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					Wind Power Systems Research
The Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Research
Center uses over 35 years of multidisciplinary research into the effects
of windstorms on the built environment and people to capitalize on
the beneficial effects of wind. The center performs advanced and
innovative multi-disciplinary, wind-related research including wind
flow characterization, wind structural engineering and wind power
systems. In 2007, the research center and Texas Tech University
established the first multidisciplinary doctoral degree in the nation,
providing students with the opportunity to integrate various aspects of
the wind science and engineering program into one graduate degree.

                                                                                                   (From L to R) Hector Cruzado, 2007 Ph.D. graduate; Kirsten Orwig,
                                                                                                                   Ph.D. candidate; Kevin Walter, 2007 Ph.D. graduate
RESEARCH FOCUS                                                                                                    on the Texas Tech 200 meter Data Acquisition Tower

Wind Power Systems Research is focused on full-scale testing, characterization, system optimization, and demonstration of grid-connected
utility-scale wind turbines designed for wind regimes such as those of the Southern Great Plains and integrated wind-water desalination

                                                                           RECENT DEVELOPMENTS
                                                                           •	     Assessment of the risk and effects from wind turbine exposure
                                                                                       to extreme and unusual events of the Great Plains – such as
                                                                                       Low Level Jets, extreme wind speed and direction shear,
                                                                                       thunderstorm outflow and micro-bursts, and wind vortices.
                                                                           •	     Installation of a 5-kW integrated wind-water desalination
                                                                                       system to provide a development platform for a 50 kW
                                                                                       wind-water desalination demonstration project with the
                                                                                       city of Seminole, Texas in cooperation with the Texas Office
                                                                                       of Rural and Community Affairs and the Texas Water
                                                                                       Development Board.
                                                                           •	     Assistance to Texas State Technical College in the development
                                                                                       of curriculum for the first wind technician training program
                                                                                       in the state of Texas.
                                                                           •	     Collaboration with the Sandia National Laboratory Wind Energy
                                                                                       Program on advanced instrumentation systems for high
                                                                                       fidelity measurements and probabilistic wind turbine load
                                                                                       and reliability studies.

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Wind Power Systems Research
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Dr. Andrew Swift is Director of the Wind Science and Engineering
Research Center, a multidisciplinary research center engaging
23 faculty affiliates in 6 academic departments.

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