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     M a l ay s i a                                                                     alex’s
     airports                                                                           lo v e
r u n s a s ta n a                                                                      for speed

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                                                                       klia the world’S
                                         airPort leads in
                      e n v i r o n m e n ta l P r e s e r vat i o n
                          e f f o r t s a s i t l au n c h e s i t s
                            Project Green Planet P8

2           welcome                                                                                                                                                               klia times • june 2007

                                                                                                                                                  s E L A M AT D ATA N G                                          BY NUrAiNA sAMAD
         cool spots

    KUALA GANDAH, TEMER-                     catch jerry Kamit, the iban
                                                                                                                                                          song and danCe
    LOH: Game for getting up                 master of the sape at the
                                                                                                                                                          What exciting things
    close and personal with
    elephants? Yes, those mag-               rainforest                                                                                                   june has in store for
                                                                                                                                                          us. Where do i begin?
    nificent creatures of the wild.          World music                                                                                                  the malaysian mega
    And really up very close and
    very personal.
                                             festival 2007                                                                                                sale carnival, for a
                                                                                                                                                          start. What about the
       Make your way to the Kuala                            july 13-15                                                                                   celebration of our eth-
    Gandah Elephant Sanctuary,                                                                                                                            nic diversity – Citrawarna Malaysia 2007,
    located near the Krau Wildlife                                                                                                                        or colours of malaysia 2007, which is for
    Reserve.                                                                                                                                              two weeks?
       Established in 1985 by the                                                                                                                            coincidentlally, there is also Flavours of
    Department of Wildlife and                                                                                                                            Malaysia, something you cannot miss be-
    National Parks, it is manned                                                                                                                          cause it is about food, glorious food and
                                                                                                                                                          is celebrated across the country.
    by the personnel of the de-
                                                                                                                                                             and this year being malaysia’s 50th an-
    partment’s Elephant Capture
                                                                                                                                                          niversary of independence, it is undoubt-
    and Translocation Unit.                                                                                                                               edly really grand.
       The centre cares for the en-                                                                                                                          there is also something you must check
    dangered and fully protected                                                                                                                          out – the Genting international jazz festi-
    Malaysian elephants. It also                                                                                                                          val on june 8 and 9 the organisers prom-
    takes in orphaned and aban-                                                                                                                           ise the finest collection of jazz acts from
    doned elephants and is some-                                                                                                                          all over the world. this is happening up
    times known as the Elephant                                                                                                                           in the Genting highlands which is some
    Orphanage Sanctuary.                                                                                                                                  51km north-east of Kuala lumpur. yes, it
       Being the only such cen-         After the elephant sanctuary,         It occupies 1,672 sq metres       Turn left into the main road.             is jazz in the clouds.
    tre in Malaysia, the team is        you may as well hop over to        of space and houses some             You will see a blue building                 Back in the city, at the Berjaya times
                                        the Deerland Park which                                                                                           square, there is the inaugural Kuala
    dedicated to locating, subdu-                                          7,000 items from over 100            ahead on your left. As you ap-
                                        is located at the edge of the                                                                                     lumpur international dance festival,
    ing and translocate problem                                            brands, including Microsoft,         proach the building, turn left.
                                        Krau Forest reserve.                                                                                              june 4-10, which will feature some 19
    elephants from areas where                                             HP and Canon.                        You are already in the area.              dance forms including salsa, hip-hop,
    their habitats are constantly          The 4ha park is privately          So, go check this place out.      The Digital Mall is just around           dancesport, shuffling and middle-east-
    being encroached upon by            owned and managed. There
                                                                           If you’re coming from KL, get        the corner on the right.                  ern dances.
    plantations, to Malaysia’s Na-      are some 30 Indonesian deer
                                                                           on the Federal Highway and              If you’re taking public                   in this issue, i’d like to introduce you to
    tional Parks such as Taman          (Cervus Timorensis) and a                                                                                         well-known malaysian racer alex yoong.
                                                                           exit at the PJ Hilton junction,      transport, take the LRT (Ke-
    Negara.                             few other wild animals.                                                                                           We also have a little something on Bata
                                                                           which means you’ll be up the         lana Jaya line) and stop at the
       Here at the sanctuary,              Another close encounter                                                                                        malaysia’s new managing director eu-
                                                                           flyover. Get to the traffic lights   Asia Jaya station. You can ei-
    visitors can observe and par-       with the wild as you can feed                                                                                     genio olabe sanchez.
                                                                           and turn right.                      ther walk which will take you
    ticipate in the activities at the   these animals and observe                                                                                            We’re moving really fast, aren’t we? al-
                                                                              Head straight until you get       10 minutes or take a taxi from
    centre which open from 2pm          their behaviour closely.                                                                                          ready right in the middle of the year and
                                                                           to another set of traffic lights.    the station.                              six months into our visit malaysia year
    to 4.30pm. Visitors are not            You can find ostriches and
                                        a sun-bear (Helarctos malay-                                                                                      2007.
    charged any fees. But dona-
                                        anus) named Muda. There is                                                                                           things are picking up because it is just
    tions are welcomed as they
                                        also a section dedicated to                                                                                       a couple of months before we celebrate
    would be for the benefit of the                                                                                                                       our 50th merdeka (independence) anni-
    elephants at the sanctuary.         the cultivation of traditional            make a date                                                             versary. that would be on aug 31. mean-
       There is a visitor informa-      herbal plants, which has
                                                                                                                                                          while, enjoy the sights and sounds.
    tion centre providing infor-        over 40 species of traditional
                                                                                                                                                             Jumpa Lagi
    mation and video presenta-          herbs. A 200-metre wooden              Kl international
                                        walkway runs through this              dance festival
    tion on the centre’s elephant                                              Berjaya times square
    conservation efforts.               area, leading up to an obser-
                                                                               Kuala lumpur ( June 4-10 )
       Here is where visitors can       vation tower in the middle of
                                        Bukit Rengit.
    feed, groom and bathe each                                                 Penang Bridge
                                           The Deerland Park is open           international marathon
    animal in the nearby river.
                                        daily from 9am to 6pm.                 penang ( June 24 )
    The centre, naturally is busy                                                                                 citraWarna 2007
    at weekends.                                                                                                    may 27-june 9
                                        PETALING JAYA: After the               fiesta san Pedro
       So, the smart visitiors go
                                        wild, it’s back to the city.           Malacca (June 23 - 29)
    there on weekdays. That’s                                                                                   malaysia international
                                        Perhaps a peek at the Digital
    when you can enjoy being                                                   japan Gt                         aerospace exhibition
                                        Mall in Petaling Jaya?
    with these gentle creatures all                                            sepang international Circuit     sultan abdul aziz shah
                                           Located in Section 14, the
    to yourself!                                                               sepang (June 22 - 24)            subang airport, selangor,
                                        mall opened last year and                                               (June 5 - Aug 7)
       An interesting feature is
                                        is one hot spot where your             international Beauty
    an Orang Asli settlement just
                                        digital needs are met. Liter-          expo (iBe)                       Genting jazz festival
    next door. Stop over for a
                                        ally.                                  Kuala lumpu Convention           genting international
    visit. Most people do. Also the                                            Centre, Kuala lumpur,            showroom
                                           Consider that there are
    Deerland Park is just a five-                                              (June 21 - 24)                   (June 8 & 9)
                                        60 shops, including innova-
    minute drive away.                                                                                                                                              C o v e r i M a g e s : c o u r t e s y o f m a l ay s i a a i r P o r t s

                                        tive concept stores, offering
       Kuala Gandah is about                                                   malaysia mega                    the malaysian cultural
                                        everything from computer               sale carnival                    & tourism festival
    200km from Kuala Lumpur.                                                                                                                      Publisher Mediate publishing (M) sdn Bhd, no. 1, lorong ss2/77a, 47300 petaling Jaya,
                                        hardware and software to               throughout Malaysia              dubai (uae) and
    It is easily accessible by road                                                                                                               selangor darul ehsan, Malaysia • tel: +603 78737668 +60378767668 • fax: +603 78762668
                                        cellphones, electrical goods           (June 16 - Sept 2)               Kuala lumpur                      managing director gary thanasan editor-in-chief nuraina samad editorial consultant
    form KL via the Karak High-
                                        and other digital products.                                             (May 24 - July 21)                pC teh designer disi ramor contributors amir Hafizi, anthea de lima, shafina sheridan,
    way, turn left into Lanchang.                                                                                                                 sB ngimain, gay saw and ooi Chuan aun Printer percetakan Meiji, no 45, Jalan pBs 14/2,
                                           The mall, located in the            Penang international
    Once in Lanchang, turn left                                                dragon Boat festival             nyonya Kebaya: Women’s
                                                                                                                                                  taman perindustrian Bukit serdang, seri Kembangan, serdang, 43300 selangor, Malaysia
                                        four-storey building, boasts                                                                              url www.kliatimes.com.my
    into the road just before the                                              penang (June 8 - 10)             costume from malaysia
                                        a large LED television screen
    BP gas station, then follow                                                                                 immigration Museum,
                                        with a modern facade on the
    the signanges that indicate                                                Buddhist culture                 Melbourne, victoria, australia    Klia times is produced monthly on contract from malaysia airports. no part of this
                                        outside.                               & arts festival 2007             (May 3 - Sept 9)                  publication may be reproduced without prior written permission of the publisher
    the way to Kuala Gandah El-
                                           What’s really exciting is the       Malaysian international
    ephant Sanctuary.
                                        topmost floor which houses             exhibition & Convention          eye on malaysia
       An unforgettable experi-                                                                                                                        this periodical is published by Mediate publishing (M) sdn Bhd. the contents of this
                                        an IT hypermarket named                Centre, Mines resort City        taman tasik titiwangsa, Kl             publication are entirely those of the publisher/writer and not endorsed by Malaysia airports
    ence, we promise you!                                                      Kuala lumpur (June 6-10)         (Jan 7 - Dec 31)
                                        All IT which is the largest re-                                                                                (sepang).Malaysia airports (sepang) expressly disclaims all and any liability to the contents
                                                                                                                                                       of any of the articles, advertisements, photographs or illustrations in this publications.
                                        tail outlet in the country.
2007 june • klia times                                                                                                                                                                journey                                       3

                                                                                                                    lo v e f o r s p e e d
             not Many people are luCKy enougH to fulfil tHeir dreaMs. alex yoong Can Be Counted
            a M o n g t H e l u C K y o n e s . a n d H e r e a l i s e d i t at 1 5 , M a K i n g H i M a fa M o u s n a M e i n t H e a s i a n
                               r a C i n g C i r C u i t. H e s p o K e t o a n t H e a d e l i M a a B o u t H i s l o v e a f fa i r w i t H r a C i n g .

            E’S the golden boy of
            the Malaysian motor-
            sports scene and one of
  the most famous Asian racing
  drivers ever.
     Indeed Alex Yoong, who
  turns 31 this year, has had an
  interesting time in his chosen
  career as a race car driver. He’s
  participated in many forms of
  racing, perhaps most famously
  as a Formula One (F1) driver
  for the Minardi F1 team in 2001
  and 2002, and most recently, as
  part of Team Malaysia for the A1
  Grand Prix series.                  While I wasn’t as successful as          “The drivers compete in the
                                                                                                                     yo o n G , c u r r e n t ly f i n d i n G s u c c e s s i n a 1 r a c i n G , h a s W o n t r o P h i e s ,
     Blessed with poster-boy good     I’d hoped to be, I achieved a life-   same cars and success is really
                                                                                                                     aWa r d s a n d h o n o u r s i n t h e 1 5 y e a r s h e h a s B e e n i n m o t o r s P o r t s . B u t
  looks, Yoong comes across as        long dream – to be a part of F1       down to the driver and his team.         t h at ’ s a l l j u s t a B o n u s t o t h e r a c i n G d r i v e r W h o s ta r t e d at 1 5 a n d
  reserved and humble – not           racing.                               The team sets up the car to its full         d o e s n o t i n t e n d t o s t o P u n t i l W e l l i n t o h i s f i f t i e s , m ay B e o l d e r

  withstanding his success behind        “I was lucky to be a driver in     potential and the driver does his
  the wheel and his distinction       the most coveted of motorsports       utmost to win. It’s a team effort        to accept that you can’t win all                         often. My family travels with me
  of being the only Malaysian to      – a privilege that only a handful     and because all the cars are the         the time,” he said.                                      a few times a year. I certainly
  have taken part in the pinnacle     of drivers achieve. I didn’t have     same, it is very satisfying when            Yoong was recently awarded                            wouldn’t want to come back
  of motorsports, Formula 1.          an easy time of it, as I was in a     you do well in a race,” he said.         the 2006 British Racing Drivers’                         from a trip to find my son call-
     His quiet demeanour is inter-    team that always started at the          As a driver who has partici-          Club (BRDC) Bruce McLaren                                ing me uncle!” he said.
  rupted when he talks about his      back of the grid but people ex-       pated in various racing series,          Trophy in recognition of his                                While Yoong used to be a
  chosen sport and despite the        pected me to be winning along-        Yoong admits that he tends to            strong performance in the first                          keen water skier, he admits that
  brickbats and plaudits that he      side the bigger teams anyway. I       favour the type of racing that he        season of the A1 GP series. The                          he hasn’t touched the sport in
  has recetved, Yoong remains         didn’t get the results I’d hoped      has most recently been involved          award, which is presented to                             years.
  single-mindedly        passionate   for but that really is a part of      in.                                      the best Commonwealth Driver                                “I just don’t have the time for
  about his sport.                    motorsports. In the end, things          “At present, A1 is my favour-         competing in international mo-                           it. When I have a little bit of free
     Indeed, his love affair with     don’t always go your way,” he         ite. However, I love any form of         tor racing, is an honour that                            time, I read,” he said.
  racing, which began when he         said.                                 racing because to me, there is           Yoong is hardly likely to forget.                           Yoong doesn’t foresee a day
  was three or four, shows no            Yoong has found greater suc-       nothing more exciting. I’d race             “It’s a great honour. BRDC                            when he will be less passionate
  signs of abating.                   cess in his latest outing as an       slugs if I could! Honestly, there        is pretty much the benchmark                             about driving race cars.
     “I’ve wanted to race cars for    A1 GP driver. He’s pleased to         is nothing more exciting than            of these sorts of awards in the                             “Drivers of single seater races
  as long as I can remember.          be part of an entirely new sport      starting at the grid with 20 other       motor racing world and it has a                          peak when they’re in their mid-
  Both my parents raced and I         – one that pits driver against        drivers.”                                long history behind it. I was de-                        30s so I still have plenty of time.
  guess that’s how the interest       driver and country against coun-         In his 15-year career, Yoong          lighted because it is validation                         Many older drivers continue to
  developed. There’s never been       try. In a team sport that sees        has experienced many highs               from other drivers. It’s great to                        race sports cars and touring cars
  anything else that I’ve wanted to   drivers from 25 nations partici-      and lows. While he has had a             be recognised by your peers,” he                         well into their fifties if they are
  do,” he said.                       pating for the honour of being        few bad moments, he prefers to           said.                                                    able to maintain a high level of
     Yoong started his career at 15   acknowledged as the world’s           elaborate on the highs.                     Yoong has been married to                             fitness. I expect I’ll be the same.
  by racing saloon cars and was       best, Yoong and his team-mate,           “My first F1 race was quite spe-      former Miss Malaysia Arriana                             I know that for as long as I have
  a regular feature on the victory    Fairuz Fauzy, steered the coun-       cial because it fulfilled a dream.       Teoh since 2002 and has a four-                          the motivation for it, I will con-
  podium in his homeland before       try to fifth place overall in the     Winning is always great too and          year-old son, Alister.                                   tinue to race,” he said.
  moving to Formula 2000 and          2005-2006 racing season.              my victories would have to be               He admits that his busy racing                           When asked what he would
  eventually hitting the big time        “What’s great about A1 is that     included in the highlights of my         schedule leaves little time for his                      like his legacy to the Malaysian
  and receiving worldwide recog-      it levels the playing field. Driv-    career. Despite that, I’m happy          family.                                                  motorsports industry to be,
  nition as an F1 driver.             ers compete as equals without         just to be able to race. It’s nice to       “It’s been especially busy this                       Yoong replied: “I’m only in my
     Despite the fact the he didn’t   financial and technological ad-       win but I’m glad just to be given        year and I guess that my big-                            early 30s and I’m not in a rush
  have a successful outing in his     vantage. It’s also a great tool to    a chance to compete and to try           gest challenge is having to be                           to leave the industry or talk
  15 races on the F1 circuit, Yoong   promote patriotism – country          to perform to my full potential.         away from my family. It’s hard                           about my legacy to it. Let’s talk
  is glad for the experience.         versus country racing is very         Like everything else, others beat        because my son doesn’t under-                            about my legacy, if there is any,
     “It was a great year for me.     special.                              you on some days but you have            stand why his father is away so                          when I turn 50.” he said.
4            kliacommunity                                                                                                                                                                                              klia times • june 2007

                                                                                                                                                                                                              ai r as i a
                                                                                                                                                                                                           in t r o d uC e s
                                                                                                                                                                                                            B oa r d i n g
                                                                                                                                                                                                         airasia, the leading and largest low-cost
                                                                                                                                                                                                         carrier in asia, has intoduced a new service;
                                                                                                                                                                                                         “Xpress Boarding” that offers guests choice
                                                                                                                                                                                                         onboard seating arrangements.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            this new service, launched on may 15, al-
                                                                                                                                                                                                         lows those who pay an introductory fee of
                                                                                                                                                                                                         rm20 to be among the first to board and
                                                                                                                                                                                                         have a choice of seats, ahead of general
     f r o M l e f t : a z at B e K t u r o v, e r i K s u lta n o v, d at u K d o u G l a s , d at o ’ s e r i B a s h i r , a B d e l K i P s h a K B ay e v, d at o ’ z a K a r i a & d at o ’ ta n
                                                                                                                                                                                                            airasia, which practises a free-seating
                                                                                                                                                                                                         policy, will extend the Xpress Boarding serv-
                M a l ay s i a a i r p o r t s s ta r t s t o                                                                                                                                            ice to all airports within its network includ-
                                                                                                                                                                                                         ing those serviced by sister companies thai
                                                                                                                                                                                                         airasia and indonesia airasia.
                   M a n a g e a s ta n a a i r p o r t                                                                                                                                                     the airline’s free-seating policy encourag-
                                                                                                                                                                                                         es passengers to be punctual at the board-

                                                                                                                                                                                                         ing gate which is a crucial element for the
              ALAYSIA AIRPORTS official-                               tana Airport has projected passenger                                airport.                                                      airline’s 25-minute turnaround.
              ly began managing and op-                                traffic of 964,999 and aircraft move-                                  Its scope of work, among others, will                         a quick turnaround translates to cost sav-
              erating Astana International                             ments of 24,821.                                                    include review and audit of the existing                      ings and enhanced operational efficiency
    Airport on June 1 after the handing-                                  The Management Agreement was                                     airport operations to increase efficiency
                                                                                                                                                                                                         which will in return be passed on to passen-
    over ceremony of the Kazakhstan air-                               signed last month by Dato’ Abdul Ha-                                and planning for future expansion of
                                                                                                                                                                                                         gers, enabling the airline to offer consistent
    port to Malaysia Airports Management                               mid Mohd Ali, Senior General Man-                                   the airport, preparation of the business
                                                                                                                                                                                                         low fares.
    & Technical Services (Labuan) Pte Ltd                              ager, Technical Services, Malaysia                                  plan, provision of personnel to assist
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Xpress Boarding passengers may board
    (MAMTS Labuan), its wholly-owned                                   Airports, and Tusupbekov Amirzhan                                   and for support on matters related to
    subsidiary.                                                        Nurashevich, Director of State Insti-                               airport services.                                             the plane immediately after passengers
       Astana City Deputy Mayor Erik                                   tution, Department of Finance of the                                   Malaysia Airports will initially assign                    with special needs and disabilities, or those
    Sultanov and Astana International                                  Astana Akimat. It was witnessed by As-                              three staff to be based in Astana who                         in need of assistance.
    Airport president Abdel Kipshakbayev                               tana Mayor Askar Mamin.                                             will be assisting in operations, techni-                         airasia executive vice-president (com-
    represented Astana while Malaysia Air-                                The Management Agreement enables                                 cal and finance matters. Support from                         mercial) Kathleen tan, said airasia was
    ports was represented by its Managing                              Malaysia Airports to carry out the op-                              head office will be provided as and                           constantly on its toes in innovating products
    Director Dato’ Seri Bashir Ahmad.                                  eration, management and maintenance                                 when required.                                                and services.
       The ceremony was witnessed by                                   of the Astana International Airport, Ka-                               Malaysia Airports’ other overseas                             “With our extensive route network with
    Malaysian Deputy Transport Minister                                zakhstan.                                                           engagements include operational ar-                           the airbus a320, airasia is seeing a more di-
    Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas, Kaza-                                      Previously, the Astana International                             rangements with the new Hyderabad                             verse group of travelers with special requests
    khstan Vice Minister of Transport and                              Airport was managed, operated and                                   International Airport and the Delhi                           who are prepared to pay a little more for en-
    Communication Azat Bekturov and                                    maintained by the Joint Stock Compa-                                Airport in India.                                             hanced services.
    Malaysian Ambassador to Kazakhstan                                 ny International Airport Astana (JSC)                                  Malaysia Airports manages and oper-                           “We believe in the initial stage, most of our
    Dato’ Tan Thai Hing and Malaysian                                  which is a wholly-owned company of                                  ates 39 airports in Malaysia: 5 interna-                      guests that are likely to take up this board-
    Transport Ministry’s Secretary-General                             the Kazakhstan Government.                                          tional, 16 domestic and 18 Short Take-                        ing service will consist of business, corporate
    Dato’ Zakaria Bahari.                                                 Dato’ Seri Bashir said Malaysia Air-                             Off and Landing Ports (STOL Ports).
                                                                                                                                                                                                         and middle income travelers who prefer to
       Malaysia Airports will be focussing                             ports was pleased to have entered into                              On Nov 30, 1999, Malaysia Airports
                                                                                                                                                                                                         disembark ahead of the rest upon landing.
    on developing the Astana Airport Busi-                             the arrangement: “This is indeed an                                 became the first airport company to be
                                                                                                                                                                                                            “We believe this service will also prove
    ness Plan that will include measures                               excellent opportunity to further prove                              listed in Asia. KLIA, its flagship airport,
    related to finances, human resources,                              our capability and expertise in manag-                              was twice voted as the World’s Best Air-                      enormously attractive for families who want
    technical services and operations.                                 ing airports. The management of As-                                 port (15-25 million passengers per an-                        to be able to sit together without the fuss of
       Astana is the second largest interna-                           tana International Airport will further                             num) in the 2005 AETRA awards and                             rushing to reserve seats, and avoid the frus-
    tional airport in Kazakhstan. It was de-                           strengthen the relationship between                                 2006 ACI-ASQ awards while the newly                           trating long queues upon boarding.”
    signed by well-known Japanese archi-                               Kazakhstan and Malaysia. It will also                               opened Low Cost Carrier Terminal                                 tan said this was one of airasia’s steps to
    tect Kisho Kurokawa, who also designed                             pave the way for Malaysian investment                               (LCCT-KLIA) was named CAPA Low                                offer innovative products that meet the de-
    the KL International Arport (KLIA).                                in Kazakhstan.”                                                     Cost Airport of the Year at the CAPA                          mands of the ever-changing diverse target
       Currently 13 airlines operate at As-                               Malaysia Airports’ main task will be                             Aviation Awards for Excellence 2006.                          segment profiles.
    tana Airport which offers direct links                             to increase international traffic and                                  Malaysia Airports has also been en-                           she pointed out that the service had prov-
    to 12 international cities in three conti-                         upgrade the operational standards at                                trusted to host the 2008 World Route                          en very popular among the other low-cost
    nents and 10 domestic destinations.                                Astana Airport to meet international                                Development Forum (ROUTES), the                               carriers such as europe’s leading and largest
       Astana Airport handled a total of                               standards. In the 10-year term agree-                               first airport operator in Asia to be given                    low fare airlines like easyjet and Wizz air.
    834,299 passengers and 17,212 aircraft                             ment, Malaysia Airports will be re-                                 the honor of hosting this world-class                            “Xpress Boarding is nice to have, but it is
    movements in 2006. For this year, As-                              sponsible for the management of the                                 airport-airlines event.                                       not a must have,” added tan.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Xpress Boarding is sold online on a first-
              f ly a s i a n e x p r e s s o r d e r s 1 0 a 3 3 0 - 3 0 0                                                                                                                               come-first-served basis as part of the nor-
                                                                                                                                                                                                         mal flight booking process at www.airasia.
    fly asian xpress, owner of Malaysia’s new                             the orders, with an estimated cost of                          include Japan, south Korea, China, india,                       com, the airline’s sales offices, airport sales
    long-haul budget airline airasia x, has or-                       us$2.63 billion (rM8.99 billion), will be                          australia, the Middle east and europe.                          counters or call centre.
    dered 10 new airbus a330-300 planes and                           delivered between september 2008 and                                  a Memorandum of understanding sign-                             Passengers with Xpress Boarding should
    taken options on five more as it gears up                         2011. fax’s maiden long-haul flight is ex-                         ing ceremony between raja Mohamad                               be at the boarding gate no later than 30 min-
    for takeoff next year.                                            pected to take off by september this year,                         azmi and airbus Chief operating officer                         utes before the flight is scheduled to depart.
       fax Chief executive officer raja Moha-                         and at the initial stage, the airline will oper-                   - Customers, Mr John leahy took place in                        combined with the airline’s web check-in,
    mad azmi raja razali said the a330s would                         ate with three leased a330s.                                       Kuala lumpur last month. also present to                        passengers automatically go straight to se-
    allow the airline to operate most cost effec-                         to date, fax has leased one a330-300 and                       witness the signing ceremony were the                           curity and are among the first to board.
    tively due to the aircraft’s excellent opera-                     is in the process of looking for two more of                       transport Minister dato’ sri Chan Kong Choy
    tional and fuel efficiency capability.                            such aircraft type. its target destinations                        and fax director dato’ tony fernandes.
6          kliacommunity                                                                                                                                                 klia times • june 2007

              J a pa n a i r l i n e s C e l e B r at e s 4 0 t H
             f l i g H t o p e r at i o n s i n t o M a l ay s i a
             NE of the largest airlines in Asia,        All arriving passengers were greeted and       ter their national language and stimulate                   With new routes and network expan-
             Japan Airlines (JAL), celebrated        presented souvenirs by Dato’ Seri Chan            perceptiveness of their surroundings.                     sion along the way, Japan Airlines also
             its 40th flight Operations into         together with JAL Vice-President and                This event also highlighted two other                   introduce additional services such as JAL
    Malaysia recently, holding close to their        Regional Manager for Malaysia & Brunei            concurrent events, Visit Malaysia Year                    Mileage Bank, a frequent flyer program, to
    motto “Flying High with Confidence”.             Michitaka Kujime, and their Airport Op-           2007 and 50 years of diplomatic relations                 show appreciation to loyal passengers.
       Malaysian Transport Minister Datuk            erations Manager Katsumi Suzuki.                  between Japan and Malaysia.                                 In 2003, Japan Airlines merged with
    Seri Chan Kong Choy was present to of-              Speaking at the ceremony, Toshiyuki              Since their flight inception in 1967,                   Japan Air System thereby creating Japan
    ficiate the ceremony held at the KL In-          said the JAL Airlines Group will expand           some four million tourists have flown into                Airlines International Co Ltd. With this
    ternational Airport on May 8. Also there         its network worldwide to maintain its po-         Malaysia. This occasion will contribute to-               merger, Japan Airlines introduced a new
    were Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia                                                               wards the promotion of bilateral relations                logo and came up with a strong focus on
                                                     sition as a key industry player supporting
                                                                                                       between Malaysia and Japan, particularly
    Tadashi Imai and Malaysia Airports Hold-         travel, tourism and transport in the 21st                                                                   improving customer convenience and fac-
                                                                                                       in the field of tourism.
    ings Bhd Managing Director Dato’ Seri            century.                                                                                                    ing worldwide competition among mega
                                                                                                         On May 8 that year, Japan Airlines came
    Bashir Ahmad.                                       He also said Japan Airlines was not                                                                      carriers.
                                                                                                       on-line with its first international flight
       The event was jointly organised by            only transporting people and goods to                                                                         On April 1, Japan Airlines took another
                                                                                                       JL713 from Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur’s then
    Tourism Malaysia and Malaysia Airports.          the respective destinations safely and on                                                                   step forward and officially became a “one-
                                                                                                       Subang International Airport via Bangkok
    The welcoming reception was done in style        time but was bringing together peoples,                                                                     world” member. Japan Airlines was the
                                                                                                       using a DC8-50 aircraft.
    with an aircraft showering ceremony, fol-        cultures and their hearts by being closely          Since then Japan Airlines has been                      largest airline in the world not aligned to a
    lowed by the raising of the Japanese and         involved with the communities.                    operating daily Narita-KLIA and Kansai-                   multilateral global alliance until it joined
    Malaysian flags by the cockpit crew.                Among its social activities are its col-       KLIA flights and vice versa routes, utilis-               oneworld.
       Flight JL723 from Narita, arrived at          laboration with JAL Foundation to or-             ing Boeing 767-300 aircraft with 237 seats                  With its five oneworld affiliates, it serves
    1730 hours with special guests on board          ganise the JAL Scholarship Program, a             configurations.                                           about 90 destinations in 24 countries. It
    – Malaysian Ambassador to Japan Dato’            unique initiative for university students to        Japan Airlines expanded its operations                  has added nearly 50 airports to the alli-
    Mohd Radzi Abdul Rahman and his wife,            actively explore and experience new ideas         on a large scale during the 1980s and was                 ance network – some 40 of them in Japan,
    Datin Jazliza Jalaludin, accompanied by          that help mould them into future leaders.         ranked first worldwide in scheduled inter-                and the rest in China and elsewhere in
    JAL Group Chairman Shinmachi Toshiy-             There is also the JAL World Children’s            national operations by the International                  Asia. It has also brought one new territory
    uki.                                             Haiku Contest, a creative avenue to mas-          Air Transport Association.                                on to the oneworld map, Guam.

    diMensi eKsKlusif                                                         sPOTTED@KLiA
    extends winning streaK
                                                                              witH full support of tHe faMily
                                                                              she’s a recognised talent in one
                                                                              of malaysia’s top financial insti-
                                                                              tutions, high council member
                                                                              of Badan Kebajikan angkatan
                                                                              tentera (BaKat), wife of a cap-
                                                       B e s t t r av e l
                                                       r e ta i l e r         tain in the royal malaysian navy
                                                       and Best               and a mother of three football-
                                                                              obsessed boys – syamir (18),
                                                       r e ta i l e r ,
                                                                              danial (14) and harith (9). While
                                                       eKsKlusif’s            other women might be daunted
                                                       manaGinG               by the challenge, Puan mastura
                                                       d at o ’ z a i n u l
                                                                              adnan seems to thrive on it.
                                                       azman and                 after graduating from new
                                                       director               zealand in social science, Puan
                                                       d at i n n o r a
                                                                              mastura started out as a teacher
                                                       s h a r i f f,
                                                       With the               at sri utama Private school be-
                                                       resPective             fore venturing into the business
                                                       r av e n f o X
                                                                              world four years ago.
                                                       aWa r d s i n
                                                                                 from there onwards, there has
                                                                              not been a dull moment, she said.     mastur a and husBand c aPt sahaK With soccer enthused sons (froM left )
                                                                                                                    s ya m i r , h a r i t h a n d d a n i a l
    DIMENSI Eksklusif, the country’s premier airport duty free                mastura was speaking to Klia
    retailer, continues with its winning streak in its mission to             times as she was leaving for her
    make airport shopping a lifestyle at the KL International                                     ,
                                                                              next “assignment” the four-day        making monthly stops at Kl in-                    of the personnel, i’m proud of our
    Airport (KLIA).                                                           aBc Xiii media Workshop in ja-        ternational airport (Klia) is just                international airport. the vast,
       The company has just clinched another two Raven Fox                    karta.                                another routine for her. Whether                  comfortable space and top-class
    Awards for travel retail excellence in Asia/Pacific 2007 af-                 When mastura is not busy           it’s for the twice-a-year family va-              facilities are the ingredients that
    ter receiving the same in 2006 and the 2004 award for Best                spearheading events and man-          cations, domestic traveling rep-                  make Klia a world-class interna-
    Fashion Retailer. The awards were presented at a ceremony                 aging rhB’s corporate social          resenting rhB or accompanying                     tional hub. the Golden lounge?
    during the Tax Free Asia/Pacific exhibition in Singapore on               responsibility initiatives, her       her husband, capt sahak omar                      Well, it’s just enthralling.”
    May 16. The Raven Fox Awards, dubbed the Oscar of the                     plate is engaged in welfare and       rmn, to various work-related                         mastura is also grateful for
    duty-free industry, is given by the British-based publishing              other community activities with       international destinations, her                   the tremendous help from air-
    company of the same name.                                                 BaKat.                                itinerant pleasure is heightened                  port staff, especially during the
       “The Raven Fox Awards are the result of a free industry                   “the balancing act is certainly    by the rewarding experience in                    launching of the rhB Bank travel
    vote and e reflection of industry opinion across Asia/Pa-                 hard, but my family understands       Klia.                                             money credit card last month as
    cific. For Dimensi to win the two awards two years running                and supports me whole-hearted-           “although there’s still room for               well as on son syamir’s school
    is a clear indication of its consistent efforts in the industry           ly,” she said. her busy schedule      improvement, especially in terms                  project two years ago, which by
    and reflects well not just on Dimensi, but on the quality of              also involves lots of traveling and   of maintenance and the warmth                     the way earned him an “a”    .
    retailing at KLIA,” said Gavin Lipsith, Editor of London-
    based Duty Free News International.
2007 june • klia times                                                                                                                              kliacommunity                              7

     a s i a’ s B e s t a i r p o r t
                                                                                          pa l M ’ s M i s s i o n t o pa M p e r
     Hotel for 6tH tiMe!                                                                  an airport experience is no

         an Pacific Kuala Lumpur In-                                                      longer confined to the arrival
         ternational Airport has been                                                     and departure lounges.
         named the “Best Airport Hotel                                                      in this day and age, every
  in Asia” for 2006 by Business Asia                                                      effort is made to see to the
  magazine, making it the sixth consecu-                                                  needs of the traveller, turn-
  tive time that the hotel has emerged                                                    ing many an airport into a
  tops since the award was introduced                                                     shopping and food haven.
                                                                                            it makes long stops seem
  in 2000.
                                                                                          shorter, especially if you
     The prestigious “Best Airport Hotel
                                                                                          have a place like Palm’s Grill
  in Asia ” award recognises excellence
                                                                                          and Bar to hang out.
  in the hotel industry and promotes
                                                                                            located at the contact Pier
  better standards for the business
                                                                                          building, right across the
  traveler segment.
                                                                                          aerotrain, the restaurant has
     Developed and produced by Busi-
                                                                                          been in operation for five
  ness Asia magazine, this award covers                                                                                    to make customers exhila-            although it’s a single out-
                                                                                          years. Palm’s offers a wide
  more than 95 hotels in 14 different                                                                                      rated by the food and have        let operation, Palm’s is actu-
                                                                                          variety of european and ital-
  Asia Pacific countries and honours                                                                                       fond memories of the dining       ally part of a chain of four
                                                                                          ian dishes.
  the top business hotels in 17 different                                                                                  experience they have here,”       restaurants.
                                                                                            headed by a chef of 25
  categories.                                                                                                              said its operations executive,       While Palm’s is fine dining,
                                                                                          years’ culinary experience,
     Business Asia magazine, a publi-       ing its facilities for the comfort of our                                      vijay.                            the outlet at the food Gar-
                                                                                          spanning europe, hong
  cation owned by Sydney-based First        guests. We have gone through a re-                                                of interest is the fact that   den serves local dishes while
                                                                                          Kong and middle east, Palm’s
  Charlton Communications, is circulat-     furbishment exercise for the past two                                          the dishes are prepared us-       forresters Bar and travellers
                                                                                          mission is to make malaysia
  ed internationally to provide business-   years that covers 80 per cent of the                                           ing herbs and natural ingre-      Bar are more of a lunch bar
                                                                                          not only as gateway to won-
  es with a comprehensive and focused       hotel.”                                       derful places, but great food    dients, with no colouring, to     and snack and beer bar, re-
  analysis of business news, emerging          Strategically located next to the          as well.                         maintain the taste of home        spectively.
  market trends and opportunities in        airport’s main terminal, Pan Pacific            “i know what it feels like,    cooking and appeal to the            vijay said that Palm’s is on
  the Asia-Pacific.                         Kuala Lumpur International Airport            looking for great food in        health-conscious.                 the verge of being improved
     The nominees in each category were     offers business travellers easy access        a foreign country. here at          and no worries for mus-        and expanded to appeal to a
  chosen by a panel of industry experts.    via a sky-bridge linking the hotel to the     Palm’s, our main concern is      lims as Palm’s is halal.          bigger clientele.
  Winners were determined by popu-          airport.
  lar vote via ballot paper published in       Moreover, the hotel provides a 24-
  Business Asia and online at the First     hour complimentary buggy service to
  Charlton website.                         and from the airport. Services are fur-
     Pan Pacific KLIA General Manager       ther enhanced with the Hotel check-in
  Hans Winsnes paid tribute to the own-     counter conveniently located at the
  ers of the hotel, Malaysia Airports,      baggage claim area of the Internation-
  for their excellent support and all the   al Arrival Hall of the KLIA.
  hotel’s employees. of Pan Pacific Kuala      Pan Pacific KLIA offers 441 newly
  Lumpur International Airport.             refurbished luxury guestrooms and
     “I am proud of all our dedicated       suites to satisfy the needs of both lei-
  associates who together as a team,        sure and business travellers.
  worked towards the success of achiev-        The hotel is also known for its
  ing this award. It is extremely encour-   sumptuous food and beverage out-
  aging that we are again recognised        lets, namely, Palm Terrace (poolside),
  with this prestigious award in view of    Palmz Lounge, Traveller’s Bar & Grill,
  continuous efforts to improve on our      Degrees Restaurant (24 hours) and
  customers experience at the hotel.        Ashoka Restaurant ( North Indian cui-
     “This is clearly another motivator     sine). The hotel’s recreational facilities
  for us all to ensure we shall not fall    include a beautifully landscaped out-
  back on our promise of personalised       door swimming pool, outdoor tennis
  care, because we genuinely care.”         court and a 24-hour Health and Fit-
     “We are proud to be part of the        ness Centre, featuring a fully equipped
  Malaysia Airports team and glad to        gymnasium, steam room, sauna and
  be able to further boost the image of     Jacuzzi.
  KLIA with being bestowed this pres-          Business travellers will find it a
  tigious award.                            breeze to use the Executive Business
     “This award not only proves to be      Centre at the hotel. Fully equipped
  another milestone for the hotel but for   with business facilities like the inter-
  airport and Malaysia as well.             net and wireless network capabilities,
     He noted that the airport has earned   business can be conducted any time of
  countless recognition awards that         the day or night, seamlessly.
  include “World’s Best Airport (15-25         In addition, the hotel’s facilities also
  million passengers per annum) in          make it the ideal meeting place for
  the Airports Council International-       seminars and conferences. All the 10
  Airport Service Quality awards 2006       function rooms and an auditorium that
  for the second time, 3rd placing for      can accommodate up to 184 people are
  the Best Airport Worldwide and Best       equipped with high-speed Internet ac-
  Airport Asia Pacific in the ACI-ASQ       cess as well as premium audio-visual
  awards 2006, “The Brand Laureate”,        services and equipment. A team of
  the Grammy Awards for branding for        professional meeting associates are
  Best Brands Transportation Airport        also on hand to assist in the detailed
  2006-2007 and “The Most Outstand-         arrangement of any event.
  ing Establishment in the Tourist,            Headquartered in Singapore, Pan
  Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Field      Pacific Hotels and Resorts is a lead-
  for the Year 2007” by Trade Leaders’      ing hotel management company in the
  Club, Madrid.                             Pacific Rim region. It has a portfolio of
     With the hotel celebrating its 9th     20 hotels with over 7,300 rooms in 11
  anniversary this year, Winsnes spoke      countries throughout Asia, the Pacific
  about the many enhancements the ho-       and Nor th America as well as offices
  tel had undergone of late.                in San Francisco , London , Singapore,
     “Our hotel is constantly upgrad-       Hong Kong and Tokyo.
8          project green planet                                                                                                                                klia times • june 2007

              K l i a l e a d s i n g r e e n g lo B e e f f o r ts
            L INTERNATIONAL Airport              Airport in its category, it wants to set a
            (KLIA) in Sepang leads other         good example, not only to position itself
            airports across the globe in         as a renowned airport for world class
    championing environmental preserva-          services and facilities, but also as an
    tion efforts when it launched its Project    airport wholly committed to enhancing
    Green Planet (PGP) on June 5, in             quality of the environment, he added.
    conjunction with the World Environ-             Under PGP, KLIA is commited to
    ment Day.                                    promoting environmental responsibility
       The project is timely and in conso-       among all airport users and ultimately
    nant with KLIA’s achievement of being        the global community.
    awarded the “Green Globe 21 Certifica-          To ensure continuity and sustainabil-
    tion” for the third year running. KLIA       ity of PGP, Malaysia Airports has drawn
    was first certified in 2004 and has so       up an array of related programmes such
    far been the first and only airport in the   as environment themed exhibitions,
    world to earn the status.                    “Pledge a Plant” campaign, publication
       Green Globe is the global Benchmark-      of an environmental guidebook for the
    ing, Certification and Improvement           traveller, a Snap Green contest, and also
    System for Sustainable Travel And            talks on environmental issues which will
    Tourism. It is based on Agenda 21 and        run until end of 2007.
    Principles of Sustainable Development           More programmes are in the pipeline
    endorsed by 182 heads of state at the        as Malaysia Airports considers the
    United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth          project as a long-term effort towards a
    Summit. It provides companies and
                                                 better tomorrow.
    communities with a path to sustainable
                                                    “I am happy to accept the Green
    travel and tourism.
                                                 Globe 21 certification for KLIA, for the
       Malaysian Deputy Transport Minister
                                                 third consecutive year. It is indeed a
    Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas launched
                                                 very significant moment for KLIA to
    the project in the presence of Malaysia
                                                 be recognised in this prestigious global
    Airports Chairman Tan Sri Datuk Dr
                                                 certification programme,” said Dato’
    Aris Othman, and Managing Director
                                                 Seri Bashir.
    Dato’ Seri Bashir Ahmad.
                                                     One of the most fascinating aspects to
       “I am pleased to note that Malaysia
                                                 be highlighted during the PGP campaign
    Airports is continuously striving to
                                                 is the “Seven Wonders of KLIA”, which
    brand itself as a world class airport
                                                 showcases KLIA’s commitment towards
    manager. Winning the title of World’s
    Best Airport is a start. Now, KLIA has       achieving compatibility among eco-
    also shown its commitment in its social      nomic considerations, conservation of
    responsibility in preserving the environ-    environment and protection of the social
    ment, said Datuk Douglas.
       “The Government recognises the need
                                                 and cultural heritage of Malaysia.
                                                    In line with Green Globe 21, PGP pro-
                                                                                                 tHe seven wonders of Klia
    for sound environmental practices to         motes contribution to the community, to
                                                 which KLIA subscribes by providing job       Kl international airport’s “one airport,            effectiveness and emphasis on:
    reconcile the needs of present and future
                                                 opportunities and also promoting local       seven Wonders” message reflects an endur-              • Promoting its “airport in the forest, for-
    generations. KLIA has managed to
                                                 products at this ultra-modern airport.       ing commitment towards conserving and               est in the airport” green tagline by extensive
    address this as a World Class Environ-
                                                                                              protecting the environment.                         landscaping anf re-planting,
    ment-Friendly Airport,” he added.               For the campaign, KLIA is collaborat-
                                                                                                Klia is the first in the world to showcase           • Promoting recycling activities and reduc-
       Tan Sri Aris said Malaysia Airports       ing with Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam
                                                                                              nature in a symbiotic relationship with steel       ing the volume of waste sent to landfills
    aims to lead the way in the aviation         (YAWA), United Nations Environment
                                                                                              and concrete.                                          • reducing overall energy consumption,
    world in promoting an environment-           Programmes (UNEP), Association of
                                                                                                Klia’s ingenious merger of man-made                  • reducing atmospheric pollution and
    conscious society.                           Earth (a Japanese non-profit organisa-       technology and ecology is in consonant with         greenhouse gas emissions,
       “We are proud that currently, KLIA is     tion) and Canon.                             the environmental agenda for the century.              • monitoring of noise levels in noise-sensi-
    the only airport in the world to be certi-      Tan Sri Dr Aris believes that KLIA’s        Klia’s commitment to environmental and            tive areas within a 20km radius of the airport,
    fied by Green Globe for its eco-friendly     partners will help in achieving a success-   social sustainability is such that it integrates,      • minimising water consumption and curb-
    efforts. Also, PGP underlines KLIA’s         ful environmental campaign. More than        not one or two, but seven green features and        ing wastage of fresh water resources, and
    corporate social responsibility efforts      just a project to create awareness of the    concepts into its infrastructure.                      • ensuring the quality of water discharged
    through KLIA’s policy of Environmental       environment, PGP aims to contribute            Klia’s seven Wonders are based on the             into rivers.
    and Social Sustainability.”                  to the community and help manage
       As KLIA holds the title of World’s Best   cultural and social issues.
Project Green Planet 7 Wonders of Klia
12       malaysialive                                                                                                                                            klia times • june 2007

                                                       a s pa n i a r d at B ata
      e u G e n i o o l a B e s a n c h e z h a s B e e n i n m a l ay s i a f o r a B o u t s e v e n m o n t h s
                   a s B ata m a l ay s i a’ s m a n a G i n G d i r e c t o r . s o fa r s o G o o d, h e t e l l s
                            K l i a t i m e s . i n d e e d, h e h a s B i G P l a n s B u t i s n o t t e l l i n G – y e t

       HE first time I met Eugenio,
       I mispronounced his name. I
       pronounced it the Italian way.
 He is Spanish, proud of his heritage
 but did not mind my mispronuncia-
 tion of his very elegant name.
    He said in Spanish, the “g” is pronounced
 with the “h” sound whereas I had called
 him, “eujenio”.
                                                                                                                                                          pa r a d i s e
    “It is alright. You can pronounce it any-
                                                                                                                                                         Kuala lumpur is fast-gaining a repu-
 way you like. It’s ok,” he remarked, in his
                                                                                                                                                         tation for being a shopping paradise
 delightful accented but fluent English.
                                                                                                                                                         and the abundance of shopping cen-
    The common assumption that Eugenio
                                                                                                                                                         tres in the city, complete with bustling
 is Italian is quite a common mistake, I was       ‘ i a m e n j oy i n G

 told.                                                  m a l ay s i a . . .                                                                             crowds, demonstrate the fact that re-
    If one goes by first impression, then he           (and on tHe                                                                                       tail therapy is well and truly alive.
 certainly passes the acid test – friendly,               Country ’s                                                                                         designer boutiques thrive along-
                                                       eMBodiMent                                                                                        side international chain stores and
 straight-talking and earnest. Besides, he
                                                            o f M u lt i -
 listens to you as intently as he gives you the                                                                                                          light-on-the-wallet shops in shopping
                                                          etHniCity )
 answers to your questions.                                                                                                                              centres located all over the city. there
    Eugenio Olabe Sanchez, a native of Elche,       We euroPeans
                                                                                                                                                         is no doubt that avid shoppers, with a
 a small town in Spain, is Bata Malaysia’s               can learn                                                                                       variety of budgets and tastes, will be
 new managing director. He assumed the                 f r o m , ’ s ay s                                                                                able to spot many must-have items
 position in October last year.                              euGenio                                                                                     while on a shopping expedition.
    The 36 year-old is one the the luckiest                                                                                                                  if it’s a bargain you’re looking for,
 people I know who does for a living what he                                                                                                             it might be wise to do a little home-
                                                   open a super store. Eugenio had to literally        and framework of Bata which is a fam-
 enjoys doing. The guy loves his job, which                                                                                                              work before a day of pounding the
                                                   learn the ropes from zero when he was               ily-owned company where positive family
 has taken him this far – to Malaysia.                                                                                                                   pavements in search of the perfect
                                                   asked to arrange the shoes on display. It was       values prevail.
    Eugenio has been with Bata for 10 years                                                                                                              buy. While you can pick up a copy of a
                                                   something he had never done but he was                 The parent company is now run by the
 during which he has been posted for stints
                                                   not deterred.                                       third generation Bata. The company was            newspaper to see where some of the
 in Morocco and Singapore.
                                                      He pulled through with flying colours on         founded in 1894 in what is now the Czech          best sales in town are, you are more
    Married to his long-time sweetheart,
                                                   his first day on the job because he did not         republic by Tomas Bata whose family had           likely to find a comprehensive listing
 Karina Faja Mira, also 36, Eugenio was
                                                   allow what he didn’t know be an obstacle            been cobblers for generations.                    of bargains and sales after just a few
 running Bata’s operations in Singapore
                                                   – he asked and asked questions and if any-             His business began to rapidly grow after       minutes of surfing the internet at web-
 for about three-and-a-half years before his       one thought he was a fool, he did not care          he received a large order from the army for       sites designed to make finding a bar-
 Malaysia posting.                                 because he was persistent.                          military shoes.                                   gain convenient.
    So far, life at work and at play has been         Perseverence and determination, as they             Bata went on to become one of the first            there are several websites that are
 real fine – satisfying and gratifying.            say, certainly paid off. For him, learning is a     mass producers of shoes. Tomas Bata’s             the answer to a shopaholic’s prayers.
    “I am enjoying Malaysia,” he smiled,           journey. He has never stopped learning.             famous sayings “work collectively, live
 expressing fascination with the country’s                                                                                                               With just a click of a button, bargain-
                                                      Soon after he joined the company, he was         individually” seems to live until today.
 dynamic embodiment of multi-ethnicity.            sent to Italy in May 1997 for 15 days as part                                                         hunters can find the best sales in town
                                                                                                          In, Malaysia Bata is a leading footwear
    “Something we Europeans can learn              of a task force for a world shoe convention.                                                          for clothing, perfumes and toiletries,
                                                                                                       manufacturer and the Bata brand, as a
 from,” he said.                                      Subsequently, he was sent to Toronto,                                                              electrical goods, furniture, golf equip-
                                                                                                       household name, has come a long way.
    Having grown up in sunny Spain, in             Canada twice – in 1998 for a one-month                                                                ment, chinaware, books and even air-
                                                                                                          Its tagline “first to Bata then to school,”
 Alicante to be exact (“a fantastic place in the   course and in 2000 to earn a marketing                                                                fares. these websites offer shoppers
                                                                                                       has now diversified to include other brands
 Southeast of Spain that faces the Mediter-        degree.                                                                                               a convenient way of locating the best
                                                                                                       that serve different market segments
 ranean Sea), he is used to the hot climate in        In 2001, he was sent to Morocco as                                                                 deals in town at any given time as well
                                                                                                       such as Marie Claire, Comfit, Power and
 this part of the world. He has even got used      branch manager to oversee the company’s                                                               as what will be on offer in upcoming
                                                                                                       Prima Vera. For Eugenio, family values are
 to the humidity. Besides, his Singapore stay      operation that was being wound down.                important to him as he comes from a very          weeks.
 had made it easier for him to acclimatize.           It was a fantastic two years during which        close-knit family. Besides family closeness is        among the most popular shopping
    “It is hotter in Singapore,” Eugenio said.     he learnt about a new culture and met               cherished and not uncommon in Spain.              websites is shoppingnsales.blogspot.
    Home is in Bangsar in the capital city of      people of different nationalities.                     He is second in a family of four boys and a    com. the website features news of cur-
 Kuala Lumpur and work is the Bata factory            Eugenio found it to be a very good experi-       girl. Elder brother is a journalist and teaches   rent sales, great deals and warehouse
 in Klang to which he commutes every work-         ence while at the same time, sad because            at a university while his younger sister          sales in the Klang valley.
 ing day.                                          the branch had to be closed down. Asked             works in a production company. His two                you’ll find a summary of the latest
    “I have a great team of people in Bata who     how long he would be in Malaysia, he said
                                                                                                       younger brothers are a civil engineer and a       sales in town listed on a monthly basis.
 have helped me settle in,” he remarked.           he did not know and it did not matter.
                                                                                                       physiotherapist.                                  if a particular entry catches your eye,
    Eugenio started work with Bata quite              Eugenio believes in a simple philosophy
 by accident when he was told that a big                                                                  His father has already passed away while       all you need to do is click on it to find
                                                   that has guided him through life and in
 company was looking for people who could                                                              his mother is still “hale, hearty and strong”.    out what’s available at the sale as well
                                                   making the best of opportunities that come
 speak English.                                                                                           Eugenio and his wife return home to            as where and when it will be held.
                                                   in many forms : that on a personal level
    “I was young and my English was limited                                                            Spain every summer “just to be with family            the website also features a link to all
                                                   one should regard the country of one’s
 to hello, how are you and do you want to                                                              and friends” for three weeks and for Christ-
                                                   temporary abode as one’s home and on the                                                              the shopping centres and hypermar-
 dance... you know, very important phrases.        professional side, regard the country as a          mas once in two years. They love to cook. In
                                                                                                                                                         kets in the Klang valley. if you’re inter-
    “But I have always liked challenges, to        place one would live forever so that one            fact, his family members are great cooks.
                                                                                                                                                         ested in checking out what’s available
 try to know what my limitations are, and to       will work hard and sincerely to build the              Eugenio also loves travelling and sports,
                                                                                                                                                         at a particular mall before heading for
 overcome them. I am always doing that, I          company one is working for.                         including soccer (Real Madrid fan),
                                                                                                                                                         it, you can click on the link to the shop-
 wil go for it.                                       But, before anything, one must love              naturally, and the Harley-Davidson. And
                                                                                                                                                         ping centre and check out a listing of
    “I’m very curious, always wanting to know      one’s work and have a passion for it. We            fast cars but he stressed that he “would not
                                                                                                       compromise his lifestyle and his profession       its stores as well as the current sales at
 everything,” he said.                             are, therefore, looking at someone who will
    Eugenio was accepted for the job after a                                                           for a fast car”.                                  the mall.
                                                   bring Bata Malaysia to greater heights.
 second interview. He joined the company in                                                               His dreams? Eugenio flashed a wide grin            other interesting shopping websites
                                                      Indeed there are big plans for Bata but he
 April 1997.                                                                                           and with a faraway look, said “to own a           to surf include tumpang.com, offersta-
                                                   is not telling yet. Suffice to say that Bata will
    He remembers his first day when the            never be the same again in Malaysia. And            sailboat and sail all the seas in the Mediter-    tion.com, lelong.com.my and pasim.
 retail manager arrived at his house to take       for the better, of course.                          ranean”.                                          wordpress.com. – anthea de lima
 him 500 kilometres away to Barcelona to              Eugenio lauds the working philosophy                Spoken like a true Spaniard.
14          society                                                                                                                     klia times • june 2007

 grand prix
 gala 2007
 WelcominG the adrenalin-pumping Pet-
 ronas malaysian Grand Prix 2007 on april
 6–8 was the much-anticipated social event
 of the year, the Petronas malaysia Grand
 Prix fantasy Gala 2007. sponsored by Pet-
 ronas and tourism malaysia, the elegant
 gala received guests with a bubbly recep-
 tion followed by a grand, lavish ball that
 included an after-party with the multiple
 Grammy award winning band earth, Wind
 & fire at the Kuala lumpur convention
 centre. more than 600 guests including
 the vviPs graced the gala. they include the
 Guest of honour seri Paduka Baginda yang
 di-Pertuan agong tuanku mizan zainal
 abidin ibni al-marhum sultan mahmud al-
 muktafi Billah shah, the royal Patron seri
 Paduka Baginda raja Permaisuri agong
 tuanku nur zahirah, Prime minister datuk
 seri abdullah ahmad Badawi, deputy
 Prime minister datuk seri najib tun razak,
 his wife datin seri rosmah mansor, cabinet
 ministers, captains of industry, socialites,
 stars from the local film and music industry
 as well as f1 team principals and drivers.

                                                                                 C l o C K w i s e f r o M t o p : d at u K s e r i
                                                                                 aBdullah; tourism minister
                                                                                 d at u K s e r i t e n G K u a d n a n t e n G K u
                                                                                 mansor; fritz seeGers & KartiKa
                                                                                 s o e K a r n o ; d at o ' Pat r i c K l i m ,
                                                                                 d at i n c i n d y l i m & d at o ' j e a n t o d t;
                                                                                 d at u K K h a l i d m o h d j i Wa & d at o '
                                                                                 s i t i n u r h a l i z a ; a n d d at u K s e r i

 m e e r h a B i B a n d W i f e z a f i d a (seCond froM rigHt ) W i t h G u e s t s                        jimmy choo

 diaMond fest
 Premier jeweller habib recently held its month-
 long diamond fest ‘07, themed “Give in to the
 Glamour” which was launched with a stylish mix
 of glittering jewellery and beautiful people at a
 star-studded affair at the elegant carcosa seri
 negara. diamond fest has been in the jeweller’s
 calendar officially since 1999.
2007 june • klia times                                                                                                                                                  malaysialive                                  15

  enHanCed ConneCtivit y
  AS part of its ongoing efforts to ad-   broadband amongst the young as            use of the network topology’s versa-
  dress the country’s growing demand      they will be the key contributors to      tility to provide flexible bandwidth
  for higher broadband connection         our increasingly information and          upgrades as your business expands.
  speeds, Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM)       knowledge driven society”.                It is also a cost-effective solution as
  recently launched two new offer-           He added that this signified the       METRO.e uses common enterprise
  ings – Carrier Class Metro Ethernet     next major step in broadband serv-        IT infrastructure and resources.
  (METRO.e) service for businesses        ices for the Malaysian market. The            It also offers a Service Level
  and Streamyx 4.0Mbps broadband          METRO.e Service offers high-speed         Guarantee (SLG) of up to 99.9%.
  connection for consumers in select-     connectivity access based on Carrier      This means that it is fully managed,
  ed areas of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor      Class Ethernet industry standards         monitored and supported 24 x 7 and
  and Putrajaya.                          across a Metropolitan Area Network        365 days by a team of qualified engi-       package, which was previously            METRO.e services and Streamyx
     Energy, Water and Communica-         (MAN) extending to a Wide Area            neers from TM’s nationwide support          only available in 5 exchanges, will      4.0Mbps package, log on to www.
  tions Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim        Network (WAN).                            centre – more than enough to run            also have its coverage extended to       tm.net.my / www.tm.com.my
  Keng Yaik, Malaysia Communica-             The bandwidth is fully scalable        business-critical and mission-criti-        cover the same areas as Streamyx
  tions and Multimedia Commis-            from 4.0Mbps to 1Gbps, making it a        cal applications and services.              4.0Mbps.                                 about tm
  sion Chairman Dato’ Halim Shafie,       compelling alternative for businesses         METRO.e is a true converged net-           Features of the Streamyx Basic        telekom Malaysia Bhd, a leading regional
  Chairman, TM Chairman Tan Sri           that need robust secure high-speed        work which has the ability to carry         4.0Mbps package (download speed          information and communications group,
  Ir Md Radzi Mansor witnessed the        connectivity. This solution supports      all types of traffic for voice, video and   at 4Mbps and upload speed at             offers a comprehensive range of commu-
  launch of the new products.             traffic prioritisation with four class-   data, making it a future-proof tech-        512Kbps) include Streamyx 4.0Mbps        nication services and solutions in fixed-line,
     It was held in conjunction with      es of services offered: multimedia,       nology. It is protocol independent          broadband access at an introduc-         mobile, data and broadband. as one of the
  the APT Policy & Regulatory Forum       mission critical, standard data and       and widely available as the de facto        tory subscription fee of RM198 per       largest listed companies on Bursa Malaysia
  2007 and World Telecommunica-           economy data.                             enterprise LAN standard capable             month (normal subscription fee at        with an operating revenue of more than
                                                                                                                                RM268 per month).                        rM16 billion, tM is driven to deliver value
  tion and Information Society Day,          METRO.e promises guaranteed            of supporting future business ap-
                                                                                                                                                                         to its stakeholders in a highly competitive
  Malaysia 2007, with the theme           throughput speeds based on the            plications with its present network            An installation fee of RM88 and
  “Connecting The Young: The Oppor-       bandwidth subscribed, so subscrib-        architecture.                               a one-time activation fee of RM75
                                                                                                                                                                            Currently, with investments and op-
  tunities Of ICT”.                       ers can rely on the sustained, reliable       Streamyx 4.0Mpbs is the fastest         are applicable. There is a minimum
                                                                                                                                                                         erations in 13 countries around asia and
     Md Radzi said the new TM offer-      bandwidth to access large volumes         consumer broadband connection of            subscription period of 12 months for     globally, tM is focused on sustainable
  ings marked a milestone for Malay-      of data and run bandwidth inten-          4.0Mbps in the country.                     this package.                            growth in both the local and international
  sian broadband.                         sive applications similar to a digital        TM has provisioned a total of              Users can sign up for the Streamyx    markets.
     “By offering these latest high-      leased line service. The four classes     16,000 ports to cater to this demand.       4.0Mbps package at any Clickers             on the Corporate social responsibility
  speed connectivity solutions, TM        of service provide an option to cus-      Streamyx 4.0Mbps is now imme-               Authorised Service Outlet, TMpoint       front, the group has always been a major
  is continuing its support for the       tomers to choose the quality of serv-     diately available in 119 buildings          or authorised TM Reseller; or via        corporate contributor towards responsible
  government’s initiative to provide      ice that best suit their requirements.    covered by a total of 46 exchanges          online registration at: www.tm.net.      activities in the belief that these practices
  Information and Communications             METRO.e is the most scalable           in selected areas of Kuala Lumpur,          my or call the Customer Interaction      are a fundamental tenet of good corporate
  Technology (ICT) accessibility to       of transport technologies due to its      Selangor and Putrajaya.                     Centre for details at 1-300-88-1500.     governance. for further information, visit
  all, while increasing the uptake of     granularity of bandwidth. It makes            The existing Streamyx 2.0Mbps              For more information on the           www.tm.com.my
2007 june • klia times                                                        Klia sHopping & dining                                                                                    17

                             focal Point                 station                ► HaBiB Jewels                                    level 1                       ► CHoColate &
   dininG outlets            ► tropiCal lounge         ► Cafe                   ► zaM geMs                liQuor, ciGarettes,     ► ConvenienCe store             ConfeCtionery
   at main terminal          toWards Gates c11 - c17                            ► iMana ColleCtion        Gifts, chocolates,                                    ► MusiC & video
   BuildinG                  ► delifranCe               fashion &                 (CostuMe Jewellery )    cosmetics &              liQuor, ciGarettes,          ► gifts & souvenirs
                             toWards Gates c21 - c27    jeWellery at main                                 fraGrances at main       Gifts, chocolates,             - antique sHop
                                                                                toWards Gates c21-c27     termnal BuildinG
  level 5                    ► doMe Cafe                terminal BuildinG                                                          cosmetics &                  ► Made in Malaysia
                                                                                ► Multiple Brands                                  fraGrances
  ► asian Café               toWards Gates c31 - c37
                                                                                ► asean fasHion &                                  at satellite
  ► travellers Bar           ► forrestier Bar          level 5                                           level 5                                                toWards Gates c31-c37
                                                                                   HouseHold iteMs       ► gifts & souvenirs       BuildinG
  ► KentuCKy fried CHiCKen                             ► seMBonia Boutique                                                                                      ► perfuMe & CosMetiCs
                                 mezzanine level                                ► gold Bazaar            ► CHoColate &
  ► Caffé ritazza                                      ► CHildren Boutique                                                                                      ► Cigarettes
  ► eden seafood                                                                  - gold City              ConfeCtionery          toWards Gates c1-c6
                             ►   starBuCKs Coffee      ► tie raCK                                                                                               ► liquor
  ► MCdonald’s                                                                    - zaM geMs             ► perfuMe & CosMetiCs    ► royal selangor pewter
                             ►   sBarro                ► Bonia Boutique                                                                                         ► godiva
  ► Café aprile                                                                   - selBeran             ► pusrawi pHarMaCy       ► BooKs & Magazine
                             ►   Burger King           ► Bonia leatHerwear                                                                                      ► Cigar
                                                                                ► leatHer & travel       ► pHoto proCessing       ► tHe Body sHop
  level 4                    ►   riMBa Jungle Café
                                                       level 3                  ► sunglasses             ► gifts & souvenirs      ► guardian pHarMaCy
  ► food paradise            ►   CHeers
                                                       ► Just niCe Boutique
  ► suria Café               ►   Harrods food                                   toWards Gates c31-c37    ► tHe Body sHop
                                                                                                                                  toWards Gates c11-c17          liQuor, ciGarettes,
                                                       ► d’trends
                             ►   nooodles House                                 ► HerMes                 ► BooKs & Magazine
                                                                                                                                  ► eMporiuM - liquor,
                                                                                                                                                                 Gifts, chocolates,
  level 3
                                                                                ► CoaCH                  ► faMous aMos
                                                                                                                                    Cigarettes, CHoColate &
                                                                                                                                                                 cosmetics &
  ► Malaysian woK/east                                  fashion &                                                                                                fraGrances
                                                                                ► Mont BlanC
     point ritazza               dininG outlets         jeWellery                                        level 3                    ConfeCtionery
                                                                                                                                                                 at contact Pier
                                 at contact Pier                                ► versaCe
  ► delifranCe express                                  at satellite                                     ► ConvenienCe store      ► perfuMe sHop
                                                                                ► CHristian dior                                                                 BuildinG
  ► Burger King                  BuildinG               BuildinG                                         ► a&B florist KiosK      ► Malaysian artworKs
                                                                                ► salvatore ferragaMo
  ► nelson                                                                                               ► CHoColate &            ► CosMetiCs & Beauty Center    international
                                                                                ► Mango
                                 international         toWards Gates c1-c6                                 ConfeCtionery          ► Made in Malaysia
  level 2                                                                       ► BurBerry                                                                      ► Harrods
  ► food garden                                        ► CHildren Boutique                               international arrivals   toWards Gates c21-c27
                             ► Harrods Café                                     ► dunHill                                                                       ► gifts & souvenirs
                                                       ► tie raCK                                        -airside                 ► Harrods
                             ► palMs grill & Bar                                ► guy laroCHe
   dininG outlets at                                   ► sportswear
                                                                                ► laCoste                ► liquor & Cigarettes    ► liquor & Cigarettes
                             ► 1901 Hot dog
   satellite BuildinG                                  ► Multiple fasHion                                ► CHoColate &            ► eleCtriCal & eleCtroniCs    ► tHe flying eMporiuM
                                                       toWards Gates c11-c17                                ConfeCtionery         ► sony                        ► faMous aMos
    PassenGer level
                             ► Burger King & asian     ► gold City                                       ► perfuMes & CosMetiCs   ► gifts & souvenirs           ► ConvenienCe store
18         malaysialive                                                                                                                                              klia times • june 2007

                  take home
                                                                g i f t s o f n at u r e i n t H e C i t y
           a B i t e o f M a l ay s i a                                hile Kuala Lumpur has increas-
                                                                       ingly taken on the appearance
                                                                       of a concrete jungle, there are
                                                            places in the city, or in close proximity to
                                                            it, that will allow you to enjoy the amaz-
                                                            ing gifts of nature. Many of these desti-
                                                            nations are located a stone’s throw away
                                                            from the bustling crowds and mad rush
                                                            of city traffic.
                                                               If you prefer to stay at a quiet hidea-
                                                            way, far from the constant blaring of car
                                                            horns and the sounds of a bustling city,         lake and beside the hotel.
                                                            you’ll like the tranquility of The Saujana          The resort offers 360 rooms in a low-
                                                            Kuala Lumpur.                                    rise setting. There are 150 club rooms,
                                                               Instead of the buzz of city life, you will    one presidential suite, 11 executive suites
                                                            enjoy the sounds of chirping birds, rus-         and five junior suites.
                s p i C y s pa g H e t t i                  tling trees and the sight of green for as           The height of elegance and comfort, all
                                                                                                                                                                           s h e e r t r a n Q u i l i t y aWay f r o m
                                                            far as the eye. You’ll stay in a beautifully-    the rooms come with an IDD telephone                                       the Buzz of city life
                                                            appointed room amidst luxurious sur-             system, Internet access, mini bar and
 you’re always having your bolognese or                     roundings, enjoy fine dining opportuni-          tea/coffee making facilities.
 marinara. a hot change, perhaps. How about                 ties as well as a chance to enjoy a game of         Other facilities for guests at The Sau-       choose to while away the evening at RP
 a twist to a pasta dish, Malaysian style. try our          golf at two of the country’s most astheti-       jana include a swimming pool with a              (short for Rumah Peranakan), a replica
 take on your good old pasta.                               cally-pleasing 18-hole golf courses.             tropical graden view as well as tennis and       of a colonial style bunglow that is influ-
                                                               The word Saujana itself originates            squash courts. There’s a multi-purpose           enced by Malay, Chinese and Portuguese
                ingredients                                 from an old Malay expression ‘sejauh di          playground for children and the option           architecture. The outlet features a wine
 • Spaghetti enough for two plates • Quar-                  sana’ which translates to ‘as far as the eye     to pick up a new sport, archery, as well as      bar, cigar lounge, live band, island bar,
 ter cup button mushrooms (sliced) • quarter                can see’ and there is no doubt that guests       a chance to pedal your way across a lake.        show kitchen, dance floor, pool table and
 cup beef or chicken meat (chopped) • quarter               at The Saujana Kuala Lumpur will be                 The state-of-the-art Fitness Centre           alfresco dining.
 cup calamari (sliced) • quarter cup prawns •               charmed by the greenery that surrounds           comes with an extensive range of weight             Undoubtedly the most popular option
 3 pieces of garlic (chopped) • one big onion               the resort. Strategically located 30 min-        training equipment, sauna, steam bath            for in-house guests is signing up for a golf
 (diced or sliced) • quarter cup sliced carrots             utes away from the city and 35 minutes           and a whirlpool. You can also opt for a          game at either one of SGCC’s 18-hole golf
 (optional) • quarter cup cut spinach (optional)            from the Kuala Lumpur International              massage at the fitness centre.                   courses, Palm Course and Bunga Raya
 • 1 tablespoon chilli powder (or less) • some              Airport, the resort is spread over 160              There are seven food and beverage             Course. Both the courses were designed
 tomato sauce • a dash of soy sauce • olive oil             acres of lush surroundings and tropical          outlets located within the vicinity of the       by the Ronald Fream Design Group Cali-
                                                            gardens.                                         hotel -- Senja Italian Restaurant, Suria         fornia, a renowned golf course landscape
                     MetHod                                    One of the highlights of a stay at the        Cafe, Kogetsu Japanese Restuarant, Bayu          architect.
 you can use a skillet or a wok. pour enough                resort is its proximity to two 18-hole           Lounge, Ti Chen Chinese Restaurant,                 Nicknamed the Cobra, the Palm Course
 olive oil and when it is hot enough, fry the               world championship golf courses at the           Golfer’s Terrace and RP Entertainment            is known for its challenging layout. One
 chopped garlic and onion. add the chilli pow-              Saujana Golf & Country Club (SGCC), lo-          Centre. Built on stilts above a man-made         of its holes, the 172-yards Par 3 second
 der and when it is fragrant and the oil rises,             cated overlooking a tranquil man-made            lake, diners at Senja will enjoy scrump-         hole, is rated the most difficult hole in
 add the tomato sauce. at this point, you can                                                                tious meals served from the restaurant’s         the country. The Bunga Raya (hibiscus
 add a bit of sugar. then the meat pieces. the                                                               show kitchen. They’ll be entertained by          in Malay) Course is renowned for its roll-
 calamari comes next and then, the prawns.                                                                   the soft strains of a live jazz band nightly     ing landscape and serene pools, both of
 add in the mushrooms. if you are using car-                                                                 (except Mondays) from 7pm to 11pm and            which add dimension to the game.
 rots, then you may want to have them lightly                                                                have the option to enjoy a romantic din-            For more information on The Saujana
 boiled first so that you need cook them in the                                                              ner by opting to sit at the veranda on the       Kuala Lumpur, call the hotel at (03) 7843
 gravy for long. if you are using spinach, leave                                                             waterfront.                                      1234 or visit its website at saujana@gh-
 them for last as it cooks very fast.                                                                           Suria Cafe serves local fare, Asian and       mhotels.com or www.ghmhotels.com.
    add the cooked spaghetti. stir. if it is too dry,                                                        western dishes throught the day and of-          For details, reservations or bookings at
 add a bit of liquid. then add some soya sauce.                                                              fers the perfect start to the day as guests      Saujana Golf & Country Club, call (03)
 you may want to add a bit of salt too.                                                                      can listen to the chirping of birds while        7846 1466 or visit www.saujana.com.
    there. Bon Appetit!                                                                                      dining at the terrace. Party animals can         my. – Anthea De Lima

                          ‘ C i C a K M a n ’ to B e s C r e e n e d i n lo n d o n
     BoX office hit “cicak man” and                                                  minister datuk seri dr rais ya-         cess, garnering over rm5.5 mil-          tors and actresses such as datuk
     horror movie “jangan Pandang                                                    tim is leading a 120-delegation         lion at the box office.                  rahim razali, fatimah abu Bakar,
     Belakang” are among seven ma-                                                   comprising dancers, musicians,             as for “Bilut”“it is a unique film
                                                                                                                                             ,                        eizlan yusuff, fasha sandha and
     laysian films to be screened in                                                 artistes and representatives of         that explores the trials and tribu-      sharifah amani, and directed by
     london in conjunction with ma-                                                  government agencies.                    lations of a growing young family,       first-time director Khabir Bhatia.
     laysia Week from june 6 to 10.                                                     mohd fadzli said the movie           against the historical backdrop of                               ,
                                                                                                                                                                         as for “red Kebaya” finas ex-
        national film development cor-                                               “jangan Pandang Belakang”               a systematic nationwide initiative       pects the British to be able to
     poration malaysia (finas) public                                                would give British audiences a          to develop agriculture in malaysia       appreciate Britain’s link with old
     relations assistant director mohd                                               peek into malaysian mystical be-        after independence via the felda         malaya since it portrays a colonial
     fadzli abd aziz said the other                                                  liefs.                                  (federal land development au-            malaya, and the romances that
     films would be “Bilut”“cinta”“red
                            ,      ,                                                    directed by ahmad idham, it          thority) scheme,” the statement          sparked between a British and the
     Kebaya” “Waris jari hantu” and
              ,                                                                      revolves around a young man,            said.                                    local ladies. – Bernama
     “Puaka tebing Biru”  .                                                          darma, played by Pierre andre,             “Bilut” was directed by Bade
        “these films have been chosen                                                investigating into the mysterious       azmi and produced by mega Wa-
     based on the core messages they                                                 death of his fiancee rose, played       jasinar sdn Bhd in association
     will convey to British audiences,                                               by intan ladyana.                       with felda.                               3                4         5
     and also to showcase malaysian                                                     the movie collected rm6.43                         ,
                                                                                                                                on “cinta” mohd fadzli said the                    8    6    2         5
     culture and history.                                                            million when screened in local          international audiences would             5      6                   1               4
        “the films also reflect on life                                              cinemas last month, an all-time         enjoy watching it since “the movie                                        9     2
     and humanity in a way that the                                                  high in the last 20 years of the ma-    is malaysian example of falling in               1              4               7
     international audiences can con-        held at covent Garden, is organ-        lay film industry.                      love and its idiosyncracies that                 9    5                         7
     nect with and appreciate it,” he        ised in conjunction with visit ma-         “cicak man” is another pride
                                                                                                     ,                       cut across age” .                         4                5                    8    2
     said in a statement issued in Kuala     laysia year 2007 and the country’s      of the nation as its first full com-       “cinta” revolves around five
                                                                                                                                                                                   3         9    7    4
     lumpur.                                 50th independence anniversary.          puter- generated image (cGi) film       modern-day love stories featur-
                                                                                                                                                                                        8         4               3
        malaysia Week, which will be            arts, culture and heritage           and was also a commercial suc-          ing 10 of malaysia’s leading ac-
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ► solution P19
2007 june • klia times                                                                                                                                                                malaysialive                                        19

  H E A LT H M AT T E r s                                          BY Dr riDZWAN BAKAr
                                                                                                                                               useful contact numbers

       f o r y o u r e y e s o n ly                                                                                                         malaysia airlines

                                                                                                                                                                      1300 88 3000, 603 8776 4712/
                                                                                                                                                                      64731, 603 8787 4672
                                                                                                                                            air asia                  1300 88 9933, 603 8660 4333
       as a tourist jetting into the         is it a popular form of surgery?         Minor symptoms such as dry-
       impressive Kuala lumpur in-           with its high level of success,       ness, haloes and glares at night                         air china 603 8787 1775 • air india 603 8787 3225 • air mauritius 603 2144 3099/29161 •
       ternational airport during visit                                            occur in 3-6% but this usually                           austrian airlines 603 8776 6305 • Biman Bangladesh 603 8776 4770 • cargolux 603 8787
                                             lasiK has become the most                                                                      3343 • cathay Pacific 603 8787 2818 • china airlines 603 8787 4635/4637 • china eastern
       Malaysia year, you will soon be       popular eye operation in the          transient. serious complications
                                                                                                                                            603 8787 2588 • china southern 603 8787 2858/68/98 • emirates airlines 603 8787 3831 •
       able to savour the sights and         us, with over two million opera-      are rare, such as infection (0.4%)                       eva airways 603 8776 6233 • federal express corp 603 8778 8338 • Garuda indonesia 603
       sounds of Malaysia. Many will         tions performed yearly. some of       and flap problems (0.2%) and                             8787 4064/66 • Gulf air 603 8787 3703/764775 • indian airlines 603 8776 4787 • iran air 603
       enjoy what the country has to         the celebrities said to have had      can be treated.                                          8787 3722 • japan airlines 603 8787 1110 • jet airways 603 8776 6149 • Klm royal dutch
       offer, whether it is the beautiful                                                                                                   603 8776 6260 • Korean airlines 603 8787 3466 • lion air 603 8776 6081 • lufthansa 603
                                             this operation include tiger          is there any after-care?                                 8776 6391 • merpati nusantara 603 8776 5204 • myanmar airways intl 603 8776 6380 •
       scenery, the wonderful people,        woods, vijay singh and nicole                                                                  Pakistan intl airlines 603 2142 5444 • Qatar airways 603 8776 6251 • royal Brunei 603 8787
                                                                                   an immediate follow-up visit
       the exquisite cuisine or the fan-     Kidman.                                                                                        3662/64 • royal nepal 603 4045 6255 • saudi arabian airlines 603 8776 6329 • shenzhen
                                                                                   after 24 hours is required by
       tastic shopping.                                                                                                                     air 603 8776 4619 • singapore airlines 87766430 • sri lanka airlines 603 2143 3353.
                                             What does it entail?                  which time the vision should
          But, as an increasing number                                                                                                                                          tourisM offiCes
                                             the whole lasiK procedure             be perfect.
       of visitors have discovered,                                                                                                         tourism malaysia head office 603 2615 8188 • tourism infoline 1300 88 5050 • Perlis
       Malaysia offers one of the best       takes about 3 minutes while           how much does it cost?                                   office 604 9781 235/9781 213 • Kedah office 604 730 1322/731 2322 • Penang office 604
       healthcare delivery systems           the actual laser time is less         Malaysia is one of the most                              261 0058/264 3494 • Perak office 605 255 1012 • malacca office 606 288 1549/288 3785 •
       in this part of the world. the        than a minute. this is done as        inexpensive countries to have                            Johor office 607 222 3590/222 3591 • Pahang office 609 517 7111/7113/7115 • terengganu
                                             a day procedure and does not                                                                   office 609 622 1433/622 1893 • Kelantan office 609 747 7554 • negri sembilan office 606
       medical staff are well-qualified,                                           lasiK surgery. as always, ensure                         763 5388/762 2388 • sabah office 6088 211 732/248 698/242 064 • sarawak office 6082
       friendly and speak a multitude        require a hospital stay. there is     that you are going to a repu-                            246 575/246 775
       of languages, be it Chinese, ara-     no need for fasting, injections       table eye center. according to
       bic, Malay or english (of course).    or general anaesthesiae. the          the excelview laser eye Centre                                                                     taxis

          Most of the specialist doctors     eye is numbed using just eye-         (www.excelview.com), the price                           airport limo & taxi service 603 9223 8080, 03 9223 8949 (Booking Centre); 603 8787 3675
       are overseas-trained and will         drops and there is generally          on one eye starts at rM2,100                             (Klia Counter) • comfort taxi 603 8024 2727 • eco transit 603 5512 2266 • hotline radio
                                             no pain felt. after an hour’s rest,                                                            taxi 603 2095 3399 • Kl taxi 603 9221 4241• oriental radio taxi 603 2694 4718 • Persatuan
       be able to offer you relevant                                               (approx us$570).                                         radio teksi selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan 603 2693 6211 • Public cab - maxi cab 603
       accurate advice regarding your        one can walk out of the clinic
                                                                                                                                            6259 2020 • radio taxi 603 9221 7600 • saujana teksi 603 2162 8888 • sunlight radio taxi
                                             without spectacles or contact         apart from lasiK surgery, sever-
       medical status, all at affordable                                                                                                    603 9057 1111/03 9058 9986 • supercab 603 2095 3399 • sW radio taxis 603 2693 6211 •
                                             lenses. within 24 hours, one can      al other eye operations are also                         telecab 603 4042 1019 • uptown ace supercab 603 983 2333 • Wira cab 603 2144 3630
                                             resume work, drive a car or play      popular. some of them include:
          one of the most sought-after                                                                                                                                              Bus/rail
                                             sports.                                  • intraocular lens implant
       type of medical treatment is
                                                                                   – for those in whom lasiK is                             transnasional express Bus 603 2070 5044 • Keretapi tanah melayu (Malayan railway) 603
       lasiK eye treatment.                  Who is suitable for lasiK?
                                                                                   not suitable                                             2267 1200 • Klia express 603 2267 8000 • Kl monorail 603 2267 9888 • Putra/star lrt
       What is lasiK eye surgery?            suitable people should be                • Cataract surgery – remov-                           1800 388 228

       lasiK is an acronym for la-           over 18 years old, have a stable      ing the cataract and replacing                                                                  Car rental

       ser assisted stromal in-situ          spectacle power with short-           it with an intraocular lens. this is                     hertz rent-a-car 603 2148 6433 • avis rent-a-car 603 8787 4087 • Budget 1800 80 1563 •
       Keratomileusis. in simple terms,      sightedness below –12 diopt-          the commonest eye operation                              executive chauffeurs malaysia 603 2710 5696 (24-hour reservations Centre) • advantage
                                             res, long-sightedness below +4                                                                 car rentals 603 2142 5855 • calio car rentals & limousine service 607 223 3325 • enesty
       this is a minor procedure us-                                               among the senior citizens.                               hire & drive 603 7984 7535 • extra rent-a-car (Borneo rendez vous) 6088 21 8160 • hawk
       ing laser technology to correct       dioptres and astigmatism less            so, when you have finished                            rent a car 603 2164 6455 • insas Pacific rent-a-car 603 2287 0131 • Kinabalu rent-a-car
       short-sightedness, long-sight-        than +/- 4 dioptres. if you are       with assimilating the sights and                         6088 23 2602, 6088 23 2603 • Kasina rent-a-car 603 8787 1739 • mayflower car rental
       edness and astigmatism. the la-       outside this range, you may still     sounds of Malaysia, consider                             603 6252 1888 • orix car rentals 603 8787 4294 • Popular rent-a-car 604 657 6510/604-
                                             need to wear glasses after the                                                                 8812364 • smas rent a car 603 2080 5066 • smile tour rent a car sdn Bhd 604-8812839
       ser corrects vision by reshaping                                            taking advantage of the excel-
                                             procedure although they will                                                                                                          Hospitals
       the cornea of the eye so that                                               lent healthcare facilities and
       the focusing power is corrected.      be of a much lesser power. you        leave the country not only with                          ampang Puteri specialist hospital 603 4270 2500 • assunta hospital 603 7782 3433
       no artificial devices are added       should be free of any other eye       wonderful memories but an                                • damansara specialist center 603 7722 2692 • Gleneagles intan medical centre 603
                                             diseases as well.                                                                              4257 1300 • institut jantung negara national Heart institute 603 2617 8200 Kelana jaya
       and there is no replacement of                                              extremely clear view to remem-                           medical centre 603 7805 2111• Pantai Group of hospitals: pantai Medical Centre 603 2296
       any body-parts.                       are there any complications?          ber it all!                                              0888; pantai Mutiara Hospital 604 643 3888, 604 643 8799 • Penang adventist hospital 604
                                                                                                                                            226 1133 • Perak chinese maternity hospital 605 254 8918 • selangor medical centre 603
                                                                                                                                            5543 1111 • subang jaya medical centre 603 5634 1212 • tawakal medical center 603
                                                                                                                                            4023 3599 • tung shin hospital 603 2072 1655

             l a n g K aw i B e C K o n s s a i lo r s                                                                                                                            eMergenCies

                                                                                                                                            Kuala lumpur tourist Police 603 2166 8322 • ambulance/Police 999 • fire and rescue
                                                                                                                                            department 994
  THE Royal Langkawi International                                                  Minister’s Challenge Trophy,                                                           airport/railway station
  Regatta 2008 (RLIR 2008) will be                                                  which is open to internationally
                                                                                                                                            Kl sentral 603 2279 8888 • Klia 603 8776 2000
  held from Jan. 5-11 at the Royal                                                  registered yachts and the Commo-
  Langkawi Yacht Club (RLYC) in                                                     dore’s Challenge Cup, open to club-
  Kuah, Langkawi.                                                                   registered cruisers.                                    cathay cineplexes http://www.cathay cineplexes.com.my • cineleisure damansara 03
     Situated in the northern west                                                     In addition, there are three                         7727 8051 (Hotline) • diGi imaX theatre - 3d 03 2117 3046 (ticket reservation hotline) •
                                                                                                                                            Golden screen cinemas 03 8312 3456 • mBo cinemas 03 4270 1938 • smile theaters 03
  coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the                                                 other main trophies up for grabs.
                                                                                                                                            7958 8119 • tanjong Golden village tGv 603 7492 2929 (Klang valley)
  warm, clear waters surrounding the                                                Participants of the IRC Class will
  legendary islands of Langkawi will                                                compete for the “LADA-IRC Chal-
  offer sailors and cruising yachts-                                                lenge Trophy” while participants in
  men an exhilarating and unique                                                    the Sports Boat Class will compete
  four-day sailing experience.                                                      for the Langkawi Sports Trophy.
     Organised by the RLYC, the                                                     Participants under the multihulls
  RLIR 2008 is the sixth regatta to                                                 category will compete for the Ma-
  be held by the RLYC consecutively                                                 laysian Multihull Challenge Cup.
  since the inaugural event in 2003.                                                   For more information on the
     Already part of the Asian Re-                                                  Royal Langkawi International Re-
  gatta Calendar, the event has for                                                 gatta 2008, visit:
  the last five years been drawing          the committee expects participants         www.langkawiregatta.com
  regular participants as well as new       to be treated to an exciting, chal-
  ones who actively race in regional        lenging race.
                                                                                                        3   2   1   4   7   5   8   6   9
  yacht circuits.                              “Over the years, the regatta has
                                                                                                        9   4   8   6   2   3   5   1   7
     According to RLYC general man-         seen the participation of multi-
                                                                                      sudoku solution

                                                                                                        5   6   7   9   8   1   2   3   4
  ager Wicky Sundram, the RLIR              hulls, racing yachts and sports                             6   3   4   7   5   8   9   2   1
  was previously held in the month          boats from around the globe. We                             8   1   2   3   4   9   6   7   5
  of February or March.                     hope to see many of them return to                          7   9   5   1   6   2   3   4   8
     “For 2008, it will be held in Jan-     Langkawi next year.”                                        4   7   9   5   3   6   1   8   2
  uary but with favourable wind con-           Teams participating in the RLIR                          1   8   3   2   9   7   4   5   6
  ditions forecast during that period,      2008 will compete for the Prime                             2   5   6   8   1   4   7   9   3

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