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					            The Redhill Preparatory School Uniform

                                                             The House T-shirts are
STOCKISTS                                                    Phoenix     Orange
• Cramers: Bryanston Shopping Centre                         Unicorn     Blue
• McCullagh & Bothwell: Hyde Park Shopping Centre            Gryphon     Green
• Second-hand Uniform shop –- Tuesdays 12:00 -
  14:30 and Thursdays 13:00 – 15:00                          SWIMMING
                                                             •  Black Speedo
                                                                Red bathing cap
DAILY UNIFORM                                                •
                                                             •  Redhill tracksuit
GIRLS                                                        •  Red towels are preferable but only compulsory
•   Tartan skirt                                                for team swimmers
•   Regulation white short sleeved shirt
•   White short socks in summer. Navy tights or long         ATHLETICS
    grey school socks in winter                              •  Navy shorts
•   Black school shoes (buckle, T-bar or lace-ups).          •  House T-shirts for Inter-House sports only
    Regulation black sandals – Toughees (for Grade1 -        •  White school shirt for practices and grey and red
    3 only) in summer.                                          vests for meetings (Team members only)
•   Navy sweatshirt or fleece top                            •  Redhill tracksuit
•   Navy anorak (optional)                                   •  Short white socks with takkies
•   Regulation beanies and navy or grey gloves (winter)
BOYS                                                         •  Navy shorts for boys and girls
•  Dark grey shorts or long pants                            •  White school shirt for Gr 1 & 2
•  Regulation white short sleeved shirt                      •  Girls sport shirt (white with red trim) for Gr 3 - 7
•  Long grey school socks with garters                       •  Short white socks
•  Black lace-up school shoes. Boots are not allowed.        •  Tennis shoes
   Regulation black sandals – Toughees (for Grade 1 -        •  Tennis racquet
   3 only) in summer.
•  Navy sweatshirt or fleece top                             NETBALL
•  Navy anorak (optional)                                    •  Navy shorts for Gr 1 & 2
•  Regulation beanies and navy or grey gloves (winter)       •  White school shirt for Gr 1 & 2
                                                             •  Girls sport shirt (white with red trim) for Gr 3 – 7
A note about the tracksuit                                   •  Red skirt with double white stripe for Gr 3 - 7
• Pupils may wear the full Redhill tracksuit with the        •  Short white socks with takkies
school shirt in winter. Neither the top nor the bottom can
be worn on its own with the rest of the uniform.             SOCCER
• School shoes must be worn when the tracksuit is worn       •  Navy shorts
instead of the standard daily uniform.                       •  Redhill soccer shirt (red and white) for Gr 1 - 7
                                                             •  Soccer socks (red and grey)
SPORTS UNIFORM                                               •
                                                                Soccer boots
                                                                Shin pads
•   White school shirt
•   House T-shirt                                            CRICKET
•   Navy shorts                                              •   White school shirt
•   White wide-brimmed hat or Redhill cap or peak-           •   White shorts
    style cap (for Gr 4 - 7 pupils only). HATS ARE           •   Grey school socks for Gr 1 & 2
                                                             •   White socks for Gr 3 – 7
•   Tracksuit – unless otherwise stipulated this is          •   White takkies
    compulsory for all Inter School matches

Grade 1 parents please note:
• For P.E. Grade 1’s will only change into shorts and
takkies or swimming costumes.
• A house T-shirt is only needed in the second term.
GENERAL APPEARANCE                                            LABELING ITEMS
1.     Girls’ hair - if it is shoulder length or longer it   Our lost property system works very well, as long as items
must be properly tied back with elastic bands or             are well labeled, with durable tags. Tags can be ordered
ribbons into pigtails, ponytails or plaits. Hair clips,      from Cramers and McCullagh and Bothwell, as well as
hair bands and ribbons must be red, navy or white.           from multiple online suppliers. Labeled items usually work
Uniform tartan hair bands are also allowed. The              their way back from the lost property box to your child.
fringe must be above the eyebrows. Hair must be              However, unlabeled items, if not collected immediately,
clean and tidy and kept to its natural colour.               are donated to the second hand shop.
2.     Boys’ hair must be neat, clean and tidy. It
must not touch the collar and the fringe must be out         Items should be labeled using first names/first initials and
of eyes. It should not be over the ears.                     surnames, and not initials only. e.g. “George Brown”
3.     No make-up is to be worn.                             (preferable) or” G. Brown. Not “G.B.”
4.     No fancy earrings are to be worn. Small
sleepers or small studs may be worn in pierced ears.         First time parents at Redhill often underestimate the
Only one pair of earrings may be worn.                       potential for items to go missing. You should bear in mind
5.     Religious symbols may be worn but must not            that with children changing into sports uniforms several
be visible.                                                  times each week, there is a high chance that something
6.     A watch and an allergy or medic-alert locket or       will go missing at some point.
bracelet may be worn - no other jewellery is
permitted.                                                   Be wise –- Order a large quantity of labels,
7.     Nails must be well manicured and short.
8.     No painted fingernails or toenails are                and label before the first wear.

         Still unsure about the uniform and what you should purchase?
     Please feel free to speak with teachers and other parents if you need practical advise about our
       uniform. And remember, the second-hand shop is a convenient way to top up your supply.

                                                 Redhill School
                                             every child counts