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									Organisation                           Sector          Address 1
Al-Anon Family Group                   H&W             Belfast address
Alcoholic Anonymous                      H&W           Brooke Park, Gate Lodge, Derry City, BT48 7HG
Alzheimers Society                       Disability    Sevenoaks
Arthritis Care NW                        Disability    Foyle Disability Resource Centre,
Aware Defeat Depression                  H&W           10 Clarendon Street
Bogside & Brandywell Health Forum        H&W           Gasyard Centre
Breast Cancer Support Group              H&W           Waterside Health Centre
C.A.L.M.S.                               H&W           44-46 Waterloo Street
Centre of Creative Energy                H&W           46b Racecourse Road.
Columba Community of Prayer & Reconciliation           11 Queen Street.
Cunamh                                   H&W           171 Sunbeam Terrace
Derry Well Woman                         Women         17 Queen's Street
Creggan Drugs Awareness and Education H&W              CNP Central Drive
Foyle Home Accident Prevention           H&W /Safety   MDEC Building
Foyle & District Road Safety Committee H&W /Safety     MDEC Building
Foyle Cardiac Support Group              H&W           MDEC Building
Foyle Cruse Bereavement Care             H&W           4 Dacre Terrace,
Foyle Hospice                            H&W           Culmore Road
Foyle New Horizons (Action Mental Health)H&W           13 Springtown Industrial Estate
New Horizons Partnership (Ashbrook project)            Ashbrook Organics, Ardmore Road
Foyle Search and Rescue                  H&W           20 Victoria Road
fpaNI                                    H&W           2nd Floor, Northern Counties Building (1A)
Gamblers Anonymous                       H&W           Resource Centre Derry
Greater Shantallow Area Drugs AwarenessH&WProject      Unit 8, Northside Village Centre
Healthfirst (Northside Network)          H&W           Unit 8, Northside Village Centre
Headway Foyle                            H&W           Foyle Disability Resource Centre
Hope for Health                          H&W           19 Merriman Court
HURT                                     H&W           14 Clarendon Street, Derry
Justice for Victims of Asbestos Group NW H&W           MDEC Building
LIFE                                     H&W           5 Bayview Terrace
Make Your Mark                           H&W           47A Carlisle Road               (just 47)
Men's Action Network                     H&W           6 Shipquay Street              (two No.6s)
Mind Yourself                            H&W           15 Magazine Street
MS Society Foyle                         Disability    58 Strand Road
Neighbourhood Assist (B/B+ Creggan)      H&W           Old Clinic, Fanad Drive
Neighbourhood Assist (B/B+ Creggan)         H&W                Dove House
Neighbourhood Assist (Fountain) / Good Morning NorthWest       2a Georges Street
Nexus                                      H&W                 38 Clarendon Street
NI Cancer Fund for Children                H&W                 17-21 Bishop Street
NI Chest Heart & Stroke                    H&W                 Spencer House
NIAMH                                      H&W                 20 Clarendon Street
North West Branch of Parkinson's DiseaseH&WSociety             c/o De Vinchis Hotel
North West Coeliac Group                   H&W                 Foyle Disability Resource Centre
Northlands                                 H&W                 Shepherds Way
NSPCC                                      Children/Youth      1 Waterside Centre
nypd Foyle                                 Children/Youth      Woodlea House, Gransha Park
Partnership Care West                      H&W                 Gortfoyle House, Spencer Road
Pedal Power                                H&W                 10 Oakbridge Park, Lenamore Road
Praxis                                     H&W                 16 Bishops Street
Quest Centre                               H&W                 7 Shandon Park
Red Cross                                  H&W                 Red Cross Centre, Gransha Park
Relate Foyle                               H&W                 4/6 Strand Road,
RURAL Shop                                 H&W                 2 Foreglen Road
S.T.E.E.R. Mental Health Organisation      H&W                 13 Pump Street
Samaritans                                 H&W                 16 Clarendon Street
Shantallow Strollers                       H&W                 Shantallow Community Centre
Society of St. Vincent De Paul             H&W                 Ozanam House, 22 Bridge Street
The Old Library Trust, Healthy Living and Learning             The Old Library Trust
The Rainbow Project                        H&W                 37 Clarendon Street
Towards Understanding & Healing            Community Relations 8 Bishops Street.
Ulster Cancer Foundation                   H&W                 MDEC Building
Victim Support Northern Ireland            H&W                 7 Bayview Terrace
WAVE TRAUMA CENTRE                         H&W                 26-28 Bishop Street
Youthlife                                  Children/Youth      23 Bishop Street
ZEST                                       H&W                 15 Queens Street
Derry Healthy Cities                       H&W                 Old Nurses Home, Altnagelvin Hospital
Northern Local Health & Social Care Group  WHSSB               23a Bishop Street
Investing in Health                        WHSSB               WHSSB Headquarters, Gransha Park
Western Area Childcare Partnership         WHSSB               23a Bishop Street
Health Promotion                           WHSSB               WHSSB Headquarters, Gransha Park
Web site                    x          y           check        Belfast address only
http://www.alcoholicsanonymous.ie243013   417203           1            245952   416205           1        242999   418229           1                 243248   417279           1        242911   416340           1
                                 244291   416640           1
                                 243468   416867           1
                                 243840   419839           1
                                 243282        417229           1           243003   416094           1
                                 243320   417293           1
                                 241926   416582           1
                                 245249   415599           1   415598           1
                                 245255   415601           1  243532   416260           1
                                 244880   420024           1                   242690   419288           1
                                 246302   414057           1
                                 242773   415393           1           243539   416916           1
                                 243798   419839           1
                                 243788   420277           1
                                 243767   420247           1       243005   418230           1
                                 241184   419173           1           243237   417279           1
                                 245259   415602           1           243353   417318           1 243612       416364           1
                                 243470   416716           1
                                 243473   416825           1      243421   417329           1        241988   416781           1
                                    242989          416548   1
                                    243483          416302   1      243156          417295   1               243351          416576   1                 243911       415936   1                       243220        417283   1                 244027        418801   1                     242998        418251          244554       416383   1              244352        416647   1                     246201        418711
                                      244107        416188   1                  243779        421468   1            243395        416594   1
                                      243338        419187   1                   246224        418717   1
                                      243464        417006   1
                                      251158        409767              243457        416557   1                    243231        417281   1
                                      244106        420251   1
                                      243636        416517   1                            241925        416488   1               243265        417251   1
                                      243416        416615    1           245274       415603   1 243366                417317   1          243360        416553   1
                                      243334        416556   1 243297              417286   1               245155        415681          243327        416551
                                      246389 418600 243330               416553          246381        418592
target group
family and friends of alcoholics
People who have a desire to stop drinking alcohol
People with alzheimer's and other dementias, and their families/carers
People with Arthritis
Women living locally (Foyle Trust area) with a diagnosis of breast cancer
People affected by conflict
All groups but particularly groups in areas of economic deprivation
Individuals Seeking Healing/Victims or Survivors of the Conflict/Alcoholics seeking treatment/Individuals seeking quiet retreat or spiritual direction
All adults
Teenagers and adults
Anyone with coronary hearth disease and their family / friends
Bereaved people
People with cancer in need of hospice care
18 to 65 year old men & women with mental health difficulties
Adults with learning disabilities and/or mental health difficulties
People with a gambling problem or anyone affected by gambling
Young people, parents, drug-users, schools, youth clubs
Male and female carers of people with brain injury
Drug awareness and education of young people and their parents
Sufferers of asbestosis/related diseases and their families
Women of any age
Children, young people and adults
18+, men only
Adults with mental health difficulties and carers
People affected by Multiple Sclerosis
Vulnerable adults
Adults survivors of sexual abuse/rape
Children and young people with cancer and their families
Adults with mental health needs
People with Parkinson's Disease, their carers and families and the general public
People with Coeliac Disease
Children, young people and adults
Children and families in need, children who have been sexually abused and young court witnesses.
Young people
Domiciliary care: older people 50+, physically disabled adults; Reablement: older people 50+
Individuals with Mental Health problems
Any rural resident with the need to improve their health and life style
People with mental health difficulties, their carers and family members
People who are experiencing feelings of distress or dispair, including those which lead to suicide
All groups
gay and bisexual men
People affected by troubles
Breast, Laryngeal and Prostate Cancer sufferers
All victims of crime
Peaople bereaved/traumatised as a result of the troubles in NI
Young people who have lost parents through death or divorce (12+)
vulnerable young people and adults
area of benefit
Ireland (North) including Monaghan nad Donegal
Ireland (North & South)
Foyle HSS Trust area
Derry City Council area
Derry City Council area
Derry City Council area and Bpgside and Brandywell
Foyle HSS Trust area
North West region
Derry City Council area and Hinterland of Donegal
Derry City Council area and Donegal
North West Region
Derry City Council area, Dungiven, Limavady, Strabane, Omagh and Donegal
Creggan area
Derry City Council area
Foyle and Londonderry area
Derry City Council area
NI wide
Foyle HSS Trust area
Foyle HSS Trust area
The river Foyle, its bank and its bridges
North West
NI wide
Greater Shantallow area
Greater Shantallow area
North West
Derry City/North West region
North West including Coleraine and Donegal
Derry, Tyrone, Donegal
North West
North West and beyond
Derry City Council area
Throughout Northern Ireland; Derry City and Limavady Borough Council areas
Bogside, Brandywell, Creggan and Fountain areas
Bogside, Brandywell, Creggan and Fountain areas
West Bank of Foyle, Fountain, Diamond, riverview, East Bank
Derry, Strabane, Limavady, Dungiven & Coleraine
North West
Foyle HSS Trust area
North West including Donegal
Derry City Council area
Northern Ireland
Foyle HSS Trust area
Foyle HSS Trust area
Derry City Council area/NWHB area in Co Donegal
All areas
Foyle HSS Trust area
Derry and surrounding North West Region/Cross Border areas on request
Derry City Council area
North West including Donegal
Rural electoral wards of Derry, Strabane and Limavady Council areas
Foyle and East Tyrone
Uk and Republic of Ireland
Greater Shantallow area
Derry city from the Donegal borders to Newbuildings, Drumahoe and Maydown
Creggan reaching out into the Triax area and the Foyle Trust area
Derry City Council area
City and County Derry/Londonderry
Foyle HSS Trust area
Derry City Council & Donegal area
To help families of alcoholics
Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem
and help others to recover from alcoholism.
To support people with arthritis and raise awareness about this problem
To support people experiencing depression or manic depression and their carers
To improve and develop the health and well being of the Bogside and Brandywell Community
To provide practical and psychological support to women living with a breast cancer diagnosis
To empower and assist individuals to recognise stress and manage it
To enable people to be creative around everyday experience and pursue a good quality of life
To celebrate the power of Jesus Christ for mutual support and to minister to other people
To provide a safe and empathetic environment to start a process of recovering from political conflicts
To identify and address the health and social care needs of women of all ages in the North West
To reduce the abuse of legal and illegal drugs in the area
To advance education and raise public awareness in relation to Home Safety
To initiate, stimulate and co-ordinate activities aimed at the prevention of road traffic accidents
To give support to individuals and their families in the North West who suffer from heart related illnesses
To support people who are experiencing problems in coping with the death of a loved one
Hospice care for people with cancer
To support people with mental health difficulties
Horticulture and Horticulture Training
A charity which sole aim is the preservation of life in and around the river Foyle
To advance the sexual health and reproductive rights of all people in Northern Ireland by providing education, information, training, consultancy.
Self-help support and meetings for anyone who has a desire to stop gambling.
To help keep our community safe and to reduce the risks from drug and alcohol abuse by providing accurate information, support and advice
Health Promotion Programme aimed at preventing coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer.
To support the carers of victims of brain injury and reducing their isolation by making other people aware of their needs.
To develop strategies that will ensure that the health needs of the local community are identified and addressed in a holistic and inclusive manner
To provide weekly support meetings and helpline service for drug misusers and their families.
To provide comprehensive guidance and support to sufferers of asbestosis and related illnesses and their families
Upholding the value of Human Life
To establish art therapy for children, young people and adults in the North West of the Province
To promote the health and well-being of men in the North West and to offer advice, counselling and support
It is run by and for people experiencing mental health conditions to enable them to take control of their lives
To enable everyone affected by Multiple Sclerosis to live to their full potential and secure the care and support their need, until a cure is found
Visiting/outreach service for lonely/isolated people providing advice, support and advocacy.
Visiting/outreach service for lonely/isolated people providing advice, support and advocacy.
Visiting/outreach service for lonely/isolated people providing advice, support and advocacy.
To respond to the needs of adults who have experienced sexual abuse
To support young people and their families living with cancer in N.I.
To promote the prevention of and alleviate the suffering resulting from chest heart and stroke related illness
To increase the value given to and felt by adults with mental health needs by providing recreational and educational activities, drop-in support service, lobbying and inter-agency wo
The conquest of Parkinson's Disease and the alleviation of the distress that it causes, through effective research, education, welfare and communication
To aid the newly diagnosed to underdstand their condition and the gluten free diet and to improve the lives of long-term sufferers of the disease
To help people with an addiction and their families and close friends by providing a variety of personalised treatment responses (residential and outpatient)
To protect children from abuse and provide therapeutic support services for children and families.
Education on drugs and alcohol to youth settings and treatment for those who experience problems due their drug/alcohol use e.g. counselling, detox.
To identify and develop sustainable responses to existing and emerging social need
To promote and encourage cycling
To encourage the social participation in the local community of vulnerable individuals of all ages by providing a range of innovative quality services
To provide healing therapies and workshops to enhance the development of the individual
To be the leading voluntary provider of emergency help to people in need
Counselling for couples and individuals
A community based joined up approach to rural health and well being with regards to cancer; coronary disease and stroke in rural areas and improving health and well-being
To ensure that there are adult mental health services available, based upon the Recovery model approach to mental health, that will improve the quality of life of the clients
To provide emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide
To improve the Health of the community through the promotion of exercise without prejudice or favour
To work with poor and disadvantaged people and involvement in a diverse range of activities promoting self-sufficiency and working for social justice
To oversee the delivery of community-based social and health care programmes through the Healthy Living and Learning Centre while promoting social interaction within the Cregga
To stem the spread of HIV by addressing the physical, emotional and sexual health needs of gay and bisexual men
To facilitate creative conversation and thinking that moves beyond personal and societal conflict
Support, research, education and services for cancer patients and their families
Helping people to deal with the experience of being a victim of crime
Addressing problems deriving from troubles in NI
To enable young people of separated, divorced or widowed parents to work through their grief and adjust to a new family situation
support and counselling
bbying and inter-agency working.

ealth and well-being
 f life of the clients

nteraction within the Creggan community

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