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									Volume 5 Issue 2                                                  Winter 2007

                   Connecticut’s Public Liberal Arts University

                   Defining the Liberal Arts
          Volume 5, Issue 2 | Winter 2007

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                      2 “By the People”
                   6 Scholars in the Field
                    9 It’s a Family Affair
                 1 2 Longitude & Latitude
                     1 5 Built on Caring
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EASTERN Magazine is published by the Division of Institutional
Advancement for the benefit of alumni, students, faculty, staff, and
friends of Eastern Connecticut State University.
                                                     From the President’s Desk:
                                                 Describing the essence of the liberal arts is a frequent
                                                 topic of conversation at Eastern. The Latin term “artes
                                                 liberales” comes from the Middle Ages and refers to
                                                 education that liberates or frees the individual. A
                                                 liberally educated person has the ability to think freely
                                                 and the skills to gather and analyze sufficient data to
                                                 develop and express an informed opinion. Such is the
                                                 education we provide at Eastern, an education that we
                                                 feel best prepares our graduates for life.

                                                  Every Eastern student takes core classes from a
                                                  broad-based, interdisciplinary curriculum drawn from
                                                  a range of arts and sciences courses. Each student also
                                                  majors in one of more than 30 disciplines. Eastern
                                                  alumni find success as attorneys, doctors, educators,
                                                  business people, engineers, accountants, environmental
                                                  scientists, and in many other professions. Their ability
                                                  to solve problems and make decisions based on the
                                                  critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills
                                                  they develop at Eastern prepares them for a world of
constant social and technological change. As David Kearns, the former CEO of Xerox Corporation,
noted: “The only education that prepares us for change is a liberal education. In periods of change,
narrow specialization condemns us to inflexibility — precisely what we do not need. We need the
flexible intellectual tools to be problem-solvers; to be able to continue learning over time.”

While this University is proud of the liberal education it provides its students, Eastern’s public respon-
sibility puts us in a special position. Providing access to educational opportunity is the best tool this
country has to ensure that all Americans share in the same economic prosperity. Every day at Eastern
we see the transformative power of the liberal arts as first generation college students achieve success.

Eastern is helping to create a society of free thinkers, able to adapt to change, a society enriched by
economic and social equality. This is the potential of a liberal education. This potential, however, can
only be realized with the support of people who believe in the transformational power of the liberal
arts. The investment Eastern’s alumni and friends make each year in the future of the University helps
ensure that Eastern can continue to provide a unique, liberal arts experience for our students well into
the future. We honor our donors’ commitment and generosity in this issue of EASTERN Magazine
with a complete listing of their contributions this past year. On behalf of our students, faculty, and
staff, I thank each person who has invested in the future of Connecticut’s public liberal arts university.

Elsa Nuñez
                                                                                           EASTERN    Winter 2007   1
            “By the People”                                                                            BY ED OSBORN

           The following is the latest in an ongoing series of articles that serve to illuminate the nature of
           the liberal arts at Eastern Connecticut State University. In this article, which focuses on how the
           University prepares its students to be active citizens, Professors William Salka, Nicole Krassas,
           Dennis Canterbury, Jaime Gómez, and Catherine Carlson share their thoughts.

    With the apathy surrounding               War and the Civil War. And while it
    today’s politics, how do you get          was bloodless, the Supreme Court’s
    students actively involved in dis-        action in 2000 basically reversed the
    cussing public policy issues?             will of the people. You can have some
                                              great discussions when you can get
    Canterbury: Sometimes provoking           students to feel that the issue impacts
    students, even unintentionally, can       their own lives.
    get them to discuss an issue with
    fresh eyes. I made a remark in one        Salka: I tell my students, “You can
    class: “If the United States was a        say anything you want but use a
    Latin American country, the generals      thoughtful argument in the process.”
    would have rolled out their tanks         We had one student from Mexico
    after the 2000 presidential election.”    who was anti-globalization. Over the
    The students were up in arms: “It         course of the semester, she moderated
    could never happen here. This is the      her viewpoint. She even convinced
    United States.” They felt we could        Dr. Canterbury to speak at the rally
    never have a violent revolution in this   against the U.S. government’s immi-
    country, but I reminded them that         gration policies. That’s the kind of
    two wars have been fought on              transformation that can take place
    American soil to determine the fate       when our students get engaged in
    of this country — the Revolutionary       their learning.
                                                                                              DENNIS CANTERBURY
2      EASTERN   Winter 2007
                                                                                    of drinking water for many people of
                                                                                    the world, especially in Third World
                                                                                    Countries. In many countries,
                                                                                    women and children walk miles to a
                                                                                    common water hole to fill their jugs
                                                                                    with dirty water. We talked about the
                                                                                    likelihood of disease and the eco-
                                                                                    nomic realities of a country that does
                                                                                    not have enough clean water. The
                                                                                    students began to see the intercon-
                                                                                    nectedness of human health, politics,
                                                                                    economics, and the environment.

                                                great opportunity for the
                                                students to learn — they            How does Eastern promote
                                                researched Picasso, the Spanish     this interconnectedness?
                                                Civil War, as well as Powell’s      Carlson: The interdisciplinary
                                                speech, making connections          nature of the liberal arts gives us an
                   WILLIAM SALKA                between art and life.               opportunity to show students how
                                                                                    interconnected and complex the
                                                 Carlson: I also try to find ways   world is. Economics, politics,
Gómez: Showing students how the           to provoke students, to get them to       culture — everything we do triggers
government can manipulate the             think differently. I want them to see     a complex reaction. When our stu-
media is another way to get their         the world as being a complex place,       dents can see the implications of
attention. For instance, when Colin       not something reduced to sim-
Powell spoke at the United Nations        ple stereotypes. During the
to justify the U.S. incursion into        break in one class, I put up a
Iraq, Picasso’s painting of the Spanish   slide of two glasses of water —
Civil War, Guernica, was removed          one with clear, clean water,
from the room prior to his press con-     and one containing dirty
ference. The government didn’t want       water. When the students
a painting of the horrors of war as a     came back, they wanted to
backdrop to Powell’s comments. The        know, “What’s this all about?”
students were surprised to see how        That started a discussion on
the news setting was manipulated by       what we assume about our
the government, but it also was a         drinking water and the reality

                                                                                          CATHERINE CARLSON

                                                                                                    EASTERN   Winter 2007    3
world events at the international,
local, and even personal levels, they
begin to appreciate the need to be

Krassas: And it’s not just individual
faculty members creating an atmos-
phere of inquiry and analysis. The
University promotes an interdiscipli-
nary approach in many ways across
the campus; Science Week last
November, the liberal arts core cur-
riculum project, the connectivity in
the First-Year Program clusters —
all are ways that we can look at one
issue from several different disci-                                                          Brazilian university, and even
plines. It’s neat to see the “light bulb”                                                    took a three-week intensive
go on when a student looks at                                                                course in Portuguese before
something from a new angle.                                                                  leaving. He went with an
                                                                                             open mind and immersed
Salka: One of the most important
                                                               NICOLE KRASSAS                himself in the culture. He
things we can do as a faculty is teach                                                       ended up thinking like a
critical thinking skills so that our        class about the anti-globalization rally Brazilian. Now that’s what I call
students critically evaluate everything     she attended there.                      engaging the subject matter!
they hear. The more opposing view-
points we can expose them to and            Krassas: Some of my students had          Krassas: I know a student who will
the more information they can               volunteered to help on the “Iraq          be going with Professor Kenny to
access, the more informed their             Perspectives” symposium held on           Brazil this spring to conduct research
opinions and decisions will be.             campus in fall 2005. They were also       on its health care system. This is her
                                            members of our College Democrats          second trip to Brazil and I can see
                                            student club. Based on that experi-       the transformation taking place.
When do you know students                   ence, they organized their own trip to
are engaged?                                the big anti-war rally that took place
                                            in New York City in April 2006.           How do students and faculty
Canterbury: When students get
excited about an issue to the point of                                                from other lands contribute to
becoming actively involved, you real-                                                 the campus dialog?
ly get to see growth happening before       How do study abroad experi-               Canterbury: Recruiting and hiring
your eyes. One of my students told          ences prepare students to be              faculty from outside the United
me he wanted to go to Washington,           global citizens?                          States is an important way to help
D.C., to demonstrate against global-        Gómez: I am putting together a            students broaden their perspectives. I,
ization. He ended up going and              proposal to take some students to         for one, do not teach from an Ameri-
getting arrested, but was released          the national park in Veracruz,            centric viewpoint. I tell my students
without charges. The key point              Mexico, to produce a documentary          to imagine what the world looks like
here is that he became engaged in           film on environmental issues.             from a non-American perspective. I
our classroom discussions and got                                                     encourage them to read the foreign
involved in the topic in an active          Salka: One of my students told me         press — La Prensa, Al Jazeera, China
way. Another student went to Ireland        he wanted to live in Brazil. He ended     Daily. Reading about the same news
and came back to give a talk to our         up getting his own internship at a        events, but from different cultural

4   EASTERN    Winter 2007
             perspectives, gives them
             a new appreciation that     What citizenship
             the United States is        opportunities exist
             not the center of the       in Eastern’s com-
             universe.                   munity service
              Salka: One of my
                                         Krassas: Our
              international students
                                         Political Science club
              from Sweden brought
                                         was active in the
              in a newspaper from
                                         November 2006 elec-
              that country that was
                                         tions. They discovered that students     worked with Windham Area
              critical of our country.
                                         who were registered in their home-       Interfaith Ministry to register Latino
              Our local students were
                                         towns could re-register here in          voters. They are eligible to vote but
              incredulous — “How
                                         Willimantic and vote locally, so they    many didn’t know that. We registered
              can they make fun of
                                         helped their fellow students move        more than 100 people. The students
us? We’re the greatest country in the
                                         their polling locations and they drove   got very excited, knowing that these
world.” I told them, “That’s not
                                         students to the polls. When some of      people could influence the outcome
good enough. The paper criticized
                                         the political commentators later said    of a local election. This is a key
the United States. Give me an
                                         that (U.S. Rep.) Joe Courtney’s victo-   constituency in Willimantic, and our
informed response; intellectualize the
                                         ry was due to the votes of UConn         students had an active role in giving
discussion.” Our Connecticut-born
                                         and Eastern students, my students        them a voice.
students often argue with the inter-
                                         walked around campus telling
national students, and that’s fine.
                                         everyone, “We did it.” We always
Many of our local students come                                                   What more can we do to
                                         tell them, “Get involved. Make a
around to appreciate the perspectives                                             encourage an atmosphere of
                                         difference.” To see it pay off like
of their international classmates.                                                discussion, debate, and dialog on
                                         that truly changes their lives.
                                                                                  campus, especially as it relates to
                                         Carlson: I think one of the things       the issue of citizenship?
                                         we can contribute to the community       Gómez: We can do more to focus
                                         is our knowledge. As students gain       students’ attention on issues of public
                                         expertise, they can help educate the     policy. And we have many resources
                                         community. The global shortage of        to do that — the campus radio sta-
                                         water is real, and the climate changes   tion, the television studio, and other
                                         we are seeing will aggravate it. In my   resources. We could challenge the
                                         Water Resources class, I have encour-    student clubs to engage in debates on
                                         aged the students to educate the         various issues. And by encouraging
                                         community about issues related to        students to explore issues outside of
                                         water; for example, the realities of     their own disciplines, we can help
                                         using bottled water. Each student        them get out of their comfort zone.
                                         contributed his or her ideas to a
                                         group flyer that was distributed by      Carlson: You don’t have to go to
                                         each student on campus and around        Washington, D.C., to make a differ-
                                         the local community.                     ence. Be part of your own town
                                                                                  government, even if only as an active
                                         Salka: We always conduct voter           observer. Go to town meetings.
                                         registration on campus, but frankly,     Volunteer locally. And learn enough
                                         the students tell me that it is not      about the issues at hand to ask the
                                         terribly fulfilling. Recently we         right questions.
              JAIME GÓMEZ
                                                                                                  EASTERN    Winter 2007    5
            in the
The Fulbright Scholar Program was founded by Sen. J.William Fulbright
in 1946 and provides educational grants to enable scholars, students, and
professionals to go abroad to teach, conduct advanced research, or focus
on graduate studies. “Faculty from around the world compete for Fulbright
Scholar grants,” said Dimitrios Pachis, vice president for academic affairs. “It
is truly an honor that two of our faculty members were selected for this
award within the same year.”

Richard Jones-Bamman, associate professor of music,           music through the
recently returned from northern Sweden where he spent         Irish music scene.
the spring 2006 semester as a Fulbright Scholar in the
Department of Sami Studies at Umeå University. Jones-         Jones-Bamman has
Bamman has a long-term love affair with the Sami people,      close ties to Sweden; he
formerly known as Laplanders. He did his doctoral             has maternal relatives
research at Umeå University in the early 1990s, and also      who reside there, knows
has taught courses there as a guest professor. Sami music,    the language, and has lived there in the past. “My roots
known as “Joik,” is an unaccompanied, solo vocal genre        are in that region of the world, so any opportunity I have
that is descriptive in its function. What makes it unique     to go back there is welcome. It was my second Fulbright
is its virtual avoidance of lyrics; singers rely on melodic   experience at that particular institution, and some of the
contours, rhythmic figures, and occasional mimicry to         individuals who were students during my first visit are
create musical representations of people, animals, and the    now professors. It was a treat to catch up with them.”
surrounding environment.
                                                              “We like Richard very much at Umeå University,” said
Jones-Bamman’s research focused on renewed interest in        Krister Stoor, Jones-Bamman’s closest colleague during his
Joik by a new generation of Sami performers mainly in         visit to Sweden. “He sees the good in every individual.
their late teens through mid-20’s. “In the communities        Richard’s music skills are appreciated by his colleagues,
where I had worked years ago there were many more             music friends, artists, and choir friends in Sweden and he
young people who were now openly and actively engaging        is an excellent researcher and teacher.”
in their ethnicity, wanting to be recognized as being
different within Swedish society.                             Jones-Bamman looks forward to returning to Sweden
                                                              for a colleague’s dissertation in late May 2007. In the
“The music is being performed in a variety of venues —        meantime, he is back in the swing of things on Eastern’s
from coffeehouses to full-blown concerts, to impromptu        campus, teaching one of the new liberal arts colloquia,
get-togethers at someone’s house.”                            “Music and the Environment,” as well as three other
                                                              courses in the Department of Performing Arts.
During his stay, Jones-Bamman also studied the evolution
of the “cittern” (also known as a bouzouki or mandola).       Lisa Rowe Fraustino, associate professor of English, also
This stringed, fretted instrument, similar to a large man-    had a memorable Fulbright experience during her stay at
dolin, has 10 strings and entered traditional Swedish         Mahasarakham University in northeastern Thailand.

 6    EASTERN   Winter 2007
Fraustino, who returned to the United States on Nov. 21,
taught courses in children’s literature and American poetry
at Mahasarakham and consulted in the development of a
new graduate program. She also traveled around north-
eastern Thailand conducting workshops for K-12 teachers
on the use of children’s books to teach English.

“Lisa is a wonderful person with a great sense of humor.
She has inspired a lot of faculty members and students to
pursue an academic career relating to children’s literature,”
said Fraustino’s Thai mentor, Wajuppa Tossa. “We enjoyed
Lisa’s being with us very much. We miss her already.”

Fraustino and her husband, Jeff Meunier, embarked on
the 27-hour journey to Thailand on May 30, 2006. They
had two weeks to take a crash course in the Thai language
and culture before the semester started on June 14 at
Mahasarakham. During their stay Fraustino traveled to
Bangkok, Laos, and Taiwan, where she visited a number
of schools and student centers. The couple also spent time
with Meunier’s stepfamily, who live in the village of
Dontoi, Thailand. His stepmother is originally from the
area and although she no longer lives there, Fraustino and
Meunier fell in love with the locale during a previous
visit. As a result, she became interested in locating an
institution in northeastern Thailand that was looking for
someone to help teach in her field of expertise.

Fraustino is very pleased with the work of her Thai
students. “My students were afraid of the reading and
writing in upper level courses but I had them do a lot of
that. The students embraced what I was doing with them
and learned new things. I’m very proud of them.”

She employed a teaching method known as “Reader’s
Theater” to encourage participation in her classes at
Mahasarakham. This method allows students to take vir-
tually any piece of literature, analyze it, and adapt it into a
script. The script can then be performed with a minimum
of preparation, props, or scenery. “Thai students are more
inclined to get involved through dance, song, or skits
versus American students who raise their hands and speak
out in class, interacting with their professor.”

 (from top) Professors Fraustino and Jones-Bamman; Fraustino and her
 mentor,Wajuppa Tossa, give a bilingual English-Thai performance of
 Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are at a language camp for
 fifth-graders; Jones-Bamman teaching in the First Year Program on
 campus; After raising silkworms, women spin thread for weaving in a
 communal farming village near Mahasarakham,Thailand.
Both Fraustino and her hus-
                                                                         Reflecting on the
band agree that the favorite                                                     Fulbright Experience
part of the trip was meeting
the people of southeast Asia.                                                  Fraustino and Jones-Bamman praise their respective
“Whenever I went some-                                                        academic departments at Eastern for the encouragement
where I just wanted to be                                                     they received throughout their experiences, from the
with the people. I wanted to                                                 moment they started formulating their plans, through the
do what they did — sit on                                                    application process and the actual trips, until they returned
their floors, eat their foods.                                              to campus. “I was supported from the very first moment I
We tended not to go to                                                      told my department chair that I wanted to apply for the
tourist attractions but to                                                 opportunity,” said Fraustino. Jones-Bamman agreed: “People
visit the local temples or                                                 were very supportive. In fact, they probably made a bigger
visit the rice fields. When                                                deal out of it than I would have on my own.”
we were in a village we
would sit and talk with                                                    The two Fulbright Scholars say that coming from a smaller
women who make silk. To me, that was                                      public liberal arts institution was a special part of their expe-
the most important cultural experience — getting to                      rience. “I’m proud of this institution,” said Fraustino. “This is
know the people.”                                                        not about me as an individual but it’s a reflection of what
                                                                         Eastern is all about.” “I would say the same,” added Jones-
Fraustino plans on staying in touch with her friends at                  Bamman. “While I was in Sweden they made several attempts
Mahasarakham. “One aspect of my consultancy was                          to get those of us who were there together for workshops and
working on ideas for academic exchange between our                       lectures and it was nice to come from a small university
two different universities and more generally, to help                   because most people did not.”
Thailand with exchange from the West. That will be
an ongoing project for me.”                                              Both professors have plans for reconnecting with the people
                                                                         they visited. “My idea is to create either an intersession or
                                                                         summer session course about Isan culture, which is in the
                                                                         northeastern portion of Thailand,” said Fraustino. “They have
                                                                         a rich culture of history, music, literature, and storytelling.
                                                                         Our students could live on campus there or even in local
                                                                         homes. I view it as an interdisciplinary course — something
                                                                         that could really support the new Asian Studies minor.”

                                                                         Because Umeå University is located just 120 miles south of the
                                                                         Arctic Circle, Jones-Bamman is interested in creating a pro-
                                                                         gram focusing on the area’s environmental concerns in collabo-
                                                                         ration with a faculty member from Eastern’s Department of
                                                                         Environmental Earth Sciences. “I’d love to take 10-12 students
                                                                         to Sweden, perhaps in the summer of 2008, and have an expe-
                                                                         rience living out in the bush. They have a field station there
                                                                         that is amazing.”

                                                                         Jones-Bamman, who met Sen. Fulbright in Berlin, Germany
 (top) Fraustino explores the remains of an ancient Buddhist temple
                                                                         in 1992, said the late statesman created the Fulbright Scholar
 with Wajuppa Tossa; (middle left) Taiwanese third-graders listen to
 Fraustino’s Reader's Theater performance of Esphyr Slobodkina's Caps
                                                                         program in the aftermath of World War II in the belief that
 for Sale; (middle right) This performer is singing a “Joik” to open a   “the only way to avoid that level of conflict again was to
 Sami festival in Funäsdalen, Sweden; (lower left) The Ancient City, a   ensure that people spoke with one another.” Fraustino agrees.
 theme park near Bangkok, is shaped like Thailand and recreates the      “Fostering cultural exchange across the globe has never been
 entire country's architectural and cultural history.                    more important than it is today.”

  8     EASTERN     Winter 2007
    It’s a Family Affair                                                                     BY ANNE PAPPALARDO

Eastern Connecticut State University’s welcoming campus atmosphere and friendly faculty and staff
have attracted generations of area families over the years.When students share their positive experi-
ences with relatives, it’s not surprising to see entire families attending Eastern at the same time.

                                 THE BATHINS. The path that                leader for Karen rebels, Drucie’s
                                 Drucie, Len, and Mu Bathin of             father was always far from home,
                                 Quaker Hill followed on their way to      organizing rebel efforts in the jungles
                                 Eastern is a complicated but interest-    of southern Burma. Drucie’s mother
                                 ing one. While Drucie, along with         was forced to move her children from
                                 her son Len, 20, and daughter Mu,         place to place in order to provide
                                 18, attend classes side-by-side with      safety and food.
                                 classmates from eastern Connecticut,
                                 their past harkens to a darker time on    In her father’s absence, Drucie had to
                                 the other side of the world.              take care of the household while her
                                                                           mother sought food and safer condi-
                                 Originally from Burma, Drucie, Len,       tions. Drucie was unable to have the
                                 and Mu are political refugees. Drucie     one thing she desired most in life —
                                 is a member of the Karen, a highly        an education. With the assistance of
                                 persecuted ethnic group in her home-      a Presbyterian church in Waterford,
                                 land, now known as Myanmar. The           she escaped from her homeland in
                                 Karen people have suffered under the      October 1999 along with Len and
                                        tight reins of a military dicta-   Mu, who were 14 and 11 at the time.
                                           torship for many years and      The first thing she did when she
                                            Drucie’s parents were          arrived in Connecticut was to enroll
                                             deeply involved in the        in adult education GED classes, in
                                             struggle for freedom. As a    order to get her high school diploma.

                                                                                          EASTERN    Winter 2007   9
                                          other experiences at Eastern. Len         is still actively involved in supporting
                                          emphasizes, “We are a very                the Karen people; Drucie spent time
                                          close family.”                            interviewing him for her writing
                                                                                    project while she was there.
                                          As a history major with a minor in
                                          English, Drucie’s goal is to become a     Though she realizes how immense a
                                          high school history teacher. Through      task it is, Drucie’s long-term goal is
                                          the help of a women’s organization in     to open a college in Myanmar to help
                                          a refugee camp, she is currently trans-   educate her own people. She intends
                                          lating and documenting the stories of     to pursue a master’s degree in educa-
                                          Karen women and their terrible            tion at Eastern. “I’m going to be
                                          accounts of suffering under military      around Eastern for a long time!”
                                          oppression. She also is busy docu-
                                          menting the story of her father’s         THE ROACHES. The Roaches of
                                          cause. As she explains, “They             Griswold are another family attend-
                                          changed the flag, they changed the        ing Eastern together. They are also a
                                          capital city. Without this type of        living example of the many options
                                          book, the next generation will never      Eastern offers to earn a degree.
 After that, there was no looking         know the old history.”
 back. She received an associate’s
 degree in history from Mitchell          This past summer, Drucie and her
 College in New London, and is            family returned to her homeland. For
 now a junior at Eastern.                 Len and Mu, it meant revisiting a life
                                          that is much tougher than their cur-
 With a full-time course load spread      rent one. Drucie appears proud when
 over three days a week, Drucie also      she says that the older chil-
 works part-time while juggling           dren were changed by
 schoolwork and family responsibili-      the experience. It was
 ties that include caring for her 13-     also an eye-opening
 month-old son, Joel Bathin Sullivan.     trip for her husband,
                                          David Sullivan. At
 Both Len, a sophomore business           age 79, her father
 major, and Mu, a freshman elemen-
 tary education major, live on campus
 but return home on weekends to
 work at their part-time jobs and see
 the family. Len attended Mitchell
 College for a year before transferring
 to Eastern where Drucie was already
 attending classes. They were joined
 by Mu, a graduate of Waterford High
 School who is now a member of
 Eastern’s International Club.

 The Bathins have been known
 to dine together on campus,                  The Roaches
 sharing time to discuss profes-              Lawrence, Jennifer,
 sors, assignments, and their                 and their daughter Allison

10   EASTERN   Winter 2007
Lawrence and his wife, Jennifer,           Melle, Germany. Jennifer also
along with their daughter, Allison,        manages to travel to Eastern’s
are using different approaches to          campus two evenings a week to
achieving their academic goals.            take classes. Fully engaged in the
                                           University’s Credit for Lifelong          of having a chance to borrow the car
Because of Lawrence’s 21-year career       Learning (CLL) program, she is            while her mom attends classes.
with the U.S. Navy, the family has         developing a portfolio as part of the
lived in many locations, including         program’s requirements. She is on the     The Roaches admit the biggest
Hawaii and San Diego. Currently on         path to a BGS degree with a major         challenge is getting their younger
shore duty, Lawrence is a Master           concentration in human services           children to school functions and
Chief and Sonar Technician                 administration. Her favorite class is     work, but Lawrence says they all pull
Submarines Career Specialist at the        Law and Society, taught by Assistant      together. “Everyone pitches in. If I’m
Submarine Learning Center at the           Professor Phoebe Godfrey. “She asks       home I’ll fix dinner, if she’s home,
Naval Submarine Base in New                you to defend your opinions. She          she does it — the kids help clean.”
London. He is enrolled in the Fast         makes class interesting and everybody
Track Bachelor of General Studies          gets a chance to speak.”                  Married 19 years, the Roaches
(BGS) degree completion program                                                      concur that their biggest accomplish-
offered at Eastern’s Groton site.          Allison ’10, recently graduated from      ment has been seeing their eldest
                                           Griswold High School. While she           daughter succeed at Eastern.
Lawrence attends classes two               planned on being an English major,        Lawrence and Jennifer help each
evenings a week after work and is          she is enjoying her American              other with their homework, and
focusing on a major concentration in       Government and Politics class so          when Allison is at home, she joins
business and a minor concentration         much that she is thinking of switch-      the study group. Sunday afternoons
in psychology. Reflecting on his expe-     ing to Political Science. Despite the     are typically when family members
riences at Eastern, he says, “I appreci-   fact she was accepted at other state      sequester themselves in separate
ate the convenience of taking classes      universities, Allison fell in love with   rooms to focus on studying and
in Groton. The people at Eastern           Eastern after visiting campus. “I like    completing school assignments.
have been wonderful to work with.”         the size of Eastern — I came from a
                                           small school. My professors know          Though the Bathin and Roach
Jennifer Roach works as a full-time        who I am, and I like that.”               families take advantage of different
medical assistant, stays in touch with                                               options available at Eastern, each
Allison, who lives on campus, and          Jennifer and Allison often connect on     family member is committed to fin-
manages a household that includes          the nights Jennifer is on campus.         ishing their degree. At the same
two teenage girls, youngest daughter       They have dinner together in the          time, they provide each other with
Rachael, 16, and foreign exchange          dining hall or at the Library Café. In    the special support you can only
student Kathleen Buermeyer, 17, of         turn, Allison enjoys the convenience      find at home.

                                                                                                    EASTERN    Winter 2007   11

 Traveling the globe to experience other cultures and learn from the peoples of the world is a life-changing
 experience, one that has been a tradition at Eastern Connecticut State University for decades. Eastern faculty
 and students continued that tradition in 2006, traveling to such countries as India, China,Venezuela, England,
 Turkey, Spain, and Cuba to share perspectives and experiences with people from other lands.

 Field study transforms students’        Sociology Professor James Russell
 perspectives. One such program is       has been another pioneer in
 the annual summer study tour to         student field study programs.
 Alicante, Spain. Agustín Bernal,        He started taking trips to Cuba,
 assistant professor of Spanish, has     but after facing travel restrictions,
 been coordinating the program for       switched to accompanying
 more than 10 years. During the          students to Venezuela. The
 four-week course in summer 2006,        Venezuelan course allows students
 11 undergraduates attended Colegio      to better understand the nature of
                                         the Bolivarian Revolution, which
                                         is still influencing events taking
                                         place in Latin America today.

                                         “The students were inspired by
                                         their experiences and the people
                                         that they met,” Russell said. He
                                         believes the success of the pro-
                                         gram is due in part to the prepa-
                                         ration seminar. Prior to the trip,
                                         students learn about social, politi-
                                         cal, and economic features of the
                                         Venezuelan society. By the time
 Internacional-Alicante, where they      they arrive in Venezuela, they are
 were immersed in Spanish language       very knowledgeable of the coun-
 and literature. Students also experi-   try’s lifestyles and traditions.        (above) Professor James Russell and tour group stand
 enced the Spanish culture by living                                             in front of a monument to Simon Bolivar in Caracas.
                                                                                 (left) Augustín Bernal in Spanish class back on
 with host families during their stay.   Another longstanding summer study
                                                                                 Eastern’s campus.
 “For some students, this experience     course is coordinated by Ellen Faith
 changes their lives dramatically and    Brodie, professor and director of       London program, in coordination
 the way they make decisions about       theatre in the Performing Arts          with London Metropolitan
 their future,” Bernal said.             Department. Since 1999, the             University, has provided students
                                         International Summer School in          with the opportunity to experience

12   EASTERN   Winter 2007
                                                   famous Elizabethan               Philosophy Professor Hope Fitz
                                                   playhouse. The new Globe         traveled to eight cities, and studied
                                                   Theatre was built to             for more than two months at the
                                                   duplicate much of the feel       International Summer School for Jain
                                                   of London’s 16th century         Studies. During her experience, she
                                                   roofless, open-air               had the opportunity to acquire new
                                                   amphitheaters.                   knowledge on several aspects of the
                                                                                    Jain school of thought, which she
                                                     As the secretary of the
                                                     Drama Society at Eastern,      (left) Students pose for a picture in front of
                                                     Jenna Podeswa ’09 of           Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford-Upon Avon
                                                     Wallingford knew immedi-       in rural Warwickshire countryside. (below)
                                                                                    Hope Fitz [fourth from left] with her col-
London while exposing them to a           ately that she wanted to go to
                                                                                    leagues at the International Summer School
wide variety of British performing        London as soon as she heard about         of Jain Studies. (bottom) Christopher
arts experiences.                         the trip. “I’ve always wanted to study    Vasillopulos speaks to his political science
                                          abroad,” said Podeswa. “I will be a       class back on campus.
“Summer in London” sounds like a          more effective
romantic movie you’d watch at a           teacher if I have
local cinema, but for the 11 Eastern      visited the places
students who took part in this year’s     that I will be teach-
five-week program, it was an excep-       ing my students
tional way to earn six college credits.   about. The British
Students attended theatrical and          Museum was
dance performances, went on               incredible. I took a
museum and gallery tours, and visit-      lot of pictures and
ed historical and artistic sites in and   plan to put together
around London. Their days began           a presentation to
early in the morning and lasted late      use in my classroom
into the evening, six days a week.        when I become a
For some students, the excursion was
the first time they had journeyed         Graphic design major Chris
outside of the United States. For         Gunderson of Plainfield recounted
others, it was the first time they had    how he had rediscovered himself
traveled on an airplane. “London is       artistically with valuable hands-on
unlike most places in the States,” said   learning experiences not found in
Brodie. “It is an eclectic mix of cul-    textbooks or classroom slide presenta-
tural diversity which our students        tions. “It’s one thing to look at a
were exposed to on a daily basis. It      picture in a book,” Gunderson said,
was a unique opportunity for stu-         “but it’s totally different to be there
dents to connect with people and the      in person and see things firsthand. It
arts from throughout the world and        makes everything more relevant.”
gain a better understanding of our
global society.”                          Faculty refuel their own scholarly
                                          pursuits. Eastern professors also
While viewing a performance of            undertook scholarly adventures of
Anthony and Cleopatra at London’s         their own in 2006. Through a
famous Globe Theatre, students            scholarship awarded by the North
experienced the uniqueness of the         American Institute for Jain Studies,

                                                                                                       EASTERN     Winter 2007       13
 plans to incorporate into her next      in the Middle East and
 book and during her classroom lec-      the clash of civiliza-
 tures at Eastern.                       tions. In spring 2006,
                                         Vasillopulos was invit-
 Fitz also traveled to three cities in   ed to speak at the
 India to lecture on “Ahimsa: A Way      University of Munich.
 of Life,” which she describes as a      As an expert on Nazi
 philosophy of non-violence and          Germany, this was an
 compassion. An avid admirer of          intriguing experience
 Mahatma Gandhi, she believes            for him because
 “Ahimsa is one of the ways we can       Adolph Hitler’s rise
 secure peace in the world and bring     began in Munich.
 about individual well-being.” The
 lectures were organized and spon-       Another Eastern schol-
 sored by one of the owners of           ar invited to lecture abroad was set      Professor Ritz is presented with a gift by the
                                                                                   President of the National Academy of Chinese
 Motilal Banarsidass Publishers,         designer and theatre professor Robert
                                                                                   Theatre Arts while in Beijing this past summer.
 who published Fitz’s last book.         Ritz, who visited the National
                                         Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in
 While Fitz went to India to learn and   Beijing this past summer. (Ritz’s visit   the world and integrated diverse cul-
 to lecture, the experience was deeply   to China followed on the heels of         tural influences into her art. She has
 moving: “I began to feel like I could   performances of the Beijing Opera on      found her main sources of inspiration
 touch these people.”                    Eastern’s campus in September 2005        in Africa and Cuba. Born in Puerto
                                         by members of the National Academy        Rico, Arroyo traveled to Cuba twice
 Author of numerous scholarly            of Chinese Theatre Arts.) The main        in 2006, and was amazed at how
 articles on Turkey and the European     purpose of Ritz’s trip was to teach       much Cubans are interested in
 Union, Political Science Professor      set design for the black box stage,       exploring their cultural past and the
 Christopher Vasillopulos is fre-        a technique not common in China.          lives of their ancestors — African
 quently sought after to speak abroad.   “This type of theatre gives you the       slaves brought to the Americas dur-
 In 2006, he received invitations from   flexibility to set up the stage in any    ing the period of colonization.
 several universities in Turkey and      way you want.”                            Influenced by African traditions,
 Germany. During his trip to Turkey,                                               Arroyo incorporates many symbol-
 he lectured at Bilkent University and   Describing his trip, Ritz said he and     isms and legends, as well as the devo-
 the Middle East Technical University,   his wife were treated “like royalty.”     tional religion, “Santeria,” into her
 both in Ankara. His talks focused on    Members of the academy took them          work.
 the European Union and U.S. policy      on several trips to see other parts of
                                         China and interact with the people.       Two other world travelers during
                                                                                   2006 were Fulbright Scholars Lisa
                                         Professor of Art Imna Arroyo is not       Fraustino and Richard Jones-
                                         a neophyte when it comes to overseas      Bamman. Their stories can be
                                         adventures. She has traveled around       found on pages 6-8.

                                                                                      (far left) Professor Arroyo’s exhibit,
                                                                                      “Trail of Bones,” on display in Havana.
                                                                                      (left) “The world needs people who
                                                                                      work more and criticize less, who
                                                                                      construct more and destroy less and
                                                                                      resolve more, who expect to receive
                                                                                      less and give more, who say better
                                                                                      now than tomorrow.” (A quotation by
                                                                                      Che Guevara, found on a roadside wall
                                                                                      in Venezuela)
14   EASTERN   Winter 2007
                                                                                                          Mashantucket Pequot
                                                                                                             Tribal Nation

                                                                                                        Mashantucket Pequot Tribal

              A Partnership                                                                             Nation Chairman Michael
                                                                                                        Thomas (middle) visits with
                                                                                                        Pedro Johnson, tribal director

                               Built on Caring                                                          of public affairs (right), dur-
                                                                                                        ing the January swearing-in
                                                                                                        ceremony for the Tribe’s
                                                                                                        Elders Council.

 It’s easy to understand why              quotes historical records that note:       Several exchanges between the Tribe
 Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation        “In one hour, hundreds of Pequots,         and Eastern began in the early 1990s
 Chairman Michael Thomas and              including the women and children,          as part of former President David G.
 Pedro Johnson, tribal director of        had their throats slashed, were shot at    Carter’s interest in reaching out to
 public affairs, hold education and       point blank range, and were burned         the community, culminating in an
 Eastern Connecticut State University     and massacred while they slept.”           innovative leadership development
 in high regard. Education has been a                                                and human resource program created
 cornerstone of the Tribe’s reemer-       The remaining Pequots became the           by Eastern’s School of Continuing
 gence as an economic powerhouse          servants of other tribes, including the    Education. “War Gaming” was a
 in southeastern Connecticut, and         Mohegans, before some of their land        customized, 10-session program
 Eastern has been an active partner       was returned to them in the latter         that began in fall 2001, with topics
 in that resurgence.                      part of the 17th century. It would         ranging from understanding financial
                                          take the Tribe more than three             documents, gaming law, and opera-
 Both Thomas and Johnson are              centuries to regain its former political   tions to accounting, management,
 looking forward to continuing the        and economic power.                        organizational development, and
 Tribe’s relationship with Eastern                                                   computer skills.
 under its new president, Elsa Nuñez.     The residual effects of the devastating
 The Tribe has a long history of          massacre are still felt today. “For us     In taking advantage of Eastern’s
 strong women leaders from within         having lived through the denial of         coursework, the Tribe also discovered
 and of dealing with strong women         educational opportunities, education       the University’s personal approach to
 leaders among its neighbors, partners,   is critical,” says Thomas. “We take        students, led by Carter. “There was a
 and friends. President Nuñez fits        special joy in making sure our people      genuine caring in Dr. Carter that he
 right in with that tradition.            are exposed to knowledge in general,       conveyed to his entire staff,” remarks
                                          and higher education specifically. It      Thomas. “The many Pequots who
 The Pequot story was not always so       has turned from something that was         have graduated from Eastern remem-
 bright. On what was a dark day for       unattainable to an expectation of          ber how the faculty and staff at
 the Tribe, most of its members were      tribal members. We want our                Eastern responded personally to their
 slaughtered by Puritan settlers in       children to believe that anything          needs. They felt someone was really
 Mystic on May 26, 1637. Thomas           is possible.”                              interested in them.”

                                                                                                    EASTERN     Winter 2007     15
Eastern’s requirement that students engage in
community service was another attraction.
Eastern students contribute more than 20,000
                                                          It’s a Johnson
hours of community service each year to area
schools, agencies, and businesses. The Pequots
share this commitment to helping others; the
essence of the Native American belief system is
                                                             Family Affair                           BY DWIGHT BACHMAN
based on sharing. “We have always wanted our
people to serve the community, to be connected       For Pedro Johnson, director of public affairs for the Mashantucket
to the community that surrounds them,”               Pequot Tribal Nation, Eastern Connecticut State University is like an
explains Thomas. “Eastern and the Tribe have         old friend of the family. His grandfather, Paul E. Johnson, served on
had similar evolutions in this regard.” Thomas       the maintenance staff of Willimantic State Teachers College (WSTC)
mentions the Special Olympics World Games            from 1948 until 1966. His aunt, Cora Moore ’43, became an instruc-
and Habitat for Humanity as two of the Tribe’s       tor at WSTC. Pedro’s uncle, Bill Johnson ’53, played basketball for the
many humanitarian and philanthropic causes. In       college. An elder on the Elder’s Council, Pedro’s sister Shirley, whose
addition to its philanthropic contributions, the     married name is Laughing Woman Patrick, also attended Eastern.
Mashantuckets contribute more than $200 mil-         Niece Debra LaRosa ’97 works in the Finance Department for the
lion each year to Connecticut’s economy.             Tribal Nation. Niece Kim Hatcher-White (Peters) ’02 took classes
                                                     through Eastern’s School of Continuing Education and Pedro’s
                                                     grand-nephew, Benjamin Lopez, graduated in 2003. Lopez works as
                                                     an educational instructor for Network, Inc., which enhances the
                                                     quality of life for mentally and physically challenged individuals.

                                                     These family ties make it especially rewarding for Pedro to donate
                                                     generously to the University on behalf of the Pequots and himself. “I
                                                     give, first, to honor my grandfather and the rest of my family. My
                                                     grandfather was the patriarch of the family. He proudly served in the
                                                     maintenance department at the teacher’s college. He instilled a work
                                                     ethic in our family that we still follow. His mantra to me was to be all
                                                     you can be, regardless of what that is. If you are a broom pusher, push
                                                     it so well that no one can push it better.”

                                                     Paul Johnson also was an excellent ping-pong player. “Students would
Pedro Johnson and his wife, Linda, proudly display
the dedication plaque for the Paul E. Johnson, Sr.
                                                     bet him a can of soda they could beat him. The word is that the stu-
Community Conference Room, dedicated in 1999.        dents at one point owed him 800 cans of soda!”

The casino is the biggest employer in southeast-     Pedro’s grandfather was so highly thought of on campus that he
ern Connecticut and the largest resort casino in     was one of three people to whom the 1953 yearbook was dedicated.
the world. The resort recently announced a new       “Imagine dedicating anything to a janitor!” says Pedro with a smile.
$700 million development project, but as             In 1999, Eastern honored Paul Johnson by naming the library’s
Thomas describes it, “The casino is not our          community room in his honor.
future. It is an economic venture to help us
develop self-sufficiency and ensure the Tribe’s      Pedro’s aunt Cora was active at WSTC in the early 1940s, serving as
future. We want tribal members to become doc-        senior class president, class secretary, and library committee chair. After
tors and lawyers, bankers, accountants, teachers,    graduation, she left her mark on Windham County, teaching at F.R.
and the best technicians in the world, serving       Noble School and Kramer Middle School, volunteering on numerous
not only our people and Native Americans             boards, and serving as selectwoman for the City of Willimantic.
across this land, but also the world at large.”

 16     EASTERN     Winter 2007
While serving in the U.S. Army
after World War II, Pedro’s uncle,
Bill Johnson, was a security officer
during the Nuremburg trials. He
graduated from WSTC in 1953
and taught in the Hebron public
school system until he retired.

LaRosa, the Tribe’s financial
executive planner, is another
family member who graduated
from Eastern. She credits
Eastern’s Department of Business
Administration with helping her
achieve her career goals, including
securing a master’s degree in
management from Rensselaer             (above) left to right: Kim Hatcher-White (Peters) ’02; Laughing Bear Patrick; Debra LaRosa ’97; and Pedro Johnson.
Polytechnic Institute in 1999.

This past October, Hatcher-White ’02, was promoted to one of the Tribe’s
most visible positions as executive director of the Mashantucket Pequot
Museum and Research Center. She supports Eastern through a $1,000
scholarship for students in the School of Continuing Education. “I’d been
out of school for a while, and I had very positive experiences with the peo-
ple in the School of Continuing Education. Professors John Kilburn and
Kim Dugan were always available and patient when I had a problem.”

Having worked in the museum’s research department as the registrar/collec-
tions manager for years, Hatcher-White enjoys the new opportunity to give
back to the Tribe. “Educating people and getting an education ensures our
survival. The Pequot story is an important story that needs to be told. My                        Paul E. Johnson
job is to make sure it continues.”

Pedro Johnson keeps on giving to Eastern, recently facilitating a major gift
from the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation in support of the University’s
liberal arts initiatives. In addition, the Mashantuckets are major sponsors of
Eastern’s annual fundraising concerts, showcasing such people as Tina
Turner and Billy Joel. “Given what happened to the Pequots, education is                                                                Bill Johnson
crucial,” said Pedro. “I join other members of our Tribe in being committed
to helping young people get a well-rounded education. We know that at
Eastern, they will be well prepared for life, ready to take up the reins.”

Pedro gives much credit for the Tribe’s close relationship with the University
to Carter, who Johnson met when they both worked at the University of
Connecticut. “Dr. Carter always showed an interest in my people and what
we were trying to accomplish. And we appreciate what he stands for —                                Cora Johnson
service to others, regardless of their background. By helping Eastern stu-
dents begin and finish their degrees, we believe they also will find an
opportunity to help others.”

                                                                                                                       EASTERN      Winter 2007   17
J     ohnson Family Provides
      Safety Net
 After her husband, Arthur L. Johnson,
 passed away in 1999, Marie Love Johnson
                                                         Profile of a Freshman
                                                         BY   MEGHAN CARDEN

                                                         Aiyanna Medeiros ’10 seemed destined
                                                         to spend her college career at the
                                                                                                     One of Medeiros’ first challenges as
                                                                                                     a freshman was learning to balance
                                                                                                     academics with her new independ-
                                                                                                     ence. Without her parents close by to
                                                                                                     motivate her, she decided to stick
 wanted to create a fund in his honor to                 University of Connecticut. Both of her      with the same work ethic she used in
 provide grants to students with emergen-                older sisters attended the university,      high school. “I try to do my work
 cies.“My husband loved Eastern. I felt this
                                                         and the highly motivated student from       right away so I don’t have to worry
 was the best way I could pay tribute to
                                                         East Hampton was ready to follow in         about it.”
 him.” Through her efforts, the Dr. Arthur
 L. Johnson Unity Fund was created in                    their footsteps. As fate would have it,
                                                         family friends David and Grace              She is focusing on her studies and
 2001 to provide emergency support to
                                                         Enggas offered Aiyanna an alternative.      learning to manage her time this year
 students in good standing. Recently, Mrs.
 Johnson initiated a new book scholarship                A colleague of Medeiros’ father, David      before getting involved in campus
 that will be awarded annually to a student              suggested the family contact his wife       activities, and her decision is paying
 with unmet needs.This book scholarship                  and take a look at Eastern Connecticut      off. She believes her first semester
 will be funded from the interest earned                 State University, where Grace is coor-      grades — mostly A’s and an occasion-
 on the Dr. Arthur L. Johnson Unity Fund.                dinator of financial aid. The Medeiros      al B — are due in part to Eastern’s
                                                         family met her for a tour and fell in       friendly atmosphere. Medeiros feels
                                                         love with the warm and friendly cam-        comfortable asking her professors and
                                                         pus community.                              fellow students for help when she
                                                                                                     needs it.

                                                                                                     Academics were not the only thing
                                                                                                     concerning Medeiros. Coming from
                                                                                                     a small town means “you’re friends
                                                                                                     with the same people for 12 years.
                                                                                                     Now you really have to take the time
                                                                                                     and get to know new people.”
                                                                                                     Medeiros thinks she’s done pretty
                                                                                                     well so far. She enjoys her suitemates
                                                                                                     and everyone in Constitution Hall,
Arthur and Marie Love Johnson attend a 1997 salute                                                   and shows patience when her floor
to Hartford-based photographer Riley Johnson at                                                      gets a little noisy, especially in the
La Renaissance in East Windsor.                                                                      middle of the night.
 “My husband was the kind of person who                                                              Throughout the semester, Medeiros
 would reach into his pocket and give stu-                                                           has taken time to stop by the
 dents money when they came to him with                                                              Financial Aid Office and visit with
 an emergency.Whether it was money for                                                               Enggas, who speaks very highly of
 a meal, rent money, funds to fix someone’s
                                                                                                     her. “She is a delightful young
 car, or a few dollars to purchase books
                                                                                                     woman, certainly a credit to our
 before the semester started, he always
 dug deep to help the kids get through                                                               institution.” They discuss Medeiros’
                                                         “When researching Eastern I noticed
 their immediate difficulties.”                                                                      semester, her family and how much
                                                         that the ratio of students to professors
                                                                                                     she is enjoying Eastern.
 In addition to being a member of the fac-               was smaller than at other schools,”
 ulty of the Department of Sociology,                    Medeiros explained. Coming from a           As Medeiros continues to adjust to
 Johnson also advised Presidents Webb and                small high school, she didn’t want to       college life, she plans on getting more
 Carter during his tenure at Eastern. In                 lose the contact with faculty that she      involved on campus and is leaning
 October 2000, the University named the                  was used to. “I felt I would get lost in    toward a major in early childhood
 Unity Center in his honor.                              a bigger school.” Personal attention,       education. For now, she will continue
 Contributions to the Dr. Arthur L. Johnson Unity        smaller classes, and a welcoming            to adjust to college life and enjoy her
 Fund are encouraged and can be directed to Ken          atmosphere made Eastern the perfect         first year at Eastern.
 DeLisa, vice president for institutional advancement,
 at (860) 465-5267.
                                                         fit. After receiving several scholarships
                                                         from Eastern, Medeiros was ready to
                                                         start her college career.
    18      EASTERN      Winter 2007
                                                                         McGann, director of         Oprah Winfrey and Denise Nappier,
                                                                         institutional advance-      treasurer of the State of Connecticut.
                                                                         ment. “We are reaching
                                                                         many alumni who             Named after David T. Chase, the
                                                                         haven’t had personal con-   medallion is given periodically to out-
                                                                         tact with the University    standing leaders who have excelled in
                                                                         in a long time.             the business community and have
                                                                                                     made major contributions to society.
                                                                         “An added benefit is that   In accepting the award, Smith-Iloani
                                                                         some alumni have asked      reflected on her childhood. As she was
                                                                         to serve in a volunteer     about to leave Jamaica for the United
                                                                         capacity or scheduled a     States at age six, her father told her the
                                                                         campus visit as a result    streets in America were paved with
                                                                         of a call.”                 gold. “He meant the streets were paved
                                                                                                     with opportunity. My father taught me
Kyle Verona and Jordan Daigneault ’10 take time out from talking with
Eastern parents during the fall 2006 phonathon.
                                                                          Eastern Confers            the value of education; he taught me
                                                                                                     the importance of honesty and integri-
                                                                          Chase Medallion            ty. My mother taught me to persevere,
       Annual Fund Shows                                                                             and to honor God first. Together, my
                                                            On Nov. 6, 2006, Eastern President
       Substantial Gains                                    Elsa Nuñez presented a Chase             parents taught me the principles that
                                                            Medallion to Gwendolyn Smith-Iloani,     have stitched the fabric of who I am. I
       The number of alumni participating                                                            am honored to receive this award. I
       in Eastern’s Annual Fund grew 25 per-                owner of the largest woman- and
                                                            minority-owned equity firm in the        will cherish it forever.”
       cent in the first half of FY07 compared
       to FY06 (July 1-Dec. 31), and the                    United States.
       number of parent donors jumped
                                                                                                     Holiday Cheer Supports
       more than 400 percent — from 35 to                                                            Local Children
       155 — due in large part to an
       enhanced phonathon program institut-
       ed a year ago. Starting last winter, the
       Office of Institutional Advancement
       has employed student callers to solicit
       alumni and current parents under the
       direction of Development Officer
       Kyle Verona.

       “We recognize that our competitive
       advantage is dependent in large part on
       ratings that are based on the level of
       alumni participation in the Annual
       Fund,” said Ken DeLisa, vice president
                                                                                                     (from left) Alexandra Dominguez; Chelsea Jasek, senior
       for institutional advancement. “It is                                                         class president; and Joy Goff, director of the Office of
       clear that our enhanced phonathon ini-                                                        Alumni Affairs.
       tiative is having a positive impact and I
       hope more alumni will join in support-                                                        The Third Annual Holiday Wreath
       ing Eastern in this way.”                                                                     Sale, sponsored by the Office of
                                                                                                     Alumni Affairs, was another wonderful
       In order to engage more alumni and                                                            opportunity for Eastern to contribute
       reach the majority of current Eastern                                                         to the local community. The staff and
       parents, the phonathon program                                                                student volunteers made and sold more
       increased the number of calling nights               Smith-Iloani also was named by Black     than 75 wreaths in November 2006
       by 25 percent in 2006-07. “We are                    Enterprise magazine in 2006 as one of    to benefit two local charities that sup-
       pleased with the responses that our stu-             the “50 Most Powerful Black Women        port children.
       dent callers are experiencing,” said Joe             in Business,” joining such women as

                                                                                                                          EASTERN      Winter 2007    19
                               Welcome New Members of
                             the ECSU Foundation Board!
                                               Brian Hull, Executive                    Justin Murphy ’98
                                               Vice President and                       Attorney
                                               Chief Financial Officer,
                                                                                        A graduate of the UConn Law
                                               SI Financial Group
                                                                                        School, Justin Murphy passed the
                                               Brian J. Hull is executive vice presi-   bar exam in 2005 and is an associ-
                                               dent, treasurer and chief financial      ate with the law firm of Kahan,
                                               officer of SI Financial Group, Inc.,     Kerensky, & Capossella, LLP in
                                               Savings Institute Bank and Trust         Vernon; the firm specializes in
                                               Company, and SI Bancorp, MHC.            estate planning. “I’m excited to be
                                               He has more than 20 years experi-        elected to the ECSU Foundation’s
                                               ence in the financial services indus-    Board of Directors. As an attorney I
                                               try after beginning his career with      often advise members of boards for
                                               Price Waterhouse as an auditor. He       various businesses and charities.
                                               holds a bachelor’s degree in
                                               accounting and economics from
                                               Edinboro University. Hull lives with
                                               his wife and three children in
     Claire I. Dwyer; Vice
                                               Berlin. “Eastern is such an integral
     President, Northeast                      part of Connecticut’s economic
     Region, Sallie Mae, Inc.                  future. I am pleased to have been
                                               elected as a board member of the
     Claire Dwyer has 20 years of experi-
     ence in the financial aid industry,
     joining Sallie Mae in 1999. She has
     worked as a financial aid director at
     Teikyo Post University in
     Waterbury and Albertus Magnus
     College in New Haven. A graduate
     of Teikyo Post University, Dwyer
     resides in Southbury with her hus-
     band, Dennis, and sons Sean, a
     third-year marketing major at the
     University of Connecticut, and
     Peter, a fifth-grade student at Long                                               This will be a great opportunity to
     Meadow Elementary School.                                                          sit on the other side of the table and
                                                                                        gain a new perspective. I’m also
     Says Dwyer, “I was honored to be                                                   thankful for the opportunity to
     asked to serve on the ECSU                                                         work with fellow alumni who have
     Foundation Board and look forward                                                  taken advantage of the education
     to learning about how I can be of                                                  they received at Eastern and are
     assistance to Eastern. I see this as an                                            now giving back and playing a role
     opportunity to educate families and       ECSU Foundation to help raise the        in the University’s continued
     corporations on how important             awareness of the importance of the       improvement.”
     ‘giving back’ is to education.”           University and to assist in raising
                                               funds to support its programs.”

20      EASTERN    Winter 2007

Cathy Horan Poulin ’89                                                          Michael Scanlon ’75
Public relations                                                                Director of Global
DIrector, Bob’s                                                                 sizing and strength
discount Furniture                                                              resins, kemira chemicals
You might recognize Cathy Poulin                                                Michael Scanlon is the director of
as the lady in the television com-                                              Global Sizing and Strength Resins
mercials for Bob’s Discount                                                     for Kemira Chemicals. His two sons
Furniture. She also is the public                                               are currently enrolled at Eastern:
relations director for the company,                                             Kevin ’08 is a social work major,
                                                                                while Michael III ’07 is majoring in
                                                                                history and political science and

                                        Christian Renstrom ’93
                                        director, development
                                        and Marketing, the
                                        WORX Group
                                        Christian Renstrom and his wife,
                                        Veronica, live in West Hartford
                                        with their two children. Renstrom
                                        is the director of development and
                                        marketing at The Worx Group, a
                                        strategic marketing communica-
                                        tions firm in Prospect.
and oversees the Bob’s Discount
Charitable Foundation, which dis-       He also has served on the Special
tributes more than $1 million           Olympics board of directors for         studying at Georgetown University
annually to area charities. Poulin      the past five years. During his time    this semester.
was profiled in the fall 2006 edition   at the University, he and a friend
                                        hosted Sportline, a popular             Scanlon credits Eastern’s strong sci-
of EASTERN Magazine. “I am
                                        Monday-night sports talk show on        ence and mathematics programs
ecstatic about being asked to be on
                                        the campus radio station. “One of       with providing him the skill sets
the board and also very honored. I
                                        my favorite stories about Eastern is    required to be successful in the
feel Eastern is still a home to me
                                        the time when I had a major video       global chemical industry. “I feel it is
and I hope that I can help the
                                        project to do. On Christmas Eve,        important for alumni not only to
board to continue to make Eastern
                                        my professor and I were still sitting   be active financial supporters of the
shine as it did for me as a topnotch
                                        side-by-side in the editing suite,      University, but also to donate their
school to attend.”
                                        working to finish the project.          time and participate in the fund-
                                        That’s the way Eastern professors       raising process. I have always tried
                                        are — they are there for you and        to contribute to the University and
                                        with you.”                              was honored that Ken DeLisa
                                                                                offered me a chance to get involved
                                                                                with the ECSU Foundation.”

                                                                                               EASTERN     Winter 2007    21
                                                   Campus News
 Sixth Season of Arts & Lecture              On Nov. 16, Bill Nye encouraged a
                                             packed audience to “CHANGE THE
                                                                                         that gasoline was now the largest single
                                                                                         form of energy consumption in the
 Series a Stunning Success                   WORLD!” He is best known for his            United States. “Bottom line — we
                                             work on the popular television series,      need to do more with less.”
 This past fall, capacity crowds in the
                                             Bill Nye the Science Guy, which aired
 Francis E. Geissler Gymnasium were                                                      The Arts and Lecture Series continues
                                             on PBS from 1992-1998 and still is in
 entertained and inspired by distin-                                                     on March 8 with a concert by the
                                             syndication. His speech was a mixture
 guished actor James Earl Jones and                                                      Borromeo String Quartet, followed by
                                             of futuristic prediction, sober analysis
 scientist and comedian Bill Nye.                                                        a lecture by former astronaut Mae
                                             of current environmental data, and the
                                             exuberance of hope and love of science      Jemison on April 12. For more infor-
                                             that Nye is known for among an entire       mation, see
                                             generation of kids.                         /arts_lecture/.

                                             In between showing remarkable photo-        Eastern Receives Quality Awards
                                             graphs from Mars of the Spirit and
                                             Opportunity land rovers, Nye spent
                                             much of his time offering charts and
                                             data to make the point, “We have to
                                             change how we live. It would take at
                                             least two more Earths to accommodate
                                             our life style for everyone on the plan-
                                             et.” He said that China, the world’s
                                             most populated country, is focused on
                                             attaining the lifestyle enjoyed by
                                             Americans, with the result that the         From left: President Elsa Nuñez; Darren Nosal, accounting
                                             Earth’s natural resources will be deplet-   associate; Debbie Hunt, information systems application
                                                                                         manager; Associate Vice President for Finance and
                                             ed even more rapidly.                       Adminstration John Sweeney; and Executive Vice President
 Jones entertained a rapt audience
                                                                                         Michael Pernal.
 on Oct. 24 with excerpts from three
 Shakespearean plays. The veteran actor,                                                 This past fall, the University’s sustain-
 whose stage, television, and film career                                                able energy initiative, “The Greening
 has spanned six decades, focused on                                                     of Eastern,” received a Gold Award
 the characters of the Prince of                                                         from the Connecticut Quality
 Morocco, Othello, and Titus found in                                                    Improvement Award (CQIA) program.
 The Merchant of Venice, Othello, and                                                    The initiative comprises the
 Titus Andromidus. “Shakespeare wove                                                     Sustainable Energy Studies minor; the
 a broad range of human nature into                                                      work of the Institute for Sustainable
 these three black characters,” remarked                                                 Energy; and the on-campus energy
 Jones, as he used his remarkable voice                                                  conservation efforts of the University,
 to bring energy and emotion to the
 dialog found in the Shakespearean clas-
 sics. Jones also provided glimpses of his
 own life: “From age 4 to 14, I was
 essentially a mute,” he explained, in
 describing a severe stuttering problem
 that he only conquered after discover-
 ing the beauty of the English language.
 His family ran a farm in Michigan,
 and he described a moment when his
 uncle stood in the fields reciting Marc     “If all of us could reduce our gasoline     From left: President Elsa Nuñez; Bill Leahy, director of
 Antony’s lines from Julius Caesar in        consumption five-fold, perhaps we           operations, Institute for Sustainable Energy; Nancy Tinker,
 “pure English. On that day, Uncle Bob       would be making different decisions         director of facilities management and planning; Professor
 set me loose on Shakespeare.”                                                           Fred Loxsom; and Executive Vice President Michael Pernal.
                                             about places like Iraq.” Nye also said

22   EASTERN    Winter 2007
                                                                       Campus News
        which include constructing “green                       music that parents also enjoy,” said                Up and Out of Poverty
        buildings,” an active recycling pro-                    Mariasi. “I have three sons ages 10, 8,
        gram, and other conservation efforts.                   and 6. It’s a joy writing and playing               On Dec. 7, 2006, Professor Jaime
                                                                songs for them. I even had them sing                Gómez, chair of the Department of
                                                                background vocals on our new CD.”                   Communication, premiered his film,
                                                                                                                    “Up and Out of Poverty: An Activist’s
                                                                Dave and his bandmates have per-                    Perspective.” Social activist Ron
                                                                formed at the Big E in Massachusetts;               Casanova, the subject of the documen-
                                                                the National Mall in Washington,                    tary, joined Gómez for comments fol-
                                                                D.C.; Battery Park in New York City;                lowing the viewing.
                                                                the Houston Astrodome; and Walt
                                                                Disney World in Orlando, FL. The                    The film combines on-screen narra-
                                                                move to national venues occurred after              tion, historical footage, and location
From left: Dean Carmen Cid, School of Arts and Sciences;        Ouellette’s son was diagnosed with                  interviews to effectively tell Casanova’s
President Elsa Nuñez; Professor of Sociology Maggie Martin;     autism three years ago.                             story while also making an impas-
Dean Patricia Kleine, School of Education and Professional
Studies;Vice President for Academic Affairs Dimitrios Pachis;                                                       sioned plea for people to become more
and Executive Vice President Michael Pernal.
                                                                “We wanted to do anything we could                  involved in the fight against poverty
                                                                within our power to help raise money
        CQIA Silver Awards were presented                       for research and decided to go on tour
        to Eastern’s Liberal Arts Program                       for the Cure Autism Now Foundation,”
        Committee for the liberal arts core                     Mariasi explained. “The foundation
        curriculum project, which involved                      couldn’t afford to pay us, so Rick raised
        80 percent of the faculty; and to the                   money at his farm store in Enfield.”
        Office of Fiscal Affairs for its tax inter-             Additional earnings from the band’s
        cept program, which generated more                      performances at the Big E allowed the
        than $80,000 in revenue in 2006.                        group to book the national tour.

                                                                To raise money for autism research this
        A Drummer with                                          year, Mariasi and the band plan on
        a Special Beat                                          working with Autism Speaks 2007,
                                                                another national organization, and
        Dave Mariasi spends his days oversee-                   playing at fundraisers for the Shriner’s
        ing the daily operation of the Office of                Hospital. “This is only the beginning.
        Financial Aid, supervising student                      We also have a cable access television
        workers, making sure incoming phone                     show which airs weekly in 19
        calls and e-mails are answered, and oth-                Connecticut towns as well as in
        erwise keeping the office running                       Manhattan. We’re working with Radio
        smoothly. In his spare time, Mariasi’s                  Disney and believe we’re ready to take
        daily rhythm changes — he is the                        the band to the next level.”
        drummer in the Farmer
        Rick Band, which per-
        forms mainly at elemen-
                                                                                                                    Ron Casanova and Jaime Gómez in New York City.
        tary and middle schools
        throughout Connecticut.
        Other band members                                                                                          and the related issues of hunger and
        include lead singer and                                                                                     homelessness. Gómez shot the docu-
        guitarist “Farmer Rick”                                                                                     mentary in New York, Pennsylvania,
        Ouellette, guitarist                                                                                        and Connecticut. He firmly believes in
        Peter Rizzo, and bassist                                                                                    using media as a vehicle to help
        Mike Rice.                                                                                                  improve human conditions and has
                                                                                                                    dedicated most of his life to this goal.
        “We play once a month,
        writing and singing chil-                                                                                   Following a life of street living, alco-
        dren’s lyrics to pop/rock                                                                                   holism, incarceration, and drug abuse,
                                            Dave Mariasi shown playing with the Farmer Rick Band on the
                                            National Mall in Washington D.C., to raise money for autism research.
                                                                                                                                      EASTERN     Winter 2007   23
                                                            Campus News
T     he Campus is Shaping Up!                          Casanova has spent the better part of
                                                        the past 15 years traveling the coun-
                                                        try to advocate for the homeless. In
                                                        the film, he makes the point that the
                                                        issue of homelessness is rooted in the
                                                                                                  University of Colorado and the
                                                                                                  University of Connecticut. For now,
                                                                                                  he dedicates a portion of the week
                                                                                                  volunteering for the department of
                                                                                                  microbiology at Windham Memorial
                                                        causes of poverty — lack of education     Hospital. His supervisor Peter
                                                        and gainful employment.                   Yednorowicz said Rigatti has done “a
                                                                                                  wonderful job.” He is impressed with
                                                        “Building someone a home is nice,”        Rigatti’s knowledge and is confident
                                                        he said, “but if they don’t have the      that the Eastern student will one day
                                                        skills or education to maintain that      be a successful professional because of
                                                        home and their lifestyle, we haven’t      his dedication and careful attention to
Construction workers lay down metal roofing more than   done them much good.”                     his work.
six stories into the air.

  Construction continues on the Science
                                                        From the Classroom                        As a lab technician, Rigatti works
                                                                                                  with everything from throat cultures
  Building, scheduled for fall 2008 comple-             to the Lab                                to wound samples and spinal fluid.
  tion, with external work in advanced                                                            He cultures bacterial specimens from
  stages.The Student Center renovation                  Biology major Marc Rigatti dreams of
                                                        becoming a medical research scientist.    patients who may have infections,
  and expansion project is also on track,
                                                        He currently holds a 3.76 GPA and         isolates the bacterium, and helps
  with plans calling for a fall 2007 opening.
                                                        has a full honors scholarship. In addi-   determine their identity and resist-
                                                        tion to being a full-time student, he     ance to antibiotics.
                                                        keeps himself active in both campus       Rigatti attributes a big part of his suc-
                                                        and community activities.                 cess to the education he has received
                                                        Rigatti works as a senior pharmacy        at Eastern. One of the things he likes
                                                        technician at Walgreen’s in Norwich       most about Eastern is that professors
                                                        and is also a member of MENSA.            know him at a personal level and are
                                                        He has helped revive the Biology          always helpful. “I can take independ-
                                                        Club at Eastern as its president, and     ent studies and my professors are
                                                        hopes the group can “help provide a       there to help me and give me ideas,”
                                                        sense of community within the             he said.
                                                        Biology Department.”

                                                        The 21-year-old senior is applying to
                                                        medical schools at Dartmouth
                                                        College, Brown University, the

Shown here is the front of the new Student Center.

                                                        Marc Rigatti ’07
     24      EASTERN      Winter 2007
                                                   Campus News
                                                                                            Eastern Honors
                                                                                            New Chancellor
                                                                                            Charles R. Webb, Eastern’s fourth pres-
                                                                                            ident (1970-1988), joined President
                                                                                            Elsa Nuñez and other Eastern repre-
                                                                                            sentatives in celebrating Chancellor
                                                                                            David G. Carter’s inauguration on
                                                                                            Oct. 20, 2006. Carter, who served as
                                                                                            Eastern’s president from 1988–2006,
                                                                                            was installed as the Connecticut State
                                                                                            University System’s fourth chief execu-
                                                                                            tive officer at Central Connecticut
                                                                                            State University’s Welte Auditorium.
                                                                                            The audience of more than 1,200
                                                                                            included a procession of 300 digni-
                                                                                            taries and CSU university faculty, staff,
                                                                                            and students dressed in formal aca-
Actors Shine on 121st Street                the Eastern adaptation was masterfully
                                            directed by David Pellegrini,
                                                                                            demic regalia.

Our Lady of 121st Street, the               associate professor of theatre.
Department of Performing Arts’ fall
production, combined light comedy           The show was one of six
and dark dramatic themes to the audi-       plays selected to compete at
ence’s delight during its Nov. 7–12 run     the Region I (New England)
in the Harry Hope Theatre.                  Kennedy Center American
                                            College Theatre Festival on
“For the most part we had a full the-       Jan. 30-Feb. 4, in Fitchburg,
atre,” said Joshua Davis, a communica-      MA, with the possibility of
tion major who played the role of Gail.     going to the national compe-
“The plot is all about character interac-   tition in Washington in
tion,” he added, attributing the play’s     April. “This is quite a dis-
success to the chemistry of the cast.       tinction for Eastern, the     President Emeritus Charles Webb; Chancellor David G. Carter; and
                                            Theatre Program, and the      President Elsa Nuñez visit at the Chancellor’s inauguration.
Computer science major Saul                 students and faculty
Rodriguez played Erwin. The native of       involved,” said Pellegrini.
Honduras is proud to
have participated in a                                                                               You Can’t Get Lost!
play that featured actors
with diverse back-                                                                                   Eastern now has a beautiful
grounds. “As a student I                                                                             labyrinth near the Arboretum
was able to participate                                                                              entrance, thanks to the inspi-
and show what Eastern                                                                                ration of Carol Williams, asso-
is all about.”                                                                                       ciate dean for the School of
                                                                                                     Continuing Education. Unlike
The script first came to                                                                             a maze, a labyrinth has no
life in September 2002                                                                               dead-ends. As one student
in New York under the                                                                                noted, you can “enter the
direction of Academy                                                                                 labyrinth with stress and leave
Award-winning actor                                                                                  with solace.” The stone bench-
Phillip Seymour                                                                                      es for the site are recycled
Hoffman. Written by                                                                                  granite taken from another on-
Stephen Adly Guirgis,                                                                                campus construction site.

                                                                                                              EASTERN     Winter 2007   25
Field Hockey Clinic
Seventy middle school and high school
girls participated in the Eastern Field
Hockey Clinic at Geissler Gymnasium,
                                               Champions Again!
                                               Eastern’s top-seeded women’s volley-
                                               ball team repeated as Little East
                                               Conference champions for the second
                                                                                                 Eastern entered the year as the pre-sea-
                                                                                                 son favorite to repeat their title, which
                                                                                                 Ward said was a burden to the team
                                                                                                 throughout the season. “It’s difficult to
                                                                                                 come back and win the title two years
staged in four, three-hour sessions, during
the weekend of Dec. 2-3, 2006.The clinic       straight season, sweeping Rhode                   in a row,” said Ward, who has com-
was coordinated by Eastern field hockey        Island College in the tournament                  piled a 93-57 record at Eastern.
coach Christine Jeffrey, with Eastern play-    final on Nov. 4 in the Francis E.                 “The pressure was on us all season.
ers serving as clinicians.                     Geissler Gymnasium. The victory                   Everyone in the conference stepped up
                                               qualified the team for its 15th NCAA              to play their best against us.”
                                               Division III tournament — the most
                                               of any program in New England.                    For the second straight year, Eastern
                                                                                                 senior defensive specialist Marianna

                                               The title was Eastern’s sixth in the              Capomolla of Stamford was voted
                                               12-year history of the championship,              the tournament’s Most Valuable
                                               which began in 1995.                              Player. Other top players for Eastern
                                                                                                 included junior middle blocker
                                               The Warriors concluded their fourth               Emma Sousa of Coventry, senior
                                               season under Head Coach Jolie Ward                outside hitter Jessica Keogh of
                                               with a 30-10 record — their 12th                  Monroe, and junior setter Priscilla
                                               season in program history with                    Dougherty of Island Park, NY.
Fall All-Conference
                                               30 wins and their first since 1998.
Teams Announced
Eastern honored this past fall’s Little East
Conference award-winners at halftime of        Keeping it Friendly
a Dec. 7 men’s basketball game. Fifteen
student-athletes in the sports of men’s
and women’s soccer and women’s volley-
ball were named to all-conference teams:
Jay Barney, Pat Kozloski, Elvis Perndoj,
and Maxim Fantl (men’s soccer); Nicole
Gaudette, Melissa Lambert, Michelle
Read, Carrie Fleischer, Megan Gloster, and
Taylor MacDonald (women’s soccer); and
Marianna Capomolla, Priscilla Dougherty,
Jessica Keogh, Emma Sousa, and Lesley
Mumford (volleyball).
                                               Thirteen alumni returned for the annual Eastern women’s soccer alumni game this past fall between
                                               alumni and current team members.
  26     EASTERN    Winter 2007
The Marshall Plan                           their indoor track season in early
                                            December at Wesleyan University.
                                                                                        ship role. “I’m usually not the leader
                                                                                        type,” she said, “but I just try to moti-
                                                                                        vate the other girls.”
Four years ago, Jessie Marshall of          The fact Marshall never missed a single
Yantic began what would become a            cross country race in her career is spe-    She also finds that being an athlete
fruitful cross country career at Eastern    cial to Head Coach Frank Poulin. “She       throughout the year makes academics
Connecticut State University. As her        is committed and dedicated,” noted          easier. “It gives me more of a set sched-
senior year winds down, Marshall            the sixth-year head coach. Marshall is      ule. It makes it easier to get things
leaves behind a legacy that has seen her    Poulin’s first female four-year cross       done and it gets me more involved in
                       become a             country letterwinner.                       campus activities.”
                       runner and                                                          New Coach. New Team.
                                                                                           Greg Sullivan ’06 has been selected
                       For some-                                                           as the first head baseball coach at
                       one who                                                             Newbury College, a private, bac-
                       did not plan                                                        calaureate college located in
                       on a college                                                        Brookline, MA, just minutes from
                       running                                                             Sullivan’s hometown of Needham.
                       career,                                                             He is believed to be the NCAA’s
Marshall has been the model of                                                             youngest current head baseball
consistency. This past fall, she                                                           coach. Sullivan played first base, left
entered her fourth season in                                                               field, and right field during his
Eastern’s running program, hav-                                                            playing career, and went to the
ing been involved in cross coun-                                                           Division III national tournament
try, indoor track, and outdoor                                                             three times.
track in what is a virtually unend-
ing season begining in August                                                              After completing his
and ending in May.                                                                         first season at
                                                                                           Newbury, Sullivan
In addition to carrying a full load                                                        will serve as assistant
as a Visual Arts major with a GPA                                                          coach for the
of 3.11, Marshall also works in                                                            Manchester (CT)
the Office of the President.                                                               Silkworms of the
                                                                                           New England
Marshall started and finished each                                                         Collegiate Baseball
of the cross country team’s 27                                                             League this summer.
races over her four-year career.                                                           The Silkworms will be managed
She celebrated her 25th consecu-                                                           for the first season by Eastern base-
tive race and last home meet with                                                          ball alumnus Trevor Brown ’97,
her first career victory against                                                           the full-time pitching coach at
Rhode Island College on Oct. 14.                                                           Pace University.
“It was pretty exciting. I wasn’t           Her results have improved during her
really expecting to win,” admitted                                                      Sullivan is the third Eastern alumnus
                                            four-year career. “I’m glad I stayed with
Marshall, who is small in stature                                                       serving as a head collegiate baseball
                                            it. I’m improving and I wish I had
(5’1”), but big in heart.                                                               coach, joining Brian Leighton ’03, now
                                            more time because I feel like I could
                                                                                        in his third season at Albertus Magnus
Marshall established the pace through-      get even better.”
                                                                                        College, and Steve Trimper ’92, who is
out the season, finishing first among all   Marshall’s role was not limited to being    in his second season at the University
Eastern runners in all seven meets. Just    the top runner on Eastern’s cross coun-     of Maine after seven years as head
three weeks after the conclusion of her     try team. As the most experienced           coach at Manhattan College.
cross country career, Marshall was back     member of the program, it was also
on the track, taking sixth place in the     incumbent upon her to take a leader-
mile run when the Warriors opened

                                                                                                         EASTERN    Winter 2007   27
L  egendary Coach Gains
Softball Hall of Fame
Eastern softball coach Clyde Washburne
brought glory and prestige to campus
                                              The 13th E-Club Hall
                                              of Fame Banquet
                                              Seven members of the Eastern athletic
                                                                                                  Fame Banquet held on Nov. 5, 2006
                                                                                                  in the Francis E. Geissler Gymnasium.
                                                                                                  Five Pioneers were also recognized at
                                                                                                  the event. In addition, the 1981
                                                                                                  AIAW Division III national champi-
                                              community were inducted into the E-
during his team’s championship run in the                                                         onship softball team was honored in
                                              Club Hall of Fame at the Hall of
1980s. On Dec. 8, 2006, he became only                                                            recognition of its 25th Anniversary.
the fourth coach from Division III to earn
induction into the National Fastpitch
Coaches Association (NFCA) Hall of
Fame at the NFCA’s 16th Annual Hall of
Fame Banquet in Tucson,AZ.

                    Joining Washburne in
                    the Class of 2006
                    were retiring UCLA
                    head coach Sue
                    Enquist and
                    University of Michigan    Pioneers (from left) Annie Noheimer Robinson, Ignatius Lombardo, Donald Beerworth, and
                    head coach Carol          Dr. Bertram Nussbaum. Also honored as a Pioneer was the late Tommy Johnson.
                    Hutchins, both
                    Division I coaches.
                    Washburne is one of
                    only five male coach-
es in the NFCA Hall of Fame. He was
presented for induction by Central
College (Iowa) coach George Wares, a
colleague and close friend for more than
20 years.

For his trailblazing achievements during
the early years of Title IX in the 1970s,
Washburne was inducted into the NFCA
Hall of Fame as a “Pioneer.”

Washburne, a Willimantic native who           Hall of Fame Inductees (from left) John P. McNally ’87; Stephen E. Krajewski ’77; Judy Pemberton Bell
coached the program through its first 11      ’86; Christine Brennan ’85; Kimberly A. Durocher Wise ’88; John N. Risley. Missing: Greg Andrulis ’80
seasons on the intercollegiate level, won
four national championships in six years.     National Girls and Women in Sports Day
Under Washburne, who retired from the         In celebrating the Title IX legislation passed in
Eastern coaching staff after 21 years in
                                              1972, Eastern joined the nation in celebrating the
1987, the Warriors won the last AIAW
Division III national title in 1981 and the
                                              21st Annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day
first NCAA Division III crown in 1982.        on Feb. 7 with a variety of activities in the Sports
Washburne led the program to additional       Center. The theme of this year’s nationwide celebra-
national championships in 1985 and 1986.      tion was “Throw like a girl – Lead like a champion.”
He led Eastern to seven straight national
tournament berths between 1981 and            Eastern’s events were co-sponsored by the Eastern
1987 and a 12-year record of 284-110-1.       Women’s Center and the Student Athletic Advisory
                                              Committee and included a swimming meet between
Sue Murphy, a member of the 1980 team         Eastern and Western New England College; various
and a player on the 1981 and 1982             sports clinics for girls; and meet and greet sessions
national title teams, praises Washburne       with members of the ProFastpitch X-treme Tour and
for the positive influence that he had on     the Connecticut Cyclones of the Women’s
her.“Twenty-three years after I graduated,
                                              Professional Football League.
he’s still with me every day,” says Murphy.

  28     EASTERN    Winter 2007
                                                                     Alumni News
                                                                                major, Boyden credits
                                                                                Eastern for helping
                                                                                her develop study
                                                                                skills and the ability
                                                                                                         lass of 1960 Visits Campus
                                                                                                         Seven members of the class of 1960 visit-
                                                                                                         ed campus on Oct. 11, 2006, reuniting for
                                                                                                         the first time in 46 years and enjoying a
                                                                                to prioritize. “I did    tour of the many new campus facilities.
                                                                                research with Dr.        They recalled with pride the days when
                                                                                (Michael) Adams and      Eastern was Willimantic State College and
                                                                                that gave me a lot of    the campus was much smaller in size.
                                                                                options, not to men-     They also had an opportunity to visit with
                                                                                tion confidence.”        Eastern’s new president, Elsa Nuñez. [from
    Vice President for Academic Affairs Dimitrios Pachis introduces the panel                            left: President Elsa Nuñez; Nancy (Blair)
    of four health care experts.                                           It took Harnett a             Johndrow; Nancy (Detweiler) Shores-
                                                                           decade before he real-        Vandergrift; Pat (Carone) Rust; Kay
      Health Care Professionals                            ized the value of                             Hickson; Barbara (Yauch) Zulick; Kathy
                                                           his business                                  (Bagley) McKnight; and Mary Lou
      Return to Campus                                     administration                                (Corbett) DeVivo].
                                                           degree from
      “The liberal arts
      give you the
                                                           “Eastern provid-
      ability to adjust
                                                           ed me with cre-
      to the vicissi-
                                                           ative thinking
      tudes of life,”
                                                           skills, dynamic
      said Art Glaude
      ’66, one of four
                                                           and people
      speakers to
                                                           skills,” said       Brett Harnett
      address students
                                                           Harnett, a pro-
      and faculty at
                                                           fessor and IT division chief at the
      the Health Care Art Glaude
                                                           University of Cincinnati. “Never stop
                                                           learning. You have to stay competitive        HPE Alumni and Students
      held on Dec. 5, 2006. “To make the
                                                                                  in a technology-
      changes that life brings, take the                                                                 Visit in Cromwell
                                                                                  based industry
      courses you like because those are the
                                                                                  like health care.”     Nearly 60 students and graduates of
      ones that will position you to have
                                                                                                         Eastern’s Health and Physical Education
      the job that you enjoy.”                                                    Kupec said             (HPE) program gathered at the annual
                                                                                  Eastern “played        conference of the Connecticut
      Glaude, the principal of North
                                                                                  a very valuable        Association of Health, Physical Education,
      Atlantic Capital Corporation (NY),
                                                                                  role in my life”       Recreation and Dance at the Crown
      joined Jess Kupec ’78, Tracey Boyden
                                                                                  and emphasized         Plaza Hartford on Nov. 17, 2006.
      ’89, and Brett Harnett ’84, as the
                                                                                  that you have to       Between professional conferences, alumni
                     four alumni spoke                                                                   had the opportunity to mingle at an infor-
                                                                                  set goals because
                     about the challenges                                                                mal alumni reception. It was a chance to
                                                           Jess Kupec             success isn’t an
                     and opportunities                                                                   reconnect with friends, make new con-
                                                                                  accident. “Find
                     that exist in health                                                                tacts in their field, and take a break from
                                                            something you like to do and work
                     care services.                                                                      the activities of the day.
                                                            hard at it,” said Kupec, president and
                       Boyden, who has been                 CEO of the
                       with Pfizer for 15                   St. Francis
                       years and is currently a             (Hartford)
                       senior research scien-               Physician
                       tist, found it amusing               Hospital
Tracey Boyden          that when she joined                 Organization
                       the company, employ-                 since 1995.
        ees had to have doctorates in order to
        have arms on their chairs. A biology
                                                                Alumni News
                                                                                                              would come to be known as Morgan’s
                                                                                                              Original Scented Soap.

                                                                                                              As word spread about Adair’s saddle
                                                                                                              soap, she and her husband, Tom
                                                                                                              Kasprzak ’01, decided it was time to
                                                                                                              share the product with the rest of the
                                                                                                              equestrian world. MOSS Professional
                                                                                                              Equine Products was born in 2004 and
                                                                                                              the product line quickly grew to
                                                                                                              include a variety of saddle soaps,
                                                                                                              grooming wipes, and body spray.

 Front row (left to right):Anthony Cristi ’97;Timm Kainen ’67; Laila Siddiqui ’04; President Elsa Nuñez;
 Kenneth J. DeLisa, vice president for institutional advancement; Umesh Vig ’01, Eastern Alumni Association
 president, Nancy Marin ’99; Joy Goff, director of alumni affairs. Back row (left to right): Joseph McGann,
 director of institutional advancement; Patrick Ammendolia ’03; Jon Gorgone ’00; David Mullin ’98; Ryan
 Rose ’00, associate director of alumni affairs; Bonnie Bryden ’03; Michelle Lusas ’03; Brian Cullen;
 Michael Pernal, executive vice president; Dimitrios S. Pachis, vice president for academic affairs.

 By the River Charles                                   for academic affairs, gave alumni an
                                                        update on the new Science Building
 On Dec. 14, 2006, alumni and their                     and other academic initiatives, while
 guests were hosted by President Elsa                   Ken DeLisa, vice president for institu-
 Nuñez at her Boston home for Eastern’s                 tional advancement, reminded the
 second annual Boston Area Alumni                       group that the number of alumni who
 Reception. The group enjoyed breath-                   make financial contributions to the
 taking views of the Boston skyline, deli-              University, not the size of their contri-
 cious food, and great company. Boston-                 bution, is a significant factor in nation-
                                                                                                              Kasprzak, an English major, credits
 area alumni from the class of 1967 to                  al higher education rankings.
                                                                                                              much of his success to Eastern. “I loved
 the class of 2004 represented a wide
                                                                                                              the entire experience,” he says. “As an
 range of professional backgrounds                      Tally Ho!                                             English major I learned to take risks.”
 including television, marketing, infor-                BY   MEGHAN CARDEN
                                                                                                              He remembers a poetry workshop and
                                                        Morgan Adair began riding horses                      western civilization with David Frye as
                                                        when she was six years old and quickly                two of his favorite classes, while an exis-
                                                        discovered she had a passion for it. A                tential philosophy class taught him to
                                                        gifted dressage rider, Adair juggled her              think outside the box, something that
                                                        time as a student at Eastern with pursu-              has served him and the company well.
                                                        ing her dream of becoming a profes-
                                                                                                              This year marks the first time the com-
                                                        sional rider. While she loved riding, she
                                                                                                              pany has turned a profit, and their dis-
                                                        dreaded the tack cleaning that followed.
                                                                                                              tribution has reached as far as Europe
                                                        Adair wanted to find a way to turn the
                                                                                                              and Singapore. In July Kasprzak quit
 Timm Kainen visits with President Nuñez.               cleaning into a pleasant experience.
                                                                                                              his job as a reporter for the Westerly
                                                        When she realized that no one made an                 Sun to focus on their business.
 mation technology, and higher educa-                   aromatherapy saddle soap, she headed
 tion. President Nuñez took the oppor-                                                                        As the company evolves, Adair will
                                                        to the kitchen and went to work exper-
 tunity to share her vision for Eastern’s                                                                     continue to give riding lessons and will
                                                        imenting with different ingredients,
 future. Dimitrios Pachis, vice president                                                                     pursue her dream of secuing a sponsor
                                                        finally coming up with a product that
                                                                                                              and competing in the 2012 Olympics.

30    EASTERN      Winter 2007
                                                                      Class Notes
1939                                                     these as a principal. He resides in Waterford, winters      instructor at Indian River Community College. She
                                                         in Naples, FL, and welcomes contact from former             hopes to visit campus in September 2007 when she
Frances (Morrow) Vaida taught in Tolland and
                                                         classmates.                                                 returns to Connecticut for her daughter’s wedding.
Hartford prior to retiring from the Hartford Board
                                                                                                                     Gary Littlefield was recently elected as an alternate
of Education in 1977. She earned a master’s degree       1963
                                                                                                                     to the zoning board of appeals in Columbia. He lives
from the University of Connecticut in 1951. She has      Bert Nussbaum is mentoring newly appointed                  there with his wife, Marcy ’81, and their son, Logan.
two children and five grandchildren and recently         administrators in New Jersey in a state-mandated            Gary recently retired as chairman of the Republican
returned to campus for the James Earl Jones lecture.     two-year residency program. Representing the                town committee after four years and continues to
1947                                                     Foundation for Educational Administration, he is            serve as their treasurer. Paul Karrer, a sixth-grade
                                                         employed as an educational consultant. He also was          teacher in Castroville CA, reads his short stories
Salem David recently spoke on the Willimantic State
                                                         a recipient of a “Pioneer of ECSU Athletics” award          every month on National Public Radio affiliate KUSP.
Teachers College Teacher Cadet program designed to
                                                         at the recent E-Club Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet.         He recently had three short stories published in the
alleviate teacher shortages during World War II.
                                                         1969                                                        San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Magazine. His most
1950                                                                                                                 recent story, “All the Wrong Moves,” was published in
                                                         Paul Lankarge is a partner in SML Sales Group and
Ignatius “Iggy” Lombardo was a recipient of the                                                                      the August edition of Teacher Magazine. Janet
                                                         spends his summers boating in Newport, RI.
“Pioneer of ECSU Athletics” award at the recent                                                                      Murphy is an administrative intern at Yalesville
E-Club Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet.                    1971                                                        Elementary School in Wallingford. She was nominat-
                                                                                                                     ed as Wallingford’s 2006 Teacher of the Year and was
1951 & 1952                                              Christine Friese retired after a 35-year career teach-
                                                                                                                     a semifinalist for Connecticut State Teacher of the
                                                         ing first grade.
David Flight and his wife Vera (McGovern) Flight                                                                     Year. Douglas May is President/CEO of Universal
’52 both retired from Nova Southeastern University       1972                                                        Fiberoptic Repair, Inc., which he founded in 1986.
in Florida and have been living in Middlebury,VT, for    Mary-Jane (Larson) Traska plans to retire in June           He and his wife, Jan, recently celebrated their 20th
the past five years. David celebrated his 80th birth-    2007 after a 35-year career teaching second grade in        wedding anniversary in Ireland.They reside in
day in April with his siblings visiting from South       East Hampton.                                               Pomfret Center with their two sons. Stephen
Africa and Maryland.The Flights write: “Summer in                                                                    Krajewski was a 2006 inductee to the E-Club
the hills and winter in the small college town is        1973                                                        Athletic Hall of Fame.
close to heaven on Earth.”                               Larry Mahan is founder and CEO of Larry Mahan
                                                         Associates, Inc., a family mediation consulting firm.
1953                                                                                                                 Bob DeRose has been named regional vice president
                                                         He is married to Thomas Hochard and lives in
Irene Cannon Hartley recently completed 10 years         Provincetown, MA.They have three children and               of sales and marketing for the East and Caribbean
as a National Association for the Education of Young     two grandchildren.                                          region of the Marriott Vacation Club and Ritz
Children Validator for preschools and daycare cen-                                                                   Carlton Club. Stephen Franco is CEO of
ters seeking national accreditation. She looks for-      1974                                                        Connecticut Testing Labs Inc. in Meriden and recent-
ward to returning to college to explore new avenues      Mary (Brown) LeBlanc and her husband, Ray, cele-            ly celebrated 20 years in business.
in education.                                            brated 30 years of marriage by vacationing in Wales
                                                         and buying a new home in Windsor. Mary is director
1954                                                                                                                 Tom DiStefano III is in his 10th year as CEO and
                                                         of risk finance for a large East Coast health system
Joann Riddell of Colchester is a substitute teacher      and Ray is investigating a career change after many         chairman of Sticky Web, Inc., an intellectual property
at East Haddam Elementary School, a docent at a          years in the real estate and mortgage business.             company in Boca Raton, FL.Tom initiated and devel-
local museum, and volunteers in church and town          Helena (Loiselle) Corona is a cardiac rehabilitation        oped five patents pending relating to the company.
activities.                                              nurse. She is married with two daughters and                David Kilbourn is a lieutenant colonel in the U.S.
1958                                                     one grandson.                                               Marine Corps and deployed to Baghdad, Iraq. He is
                                                                                                                     working with the State Department’s Iraq
Phyllis (Fogil) Aaron taught elementary school for       1975                                                        Reconstruction Management Office to help rebuild
20 years after graduating from Willimantic State         Deborah Abate’s company, Abate and Associates, Inc.         the Iraqi government. Julie Zander received her
Teachers College (WSTC). She and her husband live        has been selected by the Hartford Business Journal as       master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling in 2004,
in Woodstock, IL, and recently celebrated their 50th     one of the 25 fastest growing privately held compa-         and is looking forward to retirement and the oppor-
wedding anniversary.They have three children and         nies in the region. Michael Pisani is coordinating his      tunity to pursue her writing. Margaret (Gaffney)
three grandchildren. She is a substitute teacher and     40-year high school reunion. His 11-year-old daugh-         Deguzis and her husband, Edward, have three chil-
proud that her mother, Alice Fogil, was a training       ter,Tori, finished fourth overall in the Tri-State riding   dren ages 20, 17 and 11. Meg is vice president of the
teacher at WSTC. Martha (Fish) Greenwood of              events in short stirrup for the summer season.              healthcare division for One Beacon Professional
Holliston, MA, retired in 1996. She has two children,                                                                Partners in Avon. Mari (Papachriston) Muri retired
four grandchildren, and welcomed her first great-        1976
                                                                                                                     after 15 years as a State of Connecticut math con-
grandson in September 2005.                              Gordon Sanford has spent 25 years with various              sultant, and is now consulting with universities, in
                                                         federal and international agencies in the field of
1959                                                                                                                 between trips visiting family and friends throughout
                                                         forensics and marine biology. He now teaches at             the world.
(Jane) Betsy Peckham moved to Los Angeles in the         West Valley College and the Central County
early 1970s and attended UCLA, receiving a degree        Occupational Center in San Jose, CA. He travels             1980
in Human Resources Management. She now divides           internationally every summer as a wildlife/marine           Jeff Sizer and Brenda Coffey are married and reside
her time between working with non-English speaking       biology photographer. Claire Connelly, the first stu-       in Somers with their two sons, Dan and Chris. Jeff is
adults, traveling, attending classes, and “hanging out   dent to graduate from Eastern’s part-time extension         president of APComPower, Inc. Gregory Andrulis
on the beach.” Thomas Johnson was honored                program, obtained a M.S. in counseling from                 was a 2006 inductee to the E-Club Athletic Hall of
posthumously as a “Pioneer of ECSU Athletics” at         California State University, Northridge. Claire is          Fame. William Godburn has been named vice presi-
the recent E-Club Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet.         president of Angels Depot Resource Center in                dent, revenue management, at St. Francis Hospital
1961                                                     Manchester, CT, a United Way Partner Agency that            and Medical Center in Hartford. Godburn had
                                                         provides counseling and social services. Annie              served as director of ambulatory services since
A. David Babbit was elected as First Selectman of
                                                         Noheimer Robinson was a recipient of a “Pioneer of          2005. In his new position he will oversee the
Thompson, CT, in fall 2005 and is enjoying his retire-
                                                         ECSU Athletics” award at the recent E-Club Athletic         Business Office, Patient Access, Health Information
ment. Donald Beerworth was a recipient of a
                                                         Hall of Fame Banquet.                                       Management and Revenue Cycle operations. Bill
“Pioneer of ECSU Athletics” award at the recent
                                                         1977                                                        holds a master’s degree in health care management
E-Club Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet.
                                                                                                                     from RPI and serves as an adjunct professor of man-
1962                                                     Gayle Bruce moved to Florida in 1993 and returned           agement at St. Joseph College. He lives in Canaan
                                                         to teaching at the elementary school level. For the         with his wife, Lynette, and their three children, Katie
Victor H. Ferry, Ph.D., LLC recently retired again,
                                                         past six years, she has been teaching reading at            (25), Erin (23) and Christopher (20).
after nearly 10 years as an emergency management
                                                         Sebastian River High School in Sebastian, FL; during
consultant and licensed investigator.Vic first retired
                                                         the past 10 years she has been an adjunct reading
from public education in 1997 after 35 years, 28 of

                                                                                                                                           EASTERN        Winter 2007     31
                                                                       Class Notes
 1981                                                     McNally was a 2006 inductee to the E-Club Athletic        (Runyon) McNickle and her husband, Fred, wel-
                                                          Hall of Fame.                                             comed a third son,Trevor John, in 2006. He joins his
 Marcy (Klappholz) Littlefield was named Mother
                                                                                                                    big brothers, Reilly, 7, and Griffin, 2. Scott Boucher
 Advisor of the Willimantic Assembly International        1988
                                                                                                                    and his wife,Tammy, adopted their daughter, Gabby,
 Order of the Rainbow for Girls. She is a                 Nickolas Gallivan is the owner of Gallivan Asphalt        in July. Scott is employed by Allied Chemical Disposal
 Connecticut Rainbow member and serves on the             Maintenance and Construction. He and his wife,            Services in Brooklyn. Pamela Baril was recently
 advisory board. She lives in Columbia with her hus-      Dayna, live in Preston with their daughter, Skyler, age   named Montville’s Teacher of the Year for 2006-07.
 band, Gary ’77, and their son, Logan.                    9, and son, Nickolas Jr., age 5. Mansour Sakkez is a      Robert Coughlin is in his seventh year at South
 1982                                                     contractor for the U.S. Army as an executive manag-       Windsor High School and 13th year overall teaching
                                                          er for an audio/video system integrator engineering       mathematics. He will complete a second master’s
 Terri (Knoblauch) Wilson was elected to a two-year
                                                          company in Kuwait. He married in 1992 and has two         degree from Southern Connecticut State University
 term on the American Red Cross Blood Services
                                                          sons and a daughter. Kimberly Durocher Wise was a         in March 2007. Pamela (Zugeber) Lewis has
 Board in Farmington. She is employed by a non-prof-
                                                          2006 inductee to the E-Club Athletic Hall of Fame.        returned to college to pursue her RN degree. She
 it organization in Hartford that is involved in new
 medical technology. She also volunteers with her         1989                                                      plans to graduate in May 2008.
 husband, Lee, for the Farmington River Watershed         Tracey Boyden is a senior research scientist with         1993
 Association.                                             Pfizer, Inc. in the pharmacokinetics, dynamics and        Stacy Lawton was appointed associate executive
 1983                                                     metabolism department. She holds several U.S.             director for the Southeastern Council on Alcoholism
                                                          patents and is an accomplished amateur road and           and Drug Dependence. She has worked for the
 Scott Tomassetti teaches physical education in
                                                          off-road cyclist.Tracey won a silver medal represent-     council for 13 years. Raymond Voght lives in
 Hartford and has been teaching in an urban setting
                                                          ing the United States in the 24-hour solo mountain        Roswell, GA, and has owned a law practice since
 for more than 10 years.
                                                          bike world championships in 2002. Joe Gregorio and        2004 and a CPA practice since 2001. He is a part-
 1984                                                     Lynne (Croteau) Gregorio reside in North Carolina         time firefighter and co-founder and vice president of
 Edward Guidone, and his wife, Jill, welcomed their       with their three boys and adopted daughter from           the Roswell Firefighter’s Foundation Inc., a not-for-
 seventh child, Nicholas Mark, in 2006. Ed manages        China. Joe is a senior software engineer for IBM and      profit agency that benefits injured firefighters. Lana
 real estate investments and brokers transactions in      Lynne, who earned her Ph.D. in mathematics educa-         (Keeley) Pontbriant and her husband, Matt, recently
 Chicago. Brett Harnett joined the faculty at the         tion, works as a real-estate investor and a part-time     welcomed their second son, Dominic Park, who
 University of Cincinnati as a research assistant pro-    teacher. Steven Piro is a physical education teacher      shares the same birthday with older brother,
 fessor in 2004 and serves as the manager of experi-      in the Town of Columbia, and received his second          Griffin.Dana Rondel Olmsted recently published the
 mental information technology for the Center for         degree from Eastern in 2002. He married his wife,         book, A Flower: It Has Its Own Song. Timothy Haddad
 Surgical Innovation. Prior to joining UC, Brett was      Karen, in 2000; their son, Jack, was born in 2005.        resides in Las Vegas, NV, with his wife and their nine-
 the director of experimental information technology      1990                                                      month-old daughter, Abigail.Tim is in his 11th year
 for a NASA-sponsored research program at Virginia                                                                  teaching fifth grade in the Clark County School
                                                          Mark Bradley is employed at The Hartford/Specialty
 Commonwealth University.                                                                                           District. Lisa Hatt recently returned to Eastern to
                                                          Risk Services in Hartford. He recently secured the
                                                                                                                    tour campus with her niece. Lisa lives in California
 1985                                                     certified risk manager designation offered by the
                                                                                                                    where she has worked for more than seven years as
 Rev. Greg Thomas relocated to Lynchburg,VA, due          National Alliance for Insurance Education and
                                                                                                                    a benefits manager for Lucas Digital, Ltd. She and her
 to his wife’s new job. His son, Chris, is a U.S. Navy    Research. Stephen Giavara separated from the U.S.
                                                                                                                    husband, Scott, who is also employed by Lucas
 search and rescue diver and his son,Tim, is attending    Air Force as a Captain and consults for Booz Allen
                                                                                                                    Digital, Ltd, were married in July 2006.
 film school. William Caldrello was promoted to           Hamilton, Inc. in Ballston,VA. He works as a func-
 associate director, integrated mental health manager     tional Air Force military pay expert and is responsi-     1994
 at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. During his 17-year      ble for high-level design analysis of the defense inte-   William S. Sobota retired from the Connecticut
 career at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bill has held various    grated military human resource system. Rose Otten         Army National Guard after serving more than 35
 positions in pharmaceutical sales, including six years   Paggioli resides in Colchester with her husband,          years and earning the rank of brigadier general.
 as a district sales manager. Deborah Niemann-            Michael, and two children, Kristina and Nicholas. She     Paulette (Lucas) Haines is the executive director of
 Boehle is in her first semester of a two-year mas-       is in her 13th year in Griswold teaching health and       Cherokee County Senior Services in Canton GA,
 ter’s program in communications at Illinois State        physical education.                                       and founder of the Cherokee County Volunteer
 University. Christine Brennan was a 2006 inductee        1991                                                      Aging Council. She is currently pursuing her master’s
 to the E-Club Athletic Hall of Fame.                                                                               degree in professional management from Columbus
                                                          Paula Vail-Gerard is employed by Tufts University’s
                                                                                                                    State University and is active in her community.
 1986                                                     Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in their
                                                                                                                    Bryan Dooley and his wife, Nancy, welcomed their
 Deanne (Gravino) Bowen and Stephen Bowen live            ambulatory facility in Woodstock as the business
                                                                                                                    first child, Jacob, in March 2006.They live in Andover.
 in Schroon Lake, NY.They have two daughters; one         manager. Jack Faski’s real estate company, Skyview
                                                                                                                    Bryan has been employed by Madison Square
 is a college freshman and the other is a high school     Realty, celebrated five years in Colchester this past
                                                                                                                    Garden of Connecticut for the past 10 years. Scott
 junior. Catherine (Horton) Futoma left her position      June.The company has eight agents, including Jack’s
                                                                                                                    Chandler is teaching physical education at Roxbury
 as copy director with T. Rowe Price Investment           wife, Lori.Their son, Matthew, is attending Eastern
                                                                                                                    Elementary School in Stamford and is in his eighth
 Services and is now a freelance writer. She resides in   and plans to join the family business. L. Bart Goodin
                                                                                                                    year of teaching. He and his wife, Rebecca, have two
 Newton with her husband, Jason, and their 2-year-        was recently named partner of Taxes Plus and
                                                                                                                    children;Veronica, age 3, and Andrew, age 11/2. Brad
 old daughter, Madison. Nancy (Parrella) Crosby           Associates, LLC in Columbia. Marvin Christley is a
                                                                                                                    Wheeler earned his MBA from the University of
 recently completed 20 years at Providence Water          physical education teacher and grant supervisor for
                                                                                                                    Connecticut in 2004 and is a senior consultant for
 where she is a lab supervisor for the water treat-       the New Haven Board of Education. Lisa (Michaud)
                                                                                                                    USI Consulting Group in Glastonbury. Jodi (Chant)
 ment plant. It supplies water to more than 60            Sullivan and her husband, Patrick, have two children,
                                                                                                                    Latina recently celebrated her six-year anniversary
 percent of Rhode Island’s residents. Judith              Sadie, born in 2003 and Emily, born in 2005. Lisa is a
                                                                                                                    at Channel 8-TV. Her husband, Anthony, is in his sec-
 (Pemberton) Bell was a 2006 inductee to the              paralegal working for the State of Connecticut.
                                                                                                                    ond season at Sacred Heart University as the top
 E-Club Athletic Hall of Fame.                            1992                                                      men’s assistant basketball coach.The couple lives
 1987                                                     Anowar “Mark” Shahjahan is the president and              with their two children in Wethersfield.

 Andrea Brosnan resides in Newtown with her hus-          CEO of Vortex Systems, a Connecticut-based soft-          1995
 band, Kerry, and their two children, Olivia and Leo.     ware and services company with an established off-
                                                                                                                    Claudia Misuraca resides in the Cayman Islands and
 Previously a reading consultant/reading recovery         shore development center. He resides in Weston
                                                                                                                    works for Maples and Calder, an offshore law firm.
 teacher, she enjoys being home with her children.        with his wife, Kimberly, and their two-year-old
                                                                                                                    Tracey (Jankovsky) Gairing and her husband,
 David Marlin teaches physical education at Hartland      daughter, Alexis. Michelle (Lagana) Zering of New
                                                                                                                    William Gairing ’97, have two sons:Timothy
 School in East Hartford and has two children, a          Fairfield worked for American Airlines after gradua-
                                                                                                                    William, born in 2006 and Nathaniel Robert, born in
 12-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son. John          tion and married her husband, Fred, in 1997.The
                                                                                                                    2003. Trish Albamonti resides in Westerly, RI, with
                                                          couple has three sons, Fredrick IV, born in 1999,
                                                                                                                    her husband,Tom.They have two children: Megan, 5
                                                          Jaden, born in 2001, and Cole, born in 2003. Kerry

32      EASTERN      Winter 2007
                                                                      Class Notes
years old, and Andrew, 4 months old.Trish is a physi-     (Abbazia) Gagne married Mark Gagne ’97 in 2005              back to Connecticut from Florida with his new bride,
cal education and health teacher at North                 and the couple resides in Willimantic. Michele recent-      Crystal (Ouellette) Vazquez ’02. Crystal is staying at
Stonington Elementary School.                             ly joined the board of directors at Arts in Motion.         home with their three children while Chris works in
                                                          Julie Kisil works as a special education teacher at         pharmaceutical sales. Sara Mason is a kindergarten
                                                          Cooperative Educational Services in Trumbull, helping       teacher at the Friendship School in Waterford and
Robert Laskarzewski has been appointed principal of       socially and emotionally disabled high school stu-          married Sean Ladyga in August 2006. Carrie
Lebanon Middle School. Jennifer (Migliore)                dents. She also is finishing her master’s degree in spe-    (Lisitano) Rose and Ryan Rose are restoring their
Stevenson and her husband,Travis, recently celebrat-      cial education at Southern Connecticut State                newly purchased 1880s Victorian home in the hill
ed their fifth wedding anniversary.They have a son,       University. Richard Napoli earned an M.S. in elemen-        section of Willimantic. Carrie earned a master’s
Logan Alexander. Amy Schack was recently promot-          tary education from Southern Connecticut State              degree in information and library science from
ed to director of residential life at Fordham             University and is pursuing a sixth-year diploma in          Southern Connecticut State University and works as
University’s Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan. In       educational leadership with certification for adminis-      a legislative analyst for the Connecticut General
2005, she received her M.S.Ed. in counseling from         tration. He is a fifth-grade teacher in Milford and lives   Assembly. Ryan was recently hired as Eastern’s asso-
Fordham. Mary Ragno recently earned a doctoral            in Naugatuck. Kristen Brown is coaching soccer and          ciate director of alumni affairs. Jessica (Hart)
degree in adult learning and leadership from Teachers     teaching math at Scituate High School in Scituate, RI.      Reinhart and Jeffrey Reinhart ’01 celebrated their
College, Columbia University. Following a long career     She lives in Attleboro, MA. Daniel Swartz is an assis-      first wedding anniversary in July. Jessica works for
with the Connecticut Department of Education,             tant professor at Southern Connecticut State                Valassis, a marketing company and Jeff works as a
Mary now consults, in addition to teaching at             University. Ian Beazley married Carla Menius at the         program coordinator for the Special Olympics.They
Eastern. She and her husband are developing their         Tarrytown Castle in Tarrytown, NY.The couple                live in Bethel. Erin (Flanigan) Wolf has been working
Willimantic backyard into a certified wildlife habitat.   recently announced the birth of their son, Jake Ian.        since 2000 as an assignment editor in Fox 61 WTIC-
1997                                                                                                                  TV’s news department.This past September she mar-
                                                                                                                      ried Ken Wolf and the couple bought a house in
Diana M. Brennan is leaving her position as class         Henry Fusco’s book, A Templar Night’s Tale, was             South Windsor.
notes editor at Pomfret School to enroll in Eastern’s     recently published by Airleaf Publishing of
master’s degree program in early childhood educa-         Martinsville, IN. Ryan Zengou received his medical          2001
tion. She also has five grandchildren who keep her        degree from the University of Connecticut. He is in         Stephanie (Impoinbato) Apostolidis has been happi-
very busy. Emily (Walpole) Renaud married Saul            residency in neurosurgery at Rush-Presbyterian-St.          ly married for a year. She and her husband own a
Renaud in 2002; their son, Samuel Garrett, was born       Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago. Michele M.                two-family home in Rocky Hill; Stephanie was recent-
in September 2004. Emily received her MSW from            Schlehofer completed her Ph.D. in applied social psy-       ly hired as a wedding planner for the Sheraton Hotel
Smith College in 2003 and practices clinical social       chology at Claremont Graduate University in                 at Bradley International Airport. Elana (Anastas)
work with adolescents and adults. Scott Rossi mar-        Claremont, CA. She also gave birth to her first child,      Pedroncelli works as a school social worker at High
ried Melissa Smolski in 2006.They recently purchased      Tyrick Alexander, in October. A. Wade Willis is living      Road School, a private school for children with learn-
a home in East Hampton. Scott received his graduate       in Queen Creek, AZ, a small farming community near          ing, language, and social challenges in Wallingford. She
degree in elementary education from Eastern in 2004       Phoenix. He works for Village Voice Media as an             is studying for the licensed clinical social worker
and serves as co-head coach of girl’s lacrosse at         advertising executive and has a beautiful 2-year-old        exam and lives in Middletown with her husband, Paul
Berlin High School. Collene Gregory hopes everyone        daughter, Anissa Nesta. Tim Bowen has been teaching         Pedroncelli ’00. Jamey and Courtney (Burke)
had a happy holiday season. She says life is good and     social studies at E.O. Smith High School in Storrs          Carroll welcomed their newest daughter,Taylor Rae,
“Go Warriors!” Carri-Ann (Tollefson) Bell married         since 1999 and received his master’s degree in sec-         in the summer of 2006. Jamey received his master’s
Derek Bell in 2005 and the couple recently wel-           ondary education from Eastern in December 2006.             degree in exercise science from California University
comed their first child, Landon Charles. Reno Daigle      Denise Raymond is teaching physical education in            of Pennsylvania in December 2006. Courtney is a
is working for Fireman’s Fund Insurance as a director     Suffield. Her second son, Matthew Charles, was born         sales consultant for a home builder.They reside in
in their San Francisco office. He is responsible for      in 2006. Paula Zalusky worked in the recreation field       Dallas,TX, with their four daughters. Natalie
strategic initiatives, process improvement, and infor-    as a program coordinator for six years and now              (Cristino) Crowe received her Master of Social Work
mation technology for commercial business. Amy            works for a health department. Nory Oakes has been          degree from Southern Connecticut State University
(Bopko) Gemmiti and her husband, Chris, welcomed          hired to teach English at Windham Technical High            and works for the Connecticut Department of
their son, Nolan, in February 2006. Chris received his    School. Thomas Vece is a social studies teacher at          Mental Retardation. She and her husband, Brian, own
doctorate in biomedical engineering from Georgia          Hamden High School and has a new daughter, Emily            a home in the Black Rock area of Bridgeport. Ryan
Tech this fall and the family has since relocated from    Grace. Jeremy Beebe is a health and physical educa-         Cavanaugh married Kerri Sheridan last year and
Atlanta to Boston. Valerie (Thomas) Palmerie              tion instructor at Grasso Tech in Groton. He coaches        works as an information technology business analyst
earned a Master of Science in management from             girl’s cross country and track, and is the Title IX         at Pratt and Whitney.The couple recently purchased
Albertus Magnus College.                                  coordinator as well as a member of the HPE steering         a home in East Granby. Kristin DiCarlo resides in
1998                                                      committee and powering standards committee.                 Branford. She teaches art and is pursuing a master’s
                                                          Jennifer Plis teaches health and physical education         degree in art education from Southern Connecticut
Mark and Courtney (Davidson) Murphy are married
                                                          and serves as co-head coach for girl’s lacrosse at          State University. Teresa Gonzalez has been accepted
and have two sons: James, 2, and William, 6 months.
                                                          Berlin High School.                                         as a minority fellow at Quinebaug Valley Community
Mark is an account manager for Yankee Group, a
                                                                                                                      College and plans to graduate in June 2007 with her
market research and consulting firm in Boston.            2000
                                                                                                                      M. Ed. Anthony Verderame graduated from Southern
Courtney is human resources manager for Digitas, a        Michael Reed resides in Boca Raton, FL, and is              Connecticut State University with his sixth-year
marketing agency and strategy firm also in Boston.        employed as a mortgage banker for WCS Lending.              degree in educational leadership. He has also been
The family lives in Windham, NH. Jennifer (Fonner)        Jackie Hooper-Hage just returned from a five-day            promoted to department chair of the physical educa-
Feldman and her husband, Bryan, have two children:        joint China/U.S. conference on social work, held in         tion department at Wilbur Cross High School in
Justin Robert, age 4, and Jarrett Alan, born in 2006.     Beijing and sponsored by the National Association of        New Haven. Trina Scott is studying to become a
Jennifer is teaching physical education and art at St.    Social Workers and the China Association of Social          professional child development associate with plans
Bernard Middle School and also serves as the              Workers. Paul Pedroncelli works in financial services       to pursue higher education in this field, following an
school’s athletic director. Kevin Donnelly and Allison    with the ING Group in Hartford. He lives in                 11-year career in banking and finance. She is an early
(Belanger) Donnelly had their second son,Tristan          Middletown with his wife, Elana (Anastas)                   learning center assistant in a preschool classroom.
Cole, in August 2006. He joins older bother, Aidan        Pedroncelli ’01. Sharon (Cloutier) Sharp received           Kimberly Peters was appointed executive director of
Bryce. Nancy Shay operates Tree Top Studio in her         an MBA in health care from Regis University and is          the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research
Pomfret home. In addition to creating her own work,       pursuing her Ph.D. in community health and educa-           Center. She married Spencer White in 2006.
Nancy has a full teaching schedule in her studio. She     tion from Walden University. She works for the
shares her studio space and home with her dogs,           Connecticut Department of Public Health. Katherine          2002
Amos and Nora, and husband, Bruce. Timothy Fox            Golias married Dennis Tracy in 2006 and resides in          Crystal (Ouellette) Vazquez recently moved back to
and Jen Kabe had a son, Dakota Killian Fox, in            Stratford. Following a reception at the Country             Connecticut from Florida where she taught eighth-
August.Tim is the vice president of Lighthouse Point      House in East Haven, the couple honeymooned in              grade U.S. History and married Christopher Vazquez
Lending and lives with his family in Clinton. Michelle    the Caribbean. Christopher Vazquez recently moved           ’00. Carlene (Huntington) Mulhall and Richard

                                                                                                                                           EASTERN        Winter 2007     33
                                                                        Class Notes
 Mulhall, who met at Eastern’s Crandall Hall in 1998,      Windsor. Melissa Klar returned to Eastern in fall          Michelle Sposato recently took a job as mathemat-
 recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary.      2004 to complete her degree requirements in physi-         ics teacher at Northwest Regional High School.
 Justin Van Gelder married Marielle Thibodeau in           cal education and health and now teaches at                Mark Sieczkowski is a graduate student at Eastern
 2005. He teaches physical education for grades 5-8        Coventry High School. Meghan Phelps is celebrating         and works at Windham Community Memorial
 in Columbia and is the head coach for boy’s soccer,       her second year at ESPN. She is also beginning her         Hospital in the Emergency Department. He and his
 basketball, and baseball, as well as athletic director.   third year as assistant coach of the girl’s varsity bas-   wife recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniver-
                                                           ketball team and head coach of the girl’s freshman         sary and have three children: a son and two daugh-
                                                           basketball team at Holy Cross High School in               ters.They are planning to build a second home and
 Rachel Dirienzo is completing her final semester of       Waterbury. Jesse Schoolnik moved to Washington,            Mark is looking to begin a registered nurse program.
 an accelerated nursing program for second degree          D.C., to take the position as a staff assistant for the    Brian Sullivan teaches physical education and runs
 students at the University of Jacksonville. She is a      Senate Finance Committee. She is also earning a            the after-school program at St.Thomas Aquinas in
 certified nursing assistant at McLean Auxiliary, which    master’s degree in Public Administration at                Fairfield.
 recently awarded her a scholarship toward her nurs-       Southeastern University. Lisa Kroc teaches a combi-
 ing degree. Gabriel Kendall is currently in his third                                                                2006
                                                           nation of special education and regular education in
 year of teaching at Coventry High School and is           Waterbury. She is also working on her master’s             Jennifer L. Page has recently joined the Storrs/
 assistant coach to the Bolton/Coventry/ Lyman High        degree from Southern Connecticut State University.         Willimantic chapter of the American Association of
 School hockey team. He is married and has two             Kathy (Bessette) Dion married Robert Dion in               University Women, which meets at Eastern every
 daughters. Danielle Stebbins teaches health and           2005; the couple are the proud parents of a son,           month. Bill Csonka has been celebrating his gradua-
 physical education and coaches boy’s JV volleyball at     Robert Bronson. Charlene Davenport recently                tion by traveling. He has enjoyed week-long vaca-
 Oliver Wolcott Technical High School. She also is         changed careers and is now a public and community          tions in the White Mountains of New Hampshire;
 pursuing her master’s degree in secondary education       relations coordinator for The Washington Trust             Acadia, Maine; and Cancun, Mexico to bicycle, hike,
 at Eastern. Todd Longo is married and has a two-          Company in Westerly, RI. Christina (Clancy) Walters        and scuba dive. Shevonesse Dodd is pursuing a mas-
 year-old daughter. He works as a manager of the           has been promoted to accounting analyst in the             ter’s degree and working as a resident director at
 401(k) services department at The Hartford. Terence       financial services group at Hamilton Sundstrand. She       Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI.
 McSweeney has been honored as the Connecticut             married Terrell Walters in 2005.                           Shevonesse co-supervises a staff of 10 resident assis-
 Association of Schools Middle Level Educator of the                                                                  tants in a predominately freshman residence hall of
 Year for 2006-2007. David Neal is a financial advisor     2005                                                       490 students. Kerry Barnard is working as a voca-
 with Merrill Lynch in Hartford. Heather Young             Andres Hidalgo resides in Willimantic and is a staff       tional rehabilitation counselor for United Services
 received her master’s degree in elementary educa-         writer for the local weekly newspaper, The Reminder.       Inc., one of Connecticut’s most comprehensive
 tion and works as a part-time preschool education         Carrie Maranda has accepted a position as a fourth         behavioral health centers. After completing her stu-
 teacher for Bethel Public Schools. Christopher Bunel      grade teacher at Hebron Elementary School.                 dent teaching in Tolland, Marybeth McDonald
 lives in Winsted and is in his second year of teaching    Katherine (Kat) Deis is employed as a social worker        accepted a full-time teaching position in the same
 the sixth grade at Thompson Brook School in Avon.         at Yale-New Haven Hospital and is working on her           school system. David Pavia is working at Velocity
 Jason Wolfradt married Jamie Donch in 2005. He is         MSW at Southern Connecticut State University.              Sports Performance in Trumbull and recently passed
 a health and physical education teacher for grades 5-     Catherine Ficker is employed by MetLife in Hartford        the National Strength and Conditioning
 8 for Stonington Public Schools. Dan Whelton is           and will be starting the MBA program at the                Accreditation Exam. Heidi White serves as a sev-
 performing in TheaterWorks’ production of Take Me         University of Hartford in the spring. Chris Fritsch is     enth-grade volunteer teacher and after-school men-
 Out. Bonnie Bryden has taken a position at WPRI           the sole sales representative for Label One                tor with AmeriCorps at McCormack Middle School
 12/WNAC 64 in Rhode Island as a television studio         Corporation, an emerging primary label business in         in Dorchester, MA. Kelley Creighton is teaching
 technician and camera operator.                           Milford. Jordan Zukley recently passed the                 ninth grade civics at Norwich Free Academy and
                                                           Connecticut Real Estate exam and is now working            serves as freshman house council advisor. Alycia
                                                           for Century 21 Access America in Bristol. Thomas           Fargnoli was recently hired as a preschool teacher
 Shawn McQuillan is working in the office of resi-         DeSalle and Jean Seifert ’04 were married in 2005          at Preston Elementary School. Theresa Tiscia is
 dence life at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI.        at Wright’s Mill Farm in Canterbury and reside in          working as a long-term substitute teacher at
 Amber Drake is employed by Haggett Longobardi,            Gainesville,VA. Robert Shulda, Jr. is a certified vet-     Lauralton Hall High School in Milford teaching U.S.
 LLC, a regional accounting firm. She recently gradu-      erans service officer and is volunteering at the           history to juniors and seniors. Bethany
 ated with her master’s degree from the University of      Norwich Veterans Center. He is also secretary for          (Champagne) Holland is the K-6 school counselor
 Hartford and is working on obtaining her CPA.             the Westerly-Pawcatuck Veterans Board of Control.          at Nathan Hale Elementary School in Enfield. Carl
 Bradford Tucker works for the Madison School dis-         He is the stepfather of four, step-grandfather of 10       Segura is the hall director of Bennett Hall at
 trict at Island Elementary School as a physical educa-    and step-great grandfather of four. Kathryn Balkan         Oklahoma State University where he is attending
 tion teacher. Paul Panek was recently named associ-       is in her second year of teaching fourth grade at          graduate school. Jeremy Bousquet has moved to
 ate editor of Water Technology magazine, a national       Sweeney Elementary School and is a reading and lan-        Maine and taken the position as a special education
 trade publication based in Latham, NY. Jean Seifert       guage arts graduate student at Eastern. Autumn             teacher for grades 9-12 at Penquis Valley High
 and Thomas DeSalle ’05 were married in 2005               (Steeves) Struk taught at Pulaski Middle School in         School. Gina Guarino was recognized by the
 at Wright’s Mill Farm in Canterbury and reside in         New Britain for the 2005-2006 school year and now          Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants
 Gainesville,VA. Chris D’Amico was hired by the State      works at Aetna as a billing premium consultant. She        and given the CSCPA Merit Award at their annual
 of Connecticut Auditors of Public Accounts and            and her husband, Jeff, recently purchased a home.          meeting. Laura Tignonsini is teaching physical educa-
 holds the position of Auditor 1. Last year he passed      Elaine Alexander recently had her first book pub-          tion at Teachers Memorial Middle School in
 the certified information systems auditor exam and        lished, Death at Deacon Pond. Jennifer Barbieri            Norwich. Rebecca Lewbel started a position at MIT
 will be eligible for that designation in December         began graduate school at New York University in            Libraries as a serials copy cataloger in October
 2008. Rachel Albino is in her third year teaching         2005. She is working on her master’s degree in             2006. She is also pursuing her master’s degree of
 physical education and health at Killingly High           sports business and plans to graduate in 2007. She         library science through Southern Connecticut State
 School. She is co-advisor to the class of 2007 and        started an internship with the National Lacrosse           University’s online program. Anne Wisotzkey is a
 the junior varsity coach for both soccer and softball.    League in January 2006 and is now the                      graduate student at Emerson College. She is living in
 Andreas Halidis has completed his MBA in health           marketing/operations coordinator for the New York          Boston and pursuing a master’s degree in organiza-
 care management and finance accounting from               Titans Professional Indoor Lacrosse team.                  tional and corporate communication. LaToya Smith
 American Intercontinental University. He is starting      Christopher Mader teaches health and physical edu-         is pursuing graduate studies in journalism at Boston
 his career at the Mayo Clinic as a site coordinator       cation at RHAM (Region 8) Middle School. Hector            University on a full scholarship. Tim Jordan was
 for patient records in Jacksonville, FL. Wilbur           Pena works as the controller for M.J. Daly LLC of          named the 2006 NASCAR Weekly Series Late
 Velarde works as an operations manager in the             Waterbury. Tara Pisano resides on Long Island, NY,         Model Champion and Rookie of the Year at the
 operations department of Tankship International           where she is a precinct domestic violence advocate         Waterford Speedbowl.
 LLC., a brokerage house specializing in shipping. He      for the Suffolk County Coalition against Domestic
 is in the Coast Guard Reserves after leaving active       Violence. Scott Powell is working in the product
 duty. Jessica Haines works in the HR compensation         development and engineering field. Molly Roehl is
 department at Phoenix in Hartford. She and her            currently working for United Technologies
 fiancé recently purchased their first home in South       Corporation as a communications executive.

34     EASTERN       Winter 2007
                                                               Campus News
Marriages                                              2004                                                    Timothy Fox and Jen Kabe announce the birth of
                                                                                                               Dakota Killian on Aug. 22, 2006.
1988                                                   Cyndi Ware and Luke Arsenault ’00 on
                                                       July 15, 2006                                           Ian Beazley and his wife, Carla, announce the birth
Peter McDevitt III and Susan Bankowski on                                                                      of Jake Ian on Aug. 10, 2006.
                                                       Jean Seifert and Thomas DeSalle ’05 on
Sept. 16, 2006                                                                                                 1999
                                                       Sept. 25, 2005
Eileen Mulqueen and Mark Ludington on
                                                       Kathy Bessette and Robert Dion on June 11, 2005         Atif Faraqui and Kiran Butt announce the birth of
July 14, 2006
                                                       Christina Clancy and Terrell Walters on                 Maryam Faruqui on Sept. 13, 2006.
1991                                                   Aug. 20, 2005                                           Bethany (Fish) Muscara and her husband, Paul,
Thomas White and Kathleen Brown in                                                                             announce the birth of Miranda Angelina on
October, 2006                                                                                                  April 9, 2006.
                                                       Thomas DeSalle and Jean Seifert ’04 on
1992                                                                                                           Denise Raymond and her husband, Mark, announce
                                                       Sept. 25, 2005
                                                                                                               the birth of Matthew Charles on March 10, 2006.
Terrence Hickey and Jeannette Sullivan on              2006
Aug. 12, 2006                                                                                                  Michele (Mildrum) Deane and her husband,
                                                       Megan Lemos and Jeffrey Hassel on May 27, 2006          Michael, announce the birth of Allison Elizabeth on
1993                                                   Jessica Troiano and Matthew Ryan on June 17, 2006       May 8, 2006.
Allison Wilson and Colin Kane on Nov. 12, 2005                                                                 Thomas Vece announces the birth of Emily Grace on
1994                                                   Civil Unions                                            July 6, 2006.

John T. MacDonald and Tracey M. Hampson on             1976                                                    2001
Oct. 1, 2005                                           Thomas Mariconda and Walter Dembowski on                Shannon Bourbeau and her husband, DJ (Daniel)
1995                                                   Nov. 13, 2005                                           Bourbeau ’99, announce the birth of Cameron
                                                                                                               Reese on Feb. 7, 2006.
Amy Flynn Longfellow and Chad Gallagher on
Feb 19, 2005
                                                       Births and Adoptions                                    2002
1996                                                   1984                                                    Jamey and Courtney (Burke) Carroll announce the
                                                       Edward Guidone and his wife, Jill, announce the birth   birth of Taylor Rae on June 22, 2006.
Darlene Johns and Glen Richards on Sept. 2, 2006
                                                       of Nicholas Mark on Feb. 10, 2006.                      Erik Tokarzewski and his wife, Joanne, announce the
1997                                                   1991                                                    birth of Owen Michael on July 5, 2006.
Scott Rossi and Melissa Smolski on July 8, 2006
                                                       Bonnie (O’Hanlon) Harrell and her husband, Jay,         2004
Mark Gagne and Michelle Abbazia ’98 on                 announce the birth of Patrick on May 25, 2003 and       Kathy (Beset) Dion and her husband, Robert,
Sept. 24, 2005                                         Katie on Jan. 12, 2005.                                 announce the birth of Robert Bronson on
1998                                                   1992                                                    Sept. 14, 2006.
Michelle Abbazia and Mark Gagne ’97 on
Sept. 24, 2005
                                                       Melynda and Michael Guillet ’94 announce the            In Memoriam
                                                       birth of Maddox Ashton on July 7, 2006.
                                                                                                               Jeanne Helene Heckler ’32 (1912-2006)
Melissa Pescatore and Alfredo Viscariello on           Kerry (Runyon) McNickle and her husband, Fred,
Aug. 6, 2005                                                                                                   Frances Cohen ’39 (-2006)
                                                       announce the birth of Trevor John on Oct. 19, 2006.
Ian Beazley and Carla Menius on March 11, 2006                                                                 Joyce Dupont Taylor ’41(1921-2006)
                                                       Scott Boucher and his wife,Tammy, announce the
                                                                                                               Elizabeth Loika Weeks ’42 (1920-2006)
1999                                                   adoption of their daughter, Gabby.
                                                                                                               Kenneth F. Johnson ’43 (1921-2006)
Jamie Noia and Sean Auten on May 19, 2006              1993
                                                                                                               Clarissa B. Jones ’43 (-2006)
2000                                                   Lana Pontbriant and her husband, Matt, announce
                                                                                                               Ernest E. Weeks ’43 (1921-2006)
                                                       the birth of Dominic Park on Nov. 6, 2006.
Casey Morris and Lauren Liscombe on July 15, 2006                                                              Maureen (Lintner) Wraight ’46 (-2006)
Luke Arsenault and Cyndi Ware ’04 on                   1994
                                                                                                               Nelson A. Youngerman ’55 (1932-2006)
July 15, 2006                                          Bryan Dooley and his wife, Nancy, announce the
                                                       birth of Jacob on March 14, 2006.                       Evelyn M. Haddad ’61 (1921-2006)
Sara Mason and Sean Ladyga in August 2006
                                                                                                               Helen Thomas Marshall ‘63 (1910-2006)
Todd Giesing and Kim Puskarz on July 21, 2006          1995
                                                                                                               Alice Y. (Roy) Levesque ’64 (1918-2006)
Erin Flanigan and Ken Wolf on Sept. 30, 2006           Tracey (Jankovsky) Gairing and her husband,
                                                                                                               Larry Mirkin ’67 (1945-2006)
Katherine Golias and Dennis Tracy on June 3, 2006      William ’97, announce the birth of Timothy William
                                                       on Jan. 27, 2006.                                       Lloyd H. Taylor Jr. ’74 (1940-2006)
2001                                                                                                           Jonathan R. Kerensky ’82 (1956-2006)
Natalie Cristino and Brian Crowe on July 29, 2006
                                                                                                               Arleen Ann Bradley ’87 (1944-2006)
Jason Ruggiero and Courtney DuBow on                   Nikki Beechwood Curry and her husband, Michael,
                                                       announce the birth of Jacob on July 15, 2006.           Robert A. Bissonnette ’96 (1947-2006)
May 6, 2006
                                                       Jennifer (Migliore) Steveson and her husband,           Marilyn Slavtcheff ’96 (1934-2006)
Kimberly Peters and Spencer White on June 6, 2006
                                                       Travis, announce the birth of Logan Alexander on        John A. Gineo ’01 (1947-2006)
2002                                                   Jan. 30, 2005.                                          Wendy June Fleming ’03 (1961-2003)
Gretchen Marotz and Todd Romilly on Oct. 1, 2005       1997
Justin Van Gelder and Marielle Thibodeau on            Amy (Bopko) Gemmiti and her husband, Chris,
Oct. 2, 2005                                           announce the birth of Nolan on Feb. 19, 2006.
2003                                                   William Gairing and his wife, Tracey (Jankovsky)
Jennifer Paty and Christopher Valva on Jan. 14, 2006   ’95, announce the birth of Timothy William on
Jason Wolfradt and Jamie Donch on Aug. 20, 2005        Jan. 27, 2006.
Lindsay Stedman and Nathan Williams on                 1998
Sept. 9, 2006                                          Kevin and Allison Donnelly announce the birth of
Andrea Gardner and Albert Dawley on May 20, 2006       Tristan Cole on Aug. 19, 2006.
                                                       Jennifer (Fonner) Feldman and her husband, Bryan,
                                                       announce the birth of Jarrett Alan on March 6, 2006.

                                                                                                                                    EASTERN       Winter 2007        35
                                                 Final Thoughts

                                                                 We are equally proud of our status as a “public” lib-
                                                                 eral arts university. You will find a rich diversity at
                                                                 Eastern, with students from all backgrounds.
                                                                 Contributing to Eastern is a reinvestment in the
                                                                 American middle class, the engine of social and eco-
                                                                 nomic growth and stability in this country.

                                                                 With amazing people graduating from Eastern, with
                                                                 a new president, and with so much progress occur-
                                                                 ring around campus, the University is ready to
                                                                 advance itself even further in pursuit of its vision as
                                                                 a premier liberal arts university. We want to be more
                                                                 like a private liberal arts college, with small class
                                                                 sizes, state-of-the-art facilities, and a fulfilling resi-
                                                                 dential experience. We want to be known as a uni-
                                                                 versity where a world-class faculty can devote itself
                                                                 to mentoring and nurturing students.

                                                                 We cannot fulfill this vision solely with state funds
                                                                 and tuition revenues; we need to ask for more sup-
                                                                 port from our private donors. We cannot be a “cut
      This issue of EASTERN Magazine includes the                above” if we don’t build our foundation. There is a
      annual list of donors. While it is simply a list of        reason why the fundraising arm of the University is
      names, without photographs or background on our            called its Foundation. Your generous donations give
      donors, the people on this list are very real, and their   Eastern a strong footing, a secure base from which to
      steadfast support is much in evidence around cam-          grow as Connecticut’s only public liberal arts univer-
      pus. Through the financial contributions of our            sity. Thank you again for this support. As Eastern
      alumni, friends, and other donors each year, Eastern       moves ahead with its plans for the coming years, we
      Connecticut State University is able to provide            hope that you can continue to find ways to invest in
      scholarships to students and enhance our academic          this University. Everyone associated with Eastern will
      programs and services. We thank each and every one         benefit as a result.
      of our donors for their unwavering commitment to
      making Eastern the best public liberal arts university
      it can be. Not only does this support allow our cur-
      rent and future students to prosper and develop, it
      also helps the credentials of our alumni grow in           Kenneth J. DeLisa
      stature and value over time.                               Vice President for Institutional Advancement

      As a state university, Eastern is proud of the fact that
      more than 90 percent of our graduates stay in
      Connecticut to become successful, taxpaying mem-
      bers of their communities.

36   EASTERN   Winter 2007
Attention Alumni                                                           Alumni Ambassadors
Have you moved or gotten married? Have you taken a new job or              California                      N e w Yo r k /
had an addition to your family? Interested in volunteering at alumni       Los Angeles Area                Ne w Je r s e y
events or activities? Please send your information to or contact:          David T. Branin ’98             Metropolitan
Joy Goff, Director                                                         Benjamin J. Pratt ’98           New York City Area
                                                                           John Toolan ’90                 Michael Moore ’90
Office of Alumni Affairs
                                                                           Tony P. Riccio III ’99          John Stueck ’83
Eastern Connecticut State University
                                                                           San Francisco Area
83 Windham Street                                                                                          Rhode Island
                                                                           JoJo Farrell ’97
Willimantic, CT 06226                                                      Lisa A. Hatt ’93                Providence Area
e-mail:                                               Joseph A. Parks ’90             Bonnie Bryden ’03

Watch our web site for alumni receptions and networking events in          Frank M. Rudnick ’75            Sri Lanka
                                                                           Shannon E. Riley ’96
Connecticut and out-of-state.                                                                              Dilini Gunasekera ’91
                                                                           San Diego Area
Interested in a new professional position, or looking to recruit a new     Marie K. Baer ’86               Sweden
graduate or student intern? Contact the Office of Career Services at       Patrick T. Cross ’99            Poyan Shojaiyan ’04
                                                                           Kevin T. Lemieux ’98 or call (860) 465-4559.
                                                                           Mary E. Liu ’78                 United
Willing to volunteer at college career fairs as an admissions ambassa-     Andrew J. McRory ’95            Arab Emirates
dor? Call:                                                                 Christopher W. Melingonis ’99
                                                                                                           Natasha Husain ’01
                                                                           Cynthia I. Monter ’85
Christopher Dorsey
                                                                           Nicole K. Monter ’99
Assistant Director of Admissions                                           Sigrid H. Nicholas ’84
phone: (860) 465-4398
e-mail:                                              Massachusetts
                                                                           Greater Boston Area

Stay in Touch!                                                             Tony Cristi ’96
                                                                           Veronica Beechwood Curry ’97
                                                                           David Mullin ’98
Harris Connect is again assisting the Alumni Association by publishing     Laila Siddiqui ’04
an updated alumni directory. You should expect to receive an alumni
directory questionnaire sometime in March or April asking to verify
and/or update your information. Please take the time to review and         Thank You, Dr. Curran!
edit carefully so that your entry will be accurate in the directory. The
                                                                           Professor Emerita Ann M. Curran was
information provided to you in the questionnaire will be included in       unable to attend the spring 2006 President’s
the directory unless you return your edited information. You may also      Leadership Dinner Gala to receive the Alumni
be contacted by a Harris representative to remind you to respond with      Association’s Hermann Beckert Friends of the
any changes. Harris also can provide you with information if you are       University Award. Curran taught mathematics
interested in purchasing a copy of the directory to reconnect with for-    at Eastern from 1958-1986. In recent years she
mer classmates. With so many alumni moving and changing jobs, it is        named the Curran Family Group Study Room
getting harder to reach everyone. Thanks in advance for helping to         in the J. Eugene Smith Library in memory of
keep the Eastern family connected! Please feel free to contact the         her family and donated a book collection.
Alumni Affairs Office at (860) 465-5238 if you have any questions.

Please send story ideas and “letters to the editor” to:
Edward Osborn, Director
Office of University Relations
Eastern Connecticut State University
83 Windham Street
Willimantic, CT 06226
phone: (860) 465-5735

                                                                                                     EASTERN     Winter 2007       37
                                           Come join us as we gather under one big tent to celebrate this spe-
                                           cial place that we know as Eastern! Alumni returning to visit cam-
                                           pus; graduating seniors and their parents; faculty; and staff are
                                           invited to take part in the festivities. Help us welcome this year’s
                                           seniors as our newest alumni and acknowledge those classes
                                           reaching milestone anniversaries of their graduation from Eastern,
                                           in particular the class of 1982 (Happy 25th!). Other alumni inter-
ested in returning to campus as part of a group are invited to contact the Alumni Affairs staff, who will be
delighted to work with you to accommodate your group.

“Eastern Celebrates” will take place at Eastern’s outdoor athletic complex, adjacent to the baseball stadium
on the Mansfield campus. Enjoy a delicious BBQ with a mouth-watering menu
and lively entertainment as you reconnect with classmates
and congratulate the seniors and their parents. Alumni
can catch up on Eastern’s progress by attending the
Alumni Association’s annual meeting, also scheduled for
that afternoon in Gelsi-Young Hall.

For more information, watch the Alumni and Friends
pages at or contact the Office of
Alumni Affairs at (800) 631-2070, (860) 465-5238,
or by e-mail at

                                                                                                        Nonprofit Org.
EASTERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                     U.S. Postage
83 WINDHAM STREET                                                                                            PAID
                                                                                                        Willimantic, CT
                                                                                                        Permit No. 12

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