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Compagnie du ponant
Key facts and figures
Philosophy: Yacht Cruises

the fleet
Le   Boréal (2010) & L’Austral (2011) - New
Le   Ponant
Le   Levant
Le   Diamant

tailor-made Yacht Cruises
Private Charters

on course for an exceptional journey
The winter Cruise Collection – 2009/2010
The Summer Cruise Collection – 2010

what our guests have to say

                                           ntac  ts :
                                  Press co
                                              oLIVarI          ns Manag
                                  alexandra          municatio
                                              al com
                                  Internation                  rseilles- Fra
                                                            13008 M
                                                 du Prado -
                                   4 08 avenue          6 65   42
                                             (0)4 88 6
                                   Tel : +33                 com
                                                a ri@ponant.
                                   Mail : aoliv         m
KeY FaCtS and FigureS

  the only French cruise line, Compagnie du ponant is an integral part of France’s great sailing tradition.
  the company combines a sophisticated lifestyle « à la française » on board and discovery through a
  range of exceptional destinations.

  estabLIshed:               in 1988 Jean-emmanuel Sauvée and Philippe Videau launched this adventure
                             with a dozen other Officers from the French Navy.
  Parent coMPany:            CMA CGM Group
                             In 2004, CMA CGM, the world’s third largest container shipping group and heir
                             to the renowned CGM French Line, bought a majority stake in COMPAGNIe
                             DU PONANT.
  FLeet:                     a fleet where each ship has her own personality
                             • LE PONANT, a 32-stateroom sailing yacht
                             • LE LEVANT, a racy 45-stateroom yacht
                             • LE DIAMANT, an expedition cruise ship with 113 suites and staterooms
                             • May 2010: arrival of LE BOREAL, with 132 suites and staterooms
                             • May 2011: arrival of L’AUSTRAL, with 132 suites and staterooms
  nuMber staterooMs:         190 in 2009, 322 in 2010, 454 in 2011
  staFF:                     300 currently 250 are at sea
  nuMber oF guests:          11,000 guests in the year 2009
  annuaL turnoVer :          €35 million
  head oFFIce:               408 avenue du Prado, 13008 Marseilles, France.
  shore sIde teaMs:          Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée, Chief Executive Officer
                             Véronique Saadé, Deputy Executive Vice-President
                             Alexandra Olivari, Marketing Manager, and an enthusiastic team who love
                             what they do.
  caPtaIns:                  Régis Daumesnil, Etienne Garcia, Rémi Genevaz, Jean-Philippe Lemaire,
                             Erwann Le Rouzic and Patrick Marchesseau – all are passionate about the sea.
  InForMatIon and            0 808 234 38 02 Toll Free Number
  reserVatIon FroM the uK:
more tHan a CruiSe, a priViLege

diSCoVer tHe eLeganCe “YaCHt CruiSeS”
COMPAGNIe DU PONANT is carrying on the great tradition of cruising « à la française », offering:
•    mythical destinations and secret ports only accessible to small ships
•    gourmet cuisine in an intimate environment, where no attention to detail is spared
•    unforgettable memories of relaxation on board elegant yachts of distinction.

                                                                  elegance, discovery and authenticity
                                                                                    Welcome aboard!

on CourSe For an eXCeptionaL JourneY

Dream locations off the beaten track, new cultures and close encounters with the wonders of Nature - these are
the privileges we can offer thanks to the size and technical capabilities of the ships belonging to COMPAGNIe
Exotic islands, secret coves, Antarctic’s majestic glaciers, unique encounters with whales, and the gateway to
the Amazon… also Spitzbergen, Madagascar, Greenland, India, the Maldives, Seychelles or Iceland – let
Compagnie du Ponant take you on an incredible voyage of discovery to these fascinating places and more!

                                                        exceptional moments in enchanting locations
                                                             a unique and moving travel experience
SmaLL SCaLe intimate YaCHtS
Being on board one of our ships is like being on a private yacht. Having fewer staterooms and suites maintains
an intimate environment, enhanced by imaginative decor employing superior materials and soothing harmonious
tones: chic yet casual.
A professional and discreet service is assured from our highly experienced crew.

                                                                   a special atmosphere reigns on board
                                                                     a sense of being on a private yacht

reSpeCt For tHe enVironment
Reducing our impact on the environment is a priority - from the thoughtfully selected itineraries, to cruising under
sail with Le Ponant, or using eco-friendly hull coatings, to respecting local people and raising awareness among
passengers and crew. It is a tradition Le Boréal and L’Austral will carry forward with the international “Green
Ship” label.

Compagnie du Ponant itself is a member of La Charte Bleue d’Armateurs de France, requiring ship owners to
protect marine and coastal environments. It also belongs to the IAATO (International Association of Antarctic Tour
Operators), committed to responsible behavior to safeguard the flora and fauna.

                                                             nature puts on a spectacular show
                                            Compagnie du ponant is committed to respecting it
                                                    and giving their passengers a front row seat
Le BoréaL and L’auStraL

                                                      Le Boréal (may 2010) and L’austral (may 2011)
                                                                                a Yacht like no other

the Yachts
With an innovative design, slender shape and exceptional interiors, French designers have combined a warm
and intimate atmosphere to create a unique signature style for these two “sister-ships”.

everything has been done to preserve the individuality of each guest to suit their personal tastes:
lounges for lectures and shows, a spa in partnership with Carita™, and more intimate spaces such as the library
and internet corner. Comfortable cabins, most with private balcony, are available for families either as triples or
as adjoining staterooms. There is also a games area with wii™ consoles, children’s menus, and a baby-sitting

                                                     two exceptional yachts flying the French flag
                                                                                    a unique style
                                     an unforgettable experience from may 2010 with Le BoreaL
Le Boréal and L’Austral are equipped with eco-friendly features such as:

•   dynamic positioning, so there is no need to drop anchor, thereby protecting the seabed
•   optical underwater detection system, to avoid collisions with whales and other sea life
•   electric propulsion system: quiet and economic
•   diesel engines using MDO (Marine Diesel Oil): lighter and more environmentally friendly
•   waste and sewage treatment on board
•   low energy bulbs for lighting
•   reduced exhaust emissions, etc.

main features
Length: 142 m / 466 ft
Beam: 18 m / 59 ft
Decks: 6 (including 1 sun deck)
Ice class: 1C
Draft: 4.7 m / 15.3 ft
Cruising speed: 16 knots
Gross tonnage: 10 700

Guests: 264
Crew members: 136
Staterooms and suites: 132 (95% with private balcony)

principal destinations
Mediterranean, Russia, Spitzbergen, Greenland, Canadian Arctic, South America, Brazil, Amazon, United
States, Antarctica, Asia...
Le ponant

                                                               a majestic three-masted 290 foot yacht
                                                   an alliance of nautical tradition and great elegance

With her sleek lines, decks extending along her full length, three majestic masts reaching for the sky and her sails
ready to take flight, Le Ponant captivates all who sail with her. There is no need to be an experienced sailor to
embark on this beauty. while guests do not participate in the maneuvers, the crew is always delighted to answer
questions. As on a private yacht, we sail with a small group of people who really love being at sea.

main features
Length: 88 m / 290 ft                                         32 ocean-view staterooms
Beam: 12 m / 39 ft                                            (including, with flat screen TV, individually controlled
Draft: 4 m / 13 ft                                            air-conditioning, telephone, mini-bar, safe, bathrobes
Decks: 4 including 400 m²/ 4 300 sq.ft sun deck               and hairdryer)
Masts: 3
Sail area: 1500 m² / 16,140 sq ft                             2 Restaurants with 64 settings (one panoramic)
Speed under sail: 10/12 knots                                 Main lounge - Terrace lounge
engine: 1600 kw                                               Books and videos
Gross tonnage: 1443                                           Telephone, fax and email by satellite
Guests: 64
Crew members: 32

principal destinations
Corsica, Malta, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Libya, egypt, Oman, United Arab emirates, India, the Maldives,
Le LeVant

                                                                                    a thoroughbred yacht
                                                                 revel in the sensation of a private cruise

Le Levant lures guests with her sleek raised white hull. Inside there is a similar aesthetic appeal as Compagnie
du Ponant seeks to cultivate a refined sophistication. No flashy luxury here, just a décor which favors exquisite
materials, wood paneling and soft hues. A sporty chic ambiance in good taste, where discretion and intimacy
go hand in hand with relaxation.

main features
Length: 100 m / 330 ft                                    45 ocean-view staterooms
Beam: 14 m / 46 ft                                        (including marble and teak bathrooms, shower,
Decks: 5 including 400 m² sun deck                        hairdryer, bathrobes, individually controlled air-condi-
Stabilizers: 4                                            tioning, satellite TV and more)
Reinforced hull
Optimal soundproofing
Draft: 3.5 m / 11.5 sq ft                                 2 restaurants with 95 settings
Cruising speed: 14 knots                                  Main lounge – 2 Bars - Library
engine: 3000 kw                                           Sauna – Fitness room - Pool
                                                          Hairdressing salon – Shop - elevator
Guests: 90 - (95 if utilizing triple staterooms)          Telephone, email and fax by satellite
Crew members: 55

principal destinations
Corsica, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Libya, Venezuela, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenadines,
the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, Beliz...
Le diamant

                                                                      a cruise ship of charm and tradition
                                                                        the art of cruising the French way

Her elegant classic lines are a joy to behold. Le Diamant is an ambassador of the great cruising tradition yet
at the same time has a taste for adventure. For this intrepid traveler (with her Class 1D ice certification hull)
is fearless. Close to shore or out in the extreme oceans, she delights those who love unique ports of call and
exploring new horizons.

main features
Length: 124 m / 406.82 ft                                     Number of staterooms: 113 ocean-view and suite (from
Beam: 16 m / 52.5 ft                                          17 to 37 m² (please add sq ft dimensions)
5 Decks (inc. sun deck and full circle                        (including bath tub or shower, bathrobes, hairdryer,
observation and promenade deck)                               satellite TV, individually controlled air-conditioning,
Stabilizers: 2                                                minibar, hi-fi radio, etc.)
Ice certification: ICe Class 1D
Draft: 4.9 m / 15.7 ft                                        3 Restaurants (one outside) – 4 Bars
Cruising speed: 15 knots                                      Main Lounge - Club Lounge
Main engines: 2 x 2750 kW                                     Library / video library
                                                              Massage room - Fitness room - Pool
Guests: 226                                                   Hairdressing salon – Shop – 2 elevators – Infirmary
Crew members: 120

principal destinations
Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Spitzbergen, Iceland,
Greenland, South Georgia, Antarctica, Chile, Peru, the equator, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, the Middle
east, Japan, China...
taiLor-made YaCHt CruiSeS

priVate CHarterS
the sea: an original concept for special events
• A totally self-contained venue
• Small scale ships
• Tailor-made to individual requirements – turnkey events
• Complete flexibility and high level of creativity for a unique occasion

whether it is a cruise with friends, a family celebration (wedding, anniversary), or a business event (seminar,
convention, product launch), all our cruise ships are available for private charters.

Clients are in excellent hands on our small vessels, with an experienced staff who is flexible, creative and very
professional, ensuring that each event is an unforgettable experience.
                                                                                                             W Inter cr

tHe Winter 2010 CoLLeCtion: nature’S grandeur

Le Ponant
       Cruising through the heart of exotic islands in the indian ocean or discovering holy ruins in the
       oman sea…

                                       JEWELS OF THE ANCIENT MEDITERRANEAN
                                                         Marseilles – Alexandria
                                                                       9 TO 20 NOVEMBER 2009

                                                             Cruises from €3,190* per person (exc. taxes)
                 “Privilège” offer*: flights and post-night in a hotel, worth €650 per person (exc. taxes)

                                                       SULTAN AND EMIRATE COUNTRY
                                                       Muscat – Dubai & Dubai – Muscat
                                                            9 TO 16 DECEMBER 2009 (7 nights)
                                                             22 TO 28 MARCH 2010 (6 nights)
                                                          28 MARCH TO 3 APRIL 2010 (6 nights)

                                                                                      Dubai - Dubai
                                                           16 TO 23 DECEMBER 2009 (7 nights)

                                                                      Cruises of 7 nights from €2,005*
                                                                                  per person (exc. taxes)

                                                                      Cruises of 6 nights from €1,680*
                                                                                  per person (exc. taxes)

                                                          Kochi – Male
                                                                          4 TO 11 JANUARY 2010
                                                                         18 TO 25 JANUARY 2010

                                                           Cruises from €2,450 per person (exc. taxes)
Le Levant
       Cruising through the gateway to the amazon, the Caribbean and beyond…

                                 THE ORINOCO: GATEWAY TO THE AMAZON
                                     Fort de France (Martinique) – Fort de France
                                                     28 NOVEMBER TO 5 DECEMBER                 2009
                                                              5 TO 12 DECEMBER                 2009
                                                             12 TO 19 DECEMBER                 2009
                                                               16 TO 24 MARCH                  2010
                                                        Cruises from €1,593* per person (exc. taxes)
                                  “Privilège” offer*: savings of 25% on time spent at sea (exc. taxes)

                                                           CARIBBEAN RHYTHMS
                                  Fort de France (Martinique) – Cienfuegos (Cuba)
                                                                   19 TO 27 DECEMBER 2009
                                                        Cruises from €1,477* per person (exc. taxes)
                                  “Privilège” offer*: savings of 25% on time spent at sea (exc. taxes)

Le Diamant
            “Surprise” outings amidst the majestic glaciers of the antarctic, unexpected encounters with
            pods of whales…

                                                    Ushuaia – Ushuaia
                                                              6 TO 21 DECEMBER 2009
                                                 21 DECEMBER 2009 TO 5 JANUARY 2010
                                                        Cruises from €2,815* per person (exc. taxes)
                              “Privilège” offer*: savings of €500 + €50 on board credit per person.

                                                  ANTARCTICA, LAND OF EXTREMES
                                                                Ushuaia – Ushuaia
                                                          23 JANUARY TO 2 FEBRUARY 2010
                                                                  2 TO 12 FEBRUARY 2010
                                                                 12 TO 22 FEBRUARY 2010
                                                        Cruises from €2,295* per person (exc. taxes)
                              “Privilège” offer*: savings of €500 + €50 on board credit per person.

                                              * “Privilège” offer reductions already included in price. Offer is for new bookings made from
                                                           01/09/2009, and does not apply to other cruises or special savings schemes.
                                                                                                      s uMMer c

tHe Summer 2010 CoLLeCtion
Le BoréaL
Be the first to experience the newest, most innovative yacht of our fleet…

                                                                         MAIDeN VOYAGe
                                                                          Marseilles – Nice
                                                                           6 TO 13 MAY 2010
                                                       Cruises from €2,390 per person (exc. taxes

                                                             SECRETS OF THE ADRIATIC
                                                                      Venice – Venice
                                                                   20 MAY TO 27 MAY 2010
                                                                    27 MAY TO 3 JUNe 2010
                                                       Cruises from €2,225 per person (exc. taxes)
                                                       4 OCTOBER TO 11 OCTOBER 2010
                                                      11 OCTOBER TO 18 OCTOBER 2010
                                                      18 OCTOBER TO 25 OCTOBER 2010
                                            Cruises from €2,110 per person port / port (exc. taxes)

Le Ponant
         Cruising under sail in the turquoise waters of the adriatic, or a themed cruise for golfers…

                                                 TEE TIME IN THE MEDITERRANEAN
                                                                     Nice – Nice
                                                                     10 JULY TO 17 JULY 2010
                                                                     17 JULY TO 24 JULY 2010
                                                   Non-golfers from €2,990 per person (exc. taxes)
                                                      Golfers from €3,490 per person (exc. taxes)

                                              BLOWN BY THE WIND TO CROATIA
                                                              Venise – Venise
                                                                        2 TO 9 AUGUST 2010
                                                       Cruises from €3,010 per person (exc. taxes)
Le Levant
      the riches of the Black Sea and the adriatic combining wild beauty and historic treasures...

                                                                 MAGIC OF THe BLACK SeA
                                                                         Istanbul – Istanbul
                                                                      27 APRIL TO 4 MAY           2010
                                                                      4 MAY TO 11 MAY             2010
                                                                     11 MAY TO 18 MAY             2010
                                                             26 AUGUST TO 2 SEPTEMBER             2010
                                                            2 SEPTEMBER TO 9 SEPTEMBER            2010
                                                            Cruises from €2,350 per person (exc. taxes)

                                                                        DALMATIAN COLOURS
                                                                              Venice – Venice
                                                                        22 JULY TO 29 JULY 2010
                                                                     29 JULY TO 5 AUGUST 2010
                                                                 5 AUGUST TO 12 AUGUST 2010
                                                            Cruises from €2,470 per person (exc. taxes)

Le Diamant
      Head for Spitzbergen or greenland for an experience like no other…

                                                            CALL OF THE GREAT NORTH
                                                     Head for Spitzbergen and the ice floe
                                                                        Bodo – Reykjavik
                                                                                 2 TO 15 JULY 2010
                  Cruises from €4,405 per person, pre and post transport from Paris included (exc. taxes)

                                                Kangerlussuaq – Reykjavik
                                                                 8 AUGUST TO 20 AUGUST 2010
                  Cruises from €4,055 per person, pre and post transport from Paris included (exc. taxes)
traVeL diarieS 2008 / 2009

WHat our paSSengerS HaVe to SaY

“It was our first cruise. We were looking for a small vessel, one that would make us feel we were really on a
boat. Le Ponant offers maximum space outside, so you can really enjoy the sailing. The food on Le Ponant is
haute cuisine. We were also very touched by the kindness and professionalism of the staff. We met passengers
from all over the world: America, Argentina, Europe...”
                  Mr & Mrs Ridé (Paris region) on board Le Ponant in the Mediterranean, 17 to 27 July 2009

“For me as an American, my voyage on the beautiful sailing ship, Le Ponant, was like living in a magical French
dream. We dined under the stars with gourmet French cuisine, enjoyed breathtaking scenery on historic sights
and met new friends from all around the world. Best of all, I have unforgettable memories which I will always
                   Craig Smith, Florida, USA, on board Le Ponant in the Mediterranean ,17 to 27 July 2009.

“We are used to the cruising experience, but we really enjoyed this one. The Captain invited my wife and I to
 the bridge, and let me take me the helm of Le Levant. All the staff were available for us at any time. Moreover
                            we really enjoyed the delicious food and wine, like being in a Parisian restaurant.”
                         Mr & Mrs Takahashi, Japan, on board Le Levant in the Adriatic, 22 to 29 July 2009.

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