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									                                                                F~KS       NO.    :03122128741                              K~S.      24 2009 10:00   S2


Government of the Republic of Tajikistan ("Government") officially announces launch
 of the tender process for the development of one of the largest silver, lead and zinc
deposits in the world Kanimansuri Kalon, located in northern Tajikistan ("Project").
Pursltallt to a fu.Ily transparent international tender process, tIle Government anticipates
selecting a developer to whom certain rights to develop the Project will be awarded.
International Finallce Corporation (IFC), a Dlember of the World BarIk Group, experienced
in structuring and implementing public-private partnership projects, is acti.ng as the lead
advisor to the Govenuncnt to assist with the organization and implementation of the tender
process for the selection of a developer for the Project.
At this stage the Govenunent invites all interested investors with extensive experience in the
mining sector and sufficient financial resources to take part in the prequalification process"
III order to receive Request tor PrequaIification, which contains a detailed description of the
Project, a list of prequalification criteria, and guidelines for Sllbmitting prequalification
applications, interested investors should use contact information shown below. Only those
cO.lnpanies which submit a prequalification application by the indicated deadline and which
meet all legal, tecl1nica.l and fmancial prequalification. criteria will be incllided in the short
list of prequalified investors and will be allowed to participate in the next stage of the tender

Prequalification applications mu..c;;t be submitted by December 14,                                         2009~

                   ~Vf r ~hll k h rolt H dk hTll~llbul...'\·
                                       i'vlr. ()k'g Kudashov

     1)t.'pUl:-: (. 'ht.llnndll of the Sl~tc CClIillTI1Hl"_' OIl
                                    rII\, ('~l nl,,~nl (J tIl ccr

[11\ ~'·",llllt.~l\h .:lw.1 ')\~'ll~' PrupC1"l\ f\L.lI1i1g.L:1YlCIl1 of tlll_'
        Inll'rn~Hil)l1al Fi n:.llh~C· COI'PO/'~lll<)1l (Ire)

          {{,-'publIc cd j artl<h1an, ~(.\':rl·LHY u{ lh.. .~
                                      \\'"(lIld ndIlk (iroup

                   ( ~ U \ ,.'1(11111.' (It d 1 t' ~ )I n 111 i '-i "i i ~) Ii
                ~h   Blvd. Kr:1lJa 1\ll·:·\~l1l(.hd

  7-;402'';;1'1 ajd,I"';l;-1!). r)U~h~'Hd.'lt,,:!7 Sth',lcll1ur "It".
                           110UU Belgrade, Scrhi:l

                        Il'l I (() i) 2 )i 7 "}.!. t S l ,,()
                                   T\.'L· 1 (t;;l) 63 103 39()~~

           I ~ 1 U~H I: g kl. k'. nlllnan~ur\(/ 'glnal Il:Plli
                                I;. 111ai l: nkl1dashu\'((~/'i fr .urg

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