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Ref: 09-10-042                                                                                                     A Leading Edge School

9 October 2009


Dear Parent/Guardian

RE: Clip-on School Uniform Ties and Facebook

This term, members of School Council are trialling Clip-on School Uniform Ties. Currently, there are no plans to introduce Clip-on Ties.
All pupils have the opportunity to make their views known to their two Tutor Group Councillors before the next full Council meeting
when School Council members will feed back and discuss this matter and Councillors will decide if these ties should be considered as an
addition, or not, to the School Uniform.

This issue has created a great deal of interest and debate amongst pupils, especially via Facebook. The majority of the discussion is good
natured. However, a small number of pupils are being thoroughly nasty and unpleasant to the point of making bullying and abusive
threats to other pupils. These will be investigated and appropriate action taken by the School and, where applicable, will involve the

Normally, the School would not intervene when pupils are using social networking sites to discuss such matters. However, in this
instance, the nature and content of some of the comments being posted are such that I feel it necessary to contact you in this way. Your
child may well not have used Facebook to express a view, or may have expressed a view in a reasonable manner. However, will you
please discuss this with your child and explain to him/her that this weekend will be viewed as an amnesty; through this letter we are
giving all pupils the opportunity over this weekend to remove Facebook communications on the matter. (Please see below an extract
from Facebook documenting the procedure for reporting bullying against individuals or groups.)

Yours sincerely

Mr D K Wilmot, MA

Extract from Facebook
Despite Facebook's safety and privacy controls, Facebook cannot guarantee that the site is entirely free of illegal, offensive, pornographic or otherwise
inappropriate material, or that its members will not encounter inappropriate or illegal conduct from other members. Consequently, you may encounter
such content and conduct. You can help Facebook by notifying us of any nudity, pornography, harassment or unwelcome contact by clicking on the
"Report" link located on pages throughout the site. Facebook will use its best efforts to review reports made through this site reporting tool within 24
hours and remove any content that is deemed to have violated the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. If warranted Facebook will also warn or
disable the user responsible for posting the abusive content. Where complaints about nudity, pornography, harassment or unwelcome contact are made
by independent email to, Facebook will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and begin to address it within 24 hours. Facebook
will respond to the reporter within 72 hours of receiving the email complaint to inform them of the steps Facebook has taken to address it.