Page 4                                              2007 BETTER NEWSPAPER CONTEST WINNERS                                                            February 2008

                                                                     CLASS 3
                                                                Weeklies 4,001 and greater
BEST EDITORIAL WRITING                                                              BEST HEADLINE WRITING                      BEST USE OF COLOR IN AN AD
First Place: Neil Westergaard,                     CLASS 3                          First Place: Russell Smyth,                First Place: Tony Wedick & Melissa
Denver Business Journal
Second Place: Karl Isberg,
                                                 SWEEPSTAKES                        Cortez Journal
                                                                                    Second Place: Boots Gifford &
                                                                                                                               Morrison, Estes Park Trail-Gazette
                                                                                                                               Second Place: Karen Sherer,
The Pagosa Springs SUN                             WINNERS                          Bruce Goldberg, Denver Business            The Pueblo West View
Third Place: Patrick Brower,                                                        Journal                                    Third Place: Roxanne McCormick,
                                                                                    Third Place: Mikkel Kelly,
Sky-Hi News                                                                                                                    Delta County Independent
                                                                                    Westminster Window
BEST NEWS STORY                             Pikes Peak Courier View                                                            BEST SMALL SPACE AD
                                                                                                                               First Place: Wendy Field,
First Place: John Crane, Cortez Journal                                             BEST NEWS PHOTOGRAPH
                                                                                                                               Pikes Peak Courier View
Second Place: Chris Michlewicz,                                                     First Place: Hillary Wheat , La Tribuna
Parker Chronicle                                Photo & Design:                     Second Place: David Jennings,
                                                                                                                               Second Place: Matt Schroeder,
                                                   La Tribuna
                                                                                                                               Douglas County News-Press
Third Place: Shirley Smith,                                                         Broomfield Enterprise                      Third Place: Chris Kahlmeyer,
The Villager                                                                        Third Place: David Jennings,               The Pagosa Springs SUN
                                                                                    Broomfield Enterprise
BEST FEATURE STORY                                                                                                             BEST AUTOMOTIVE AD
First Place: Stephen Knapp,
Canyon Courier
                                                    Cortez Journal                  BEST FEATURE PHOTOGRAPH
                                                                                    First Place: Justin Sagarsee,
                                                                                                                               First Place: Denise Coughlin,
                                                                                                                               The Pueblo West View
Second Place: Kathryn Richert,                                                      Arvada Press                               Second Place: Jody Irsik,
Broomfield Enterprise                                 General                       Second Place: Tonya Bina,                  Brighton Standard-Blade
Third Place: JoAnn Knutson,
                                                     Excellence:                    Sky-Hi News
                                                                                    Third Place: Riza Falk, La Tribuna
                                                                                                                               Third Place: Peggy Dissler,

                                                    Cortez Journal
Brighton Standard-Blade                                                                                                        The Puebo West View

BEST SPORTS STORY                                                                   BEST SPORTS PHOTOGRAPH                     BEST REAL ESTATE AD
First Place: Landon Johnston,                                                       First Place: Preston Utley, Vail Trail     First Place: Shari Pierce,
Cortez Journal                                                                      Second Place: Sam Green,                   The Pagosa Springs SUN
Second Place: John Rosa,                  BEST SERIES                               Cortez Journal                             Second Place: Matt Schroeder,
Northglenn-Thornton Sentinel              First Place: Staff,                       Third Place: Sam Green,                    Pikes Peak Courier View
Third Place: Elwood Shelton,                                                        Cortez Journal                             Third Place: Valerie Harbour &
                                          Westminster Window
                                                                                                                               Matt Rice, The Villager
Broomfield Enterprise                     Second Place: Rachel Alexander,
                                          The Villager                              BEST PHOTO ESSAY
                                                                                    First Place: David Jennings,
                                                                                                                               BEST ADVERTISING
BEST SPORTS EVENT STORY                   Third Place: Stephen Knapp,                                                          SPECIAL SECTION
First Place: Elwood Shelton,                                                        Broomfield Enterprise
                                          Canyon Courier                                                                       First Place: Staff,
Broomfield Enterprise                                                               Second Place: Justin Sagarsee,
                                                                                                                               Estes Park Trail-Gazette
Second Place: Landon Johnston,            BEST SUSTAINED COVERAGE                   Arvada Press                               Second Place: Peggy Dissler,
Cortez Journal                            First Place: John Crane, Cortez Journal   Third Place: Kristin Anderson,             The Pueblo West View
Third Place: Dan Johnson,                 Second Place: Heath Urie, Columbine       Vail Trail                                 Third Place: Advertising Prepress &
Columbine Courier                         Courier                                                                              Editorial Staff, Cortez Journal
                                          Third Place: Suzanne Core,                BEST NEWS PAGE DESIGN
BEST BUSINESS STORY                       Pikes Peak Courier View                   First Place: Abraham Torres,               BEST ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN
First Place: Mikkel Kelly,                                                          La Tribuna                                 First Place: Myra Krider,
Westminster Window                        BEST SPECIAL SECTION                      Second Place: Boots Gifford,               Pikes Peak Courier View
Second Place: Bob Mook,                   First Place: Copy Desk & Editorial        Denver Business Journal                    Second Place: Mike Pierce,
Denver Business Journal                   Staff, Douglas County News Press          Third Place: Heidi Harden,                 The Pagosa Springs SUN
Third Place: Noelle Leavitt,              Second Place: Boots Gifford,              Castle Rock News-Press                     Third Place: Julie Skelton,
Denver Business Journal                   Denver Business Journal                                                              Estes Park Trail-Gazette
                                          Third Place: JoAnn Knutson,               BEST FEATURE PAGE DESIGN
BEST AGRICULTURE STORY                    Brighton Standard-Blade                   First Place: Terri Hospers,                BEST ADVERTISING
First Place: Shannon Livick,                                                        Broomfield Enterprise                      LAYOUT AND DESIGN
Cortez Journal                                                                      Second Place: Abraham Torres,              First Place: Cinnamon Lowe,
                                          BEST SERIOUS COLUMN WRITING
Second Place: Shannon Livick,             First Place: Lynn Evans,                  La Tribuna                                 Lisa Allison, Rick Chance &
Cortez Journal                                                                      Third Place: Terri House,                  Erin Franks, Arvada Press
                                          Cortez Journal                                                                       Second Place: Staff,
Third Place: Vila Schwindt,               Second Place: Kathy Bedell,               The Pagosa Springs SUN
                                                                                                                               The Pueblo West View
Cortez Journal                            Leadville Chronicle                                                                  Third Place: Mike Pierce,
                                          Third Place: Dana Bieber,                 BEST EDITORIAL LAYOUT AND
                                                                                                                               Chris Kahlmeyer, Shari Pierce &
BEST EDUCATION STORY                      Arvada Press                              DESIGN                                     Terri House, The Pagosa Springs SUN
First Place: Cathy Proctor,                                                         First Place: Shari Pierce & Terri House,
Denver Business Journal                   BEST HUMOROUS                             The Pagosa Springs SUN                     BEST NEWSPAPER PROMOTION
Second Place: Stephen Knapp,              COLUMN WRITING                            Second Place: Staff, Vail Trail            First Place: Mike Pierce & Shari Pierce,
Canyon Courier                            First Place: Randy Wyrick, Vail Trail     Third Place: L. Wayne Hicks,               The Pagosa Springs SUN
Third Place: Briana Hovendick,            Second Place: Patrick Brower,             Boots Gifford & Bruce Goldberg,            Second Place: Mike Pierce,
Arvada Press                              Sky-Hi News                               Denver Business Journal                    The Pagosa Springs SUN
                                          Third Place: Karl Isberg,                                                            Third Place: Ashley Davis,
BEST STORY-PICTURE COMBO                  The Pagosa Springs SUN                    BEST INFORMATIONAL GRAPHIC                 Denver Business Journal
First Place: Matt Gunn,                                                             First Place: Abraham Torres,
Columbine Courier                         BEST SPORTS COLUMN                        La Tribuna                                 BEST CIRCULATION PROMOTION
Second Place: Randy Wyrick &              First Place: Sherrie Peif , Windsor Now   Second Place: Eileen Hall,                 First Place: Annette Ackerland,
Kristin Anderson, Vail Trail              Second Place: Landon Johnston,            Denver Business Journal                    Estes Park Trail-Gazette
Third Place: Riza Falk &                  Cortez Journal                            Third Place: Luis Uribe,                   Second Place: Matt Schroeder,
Mailyn Salabarria, La Tribuna             Third Place: Dennis Pleuss,               Denver Business Journal                    Centennial Citizen
                                                                                                                               Third Place: Matt Schroeder,
                                          Arvada Press
BEST DEADLINE                                                                       BEST BLACK AND WHITE AD                    Elbert County News
NEWS REPORTING                            PUBLIC SERVICE                            First Place: Tom Fildey,
First Place: Shannon Livick & John        First Place: Janice Mason,                Canyon Courier                             BEST CLASSIFIED PAGE(S)
Crane, Cortez Journal                                                               Second Place: Matt Schroeder,
                                                                                                                               OR SECTIONS(S)
                                          Estes Park Trail-Gazette                                                             First Place: Shelia Flores,
Second Place: Shannon Livick,             Second Place: Tonya Bina,                 Pikes Peak Courier View
                                                                                                                               Pikes Peak Courier View
Cortez Journal                                                                      Third Place: Misty Kaiser,
                                          Sky-Hi News                                                                          Second Place: Leslie Dawson,
Third Place: Greg Avery,                  Third Place: Steve Smith,                 Broomfield Enterprise                      Estes Park Trail-Gazette
Denver Business Journal                   Brighton Standard-Blade                                                              Third Place: Peggy Dissler,
                                                                                                                               The Pueblo View West

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