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CDHA Achievement prize 2009 in participation with Sunstar G*U*M


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recognizing excellence in 2009

c   dha is once again proud to announce the recipients of
    the Recognition Prize Program for 2009. this program an-
nually acknowledges dental hygienists and dental hygiene
                                                                     olympic hockey team, they distributed tubes of dentifrice
                                                                     and a message promoting the use of mouth guards. as emily
                                                                     reflects on her academic achievements and professional con-
students from across canada who promote oral health and              tributions to date, she is confident that she will continue to
overall wellness, and who advance the dental hygiene profes-         take a leadership role throughout her dental hygiene career.
sion. congratulations to all participants and winners of the
2009 dental hygiene recognition Prize program.
                                                                     CDHA Achievement prize 2009
                                                                     in participation with Sunstar
CDHA Global Health prize 2009                                        G•U•M
in participation with Sunstar                                            this honour, with a $2,000 prize, is
G•U•M                                                                presented to Kera mcClement of riverview, nB, a student
   this honour, with a $3,000 prize, is                              who has overcome a major personal challenge during her
presented to andrea slater of vancouver, BC, a dental hy-            dental hygiene education.
gienist who has made a commitment to volunteering as part                Kera was completing her college chemistry prerequisites
of an initiative to provide oral health related services to a dis-   when her son was born in may 2008. he was extremely ill;
advantaged community or country.                                     and was hospitalized for three months. his doctors gave a very
   in 2008, when andrea was nearing graduation she con-              guarded prognosis. devastated by this news, Kera neverthe-
tacted the charity, Kindness in action (Kia) service society of      less brought her textbooks to the hospital and studied by his
alberta, and set in motion events that would help realize her        side in order to complete her course.
commitment to provide oral care services to a disadvantaged              her son proved to be a fighter, and was released after many
community. in 2009, andrea travelled with a group of twenty-         tests and surgeries just as Kera began first year dental hygiene
four volunteers to cambodia to the Peaceful children’s home          studies. that year was very challenging as financial hardships,
orphanages in chamnaon village, and then to a prison near            as well as caring for an infant who had repeated hospital ad-
Battambang to provide oral health care. she was able to col-         missions meant physical and mental exhaustion. in addition,
lect donations of sufficient oral hygiene aids to provide for all    Kera’s ow
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