GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY
                                           STAFF COUNCIL

                                                Meeting Minutes
                                                  July 15, 2009

         STAFF COUNCIL                     Sinclair Suite, Student Center

Attending: Katina Akins, Amber Amari, Gloria Brooks, Gretchen Cannon, David
Caudill, Kevin Chappell, Ann Claycombe, Stephanie Echols, Cindy Forrest, Nigel Harris,
Casey Heath, Keisha Jones, John Medlock, Kimberly Moore, Trelley Murray, Kristal
Perkins, Mike Raderstorf, Andria Reddick, Lisa Shepard, Jowanna Tillman, Tawanna
Tookes, Susan Vogtner, Anita Webb, Rhonda Williams, Randall Alberts, Sandra Garber,
San Miller, Bill Prigge, Kenee Stephens, Shelly-Ann Williams.

Excused: Menetha Alston, Joe Amador, Colleen Blanchard, Cassandra Burney, Anjelica
Lymon, Rene Presti, LaRose Raston, Preeti Sagar, Angela Turk, Kimberly Walker,
Lillian Winfrey, MaryAnne Gaunt.

Absent: James Amann, Kwaku Andoh, Eric Ashford, Brenda Blyler, Amanda Brown,
Gregori Faroux, Sharon German, Melody Harris, Carla Hines, Elisha Jarrett, Kendall
Jones, Kevea Mickey, Karmen Milton, Beverly Peters, Teresa Rucker, David Smart, John
Streater, Henry Winston.

Guests: Kristian Serrano, Deb Rupp, Leon Staples.

Opening Business
David Caudill called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. The minutes from the May Staff
Council Retreat and the June 17 meeting were approved.

Guest Speaker – Beth Jones
Beth Jones, Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration, gave a presentation
on the new ADP/Shared Services system for payroll. The new system will go into
operation on August 8.
Jones walked the council members through the system, answered questions, and pointed
out links to available training classes and online videos on the Human Resources web
Two changes to note: employee W-2 forms will now be available on ADP, rather than
being mailed to employee homes; and employees who cash paper checks will now be
charged $6 by Bank of America.

Guest Speaker – Kristian Serrano
Kristian Serrano, PAWS Administrator, gave a brief presentation on the new Panther
Access to Web Services portal. Serrano explained that the system directed content at each
user based on their status at the university, their institutional affiliations, and interests. He
pointed out that PAWS was not only a great way for staff to get information, but also to
share information with targeted groups.

Bylaws votes
The council voted to approve two minor bylaws changes proposed by the Administrative
committee: 1. To change the name of the second officer on each committee from
secretary to vice-chair. 2. To officially correct the name of the Staff Recognition
Committee in the bylaws.

Information Updates
University Budget Updates: The economy in Georgia is still very weak, leading to low
tax receipts. There may be additional budget cuts across the University System of
Georgia, though it will be some time before we know what those are and what they will
mean for individual units at Georgia State.

President Becker’s Investiture: Ann Claycombe reported that the main venue for Staff
Council participation will be the Day in the Park, and encouraged committees to think of
ways to participate.

Staff Council Committee Objectives: Committees were encouraged to formally submit
their objectives so they could be added to the Staff Council Web site.

Staff Council District Communication Liaisons: Each district was asked to provide the
name of one council member who would take responsibility for distributing staff council
e-mails to that district’s constituents.

Staff Council Involvement in Day in the Park
Once again, committees were urged to think of ways to participate – not just information
tables, but interactive games. Debbie Rupp encouraged all present to come out and
participate in any way they could, mentioning that volleyball and play-jousting would be
among the activities.

Committee Reports
Community Relations: The planning for the Kaiser Permanente Run-Walk is going
smoothly, with GSU staff members able to enroll at a discounted rate of $20. The
committee is also working to promote the Fire Safety Carnival, to be held on Sept. 30
from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Kimberly Moore passed around a volunteer sheet for the Fire Safety
Carnival. The Benefits Fair date has been set for October 22.

Staff Development and Advancement: The committee has worked with HR to set up a
series of “Networking at Noon” brown-bags in the fall, for Sept. 15, Oct. 13 and Nov. 10.
The series will focus on building skills and leveraging them for career advancement. The
committee has also arranged a Sept. 22 meeting for those who wish to help organize a
Toastmaster’s chapter on campus. Finally, the committee has been working on the
possibility of discounted GRE, LSAT and GMAT training for staff members.
Sustainability: The Sustainability Committee has met with sustainability groups at a
number of other local universities: Emory, Georgia Tech, and Kennesaw. Nigel Harris,
the committee chair, and David Caudill were also part of a small group that met with the
sustainability director of Yale University. Finally, the committee is working with the
Greening Georgia State staff/faculty group to sponsor a series of “green bag lunches” on
the first Tuesday of every month in 1103 Commerce Building.

Staff Recognition: Produced posters advertising the Staff Scholarship – and asked
everyone at the meeting to take a few copies and post them. The committee is also
working on a paperless application process for the scholarship. Finally, the committee is
working to create a list of staff recognition opportunities, and asked that all present send
in any they knew about.

Work-Life: The committee was continuing to advocate for alternative work-schedule
guidelines, and had recruited Dethra Giles from HR to work with them. The committee
also plans to make a formal request that service be added to the annual evaluation rubric
for staff members.

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