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					HOLY NAME CATHOLIC CHURCH                                                      ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY                                                                          APRIL 18, 2010

ST. JOSEPH PARISH VISION                                       HOLY NAME PARISH VISION
By 2015, St. Joseph will be Louisville’s first vibrant         Our Parish will serve the spiritual needs of the poor by
holistic Catholic Church that will focus on the family.        living the Gospel’s example.

THE GOSPEL                                                     CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE
Peter and the disciples fished all night but caught nothing.   Monday July 12th –Friday July 16th
Jesus appeared to them, telling them to cast their nets        Workshops, planning sessions, and prayer experiences for
again, and immediately the nets were filled with fish.         9th-11th grade students to obtain Christian leadership skills.
After they ate, Jesus told Simon Peter, “Feed my lambs…        Please call 448-8581 or email for
Tend my sheep.”                                                details and tuition information, deadline is May 28 2010.

                                                               ST. JOSEPH PARISH PRESCHOOL NEWS
                                                               Now enrolling late 2, 3 & 4 years olds. Our program
                                                               prepares a child’s social and emotional growth with focus
                                                               on kindergarten readiness, small groups, and weekly
                                                               themes, and a structured program. Preschool is open from
                                                               7 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday year round. For more
                                                               information please contact Ellen Jaggers-Director at
                                                               502-583-4607. Also St. Joseph Preschool is collecting
                                                               coke’s pull tabs for Ronald Mc Donald House. If you have
                                                               any please drop them off at the Preschool, thanks!
Pedro y los discípulos trabajaron toda la noche pero no
pescaban nada. Se les apareció Jesús, quien les ordenó
                                                               CLASES DE COMPUTACION
echar las redes otra vez…inmediatamente las redes se
llenaron de pescado. Después de comer, Jesús le dijo a         Le gustaría aprender computación y al mismo tiempo ser
Simón Pedro: “Apacienta mis ovejas”.                           dueño de una computadora? Le ofrecemos las dos cosas
                                                               por solo $300. Por ese monto, Ud. podrá llevarse la
                                                               computadora después de tomar la clase informativa en
                                                               español. Esta es una gran oportunidad ofrecida por MTTC
PLAN” This in depth look at the Sacrament of Marriage
                                                               & nuestra parroquia. Para más información hable con
will include: USCCB PASTORAL LETTER,                           Claudia Peralta-Mudd al (502) 485-3919
CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH ON MARRIAGE, AND                         (502) 485-6540 gracias.
May 18, 2010 at 1935 Lewiston Drive from 9:30am-
                                                               HOLY NAME PRESCHOOL AND DAY CARE
3:30pm, $40.00 includes lunch, email
                                                               Now enrolling children 2, 3, and 4 years old. Preschool
or call 448-8581 to register.
                                                               opens from 4 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday year
                                                               round. Call us: 502-637-5391. Miss Zoveyda Sánchez,
Archbishop Joseph Kurtz will be celebrating 5, 10, 20 &
25 years of marriage in 2010 on Sunday April 25 at
2:30pm at St. Margaret Mary. Please register with or call Carolyn at 636-0296.

SAINT XAVIER Calypso Sunset
Annual dinner-auction, Saturday April 24, 6:00pm in
Sterne Gymnasium. Cost is $200.00 per couple or $125.00
per individual. Call for reservations at 637-8485.             CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH
                                                               Become a “tell-able” adult through intentional efforts to
                                                               create an environment of responsiveness so that children
                                                               will feel free to disclose possible abuse of any kind. For
Holy Name is hosting a Dance and Horse Races on April          information on diocesan efforts, please visit
24th at 7:00pm, please come and enjoy the fun!       
                                                 SIXTH SUNDAY OF LENT

                                                             FATHER’S DAVID HOMILIES
                                                             You can hear Fr. David’s homilies on the internet every week,
Saturday, April 17, 2010 Easter weekday                      check on our web page and go to
 4:00pm Margaret Boyer                                       Facebook on the home page. When the Holy Father Benedict
Sunday, April 18, 2010 Third Sunday of Easter                XVI invited all the priests to use the internet to bring the good
9:30am Cam Lehmann (SJ)                                      news of our Lord, we took it seriously.
9:30am Para los Inmigrantes (HN)
12:00pm For the Poor
6:00pm Pro Populo
10:00pm For the Sick
Monday, April 19, 2010 Easter weekday                        ST. JOSEPH’S STEWARDSHIP OF TREASURE
Tuesday, April 20, 2010 Easter weekday                       Fiscal Year Goal:               $310,000.00
9:30am For Teachers                                          Ideal Weekly Goal:              $ 10,000.00
12:05pm For the Homeless (SJ)                                   Month        Actual   Needed      # Weeks           Avg/Week
6:30pm Finance Council (SJ)                                    January     $25,052    $29,810         5             $5,011
Wed., April 21, 2010 Easter weekday                            February    $21,987    $29,810         4             $5,496
  9:30am For World Leaders                                      March      $22,617    $29,810         4             $5,654
12:05pm Cindy Umlauf (SJ)                                       April 4    $6,244.49  $5,962          1
7:00pm Parish Council (SJ)                                      April 11   $7,669.58  $5,962          1
Thursday, April 22, 2010 Easter weekday                      Capital Improvement April 11: $ 677.00
   9:30amFor the Military
12:05pm Special Intention -JD (SJ)                           HOLY NAME STEWARDSHIP OF TREASURE
7:00pm Administration Meeting (SJ)                           Fiscal Year Goal:              $80,000
Friday, April 23, 2010 Easter weekday                        Ideal Weekly Goal:             $ 3,000
   9:30am For the Hungry                                       Month         Actual   Needed      # Weeks Avg/Wee
12:05pm Leigha K. Miller                                        January    $7,410.31 $ 7,690         5    $1,482
Saturday, April 24, 2010 Easter weekday                        February $4,978.42 $ 7,690            4    $1,244
2:00pm Ferrari-Niehaus Wedding (St. James)                       March     $5,313.66 $ 7,690         4    $1,329
4:00pm Cam Lehmann                                               April 4   $2,855.70 $ 3,000         1
7:00pm Dance and Horse Races (HN)
                                                               April 11    $1,750.84 $ 3,000         1
Sunday, April 25, 2010 Fourth Sunday of Easter
                                                             Capital Improvement April 11: $ 71.00
9:30am Mr.& Mrs. Charles J. Young (SJ)
9:30am For the Poor (HN)
12:00pm Para los Inmigrantes                                 HOLY NAME IN FACEBOOK
6:00pm Pro Populo                                            Holy Father Benedict XVI in his last address
10:00pm For the Students of UofL                             “On Communications” invited the priests on the world,
                                                             two weeks ago, to “BLOG”. On this call, we have opened
The mass on May 1, 2010 Derby Day will be at 3pm,            an account on FACEBOOK to create a network of
please note this change.                                     volunteers to support Holy Name Parish. Come and see us,
                                                             write your comments, give constructive ideas, and tell us
                                                             how you can help. Just type: “Holy Name” on

April 24 Bertha Gonzáles, Charles Niehoff, Raquel Olvera     ST. JOSEPH MEN’S CLUB GOLF SCRAMBLE
April 25 Earl Brown, Charles Nugent, Melanie Payne,          Henry County Country Club, Saturday May 8th at 2:00
Samantha Schaefer                                            p.m. $45.00 Per Player, Limit 10 Teams Prize Money 1st
April 26 Mike Sachse, Janice Wade                            2nd 3rd place Women & Men invited to play members and
April 27 Lorrie Clark, Amanda Epperson, Roy Heck, Lillie     non- members.
Worner                                                       Call now to make reservations. 502-893-7838.
April 28 Ashley Hanka, Prudente Benavídez, Jacqueline
Gallego, Estrella Lagunas
April 29 Manuel Alfaro, Lucero Calixto, George Goettel,      THE A.A. GROUP MEETING
Jessica Huerta-Aguilar, Dorothy Lasley, Kolby Mattingly,     Our first meeting will be on Saturday April 24th at
 Selby Roush, Patricia Ann Hagan                             11:00a.m. Saint Joseph School Building, Room #4.
April 30 Richard Close, Brandi Hood, Louis Liebert,
 Ada Obando, Virginia Sierra
HOLY NAME CATHOLIC CHURCH                                                        ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY                                                                            APRIL 18, 2010

If you are interested in finding out more about the diverse
forms of individual and communal prayer, please attend.
April 27th 7pm at St. Albert
Cost of the session is $10.00 please email or call 448-8581 ext. 1324 to
register and all sessions are listed on          CATHOLIC CHARITIES FISH FRY
                                                                 April 23rd at Waterfront Park, Great Lawn
MORALITY, ETHICS AND SOCIAL JUSTICE                              11am-11pm free with 2010 Pegasus Pin
Any adults who are interested in finding out more about          Fish from Mike Linnig’s and a variety of family activities
the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and its               including picnic and gaming booths
application to moral decision making and current social
issues today, are welcome to attend this session.                April 30th the Knights of St. John will host a Fish Fry. Start
April 29th at St. Barnabas, 7pm and the cost is $10.00.          time is 4pm at the hall located at 2100 St. John Place on
Please register with Linda McLemore at 444-8581                  Bernheim Lane, games, booths and prizes!
ext.1324 or email at
                                                                 FAMILY COMMUNITY CLINIC DONATIONS
SUPERVISION IN MINISTRY                                          We are grateful for all the contributions received for this
Participants will become aware of how supervision                worthy cause and to ensure that your donation is recorded
supports an ethic of pastoral ministry while exploring the       properly we ask that you identify the donation as SJ-
dynamics of supervision.                                         Family Community Clinic and place in any envelope for
April 22nd at 12:45pm at Flaget Center and the cost is           the Sunday collection.
$10.00. Please register with Linda McLemore at 444-8581
ext.1324 or email at                       INSPIRATION
                                                                 Charity may be a very short word, but with its tremendous
PARENT ALLIANCE MEETING                                          meaning of pure love, it sums up man's entire relation to
The next meeting will be April 20th at St.Leonard’s School       God and to his neighbor." -- St Aelred of Rievaulx
at 7pm. A program designed to help students ages 3-18 to
achieve their full potential. The program is designed to         WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER
stimulate the balance, visual and auditory processes of the      Would the way you live your marriage or priesthood
brain by building strong neural pathways that are vital for      convict you of being Christian? Receive strength and the
academic, social and athletic success.                           tools to live a more Christ-centered Sacrament. The next
                                                                 marriage encounter weekends are June 11-13 and Oct. 15-
COMMUNION MINISTER FORMATION                                     17 at the Flaget Retreat Center. Please contact Jack and
Wednesday May 5th and May 12th from 7pm-9pm at Holy              Kathy Gotting at or call 502-895-
Trinity Church, 501 Cherrywood Road. The cost is free.           8997. Register online
Communion Minister Formation is a two-session program
for all those that are presently serving in this role in their   DID YOU KNOW
parishes as well as those preparing to serve in this role in     St. Apollonius Apologist
the future who have not attended the Archdiocesan two-           Martyr whose Apologia, or defense of the faith, is
session program in the past.                                     considered one of the most priceless documents of the
                                                                 early Church. Apollonius was a Roman senator who
ST. JOSEPH’S FACILITIES AT A GLANCE                              was denounced as a Christian by one of his slaves.
In addition to our lovely Church we have a gym,                  The Praetorian Prefect, Sextus Tigidius Perennis,
parish hall and classrooms all available to be rented            arrested him, also putting the slave to death as an
for meetings and functions. Contact Anita Burch at               informer. Perennis demanded that Apollonius for more information                 denounce the faith, and when he refused, the case was
and details.                                                     remanded to the Roman senate. There a debate took
                                                                 place between Perennis and Apollonius that clearly
                                                                 outlines the beauty and the value of Christianity.
                                       SIXTH SUNDAY OF LENT

Parish                                             ____San José
____St. Joseph                                     ____Santo Nombre
____Holy Name                                      (Favor de checar con una X, la iglesia a que asiste)
(Please Check with an X, for Parish)
                                                   Apellidos: ____________________________________
Family Last Name: ________________________
                                                   Esposo: ___________________________________
Head First Name: ________________________          Profesión: __________________________________
Profession: ______________________________         Fecha de Nacimiento_________________________
Date of Birth_____________________________
                                                   Esposa: ____________________________________
Spouse: _________________________________          Profesión: __________________________________
Profession: ______________________________         Día de Nacimiento___________________________
Date of Birth_____________________________
Street Address:                                    _______________________________
_______________________________                    _______________________________
_______________________________                    Ciudad/Estado:
City/State:                                        _______________________________
_______________________________                    _______________________________
_______________________________                    Código Postal:
Zip Code:                                          _______________________________
Phones                                             Casa: ________________________
Home: ________________________                     Cell: __________________________
Cell: __________________________                   Trabajo: ____________________________
Work: ______________________________
Children:                                          Nombre: _______________________________
Name: _______________________________              Día de Nacimiento: _______________________
Birthday: ____________________________
                                                   Nombre: _______________________________
Name: _______________________________              Día de Nacimiento: ______________________
Birthday: ____________________________
                                                   Nombre: _______________________________
Name: _______________________________              Día de Nacimiento: ______________________
Birthday: _____________________________
                                                   Nombre: _______________________________
Name: _______________________________              Día de Nacimiento: ______________________
Birthday: _____________________________