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					                MARCH MESSAGES
3-1 “Does God know me?”-Sam Buster
3-8 Speaker Jeff Buster
3-15 Sam Buster
3-22 Mission Presentation-The Cami’s
3-29 Sam Buster
                                                   If you know of anyone who is not on our list, contact
                                                   Church Office

                  COFFEE HOUR                      3-1 Cindy Johnson
                                                   3-6 Mike Johnson
3-1    Carol Dawson & Joyce Richter                3-6 Sabrina Martin
3-8    Mae Backovitch & Joyce Richter              3-9 Alex Dietz
3-15   Rosalie Stickling & Patty Summers           3-14 Kathy Martin
3-22   Jenny & Chris Sybrandy                      3-23 David Huber
3-29   Food Drive-Lunch Served                     3-24 Raya Peterson

                USHER SCHEDULE                               PRAYER & PRAISE NOTES
   (Note: Ushers are now scheduled by the month)
                                                   The prayer and praise notes that are found weekly in
March Sue McDonald & Shirley Disch                 the bulletin are maintained by Rosalie Stickling.
April Donna & Andy Kramer                          Requests stay on for one month, then are removed
May Mike & Cindy Johnson
                                                   and/or updated. Please use the form provided in the
June Linda Ellinger & Linda Martin
                                                   bulletin or email the church office with your requests.
                                                   We are thankful to Rosalie for her service.

              NURSERY SCHEDULE
3-1 Donna Kramer
3-8 Annie Lyons
3-15 Sandy Blake                                        Installation of Council Members
3-22 Teresa Pillars
3-29 Diane Mauck
                                                   **Correction** It was not noted in Feb. chimes, Rosalie
                                                   Stickling was elected to be Council Secretary.

    CHILDREN’S MOMENT SCHEDULE                                      Save The Date
3-1 Alex Fazekas
                                                   On Saturday, March 28th , there will be a spaghetti
3-8 Rosalie Stickling
                                                   dinner served courtesy of the Umlauf/Reiley family.
3-15 Katie Margison
                                                   This is a “THANK YOU” dinner for the congregation, so
3-22 Teresa Pillars
                                                   the family can express their gratitude for the kindness
3-29 Cindy Johnson
                                                   shown during this difficult time with Keelie. They are
                                                   hoping Keelie will be able to attend as well. More
                                                   information coming soon!
Outreach Committee Updates                                              Annual Food Drive
The Outreach Committee met February 17th, and had         On March 29th we will again be holding our annual food
the pleasure of meeting Ilir and Kate Cami who            drive (formerly Souper Bowl Sunday). This year will
represent International Teams as missionaries. The        have some changes. Outreach is partnering with
couple will be with us during worship service on March    Lydia’s Circle to provide the lunch which will be served
22nd. They will share with the congregation about the     during coffee hour. There will be soup, sides, and
efforts of International Teams. They are one of the       desserts. Both groups will be providing food, so please
mission agencies we will support in the 10/40 window      see Joyce Richter or Annie Lyons for details. We will
part of our Mission Budget.                               again have the “menu” that indicates the “cost” of the
                                                          meal to be “paid” with non-perishable food items.
We are going to change up the Souper Bowl Sunday          Flyers will be handed out prior to the event, so all will
events this year. We will be organizing a similar event   have the information. All donations will again benefit
on March 29th in partnership with Lydia’s Circle. See     the Avon Food Pantry. Last year we took two truck
article for specifics.                                    loads of food to the pantry, they were so grateful!
                                                          Mark your calendars.
Plans are also underway for a “Diaper Drive” for Tri-
County Pregnancy Center. This will coincide with
Mothers Day.

For Him        Teresa Pillars-Chair
                                                                 Worship Committee Updates
Members: Sam Buster, Annie Lyons, Sandy Blake, Karen      The Worship committee continues to meet on a regular
Eggert, & Jim Pillars.                                    basis to discuss and plan worship services. Feedback
                                                          from the congregation has helped us tremendously, and
                                                          we welcome it.
      Wednesday Night Prayer Time
                                                          On Sunday, February 8th, we welcomed our Scout
How’s your prayer life?                                   Troops. Two of the young men did the Presentation of
                                                          Colors, and Paul Sosha gave a short presentation.
Our church is actively involved in weekly prayer          Please continue to pray for all the local scouting
meetings devoted solely to praying for aspects of the     programs. February 22nd, Rev. Ricky Bueno gave the
church. We may pray for a global church topic one         message during the service.
week, and pray for the CCRL nursery-age children
another week, but we pray. Everyone is welcome to         Volunteers for coffee hour are always needed. You do
come and participate. And a special invitation is made    not need to buy any refreshments, as they are
to you who have never prayed out loud or in a group       provided. If, however, you would like to bring a
before, to come and listen. God will honor even your      special treat, it is welcome. Please see Joyce Richter
silent participation.                                     for more information.

Our statistics since we began Wednesday evening,          We are gearing up for the upcoming Easter season.
September 10th are as follows: We have met 18 out of      Plans are to have Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and
23 Wednesdays for just under an hour, we average          Easter Sunday services. On Good Friday, the sanctuary
between 6 and 7 participants, so, collectively, we have   will be open. You are welcome to come as you please
lifted up many hours of prayer to our great God over      to meet with our Lord in prayer.
this time period, but who’s counting?
Please join us when you can. Let me know if you’d like    We will continually strive to make the service pleasing
to join us, or just pop in. We start promptly at 6:30     first and foremost to God, and welcome suggestions
and stop at 7:15 sharp. We would love to have you         from members. Next meeting is March 24, 8:30pm.
join us every now and again.
                                                          God has truly blessed each one of us on the committee,
In the meantime, how’s your prayer life?                  and we are all grateful to serve Him in this way.

His,                                                      In Him
Alex Fazekas                                              Randy Margison-Chair

                                                          Members: Sam Buster, Sandy Blake, Joyce Richter,
                                                          Annie Lyons, & Jim Pillars.
             LYDIA CIRCLE NEWS
At our very lively February meeting (many attended)                       A CONTRITE HEART
we voted unanimously to hold a mini-spring rummage          I may be the only person in our church who did not
sale. It will be held ONLY in fellowship hall and our       hear when Pastor Sam used me as an example of how
entranceway. The dates will be: April 26 (set-up            not to be a Christian. Yes, I’m Roberta, and though I
Sunday), with sale dates of April 30 thru May 2nd . We      have often wished to be the inspiration for a sermon, I
expect to do the entire set-up, and begin sorting on the    had hoped it would be of a “good” example.
26th. An energy packed lunch for all the workers will
be provided. Cut off for the donations would be the         I am learning so much from Pastor Sam!! Thank God
evening of Tuesday the 28th. As always, workers are         for him. I had already learned how to apologize, it was
allowed to do “early bird” shopping. Plans are to have      something I needed to know, but I needed to learn to
the usual “bag sale” items, plants, jewelry, and large      forgive. I have a neighbor, Maria, who I knew would
items. Set-up will be very basic: tables, clothing racks,   forgive me before I even asked her to. I was just
and shelving, as needed. We will not be using the back      embarrassed to ask her, embarrassed that I needed
rooms at all. The “extra-good-quality” items will be        too. So, since I knew I didn’t deserve to be forgiven, I
packed away for the fall sale (sale dates: August 7-9).     sent over a card saying so first. She ran out to greet
If you can hold back on these items, it would be            me arms outstretched for a big hug. We cried and
appreciated, as we all know storage space is limited.       hugged, hugged, and cried, then had a lovely visit.

We will have a sign up sheet soon, and will ask for         Thinking about it later, I realized that the secret is to
names & phone numbers in case we have an urgent             have a contrite heart BEFORE I sin, then maybe I won’t
need (a semi-truck load of donations) and have to call      say or do that stupid or mean thing. In fact, I
people in to help. There will be a “to-do” list running     personally, need to have a contrite heart every waking
at all times to better identify what needs to be done.      moment. That is my only hope, with the power of the
                                                            Holy Spirit, to ever be anything but a wretched
We hope to fill Fellowship Hall will lots of clothing,      Christian.
tools, small electronics, toys, house wares, etc. If you
have large electronics (TV or computer) please call         We are so blessed to have a God with the patience and
Mae Backovitch BEFORE bringing to church 847-543-           love to help us be what He longs for us to be. THANK
9917.                                                       YOU LORD!

TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! All donations are            In His Love
welcome and tax deductible and the more shoppers the        Roberta Vilmann
better!!                                                    Ps. 51:17 “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a
                                                            broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise”
THE SALE. We will also need flower pots, any size,
for the fall sale. These are any you can pick up at
sales during the summer.

Last, but not least…Lydia Circle decided that the
ENTIRE profit from this sale will be given to the                             CARD MINISTRY
churches General and/or Building Fund.                      Do you know someone who is in need of some spiritual
                                                            love from our brother’s and sister’s in Christ? If so,
We Are Truly…..In His Service                               contact Shirley Disch. Shirley will faithfully mail cards
                                                            to people that convey prayer, love, and hope to those
The Ladies of Lydia Circle                                  in need.
                                                              Shirley’s email is:, or feel
                                                             free to drop a note in the offering plate, or talk with
                                                                          Shirley during coffee hour.
Curry’s Prayer and Praise
February 14, 2009
                                                                            CHOIR REHEARSAL
                                                              Choir practice is on Wednesdays, at 7:30 pm. Practice
Dear Friends,
                                                              takes place in the Sanctuary. If you are interested in
                                                              joining, please see Randy Margison
We have been here in Vijayawada the last two weeks.
Rhonda has seminary students in our home each
evening tutoring them in English. Since most of
Christian literature is printed in the English language, it
is incredibly powerful for them to learn English. This
opens the door to the world for them.

I have been planning future train and air travel for the
next three months and also researching curriculum
options for the Bible schools. Each morning the faculty                     COUNCIL REPORTS
has a devotional time. I have been leading that for a
few days. Rev. Dr. Quentin Scholtz, from a United
                                                              Reports from the most recent meeting are always
Methodist Church in Danville, Kentucky, visited us here
for two days. That was extra special!                         available at the back of the church in the wooden rack
                                                              at the top of the steps. Don’t hesitate to pick one up if
                                                              you have interest. Counci l Meetings are always open to
This Monday I leave here by train and go to Calcutta          our members. We meet the second Tuesday evening to
(overnight train ride) and then get another train up          conduct church business and the fourth Tuesday
into the mountains of Jharkand, the Malto tribal people       evening to pray. Please contact Council President If you
where I will visit the ECI School there, offering             wish to attend or speak at any meeting.
encouragement to the Principal and learning of their
curriculum needs. The Bishop will visit there also next
week and dedicate some churches. I will assist in that

Saturday evening I leave with the Bishop on train and
                                                                             WRLR RADIO 98.3
go back to Calcutta where we will be on an early              Ever thought of being on the radio? We have a need for
                                                              4-5 people to rotate doing our
morning flight to New Delhi for a meeting with
potential donors from America. After all that, I fly back     weekly church radio program. Please contact Annette
                                                              Gathercoal if you are interested.
to South India and should be back in Vijayawada by the

Especially pray for Rhonda. She misses family so much.
You can drop her a note at We
had hoped to have the Coffee House going by now but
are content to wait until the right moment. She will be
by herself for about ten days. Two seminary girls come
and spend the nights when I am gone.
                                                                   USE OF CHURCH BUILDING AND
Also especially pray for me and the Bishop as to our                    CHIMES CALENDAR??
health risk in the Malto tribal area. Three missionaries              The calendar in the Chimes each month only
and one seminary have died there due to the cholera,          contains the events of our church life. It does not list
typhoid, malaria and dengue fever.                            all the groups using the church facility on different
                                                              dates. If you wish inquire about using the facility,
Sincerely in His love,                                        please call or email Anne Lyons. Church number 847-
Thomas and Rhonda                                             546-1000, or email

P.S. — I broke a tooth and had my first experience with
an Indian dentist. Believe it or not, it went very well.
Praise God!

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