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					                                 Low Incidence Outreach (LIO)
                                       E-Mail Newsletter
6-5-08                                                      Volume 3, Number 1

          In This Issue
                                  American Printing House for
  American Printing House for      the Blind Information
   the Blind Information
  Summer Camp Information       American Printing House for the Blind News:
                                 Notice: There is a 5% Rebate on APH Products
  Scholarship Reminder
                                 Purchased with Federal Quota funds through June
  Tech Bite                     27th. Don’t miss out; get your orders in early.
  Book Production               Please return any books or materials you are not
                                 using so they can be shared with students
  Tip Sheet for “The VIEW”      statewide and save valuable funds for new items.
  Mobility Tip
                                 To view the APH Newsletter follow this link:
  Independent Living Skills
   Summer Recipe
  Announcements                 Collette Bauman, APH Ex Officio Trustee
                                   Summer Camp Information
                                 Below is a list of available summer camps for
                                 students with visual impairments or students who
                                 are deaf or hard of hearing. The inclusion or
                                 exclusion of a camp should not be considered an
                                 endorsement by MDE-LIO of any particular camp.

                                 Check out our website for listings of camps
                                 available for students with a visual impairment
                                 lio/NewsView.asp?id=845 and students who are
                                 deaf or hard of hearing
                                 lio/NewsView.asp?id=841 in Michigan. It’s
                                 important to keep busy and be stimulated. There
                                 are many enrichment programs available
                                 throughout the state and nationally.

                                Ron Lucey, Texas Department of Assistive and
                                Rehabilitative Services wrote an interesting article
                                /camps.htm in support of summer camps. Please
                                click on
                                further camping information.

                                       Scholarship Reminder
Resources and
                                Don’t forget to access our scholarship program
Expertise in a                  for assistance in paying for enrichment programs

Central Location.               and events that will occur during the summer
                                months. Parents of students with a visual
                                impairment who demonstrate a financial need are
                                eligible. It’s easy to apply! Go to our website for
                                details and to download the application packet at

                                If you have questions please feel free to contact
                                Ann Langley (888) 760-2206

                                                  Tech Bite
                                It has been a very busy and productive school
                                year for the MDE-LIO Technology Team. MDE-
                                LIO has taught more than seventeen regional
                                classes with the help of its team members. Wow!
                                This is exciting because when teachers,
                                paraprofessionals, and parents increase their
                                knowledge and skills in learning assistive
                                technology, our students benefit from it!
                                     The team is currently working on several
                                       projects – creating hands-on classes for
                                       students which will be available for teaching
                                       in the fall.
                                     We are also adding to our adult technology
                                       classes. Stay tuned for future development
                                       of classes!
This publication is available   Remember, MDE-LIO offers technology classes
in alternate formats. Please    during the summer months. So, if you’re
contact Ann Langley,            interested in a summer technology class, please, or       visit our website and sign up!
1-888-760-2206 ext. 2225 or,
for Braille, large print or     contact me at 810 760-2735,
electronic copies of this
publication.                    Pat Love-Sypho
                                                    Book Production
                                       Don’t forget we will do book searches for you and
                                       you will find our books are very reasonably
                                       priced. Our goal at MDE-LIO is to get the books
                                       in the hands of students!

                                       Go to our website for book production order
                                       forms and APH order forms. To process your
                                       orders please send your orders to our IMC
                                       mailbox at or fax it to
                                       (810) 760-6949.

                                       Current address: MDE-LIO, 1505 W. Court St.
                                       Suite 227, Flint, MI 48503-5002.

                                             Tip Sheet for “The VIEW”
                                             Although there are several different ways to
                                              “search” for a book, the most accurate way
                                              is by the book’s ISBN.

                                                  o In the Search For box – type in the
The information in this newsletter                   ISBN
was produced and distributed                      o In the Search box – click on ISBN
through an IDEA Mandated                          o In the Search Options box – click on
Activities Project for Michigan                      Browse Index Box
Schools for the Deaf and Blind,               A list of ISBNs will appear – the ISBN
Low Incidence Outreach awarded
                                              entered should be at the top of the list.
by the Michigan Department of
Education. The opinions
                                                  o Click on the ISBN at the top of the list
expressed herein do not                              and the details of the requested book
necessarily reflect the position or                  will come up
policy of the Michigan Department
of Education, the Michigan State             For the other Search Types – Author, Title
Board of Education, or the U.S.               & Subject you may choose either “Submit
Department of Education, and no               Search” or “Browse Index”.
endorsement is inferred. The
information in this newsletter is in         When searching for a Title it is best to enter
the public domain and may be                  in a “Keyword” found in the title (i.e.
copied for further distribution
                                              Literature) which will bring up a list of titles
when proper credit is given. For
further information or inquiries
                                              you can choose from.
about this project, contact the
Michigan Department of                                  Medium Codes:
Education, Office of Special           TXLP = Textbook Large Print
Education and Early Intervention       TXBR = Textbook Braille
Services, P.O. Box 30008,              Any letter followed by a Dash (-) = an APH
Lansing, Michigan 48909.               textbook

         EDUCATION                        **Note: Requests for any books in our loan
                                          collection are processed on a first-come, first-
            LAW                           served basis. Please be aware that the book may
                                          be “available” on “The VIEW” and an earlier
The Michigan Department of
Education (MDE) complies with all         request could already be in process. If you are
Federal laws and regulations              no longer using a book, please return it to our
prohibiting discrimination and with all   loan library and we will immediately process it
requirements and regulations of the       into our system so it may be shared statewide.
U.S. Department of Education. It is
the policy of the Michigan
Department of Education that no
person on the basis of race, color,
religion, national origin or ancestry,     Mobility Tip – Rainy Weather
age, sex, marital status, or handicap
shall be discriminated against,           Students need to learn to travel safely and
excluded from participation in, denied    confidently in all types of weather conditions.
the benefits of, or otherwise be
subjected to discrimination in any
                                          Rain and wind can mask sounds. Puddles and
program or activity for which it is       splashing from passing cars can be unavoidable.
responsible or for which it received      Keeping dry can provide a challenge. It is
financial assistance from the U.S.        important to select rain gear that does not
Department of Education.                  exclude sound. Umbrellas provide protection
                                          from the rain but keep in mind that an umbrella
                                          can distort ambient sound and may be difficult to
                                          hold especially when using a cane. Raincoats,
                                          ponchos, hats, boots or waterproof shoes are
                                          other suggested items. While one would hope
                                          that students would come to school prepared for
                                          the weather, the reality is that they may not. It
                                          is always helpful for the orientation and mobility
                                          specialist to have an extra umbrella and poncho
                                          in the car.

                                             Independent Living Skills
                                                 Summer Recipe
                                          Summer Cooler – Be cool and make a cool

                                          Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt
                                                       Flavoring: 2 Tablespoons of any of
                                                       the following; pudding, chocolate
                                                       syrup, berries, bananas, wheat
                                                       ½ cup of milk
                                          Directions: Take a tall cylinder plastic container
Edited by Collette Bauman and                          and add 1 scoop of ice cream or
Ann Langley
Comments or questions on the
                                                  add 2 Tablespoons of your favorite
newsletter can be directed to
Collette Bauman,
                                                  Add ½ cup of milk,, 888-
                                                  put on the top of your container and
760-2206 ext. 2736 or Ann
                                                  shake, shake & shake!
                                                  Take the lid off and enjoy your, 888-
                                                  summer refreshing drink that you
760-2206 ext. 2225.

                                    Go ahead and make one for Mom and Dad too!

                                    Be sure to check out our website for upcoming
                                    events and announcements

                                    If you are interested in taking the Educational
                                    Interpreter Performance Assessment, please be
                                    advised that the dates for summer through
                                    December are now posted on the DODHH
                                    website. Click on this link
                                    ent_Application_Dates_07_186482_7.pdf for the
                                    application and listing of dates and locations.
                                    Slots are filling up fast so be sure to send in your
                                    application and payment.

                                    The potential of the average person is like a huge
                                    ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a
Contact Us
                                    world of possibilities waiting to be released and
Michigan Department of Education-   channeled toward some great good.
Low Incidence Outreach (MDE-LIO)
1505 W. Court St., Ste. 227         -- Brian Tracy
Flint, Michigan 48503-5002
(810) 760-2206
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(888) 760-2206
                                    submitted by Collette Bauman, Pat Love, Susan
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