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					                                        The Third Dimension
                                                     Newsletter for the Texas Society of Sculptors – January to March 2008
                                                                      P O Box 49291, Austin, TX 78765-9291

Letter from New TSOS President
Bob Coffee
Greetings, all TSOS members:
       I’m assuming this job with the idea of taking the
Association through the next two years in smart fashion – so
let’s get to it! Here are my ‘Goals for TSOS’:
Good Membership Communications:
    (1) To restart our “Third Dimension” newsletter (We
          have a new editor, Cheri Richardson, and we plan to
          publish every three months.)
    (2) The Ezine and the Web site (Marilyn Fenn has
          signed back on to keep these vital tools up and
    (3) A TSOS Calendar of Events will be distributed to
          inform members of the year’s upcoming activities.
    We plan to generate 3 exhibits per year, and to continue the
    traditions of Sculpfest and Sculptor’s Dominion.
Member Events and Board Meetings:
    (1) We will combine many of these and hold them in
          locations of ‘Sculptural interest’ in our area.
    (2) All members are encouraged to attend TSOS board
    (3) We will generate as many Member Events as possible.
Interact with Other Area Visual Art Groups:
    The visual arts are on the rise in Austin and we need to
    speak up for Sculpture. These are big goals and they can’t                  "The Choir" 144” x variable, reclaimed pine sinker log
    done without the help of you members. Give us your                      with automotive urethanes by Hank Waddell, Austin TX.
    ideas, contacts and help when we call on you!                                Now in the “Peoples Gallery” at the Austin City Hall.

Yours in Sculpture,                                                  In Appreciation of Hank Waddell:
Bob Coffee                                                           Outgoing TSOS President
                                                                     by Bob Coffee
                                                                          TSOS held our February board meeting at Hank Waddell’s
                                                                     studio to celebrate his work as our outgoing president and to see
                                                                     his remarkable sculpture workshop.
                                                                          Hank has done us great service over the last three years,
                                                                     guiding us through the loss of the Austin Sculpture Center;
                                                                     supporting Sculptfest and Sculptor’s Dominion; starting the TSOS
                                                                     Ezine and promoting outstanding TSOS events and exhibits in
                                                                     Austin and around Central Texas. All this, while running a
                                                                     demanding remodeling and cabinetry business and producing a
                                                                     remarkable body of work that has gained him a wide reputation as
                                                                     one of Texas’ leading abstract sculptors.
A PowerPoint presentation of “Marjan the Lion of Kabul” was
shown by Bob Coffee at the Gallery of Rockport on March 1,                Hats off to you, sir, for a job well done!
where Coffee is one of three featured wildlife artists.
     Page 2                                                   The Third Dimension                                 January - March 2008

                                                                             Recent Board Meetings
                                                                             January 2008 – Central Market
                                                                                  January’s meeting was exciting and productive. After new
                                                                             officers were elected and board selected, we worked on this year’s
                                                                             calendar of shows and member events.
                                                                             February 2008 – Hank Waddell’s Studio
                                                                                  Outgoing TSOS president, Hank Waddell hosted 13 TSOS
                                                                             members at his northeast Austin studio/workshop on Wednesday
                                                                             February 12th.
                                                                                  After business was conducted over a pizza lunch, Waddell
                                                                             explained the techniques by which he creates the very unique
                                                                             pieces that have become his signature – and sculpture that’s known
                                                                             now throughout the southwest.
                                                                                  Our thanks to Hank for his hospitality!
                                                                                  This meeting set the tone for future board meetings –
                                                                             meeting held at locations that celebrate and inform us about
                                                                             sculpture and where all TSOS members and any interested parties
                                                                             are invited.
                                                                             March 2008 – Brocca Gallery
                                                                                  All members, once again were invited and we met to discuss
                                                                             business on March 12th at the Brocca Gallery, 404 East 6th Street
                                                                             in Austin, where we also had time to view the TSOS/Abstract ‘08
                                                                             show. It is a remarkable display of the varied talents of our
                                                                             members. If you know anyone who hasn’t yet seen this show ,
                                                                             they still have time. The show has been extended to April 18th.

“Frozen Dance” 75” limestone sculpture Hugh Reed Edward Jones Legacy Award
by John VanCamp of Liberty Hill, on exhibit and available for purchase
until October 1, 2008 at “Sculpture on Main”, Marble Falls, TX.

8 TSOS Members Featured in
Marble Falls’ “Sculpture on Main”
      37 outdoor sculptures by 25 talented Texas, national
and international sculptors were brought together by Dan
and Marti Pogue for the first “Sculpture walk in
downtown marble Falls. The year-long show opened in
October to a host of visitors treated to live music and the
fare of area restaurants and wineries.
      TSOS members with work on display are Ho Barron,
Bob Coffee, Siri Dehipltiya, Jose Antonio Garcia
Guerra, Michele O’ Michael, Jon VanCamp and Phillip
                                                                                 “Mudra” 72x66” + base, cement sculpture by Siri Dehipltiya, Sri
      You will find more information at Marble Falls Web                         Lanka and Austin – on exhibit and available for purchase until
site,, or just go to see it.                          October 1, 2008 at “Sculpture on Main”, Marble Falls, TX.
January - March 2008                                  The Third Dimension                                             Page 3

Cindy Debold Takes 2nd Place                                 Austin Visual Arts Medal –
in Cesar Chavez Memorial                                     A Competition
Competition for East Austin                                       AVAA President, Bill Keese, has challenged TSOS to
                                                             design a medallion that will be awarded to outstanding
    Last Fall, 38 artists from Texas, Arizona, New           individuals in Austin’s various visual art disciplines
Mexico, and California entered an ‘Art in Public             (possibly 6 each year) at an annual “black tie gala” to be
Places” competition to design a Cesar Chavez                 held at a prominent hotel. So, let’s design it!
Memorial at Austin’s Terrazas Public Library. TSOS                The winner, aside from pride of designing the medal,
member and former president, Cindy Debold had the            will be first passenger on TSOS’s future space probe.
second place entry. Should the winning design not            TSOS and AVAA will shortly work out competition
prove doable, then Cindy’s design will be executed.          conditions for TSOS distribution. We’ll cast it at Michael
                                                             Halls’ foundry.
TSOS Spring Show’08 is                                            Hey, while we’re at it, let’s design a medallion for
                                                             winners in our TSOS shows. Stay tuned…
Fast Approaching
April 12th – April 27th, 2008
     TSOS’s second consecutive Spring show at the
Flat Creek Estate Winery is scheduled from Saturday,
April 12th through Sunday, the 27th. The show will be
juried by area artists Lori Sears and Susan James,
with the entry money and other premiums divided
between the winners.
     A Closing Party will be held on Sunday, April 27th,
from 5 - 8 PM. Flat Creek Winery will lead a tour of
their winemaking facilities, hold a wine tasting, and
serve a lasagna dinner and present exhibit awards - all
before we pack up our work and head home.
     Watch for acceptance notifications later in March.

Two Member Events: TSOS
Kite Fly and Closing Party
Coupled with TSOS Spring
Show ‘08
1) Kite Fly – Saturday, April 12, 3:00 - 8:00
     Set up your Winery exhibit in the morning, then
head nearby to Coffee’s “Cow Reducing Salon” for
an afternoon of kite flying and petting Texas
Longhorns. Then a potluck “kite flying award
supper”, a brief board meeting, and ‘foam block’
distribution and instruction (see “Lost Styrofoam
Casting at Hall’s Foundry” below). Bring kids,
grandkids & kites! Watch for a flyer on this.
                                                             Gary Yarrington’s “Baroque 3” 20 in. bronze sculpture is currently
2) May Member Event: “Lost Styrofoam”                        showing in the National Sculpture Society’s 75th Exhibition in New
  Casting at Hall’s Foundry – mark your                      York City. The exhibit runs for four months in New York then on to
                                                             South Carolina’s Brookgreen Gardens for three months.
  calendars for Saturday, May 24th!
    Let’s meet at Michael Hall’s Foundry at
Driftwood at 9:30 AM to cast our artfully carved foam
blocks (see “Kite Fly” above). We’ll work till noon                  “Art is a lie that enables us to realize
then lunch at nearby Salt Lick Bar-B-Q. Hall can cast                      the truth.” - Pablo Picasso
20 pieces - so first come - first cast.
    Page 4                                       The Third Dimension                               January - March 2008

Thomas’s Life-size Longhorn                                       IN MEMORIAM:
is Cover Story for February’s                                     Jo Anne Hawkins 1938 - 2008
“Longhorn Journal”                                                    Jo Anne Hawkins, wife of TSOS founding
     A life-sized longhorn steer by TSOS member, Jim              member, Dan Hawkins passed away on February 11,
Thomas from Jonestown, is the cover feature of this               2008. Jo Anne, a talented artist in her own right,
February’s Texas Longhorn Journal. A cover story                  enjoyed a long and outstanding career with the
(featuring three of Jim’s bronzes) tells about Jim’s start        University of Texas Library System. She was a
in sculpture, his techniques and his career as one of             constant TSOS supporter and always a lively
our premier western artists.                                      participant in our activities.

Call for Entries for the Metal                                  TSOS Show at Georgetown Library
Arts Show at the Ellen Nöel                                     The new Georgetown Public library will be the
                                                                venue for a juried TSOS exhibit during June.
Art Museum in Odessa                                                 The City of Georgetown recently constructed a new
Metal Arts 2008 Exhibition dates:                               public library and is interested in promoting the arts at the
June 27-August 22, 2008                                         new library. The library is most impressive, centrally
     Metal Arts is a national juried metal art exhibit          located and enjoys heavy daily use. It has two areas for
hosted by the Ellen Nöel Art Museum in Odessa,                  outdoor pieces, a number of good indoor exhibit spaces
Texas. Any person working with metal as an integral             and a snack bar and dining area.
part of traditional or non-traditional art-making                    The Georgetown Arts and Culture Board have invited
processes is invited to apply. Metal, by definition, is         TSOS to hold a sculpture exhibit. The TSOS show will be
nay ferrous (iron) or non-ferrous metal substance that          the first of this kind to be held at the new library.
is used in the creation of art.                                      A call for entries will be sent to all TSOS members the
     The exhibit juror is Sherry Owens. There will be           first week of April. The deadline date for applications will
$2,500 in total prize monies awarded. Entry fees are            be Friday, April 25th. This will be a juried show. The
$10.00 per entry or $25.00 for three entries. Entries           jurors will be members from the Georgetown Arts and
must be postmarked by April 21, 2008.                           Culture Board.
     For more information, contact the Ellen Nöel Art                TSOS members will be notified of acceptance into the
Museum, 2909 University Blvd, Odessa, Texas 79762;              show by Thursday, May 14th. Setup is scheduled for Friday,
432-550-9696, fax: 432-550-9226; Web site:                      June 6thand the show will run from Saturday, June 7, 2008                                           to Sunday, June 29, 2008.
                                                                     An opening reception will be held on Sunday, June
                                                                15th. Pickup of sculpture pieces will be June 29th. Watch
                                                                for more details in the mail.

                                                                                          Mary K. Morse -
                                                                                          One Woman Show
                                                                                          in Lafayette, La.
                                                                                          Wednesday Mar 5, 2008 -
                                                                                          Saturday Mar 29, 2008
                                                                                          W. Stephan Gallery
                                                                                          1116-A Coolidge St.
                                                                                          Lafayette, LA 70503
                                                                                          Phone: (337) 234-7500

                                                                                          Beach Ladies III, bronze sculpture
                                                                                          by Mary K. Morse
January - March 2008                                           The Third Dimension                                      Page 5

                                                                          Sunset Valley Second Annual
                                                                          Artist Showcase
                                                                               The Sunset Valley ArtFest will be held Saturday,
                                                                          April 26, 2008 from 9:00am to 6pm. This year the
                                                                          ArtFest will feature the Texas Society of Sculptors
                                                                          (TSOS) and Austin Green Art. There will be other
                                                                          artists attending this event as well.
                                                                               All work displayed must be created by the artist –
                                                                          original paintings, sculptures, wood working, etc.
                                                                          10x10 Booth spaces are $40.00 for TSOS and Green
                                                                          Art. Applications should submitted by Monday,
                                                                          March 31, 2008.
                                                                               This event will be held next to the Sunset Valley
                                                                          Farmers Market, at the Toney Berger Center, Highway
                                                                          290, between Westgate Blvd. and Brodie Lane. The
                                                                          ArtFest will be a well attended event featuring live
                                                                          music and food.
                                                                               For more information and registration form,
                                                                          contact Karen Medicus, 512-382-6353,
                                                                 You can also visit the
                                                                          Sunset Valley ArtFest Web site for more information.
“Lord of the Wind”, a life-sized peregrine falcon bronze by Bob
Coffee, was installed and dedicated at the Chisos Mountains’ Visitor
Center in Big Bend National Park this past February 15th. The statue is
a gift from the Friends of Big Bend to Big Bend National Park.
                                                                          TSOS at the Crossings
                                                                               An exceptional opportunity is available to TSOS
                                                                          members to show their work at the Crossings in
New TSOS Officers and                                                     Austin. They are interested in displaying and offering
Directors Named for 2008                                                  art in various mediums by local artists.
                                                                               The Crossings – a wellness spa and corporate
    The following have been appointed to serve the Texas
                                                                          leadership retreat center, founded in 2003 – is located
Society of Sculptors for 2008:
                                                                          on thirty acres in the hills above Lake Travis. It has
Officers:                                                                 fine spaces for outdoor sculpture, space for pieces and
   President - Bob Coffee (Austin)                                        a large cafeteria/dining hall.
   Vice President - Marla Ripperda (Burnet)                                    TSOS member, Michael Epps has been working
   Secretary - Terry Wilemon (Lakeway)                                    with the staff of the Crossings to coordinate art
   Treasurer- Leo Eckroth (Lake Travis)                                   related activities. Michael and the Crossings staff have
Directors:                                                                also arranged for TSOS to hold a formal two month
   Rodney Bohl (Austin)                                                   long sculpture exhibit this fall (more details to be
   Nancy Cardozier (Austin)                                               announced). Michael has also arranged a program
   Siri Dehipitiya (Austin)                                               where sculptures may be placed at the Crossings now.
   Michael Epps (Lago Vista)                                                   Interested TSOS members may contact Michael at
   Mary Griffin (Pflugerville)                                            512-970-0642 for more details. They require photos
   Joe Kenney (Austin)                                                    of proposed sculpture piece which will be reviewed by
   Dar Richardson (Georgetown)                                            selected Crossing staff for approval.
   Kathleen Wilson (Austin)                                               Mailing address is:
                                                                               Michael Epps
Others:                                                                        21032 Dawn Drive
Newsletter Editor - Cheri Richardson (Georgetown)
                                                                               Lago Vista, TX 78645
Ezine Editor and Webmaster -Marilyn Fenn (Austin)
                                                                          More information about the Crossings may be found
                                                                          at their website: TSOS
         “To be an artist is to believe in life.”                         members are also encouraged to visit the Crossings
                     – Henry Moore                                        and experience the natural surrounding where
                                                                          sculpture may be displayed.
     Page 6                                                 The Third Dimension                             January - March 2008

                                                                                 TSOS Important Dates Recap:
                                                                                 Now – April 18, 2008: TSOS Abstract ’08 Show at
                                                                                    Brocca Gallery in Austin (more details on page 8).
                                                                                 Now – October 1, 2008: “Sculpture on Main” exhibit
                                                                                    in Marble Falls (information on page 2).
                                                                                 April 5, 2008 – April 26: Sculptor’s Dominion at Villa
                                                                                    del Carmen estate, 11354 Vance Jackson Road, San
                                                                                    Antonio (for more information contact Gilbert
                                                                                    Barrera 210-696-9813).
                                                                                 April 12, 2008 – April 27, 2008: TSOS Spring Show at
                                                                                    Flat Creek Estate Winery, 24912 Singleton Bend
                                                                                    East Road Marble Falls, TX 78654 (see page 3).
                                                                                 April 12, 2008 Saturday 3-8PM: TSOS Board Meeting
                                                                                    and Kite Flying Member Event at Coffee Ranch
                                                                                    (more information on page 3).
                                                                                 April 21, 2008 Monday: Deadline for entries for Metal
                                                                                    Arts Show at Ellen Noel Art Museum, Odessa, TX
                                                                                    (more information on page 4).
                                                                                 April 24, 2008 Thursday: Umlauf Garden Party, 605
                                                                                    Robert E. Lee Road, Austin, TX 78704.
                                                                                 April 25, 2008 Friday: Deadline for Application to
                                                                                    Georgetown Library sculpture show (details page 4).
                                                                                 April 26, 2008 Saturday 9AM – 6PM: Sunset Valley 2nd
                                                                                    Annual ArtFest (more information on page 5).
                                                                                 April 27, 2008 Sunday: Awards Dinner, with winery
                                                                                    tour and wine tasting at Flat Creek Estate Winery,
Gary Yarrington’s “Baroque Sunday Morning” 18 1/2 in. bronze sculpture is           24912 Singleton Bend East Road Marble Falls, TX
showing in the American Academy of Equine Arts, “The Horse in Fine Art”             78654 (more on page 3).
exhibit in the Columbia (Missouri) Art League This Spring – it then travels to
the Wildlife Experience Museum in Denver for the Summer. Also in the             May 24, 2008 Saturday: TSOS Board Meeting and Lost
exhibit is another Yarrington equestrian bronze, “Baroque 5”.                       Styrofoam Casting Member Event at Michael Hall’s
                                                                                    Foundry (more information on page 3).
                                                                                 May 31, 2008: Third Dimension submission deadline
                                                                                    (more information on page 7).
                                                                                 June 6, 2008 Friday: Set-up at Georgetown Library
                                                                                    (contact Dar Richardson for details 512-869-7522).
                                                                                 June 7, 2008 – June 29, 2008: TSOS Sculpture Exhibit
                                                                                    at the new Georgetown Library, 402 W. 8th Street,
                                                                                    Georgetown, TX 78626 (more details on page 3).
                                                                                 June 11, 2008 Wednesday Noon: TSOS Board Meeting
                                                                                    at Georgetown Library – open to all members and
                                                                                    interested parties.
                                                                                 July 9, 2008: TSOS Board Meeting – location to be
                                                                                    announced – open to all members and guests.
                                                                                 August 31, 2008 Third Dimension submission
                                                                                    deadline (more information on page 7).
                                                                                 September 10, 2008: TSOS Board Meeting – location
                                                                                    to be announced – open to all members and guests.
                                                                                 September 21, 2008 Sunday: TSOS “SculpFest” at
                                                                                    Umlauf Sculpture Garden, 605 Robert E. Lee Road,
                                                                                    Austin (contact Marla Ripperda 512-497-1807 for
                                                                                    more information)
January - March 2008                                           The Third Dimension                                                  Page 7

  The Third Dimension newsletter, published                       The Texas Society of Sculptors (TSOS) is a sculptors’ guild based in
  quarterly, is an official publication of the Texas Society      Austin, Texas and chartered in 1971 by the State of Texas as a non-profit
  of sculptors (TSOS) and is free to members. Opinions            organization. Objectives of the society include educating the public about
  expressed are not necessarily those of the society or of        sculpture and the many media of this art form, promoting the work of
  the editor. Material appearing in The Third Dimension           sculptors, and serving as a liaison between sculptors everywhere.
  may not be reprinted without the permission of the                               .O.
                                                                  Address: TSOS, P Box 49291, Austin, TX 78765-9291
  author artist, or editor.
                                                                  Web site:
  Submissions are encouraged and should pertain to
                                                                  Board Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at noon –
  news articles relevant to the Texas Society of Sculptors
  such as meetings, events, notices, lectures,                    location to be posted in newsletter and Ezine. All members are welcome
  workshops, etc.                                                 and encouraged to attend TSOS board meetings.
  Although electronic submission is preferred, articles,          TSOS Board of Directors and Staff:
  photos, announcements, manuscripts, artwork,                    President: Bob Coffee,, 512/474-5261
  letters, ideas, requests, questions, or suggestions are         Vice President, Membership Roster and Sculptfest Chair:
  welcome in any form and should be sent as soon as                  Marla Ripperda,
  possible to Third Dimension editor Cheri Richardson,
                                       ,                          Vice-President Emeritus: Gilbert E. Barrera, 316 West Ridgewood                       The Sculptors Dominion 210-696-9813
  Rd., Georgetown, TX 78633; 512/869-7522.                        Secretary: Terry Wilemon,
                                                                  Treasurer: Leo Eckroth
  Guidelines for submission of Images follow:                      Webmaster & Virtual 3D Ezine Editor: Marilyn Fenn,
  1. Submit by email or saved on CD if possible.           ;
  2. Images need to be scanned at 900 x 1200 pixels to            Newsletter Editor The Third Dimension: Cheri Richardson
     print out cleanly at 3 x 4 in. 3. Max quality JPEG           Other Board Members: Rodney Bohl, Nancy Cardozier, Siri Dehipitiya,
     preferred.                                                      Michael Epps, Joe Kenney, Mary Thrasher Griffin, Dar Richardson,
  3. Include photo caption with title, medium, size, and             Kathleen Wilson
     date of artwork, AND photo credits with all image
     submissions.                                                 Past Presidents: Mel Fowler, Mary Paige Huey, Dan Hawkins,
  4. Include stamped envelope if you need it returned.               Hal Saunders, Billie Caselli-Clark, Ron Carroll, Michael Hall,
  Deadline for submission for the next publication will              Nancy Cardozier, Bobby Pearl, Cindy Debold, Ken Burns, Herb Long,
  be May 31, 2008.                                                   Reynaldo Alaniz, Gilbert E. Barrera, Hank Waddell

                                   The Texas Society of Sculptors
                                   Application for Annual Membership

  Name                                                                                                Date

  Address                                                                                   City

  State                 Zip/Postal code                                 Country

  Preferred medium & Style

  Email address                                                 Web site

  Artist Member $40/year                     Non-artist Member $40/yr

  New Member?           Yes / No

                                  Make Check payable and mail to:
                                  The Texas Society of Sculptors
                                  P O Box 49291
                                  Austin TX 78765-9291 USA
                                        TSOS Abstract Show ’08
                                        200 Attend Feb. 23rd Opening -
                                        McDonald, Epps and Griffin
                                        Take the Money
                                             TSOS’s first ever exhibit with an abstract theme
                                        got off to a roaring start with Austin’s Brocca Gallery
                                        hosting some 200 visitors at it’s February 23rd
                                        opening. 44 pieces by 24 TSOS members filled the
                                        gallery “to the brim”. The food and wine were great –
                                        and the work was excellent!
                                             Well known Austin artist/teacher Kelly Fearing,
                                        judged the show and gave these awards:
                                           Bill McDonald “Portal” – 1st Place - $1000
                                           Mike Epps “Austin Red Cedar” 2nd Place - $500
                                           Mary Griffin “Abstract Wave” – 3rd Place $250
"Portal" alabaster sculpture               Mary K. Morse “Pod I” – Merit Award
by Bill McDonald – 1st Place Winner        Nancy Cardozier “Muscle” Merit Award
TSOS Abstract ’08 – Brocca Gallery,        Bob Coffee “Indian Wrestlers” – Merit Award
Austin, TX
                                        Entrants hailed from 9 Texas communities. Work was
                                        done in all media. The exhibit has been extended and
                                        now runs through April 18th.
                                             Special thanks to Augusto Brocca for hosting
                                        the show and to Kathleen Wilson for her very hard
                                        work as curator of the exhibit.                             "Austin Red Cedar” 31x18x11 in. wood
                                                                                                    sculpture by Michael Epps – 2nd Place
                                                                                                     TSOS Abstract ’08 – Brocca Gallery,
                                                                                                    Austin, TX

                            Texas Society of Sculptors
                            P.O. Box 492917
                            Austin, TX 78765-9291

"Abstract Wave" 13 x 12 x 7 Bronze sculpture by
Mary Thrasher Griffin – 3rd Place Winner                                  Please check your mailing label. It lists the date of your next
TSOS Abstract ’08 Show - Brocca Gallery, Austin, TX                       dues payment, or your last newsletter if unpaid.

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