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					QM 017
ISO 28001 Internal Auditor Training

The aim of this course is to bring the participants to the Internal Auditor Level. The course provides skills, knowledge and under-
standing of principles and practices of internal auditing of security management for supply chain. The Internal Auditing is the funda-
mental element and a mandatory requirement of any formal MS in meeting the requirements of ISO 28001. On successful comple-
tion of the course, the participants should be capable of conducting successful to internal audit identify deficiencies and appraise
the effectiveness of the system.

Contents:                                                           Structure:
                                                                    Tutorials, Discussions, Workshops and Quiz.
•   Detailed review of the requirements of ISO 28001
    standard.                                                       Venue:
                                                                    TÜV Middle East courses are held at hotels and various
•   Definitions, purpose, objectives and benefits of ISO
                                                                    training centers. However, they can be held at customers’
    28001 internal auditing.
                                                                    premises, if required.
•   Planning / preparation of ISO 28001 internal auditing.
•   Execution of ISO 28001 internal auditing.                       TÜV Middle East certificate will be issued to all attendees.

•   Successful tools and techniques for ISO 28001 internal          Fees:
    auditing.                                                       US $ 700 per delegate. This includes coffee / tea on arrival,
                                                                    buffet lunch, coffee/ tea morning and afternoon.
•   Effective reporting & follow-up of ISO 28001 internal
    auditing.                                                       Duration:
                                                                    2 Days.
Who Should Attend:

• All levels of management who are involved in ISO 28001
  internal auditing.

• All levels of management who plan, execute and follow-
  up ISO 28001 internal auditing.

                              Location: Abu Dhabi / Dubai / Qatar / Bahrain / Oman / Kuwait / Syria

                                                TUV Middle East W.L.L.
    Abu Dhabi / Al Ain:, Dubai / Northern Emirates:;
             Qatar:, Bahrain: & Syria:

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