
   road. Thanks to having been subject to the                   left off, it’s far classier and more befitting a luxury
   attentions of Mike Cross, Jaguar’s near-legendary            marque. Just imagine what those farmers who
   handling expert, the Freelander sets new standards           bought the original Land Rover in 1948 would make
   for SUVs in its on-road deportment. There is body            of it. ■
   roll in corners, but it never rolls as far as you think it                                            BY NEIL BRISCOE

                                                                             SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE
     I NF R A STR U C T U R E

          The re-aligned N18 opens early                   Castleblayney bypass

          Road improvements
          way ahead of target
          Two schemes have                 The Ennis bypass opened in December          intention to provide massive investment
                                           2006, 4 months early and on budget.          in Northern Ireland's roads. A sign of
          opened ahead of                  The road takes through traffic away from     things to come will soon be seen by
                                           the busy Clare town and forms part of        motorists on the M1, where the final link
          schedule since our               the Government's "Atlantic Corridor" plan,   in the Republic, the Dundalk to Newry
                                           upgrading road links from Letterkenny        link, will open in the third quarter of the
          last issue, a growing            south through Connacht and Munster to        year. This road takes motorists across
                                           Cork and Waterford. It's estimated that      the border and replaces the current,
          trend in new road                the 14km bypass removes a massive            congested route and means that
                                           14,000 cars from the town every day.         motorists can travel from just north of
          openings in recent                  Another early opening was the N6          the Port Tunnel entrance in Dublin across
                                           dual-carriageway from Kinnegad to            the border to Newry, where there are
          years.                           Tyrrellspass. This road forms part of the    plans to upgrade the existing dual-
                                           new Dublin-Galway route and its early        carriageway route to Belfast.
                                           opening allows traffic to get from the           Castleblayney in Co. Monaghan will
                                           capital to Tyrrellspass without passing      soon see Leinster's first 2+1 road.

                                           The 14km Ennis bypass removes a massive
                                           14,000 cars from the town every day.
                                           through a single town. The stretch           This type of road will alternate a two-
                                           will link to the existing Athlone bypass     lane/one-lane system every 2km, to allow
                                           by end 2008. The project will then be        traffic to overtake safely while costing
                                           ready for the final phase through            less to build than a full dual-carriageway.
                                           Co. Roscommon towards Galway, which          The Castleblayney, Annyalla and
                                           is in planning as a two-stage project –      Clontibret bypass opens in the 3rd
                                           Athlone to Ballinasloe and Ballinasloe to    quarter of this year, leaving just two
                                           Galway.                                      towns not bypassed on the N2; Ardee
                                               The 2007-2013 National Development       (whose bypass is in the planning stage)
                                           Plan announced the government’s              and Slane. ■
          Ennis bypass

                                                                                                R O A D T E ST

                                                                                                                           Volvo C30
City-sleek compact
makes an impact
The compact,               VOLVO has expanded far beyond its                rather tight, but then the C30 and its
                           classic-estate car roots in recent years and     rivals are aimed at singles and couples,
premium-badge              has become both profitable and more than         not growing families.
                           a little fashionable. I bet you can see               Under the bonnet, you get a range of
hatchback market is        where this is going…                             engines that is broad and impressive. It
                               Yes, Volvo has joined with BMW,              starts with a 100bhp 1.6 petrol, moves
one of the fastest-        Mercedes, VW, Audi and Alfa Romeo in             on to a 125bhp 1.8 petrol, a 145bhp 2.0
                           offering a compact, sexily-styled hatchback      petrol and a rnage-topping 225bhp 2.5-
growing segments of        for the trendy person about town. It’s           litre turbocharged five-cylinder petrol.
                           called the C30 and bears close                   There are three diesel engines, a 110bhp
the car market, and        mechanical links to not only Volvo’s S40         1.6-litre, a 130bhp 2.0-litre and a 180bhp
                           saloon and V50 estate, but also to the           2.5-litre. The average CO2 emission level
it’s a darned profitable   Ford Focus, Mazda 3 and even Land Rover          for the entire range is 201g/km with the
                           Freelander, such is the breadth of Ford’s        1.6 diesel having the lowest figure, a
one too.                   platform-sharing system.                         126g/km.
                               At the front, the C30 looks identical to          Of the range, we reckon that the 1.8-
                           the S40/V50 with which it shares engines         litre petrol offers the best balance
                           etc, but it’s around the back that things        between performance and economy. The
                           start to get interesting. There you’ll find an   C30, despite being compact, is hardly
                           all-glass tailgate and thick-cut tail-lamps      lightweight and the 1.6 petrol and diesel
                           that give the C30 a very definite character,     models can occasionally feel a little
                           drawing links to previous Volvo coupes,          underpowered. The C30 is a delight to
                           such as the short-lived 480 of the early         drive though, with linear, well-weighted
                           nineties, and the wonderful P1800 ES of          steering, a surprisingly smooth ride quality
                           the sixties.                                     and exceptional refinement for a car in
                               Inside, it’s identical to the S40, which     this class. ■
                           which means it has a well-laid out,
                           beautifully-made and fantastically-
                           comfortable interior. Space in the back is                                    BY NEIL BRISCOE

                                                                                   SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE
       N E WS

     Council’s capital plan
          Dublin City Council is        COLLECTIVELY called the ‘City Centre        Depot, which is clearly necessary, is
                                        Plan 2012’, the proposals are quite         also planned.
     considering a traffic plan         visionary. They include a ban on general       Between them these proposals will
                                        traffic from Dame Street to College         dramatically change the character of
          that is rather drastic.       Street and Westmoreland Street and a        south central Dublin. Some aspects of
                                        ban on general traffic on O’Connell         the plan, including the closures to
           The proposals were           Street south of Abbey Street. These are     traffic of those main thoroughfares, are
                                        major traffic arteries in the city centre   subject to public consultation and
          drafted by the Dublin         which will effectively become zones for     modelling; so a lot could change yet.
                                        pedestrians and public transport only.      However it is quite exciting in setting
       Transportation Office in            The plan also includes new bus lanes     out a vision of what the city could look

          co-operation with the
       City Council in order to
                                         The pedestrianisation of Grafton Street
     improve the environment
                                         was radical when proposed and yet we
      for pedestrians, cyclists
                                         can't imagine the city without it now
        and public transport in
                 the city centre.
                                        on the north and south quays (feasible      like in the future.
                                        now that the Dublin Port Tunnel is              The AA applies a general principle to
                                        open), a new bus lane on Clanbrassil        these types of proposals. If it is felt
                                        Street and Patrick Street and a new         that genuine alternatives are being
                                        bridge across the Liffey at Macken          provided then motorists can be
                                        Street.                                     supportive of the measures.
                                           Included too are substantial             It is in everyone’s interest to have a
                                        improvements to the Quality Bus             vibrant capital city. However it is not
                                        Corridors on the Malahide, Swords and       fair if motorists are just being bumped
                                        Merrion Road routes. Alongside the          sideways without the necessary
                                        physical improvements there will also       improvements in public transport.
                                        be enhanced technology allowing buses           When transport plans are good
                                        to communicate with and receive             everyone wins. The pedestrianisation of
                                        priority from traffic lights.               Grafton Street was radical when it was
                                           It is also highly likely that the Luas   proposed and yet we can’t imagine the
                                        extension connecting the Red and            city without it now.
                                        Green lines from St. Stephen’s Green            The key to the success of this vision
                                        will be routed through College Green        is providing the public transport, and
                                        and Westmoreland Street. An extension       that is where efforts should be
                                        from Connolly Station to the Point          concentrated. ■

                                                                                                       S A F ET Y

Rating safety
EuroNCAP, the European          THE new Bravo, which replaces the Stilo
                                which in turn replaced the old Bravo,
                                                                                   In its last test in 2000, the Voyager
                                                                              scored just 2 stars. This time, the left-
                                continues to match the high standard of       hand-drive (LHD) model sold in
New Car Assessment              passenger safety Fiat have aspired            mainland Europe was tested and was
                                towards over the past number of years         set to score a respectable 4 star
Programme, recently tested      and scored a maximum 100% score in            rating. However, it became known that
                                the side impact test.                         the right-hand-drive (RHD) models are
the new Fiat Bravo. The fact         One of Ireland's most popular cars,      not fitted with a driver's knee airbag so
                                the Toyota Corolla, has been tested for       this was also tested. The result of this
that this car, which isn't on   the first time. The test on the latest        test, which awarded the Chrysler
                                model gave it the maximum 5 stars. The        Voyager two stars with one struck
sale until the summer, has      first small saloon to achieve such a rating   through, contrasted badly against the
                                and lines up well against the best in its     LHD model's test.
already been submitted for      class in terms of safety. The new 2007             Chrysler has said that all of their
                                Corolla is built in Turkey for the European   models are tested at speeds required
testing shows just how          market and while its sales in mainland        by European legislation, which is lower
                                Europe are usually quite modest, its Irish    than those used by Euro NCAP. AA
important to manufacturers      sales are huge.                               Ireland has written to Euro NCAP to
                                     Unfortunately not all manufacturers      ask for routine testing of RHD models
the Euro NCAP test has          have endeavoured to satisfy Euro NCAP's       at the same time as LHD cars to
                                high standard of car safety. Chrysler's       expose any anomalies like this.
become.                         Voyager MPV caused an upset recently               Manufacturers like Renault and Fiat
                                when it failed to beat its previous low       have spent millions developing safer
                                Euro NCAP score.                              cars and their Euro NCAP results show
                                                                              this. Renault’s efforts, in particular,
                                                                              have led to a major refocusing of the
                                                                              company’s energies towards safety,
                                                                              and every model they’ve introduced
                                                                              since 2001 has received the highest
                                                                              rating – meaning today, the entire
                                                                              range has five stars.
                                                                                   Finally, while safety pioneers Volvo
                                                                              have strayed away from the saloons
                                                                              and estates towards coupés,
                                                                              convertibles and even turbocharged
                                                                              hardtop convertibles, they haven't
                                                                              forgotten their roots. Their new C30
                                                                              hatchback, based on the solid
                                                                              architecture of the S40 saloon (itself
                                                                              based on the five-star Ford Focus),
                                                                              received the coveted 5 star rating in a
                                                                              recent test. No surprises there - but
                                                                              thanks to organisations like Euro NCAP
                                                                              raising the bar for car safety, Volvo are
                                                                              no longer alone in prioritising
 Bravo scores top marks                                                       passenger welfare. ■

                                                                               SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE
                                                                                                           N E WS

AA Shop returns
     to South Mall
     New Motor & Home     THE AA has opened new offices in the
                          heart of Cork city. Located at 24/25
   Insurance Quotations   South Mall (directly opposite AIB), the
        1890 600 700      office is now open for Motor, Home &
                          Travel Insurance together with AA
   Cork: Other Services   Membership, International Driving Permits
        021 4252411       and other AA services.
                              Older members may remember that AA
Members’ Rescue Line /    were in the South Mall many years ago
                          before moving to Bridge Street and then
  Roadside Assistance     to Emmet Place for the last 18 years. The     Michael King in our South Mall office
     1800 66 77 88        new premises have been fully refurbished
                          with state of the art modern facilities and
                                                                        and Travel Insurance and welcomes
           AA Finance     technology to cater for the rapidly
                                                                        business from non-members as well.
                          growing number of AA customers in the
       1890 794 794                                                         “All in all we have a great range of
                          city and in the Munster region.
                                                                        products and services to offer to our
                              “AA Insurance offers customers an
                                                                        customers, and we have the people and
                          exclusive branded service for Motor,
                                                                        the facilities to deliver them
                          Home and Travel Insurance from our
                          offices here in Cork.” Says Team Manager
                                                                            AA Motor Insurance Policies include AA
                          Bernard McCarthy. “The office can also
                                                                        Lifetime No Claim Discount protection for
                          deal with all Membership enquiries.
                                                                        Fire, Theft & Windscreen claims. AA Home
                          Membership is growing strongly in the
                                                                        Insurance offers customers very
                          Munster region, with more and more
                                                                        competitive premiums with full Accidental
                          people using Rescue and other services.”
                                                                        Damage cover as standard on both
                              The AA offers members preferential
                                                                        Buildings and Contents for owner occupier
                          discounts and benefits for Motor Home
                                                                            Customers with any queries on AA
                                                                        Services can contact AA Cork in the usual
                                                                        ways, or please feel free to drop into us
                                                                        on the South Mall and we would be happy
                                                                        to talk to you there.
                                                                            The telephone contact numbers have
                                                                        not changed. So there is no need for
                                                                        customers to change any details that they
                                                                        have. You can also contact
                                                                            the AA on the internet on www.
                                                                        AAireland.ie and by email on
                                                                            aais@aaireland.ie. ■

                                                                               SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE

          Some time ago AA Member Fergal O’Byrne
                                                           THIS seemed like a very clever and simple idea. The
                                                           AA researched it and began lobbying for it to be
                                                           acted upon. There are two main types of alternative
              sent in an email suggesting that all new     fuel that are reckoned internationally to have the most
                                                           promise. These are E85, a blend of 85% alcohol to
        service stations should be obliged to devote       15% unleaded petrol; and Biodiesel, which is similar
                                                           in most respects to ordinary diesel but is made from
           at least one pump to providing alternative      plant material.
                                                              These biofuels have the major advantage of being
                  fuels as a condition of their planning   carbon neutral. Only the carbon absorbed during
                                                           growth is released when they are burnt. When you
             permission. (see AA Motoring Winter              burn traditional fuels the carbon released is ‘new’
                                                                        to the atmosphere having been fixed into
                                        2006).                               the oil for millions of years.
                                                                                     Both can be used
                                                                                     interchangeably with the
                                                                                        traditional fuels once a car
                                                                                          has been designed or
                                                                                            modified to do so. In fact
                                                                                             a little bit of biofuel can
                                                                                              be added to ordinary
                                                                                               fuel without any
                                                                                               modification, and every
                                                                                               little helps in carbon
                                                                                              terms. Ford, Saab and
                                                                                              soon Volvo all have E85
                                                                                             models on sale in
                                                                                           Ireland. But the problem,
                                                                                          as Fergal points out, is
                                                                                        On 24th January the AA
                                                                                wrote to both Environment
                                                                            Minister Dick Roche and the NRA to
                                                                      press for service stations to be compelled
           These biofuels have the major                   to devote one pump to each of these fuels. The NRA
                                                           are currently looking for private companies to provide
              advantage of being carbon                    12 new service stations on the motorway network.
                                                              We are told that the Department are taking the
                                                           proposal under active consideration, and even more
                 neutral. Only the carbon                  positively the NRA has agreed to make the provision
                                                           of alternative fuels a requirement in all service
               absorbed during growth is                   stations on Irish motorways.
                                                              All of which adds up to a clear victory for Fergal,
           released when they are burnt.                   the AA and the planet. ■

  www . team.ie
For all your motoring needs
The fuel efficient, low emission 4x4 for everyday life.
Introducing the robust yet compact Sedici - an intelligent solution to everyday 4x4 driving. Designed
by the legendary Giorgetto Giugiaro, the Sedici provides class leading fuel economy and CO2 emissions
in both petrol and diesel versions, while delivering 4x4 On-Demand driving at the touch of a button.
And with its raised seating improving all round visibility, driver, passenger and front side airbags as
well as ABS + EBD and Isofix child seat attachments, the Sedici protects its occupants as well as it does
the environment. And, as with all Fiat cars, Sedici comes with a 4 year manufacturer’s warranty and
4 year AA membership as standard.

Prices from            22,400*. For more information click on www.fiat.ie or visit your local dealer.

*Prices exclude delivery and related charges. 1.9 Multijet diesel   26,400. Sedici combined fuel consumption (l/100): 6.6-7.1. CO2 emissions (g/km): 173-174.
                                                                                          O N TH E R O A D

               The Rosemary
                                FOR TRANSITION YEAR STUDENTS
                Smith Driving
                                THE ROSEMARY SMITH Think Awareness                private grounds are available to drive
                Academy has     Driving Programme has been specifically           around. The campaign is supported by
                                tailored to teach practical driving skills in a   Ford Ireland and many of the pupils are
               been actively    safe environment to students before they          trained in new dual-control Ford Fiesta
                                reach the age for driving on public roads.        models. All of the instructors have been
working over the past ten       This approach has proven to be a very             specifically trained and have many years
                                effective way of giving the students an           experience in teaching pre-driving age
years to improve road-user      appreciation of the dangers and                   teens as well as older novice drivers.
                                practicalities of driving. It also gives the          The day is divided into morning and
knowledge and good driving      student a grasp of the rules that affect          afternoon driving sessions, each student
                                them even as pedestrians and cyclists who         spending about an hour behind the wheel.
practice among transition       account for almost half of those maimed           In the cars they learn best practice in
                                or seriously injured in road accidents.           driving, the rudiments of car dynamics,
year students throughout            The course gives the participants an          proper control, cockpit drills, and courtesy.
                                introduction to what is a very important life     In a classroom setting they are instructed
the country.                    skill that may one day help them save             in driver awareness, attitude to driving,
                                somebody’s life.                                  road safety, and practical information on
                                    A large number of secondary and               the theory test, licensing, insurance, and
                                community schools participate in the              rules of the road.
                                course, and this year over 1,100 students             Rosemary Smith, former rally champion,
                                will attend. The programme consists of a          devised the Think Awareness school
                                one-day course for multiples of six               following the success of similar
                                students aged around 15 to 18, in groups          programmes in America. “I had observed
                                of 18 to 30. The students need not have           the driver education which my nephews
                                any previous driving experience, in fact it’s     and nieces were receiving in the US,”
                                preferable that they don’t.                       recalls Rosemary. “It convinced me that
                                    For schools in the Leinster region the        driver teaching should be part and parcel
                                students are taught in extensive facilities at    of a school curriculum. Programmes in
                                Goffs on the Naas Road. Further afield            Britain bore this out - there is a clear
                                        the same programme can be                 correlation between education and the
                                               provided where suitable            reduction in tragic driving accidents.” ■

                                                                                  Interested schools or youth groups
                                                                                  should contact: The Rosemary Smith
                                                                                  Driving Academy at 01 2956570

                                                                                  SPRING 2007 AA MOTORING MAGAZINE
       R O A DTE ST
     Fiat Sedici

                                                                   4 x 4's are becoming ever more             Now, don’t go thinking that the Sedici
                                                                     popular, but with growing            is a full-on off-roader and that you could
                                                                      concern over their                  cross the Kalahari on your way to the
                                                                      environmental impact,               shops; that’s not the idea. The idea is that
                                                                      perhaps it's time to                you have a family car that is easy to park,
                                                                      down size.                          has light fuel consumption (7.1l/100km
                                                                         Take for example, the case       for the petrol, 6.6ll/100km for the diesel )
                                                                    of a family living in a rural area.   and low emissions of CO2 (173g/km for
                                                                   Not farmers, but certainly not         the petrol and 174g/km for the diesel),
                                                                 townies, they regularly use roads        but that has sufficient traction and
                                                             which, in the grand Irish tradition are      ruggedness to make dealing with bad
                                                         poorly surfaced, strewn with mud and             roads a doddle.
                                                         would tax the suspension compliance and              And so it proves. The Sedici drives like
                                                         traction of a conventional car to their          an entirely conventional car, with sharp,
                                                         limits. A 4x4 would seem necessary.              well-weighted steering, a comfortable ride
                                                            But 4x4s are generally large, expensive       quality and good road holding. Where it
                                                         to buy and expensive to put fuel in. Fiat,       really comes into its own is on twisty, tight
                                                         however, has a solution and it’s called the      backroads. The roads where mud is a
                                                         Sedici. Sedici is Italian for 16 and, of         constant companion, surfaces are broken
                                                         course, 16 is four times four. 4x4. You          and heaving and oncoming traffic forces
                                                         see where they’re going with this?               you to pull into the ditch. Here, the Sedici
                                                            The Sedici is a compact family                is supreme, using its tight dimensions and
                                                         hatchback, sized roughly between the             all-wheel grip to duck, dive and dodge its
                                                         Punto and the forthcoming Bravo                  way along. It feels supremely confident in
                                                         hatchback. It uses either a 1.6-litre petrol     even the worst conditions and yet, in town,
                                                         engine or Fiat’s familiar 1.9-litre              will never be subject to the withering
                                                         turbodiesel, and it’s a five-door car with       stares of those disapproving of big 4x4s.
                                                         seats for five. So far, so conventional, but         So, in a world where poor surfaces
                                                         what sets the Sedici apart from other            and 4x4 fashionability are paramount, but
                                                         hatchbacks is the fact that it has the           anti-SUV sentiment continues, the Fiat
                                                         ground clearance and all-wheel-drive of a        Sedici could be the answer to our
                                                         proper 4x4.                                      prayers. ■

                                                                                                          BY NEIL BRISCOE

38                                        PRI ING 007
     A A M O T O R I N G M A G A Z I N E SS P RN G 22 0 0 7
New lower rates every time you rent.
Hiring with Hertz is now even better value. As an AA member, you can now enjoy
10% off our lowest available rates every time you book by phone or online. So whether
it’s for work, a family holiday or a well-earned short break and wherever in the world
you’re going, you’ll now save even more.
That’s because when you book, we’ll automatically search for our lowest rates and
deduct 10% off the best available price every time. Simply quote your special CDP number
– It’s that easy.
So get in touch today for a great value deal from the world’s #1 car rental company.

  How to book
  01 676 74 76
  CDP number 522585

Hertz lowest available rate refers to our publicly available best rate candidate tariffs that are applied to unaffiliated reservations which
have no other discount or promotion attached to them. Hertz best available rates are available on Hertz websites or by telephone and
may be either prepaid or locally paid. Valid at participating locations only.
     www.landrover.ie                                                                                                                                      Please drive responsibly on and off-road.

                                                     ALL - NEW FREELANDER 2
                                                      READY WHEN YOU ARE

     Model featured is for illustrative purposes only.

     Available to test drive now at your Land Rover dealership

Official fuel consumption figures for Freelander 2 range L/100km (mpg): combined 7.5 (37.7) – 11.2 (25.2), urban 9.2 (30.6) – 15.8 (17.9), extra urban 6.2 (45.5) – 8.6 (33.0). CO2 emissions: 194 – 265g/km.

Clare: Liam Cleary Car Sales, Kilrush Road, Ennis. Ph: 065 684 0939. Cork: Johnson & Perrott Land Rover, Mahonpoint Retail Park, Cork. Ph: 021 461 5240. Drive Motor Group, Blarney Business
Park, Mallow Road, Cork. Tel: 021 438 8020. Donegal: McGinley Motors Ltd, Pearse Road, Letterkenny. Ph: 074 912 5666. Dublin: HB Dennis Airside, Airside Motor Park, Swords. Ph: 01 870 1404.
Spirit Motor Group, Arena Road, Sandyford Business Park, Dublin 18. Ph: 01 489 3760. Stuarts Garages Ltd, Greenhills Road, Dublin 24. Ph: 01 462 4100. Galway: Bradley Land Rover,
Dublin Road, Galway. Ph: 091 770909. Kerry: McElligotts Tralee Ltd, Listowel Road, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ph: 066 718 1911. Kildare: Chapmans of Kildare, Dublin Road, Kildare, Ph: 045 521 203.
Kilkenny: Young’s Land Rover, Waterford Road, Kilkenny, Ph: 056 775 2599. Limerick: Singland Motors, Dublin Road, Limerick, Ph: 061 331 933. Meath: Newgate Land Rover, Newgate, Navan, Co.
Meath. Ph: 046 902 7777. Waterford: Auto Boland Ltd, Butlerstown Roundabout, Cork Road, Waterford. Ph: 051 337 900. Westmeath: Autoworld Casey, Athlone Business Park, Dublin Road,
Athlone, Co. Westmeath. Ph: 090 6486666. Wexford: Trinity Motors, Trinity Street, Wexford. Ph: 053 9122500. Wicklow: Sean Behan Ltd, Dublin Road, Arklow, Co. Wicklow, Ph: 0402 32647.

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