CDHA Dental Hygiene Diploma Student prize 2009 in participation with Crest Oral-B

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					tions, and has been able to influence some early changes.
   during oral health month in april, alison created an oral        CDHA Student
health awareness display at a local pharmacy, and was avail-        Leadership prize 2009 in
able to answer customers’ questions about oral care products.       participation with P&G
she has organized a dental hygiene study club to encourage              this honour, with a $2,000 prize, is presented to tanis
local dental hygienists to access cdha online professional de-      maxwell of victoria, BC, currently enrolled in a dental hy-
velopment opportunities.                                            giene program, who has contributed significantly to her local,
   the flexibility of the university of alberta’s distance educa-   academic or professional community through involvement
tion degree program has allowed alison to continue practising,      and leadership.
remain at home with her family, and to stay active in her local         tanis took her role and responsibility as class president
dental hygiene association.                                         at camosun college as her initial steps to dental hygiene
                                                                    leadership. she coordinated a fundraiser endeavour to bene-
                                                                    fit cool-aid community dental clinic that provides oral care
CDHA Dental Hygiene                                                 for people who do not have medical coverage, many of
Diploma Student prize                                               whom suffer from mental health and addiction illnesses. on
2009 in participation                                               a fundraiser mode, tanis took the lead to initiate and compile
with Crest Oral-B                                                   donated recipes in Cookbook Fundraiser. tanis understands
    this honour, with a $1,000 prize, is presented to nicole        the importance of representing the dental hygiene profes-
moore of north vancouver, BC, for contributing to the ad-           sion within her community. she has delivered early childhood
vancement of dental hygiene.                                        caries presentations to a prenatal group at the victoria native
    When nicole first en
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