Award Recommendation Form by cnu54265


									Form 16.0.3F

                        Georgia Society Awards Recommendation Form

                         (<TAB> or <SHIFT><TAB> between fields. DO NOT use your <RETURN> key.)

Name of Person Recommended for an Award:              _____________________________________________
Name of Medal or Certificate to be awarded:         ______________________________________________

                                             Nominee Has Been Awarded.
         Award                           State     Chapter                        Award                             State   Chapter

Silver Good Citizenship Medal*                                          Certificate of Appreciation

Bronze Good Citizenship Medal                                           SAR Daughters of Liberty Medal

Meritorious Service Medal                                               Martha Washington Medal

Outstanding Citizenship Award & Pin                                     SAR Medal of Appreciation

Distinguished Service Certificate                                       _____________________________________

                                                    *Must be approved by State
                      See sections 16.1 -16.15 of the source book or the SAR Web Site for awards criteria

Chapter or Georgia Society Achievements and Activities That Qualify Your Recommendation for this Award
                     (Note: Color Guard Medals, Patriot Medals and The President’s Award are handled separately):
(There is a maximum of 86 characters per line above. <TAB> between lines. Use additional sheets if necessary.)

                                                                                       Submission Deadline is January 15
Recommended By: ________________________________________                               Date Submitted:

Received By:          ________________________________________                         Date Received:
                                                                                             Approved               Disapproved
Awards Committee:           ________________________________________

Executive Committee: ________________________________________

                                                   Send to;
                            Chairman, Georgia Society Medals and Awards Committee
                                    (see Committee Chairman on web page)
                                    This Form May Be Duplicated If You Need Additional Copies

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