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					Conference Timetable

Sunday 9th April:
18.00 Ice Breaker. Ffriddoedd Bar, Ffridd site. (building 28)
Sponsored by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology

Monday 10th April:
8.30 Registration and coffee. Top College (building 42) foyer.

9.00 Welcome and Introduction: Main Arts Lecture Threatre (building 42).
Prof Ed Hill, Director of the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
Prof Merfyn Jones, Vice-Chancellor University of Wales Bangor
Chair: Prof Alan Elliott, Centre for Applied Marine Sciences, UW Bangor

9.20 Session 1: The Shelf Seas
Keynote Speaker: Prof Paul Linden, University of Southern California
Sponsored by the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory.

13.00 Lunch - Pritchard Jones Hall, Top College (building 42).

14.00 Session 2: The Seasonal Thermocline
Keynote Speaker: Prof Kath Richardson, University of Aarhus
Chair: Prof Patrick Holligan, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
Sponsored by Chelsea Instruments

17.40 Session Close

18.00 Prince Madog visit. Contact Phil Wiles to book a place.

20.45 The show begins …… Ffridd Bar.

Tuesday 11th April:

9.00 Session 3: High Latitude Oceanography
Keynote Speaker: Dr Ilker Fer, University of Bergen
Chair: Prof Georgy Shapiro, University of Plymouth
Sponsored by the School of Ocean Sciences, University of Wales Bangor.

11.00 Session 4: Turbulence and Fluxes
Chair: Dr Mark Inall, Scottish Association for Marine Science

13.00 Lunch – PJ Hall
13.30 Conference Photo

14.00 Session 5: Socio-Oceanographic Interactions
Keynote Speaker: John Howarth, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory
Chair: Dr Bill Turrell (Marine Laboratory Aberdeen)
Sponsored by BHP Billiton

17.00 Poster Session – PJ Hall

19.30 Aperitifs. Neuadd John Morris Jones
20.00 Conference Dinner

Wednesday 12th April

9.00 Session 6: Estuaries and Regions of Freshwater Influence.
Keynote Speaker: Prof Rocky Geyer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
Chair: Dr Mark Stacey, University of California, Berkeley.
Sponsored by ExplorOcean.

13.00 Lunch – PJ Hall

14.00 Session 6 continues.
Chair: Prof Bill Biocourt, University of Maryland.

17.00 John Simpson response.

Talks Timetable

Time    10/4/06 Monday
Session Shelf Sea Fronts and the Seasonal Thermocline.
9.00    Welcome:
        Prof Ed Hill, Director of the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.
        Prof Merfyn Jones, Vice-Chancellor, University of Wales Bangor
9.20    Keynote 1: Paul Linden (UCSD)
9.40    Title: The shelf seas
10.00   J. D. Scourse et al: Tidal evolution of the northwest European shelf seas
        from the Last Glacial Maximum to the present
10.20   Liam Ferdinand et al: Bottom front density circulation: A plankton high way
        from Brittany to Scotland.
10.40   Morning Coffee
11.00   RW Houghton: Mixing and secondary circulation at the shelfbreak front in
        the Middle Atlantic Bight from purposeful dye tracer releases.
11.20   J Brubaker: Investigation of processes controlling stratification on the inner
        shelf of the Mid-Atlantic Bight.
11.40   Roger Proctor, Jason Holt & Ian James:
        Fronts and mean flows in an eddy-resolving shelf model
12.00   M Palmer et al.: Physical Processes in the Celtic Sea Seasonal Thermocline
12.20   Dave Bowers et al: Variation in optical properties along a turbulence
        gradient in shelf seas.
12.40   Colin Jago et al. Spatial variability of the properties of suspended matter in
        shelf seas.
13.00   Lunch
14.00   Keynote 2: Kath Richardson (University of Aarhus, Denmark)
14.20   Title: Using biological information to decipher physical oceanographic
        processes at seasonal thermoclines.
14.40   J Sharples et al.: Seabed topography and the patchiness of phytoplankton in
        the shelf sea summer thermocline.
15.00   J Pietrak et al.: Resonant trapped internal waves and lee waves in estuaries
        and coastal seas.
15.20   V Vlasenko & N Staschuk: Amplification and suppression of internal waves
        by tides over variable bottom topography.
15.40   Afternoon Tea
16.00   Steve Thorpe:         Transitions
16.20   O Mikkelsen et al.: Suspended matter interaction with phytoplankton in the
16.40   J Tweddle et al.: Variation in sea surface temperature and chlorophyll
        concentration at the Celtic Sea shelf break.
17.00   P le B Williams: The Coastal Zone and the Oceanic Carbon Budget.
17.20   P Tett & R Gowen: Applied ecohydrodynamics

Time    11/4 Tuesday
Session Physical Processes in High Latitude Seas
9.00    Keynote 3: Ilker Fer (University of Bergen)
9.20    Title: Formation, export and mixing of dense water on polar shelves:
        Results from the Storfjorden laboratory
9.40    T Sherwin & B Turrell: An analysis of mixing in a large cascade
10.00   A Willmott: A 1-dimensional coastal polynya model based on shock wave
10.20   L Umlauf et al: Turbulence and current structure in dense gravity currents
10.40   Coffee
Session Turbulence and Fluxes
11.00   A Nimmo-Smith: Turbulent structures in tidal flows
11.20   K Betteridge: Estimating turbulent kinetic energy (TKE) balance in shelf
11.40   P Herman: Flow, turbulence, stratification and mussel culture: results of the
        MaBenE project
12.00   K Bolding et al.: Numerical simulations of mixing and stratification in the
        Limfjord in Northern Denmark.
12.20   DF McGinnis et al.: Turbulence and vertical mixing in the Black Sea:
        Bridging lakes and oceans.
12.40   S Kimura. Effects of oceanic turbulence on bluefin tuna larvae
13.00   LUNCH
Session Socio-Oceanographic Interactions
14.00   Keynote 4: John Howarth (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory)
14.20   Title: Coastal Observatories
14.40   H Burchard. SImPSon
15.00   R Wilson: Turbulent control on Estuarine Circulation
15.20   M. Holt et al.: Evaluating and improving real-time forecast models of the
        NW European shelf seas
15.40    Tea
16.00   M Bowman et al.: City at Sea: predicting the threat to Metropolitan New
        York from catastrophic storm surge and coastal flooding in an era of global
        climate change.
16.20   K Horsburgh: Extreme surges in the Thames Estuary.
16.40   John Hunter: Changes of Extreme Sea Levels in Australia Associated With
        Sea Level Rise
17.20   Poster Session (tea, coffee & cakes)

Time      12/4/06 Wednesday
Session   Estuaries and Regions of Freshwater Influence
9.00      Keynote 5: Rocky Geyer (WHOI)
9.20      Title: The Simpsonian Era of Estuarine Research: Fronts, Tidal Straining
          and Stratified Turbulence
9.40      D Huntley: An Energy Balance approach to the Mixing and Dispersion of
          a Small Estuarine Plume: Teignmouth, South Devon
10.00     H De Swart: Modelling lateral trapping of sediment in well mixed
10.20     R Chant: The horizontal Richardson number and the estuarine spring-neap
10.40     Coffee
11.00      LP Sanford & EW North: Interactions between suspended sediment, salt
          stratification, turbulence, and flocculation in the Chesapeake Bay
          Turbidity Maximum
11.20     J O’Donnell: The role of mixing and tidal straining in the oxygen budget
          of Western Long Island Sound
11.40     M Scully: Tidally-driven Ekman Flows in a Shallow Stratified Estuary.
12.00     L Brasseur, C Friedrichs & J Brubaker: Observations of Mixing and
          Turbulence in Partially Mixed Estuaries.
12.20     D Ralston: Tidal Straining in very shallow flows
12.40      JZ Shi, L-X Dong & L-H Zhoua: ADCP measurements of flows in the
          coastal waters in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea
13.00     Lunch

14.00     M Stacey: Exchange between San Francisco and the coastal ocean: The
          effects of tidal straining and periodic stratification.
14.20     D Jay et al.: Fronts, Mixing and Internal Waves in Columbia River Plume
14.40     P Fraunie: The Region of Rhone freshwater influence.
15.00     GJ De Boer, JD Pietrazak & JC Winterwerp: Density effects on transport
          paths in the Rhine region of freshwater influence.
15.20     A Valle-Levinson & K Holderied: Flow structure at the turning region of a
          wide plume.
15.40     Tea
16.00     A Kasai, R Sugimoto, S Yamao & T Fujiwara: Variation in allochtonous
          particulate organic matter accompanying changes of river discharge in Ise
          Bay, Japan.
16.20     P Otero, M Ruiz-Villarreal & A Peliz: Variability of river plumes off
          North West Iberia during the downwelling season.
16.40     M Inall et al. Recent Advances in Mixing and Exchange Studies of Fjords
17.00     JHS Response